Best CD interest rates 2015

Highest Yield Rates on FDIC Insured Online CDs

Best certificates of deposit with highest APR/APY interest
from top online U.S. banks in 2015.

If you are searching for very low-risk investments that can easily be converted into cash then you might consider certificates of deposit (CDs). A CD is a special type of deposit account with a bank that typically offers a higher rate of interest than a savings account. In exchange for keeping the money on deposit for the agreed-on term, institutions usually grant higher interest rates than they do on accounts from which money may be withdrawn on demand. Unlike other investments, CDs have federal deposit insurance up to $250,000. Below we list highest/best APY/APR bank CDs interest rates offered online. All accounts are FDIC insured.

Discover Bank CDs

Discover Bank Certificate of Deposit Interest Rate and Details

0.35% APY on 3 months term.
0.95% APY on 12 months term.
Minimum opening balance: $2,500.

  • CD rates that have consistently exceeded the National Averages
  • Flexible terms from 3 months to 10 years
  • Fund your CD account online from an existing bank account
  • FDIC-insured up to the maximum allowed by law.

Best Bank Rates and Reviews for 2015

Highest Interest Rates on Savings, Checking, CDs
and Money Market Accounts

Best checking accounts »
  • USAA Savings Account
    • No monthly fees. Rates from 0.05% to 0.15%. $25 minimum opening deposit.
  • Discover Bank High Yield Savings
    • 0.90% APY. Low $500 minimum opening deposit
Best savings account rates »
  • Discover Bank High Yield CDs
    • 1.00% APY for 12 months CD, $2,500 min.
    • 1.25% APY for 24 months CD, $2,500 min.
  • EverBank High Yield CDs
    • 0.75% APY for 12 months CD, $1,500 min.

Highest yielding CDs »

  • Discover Bank Money Market
    • 0.75% APY. $2,500 minimum. Access funds by check, debit card, or online.
  • EverBank Money Market
    • 0.61% APY. $1,500 minimum account balance and no monthly fee.
Highest interest MMA »
  • First Internet Bank Business Savings Account
    • 0.60% APY. $100 to open account.
Best business savings accounts »
Best business savings accounts »

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