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Barron's Rating 2016: brokerage ratings

How is Just2Trade brokerage firm rated in Barron's 2016 best online brokerage ranking?

  • Stocks & ETFs: $2.50
  • Options: $2.50 + $0.50 per contract
  • Mutual Funds: $12

Just2Trade returned to the annual Barron's survey after a couple years off. It finishes with 2-star rating on the last sixteenth position. Just2Trade's closest rival by the total score number is TradingBlock which is also rated 2 stars.


Barron's Rankings and Rating 2016: Just2Trade

  • Trading Experience & Technology 1.4
  • Usability 1.9
  • Mobile 3.5
  • Ranges of Offerings 0.7
  • Research Amenities 0.6
  • Portfolio Analysis and Reports 1.1
  • Customer Service & Education 2.6
  • Costs 3.8

Barron's considers firms' cheap pricing as the strongest Just2Trade's advantages in 2016:

Here it is Barron's opinion on Just2Trade: "Just2Trade has been relaunched and bears no resemblance to the previous platform. Customers who stuck with the site through some legal travails may have a rough time adapting to the new layout. The range of offerings is fairly limited – no mutual funds, fixed income, or complex option trading. Research is virtually non-existent outside of quotes. And the platform itself is clumsy – new windows at times seemed to open randomly when we were clicking on news headlines, for instance. Some of the wording on the site seemed clumsy as well.

On the plus side, it’s very cheap."

Barron's survey is an annual discount brokerages ranking for high-net-worth active investors. It celebrates its 21st anniversary this year. Visit Barron's Top Online Brokers 2016 to see rankings and ratings of all companies participated in the survey 2016.

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