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AXA Advisors broker is among largest investment companies in the U.S., one of the top financial services firms in Upstate New York. AXA Advisors Empire State Marketing Center has the resources to help clients take control of their financial future.

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Mutual Funds, UITs, Bonds, CDs, ETFs, Stocks, Money Markets, Alternative Investments, Concentrated Equity Strategies, Annuities, Insurance, Trust Services.

In 2016, AXA Advisors finished only thirteen among the 20 full-service invesment firms participated in the annual J.D. Power U.S. Full Service Investor Satisfaction Study.

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AXA Advisors Customer Reviews

by Kelsy, 3/22/2017

Pros: Great company


Great company

by Virgil, 3/4/2017

Pros: Act professional when you are transferring your money in or opening an account.

Cons: Read the other reviews!!! Very adept at hiding their poor performance and large hidden fees.

HUGE fees if you try to withdraw funds and a very painstaking process at that. The legal boilerplate of all the documents you sign when opening your account and creating a policy hide the fact that you will pay enormous amounts for very poor performance. If I'd been smart enough to research this company before investing my retirement funds with them I would have gone elsewhere. From account inception onwards I lost money month after month. I would have been much better off investing in a simple savings account even with the miserably low interest rates because at least I wouldn’t have lost money. Stay away!

by Trent C. Mulkern, 12/23/2016

Pros: Cannot reasonably make any broker pros.

Cons: Retirment services are less than advertised

They took a month and a half to withdraw an amount from my account. They seemed bent on making the withdrawal as difficult as possible. They finalized the withdrawal process with a fraudulent claim inquiry. They did not take out income taxes, as requested. They sent the check to me, vice to my bank account, as requested. After eight telephone calls, each representative I talked to seemed more ignorant than the last, when all they had to do was read from my account notes displayed on their computer. Return calls promised by the representatives did not occur. Promised actions on my behalf did not happen.

I cannot recommend their retirement services branch. They are, as a group, totally incompetent.

by Richie, 12/17/2016

Pros: Agent was knowledgeable for strategies but did not advise on the costs of their products which is very high.

Cons: No follow-ups after the sale...

I would give my own financial advice - steer away from AXA! They are efficient and professional TAKING your money but it is not a pleasant process when you retire and make withdrawals. They stopped direct deposits and did not communicate this change to their clients! Now you need to wait a week or more for a check in the mail. Oh ok, you can PAY EXTRA ($90) for faster service! The department that handles disbursements is THE WORST!! If they find a problem with your withdrawal form they do not call or send a letter to notify you! They leave you waiting for your funds that never come! If you don dot an i in your signature they will decline your request for your own money! I think most of the disbursement dept personnel have GED level education.

by Vicki, 12/7/2016

Pros: NONE Preferably I would give it 0 stars

Cons: No Communication other than an email on updates. I didn't even get these the first yea..

My broker left the company after shortly bilking me out of a 130,00 401k with promises of a possible 8% a year (when I talked to a different broker from this company informed me only 4% guaranteeed on the higher risk account). In reality it wasn't even 1%. I lost money on a 401k that was earing me $4000-$6000 per year. I was never notified of this broker leaving or of being assigned another broker. They blame me for lack of communication. If I hadn't been watching my account for the past years and finally contacting someone, I would never had know she left. This company preys on school employees who barely make enough to support themselves. In the state of Arizona we have a great retirement system that we contribute over 11% of our hard earned money to a retirement account. AXA swoops in with the guise of helping staff get loan forgiveness, but most find it won't happen because our small income as a new teacher "is too much to qualify us for the loan forgiveness" Then AXA starts their sales pitch of investing in their "Cornerstone retirement" program. In reality it is a life insurance where it doesn't earn what is promised. You are locked in once you sign the contract. Their investments lose you money and if you want to withdraw to rollover into a better 401k or other investment company they hit you with a hefty fine. Currently if I withdraw early I lose an addtional $8,000 dollars. I would not under any circumstances recommend this investment company to a dog.

by Pilar M., 11/3/2016



If I could give zero stars I would. AXA financial advisor conned my mother into changing her term life insurance policy to a flexible premium variable policy and then he mis-managed the funds. He sat in her dining room and said that this was a policy that he would sell to his own family. When she started to see the value of her policy diminish, she called him and he laughed at her. A policy she contributed to for 17 years is now worth nothing. The original financial advisor has since left the company and the new advisor assigned to her account just told her that the policy was basically set up to fail, but the company will not do anything to recoup the amount she has invested.

by John J., 10/1/2016

Pros: Great customer service and products


My advisor was very knowledgeable and whenever I called him, he was on the spot with getting what I needed done. Their insurance products are great ways to diversify a tax-free investment. Glad I found them. Would recommend

by Dean Ness, 7/23/2016


Cons: Difficult to transfer funds

When I learned my annual investment costs for my school system 403b were 2.34% vs the .05% for my Vanguard index fund I began the process to transfer this to Vanguard.

Without, going into detail AXA, in my opinion has made it an unnecessarily difficult process. Based on the 0 customer service I have received in the last 10 years, the high expenses of the fund, and the difficulty I've had transfering this I would definitely not recommend them.

by RF, 11/30/2015

Pros: None

Cons: Lied and misrepresented product

Took our premiums since 1989 on a policy that was supposed to pay out $100,000 upon death. Have paid approx. $10,000 in payments on our life insurance policy. Called (after taking out another premium payment) to let us know that the policy only had a cash value of $680.00 and that the policy would be worth $0 in 2019. Offered to sell us more expensive insurance. Is willing to take payments for another two years and then cancel the policy. This is in direct opposition to the representations made in 1989. If you want to waste your money and have no life insurance to speak of, this is the company for you. Do yourself a favor and sign up with an honest and reputable company. This company is neither.

by Mike W, 11/29/2015



Terrible company promoting and rewarding their agents for only telling their clients the "up side" of their products...never the "downside". We thought our broker was acting in our best interest when we invested with him, but it soon became clear that he was only interested in how many contracts he could sell us. He is an insurance salesman not a financial planner. Took us way too long to figure it out. He locked us in with excessive surrender charges and M&E fees...which he never explained. We had to find out on our own. When I asked for some consideration, everyone I talked to said "NO" there is nothing we can do. Stay away from this company. They are blood sucking thieves with only their best interest at heart...not yours!

by Carolina S., 10/25/2014

Pros: Very professional and educational experience


I have an MBA from the Wharton business school and I'm employed at an investment banking firm. I thought I knew most aspects of financial planning. I received a cold call from an Axa advisor, curious I decided to meet with him. I have now been a client for 8 years and I'm happy to say it has been a very professional and educational experience. My tax efficient investment portfolio has outperformed the overall market while having downside risk. The financial planning process forced me to take a step back and really start to think more about maximizing my after-tax returns using tax efficient strategies. I would recommend the experience for those who think in 30 day trading cycles vs a decades.

by Gary H., 1/2/2014



Horrible. If you want to turn 40K into 20K then invest your money with these people. How do you call yourselves professional financial planners when you only meet with your client once a year and never call and ask what is it that you want to do when the market turns? And then they basically asked us to take our lousy combined 80K and go somewhere else. We got the definite impression that they couldn't be bothered with such a measly amount. Never again and I would suggest you stay away as well.

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