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Automatic deposit of at least $100 per month is required for the Builder plan. (The frequency can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.) Customers with a balance less than $10,000 and without automatic deposit will automatically be upgraded to the Better plan, and will pay $3 per month in lieu of the percentage management fee. A $100,000 deposit is required to be considered for the Best Betterment plan and its privileges.

If a deposit or withdrawal changes your plan eligibility, Betterment will update your plan automatically. Fees will be prorated.

About Betterment Investment Service

The Betterment portfolio is designed to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk. Through diversification, automated rebalancing, better behavior, and lower fees, Betterment customers can expect 4.30% higher returns than a typical DIY investor.

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Betterment Customer Reviews

by Troy, 10/10/2015

Pros: Great platfrom

Cons: High fees

They may be more on the expensive side, but they are worth the money. The platform is easy and nice to use.

by Matt, 8/10/2013



Definitely looks like a suitable way to invest for those who don’t want to dedicate the time to learning about direct investing. The slightly higher fees make sense if the alternative was to not invest at all due to not having the knowledge.

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"Betterment is a perfect starting point for young investors. It helps teaches the ropes to investing and more importantly, proper asset allocation. For the more advanced investor or higher net worth individual, Betterment might not be the perfect fit. If you can roll your own asset allocation and know investment theory, there’s little need for using a service like Betterment. The more advanced investor will do better with a more diverse asset allocation selection and save money in annual fees in the process."

"Although the costs associated with investing with Betterment are very straight forward, it’s important to remember that there is a cost associated with automation. The automation Betterment provides helps to increase your investment dollars as fast as possible but, the increases do come at a cost. It’s important to decide if the added cost of automation is worth it for you."

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