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Daniels Trading is an independent futures brokerage firm located in the heart of Chicago’s financial district. Established by renowned commodity trader Andy Daniels in 1995, Daniels Trading is built on a culture of trust committed to the firm’s mission of Independence, Objectivity and Reliability.

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Daniels Trading Customer Reviews

by Richard Eshelman, 2/24/2017

Pros: Contact was good, lots of emails to the trades and results, and phone calls when asked

Cons: Exaggerated skills and sloppy trades, too many losers over wins

I started out with a profit in my account that was made by me, and it was immediately increased at a very fast rate once the broker, Andrew, began trading it on a Power of Attorney agreement. The agreement allows the broker to trade with my permission, but without my involvement.
I increased the amount in the account to double and almost as quickly as the profit was made it was lost and then a little more. Trade after trade was a loser. Andrew told me he would have "some losers" and I assumed it would not be so much in so many trades so quickly.
I suspect the broker, Andrew Palwieski, is not either honest about his skills, or sloppy with the set ups to the trades. The trading platform and recommendations are average and have no particular " extra " so this brokerage is just another attempt to make a dollar on the backs of hard earned other peoples money.

by Peter, 12/31/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Ineffective

As bad as they come. Lost thousands of $$$$ there, relying on their 'systems'. Their education sources is terrible and the broker I dealt with was incompetent and useless. Fooled once, never going back.

by Dan Wiseman, 12/13/2016

Pros: None!!!

Cons: High pressure tactics salemen presenting useless and HARMFUL advises on trading!!!! Always having excuses on why the mkt would NOT trade the way they like to see it!!! AVOID THESE CROOKS!!!!!


by Daniel, 8/20/2016

Pros: They are in Chicago

Cons: Useless, Not Helpful

I spent several months with Daniels trading and left them after losing thousands of dollars, relying on them to be the "experts." One of the advantages that a personal broker should add is to provide quality advice and execution. These guys are useless, beyond useless. Since leaving them, I have made up all of the losses and made profits following and executing my own strategies at a different broker. Hopefully, one day they will be gone and traders will be better off.

by Evan, 6/13/2015

Pros: Personable, Knowledgable

Cons: None

I am a client of Daniels Trading and I am glad that I am.I signed up with them, in part, because I wanted to use a futures firm to help execute futures trades, given the specialized knowledge and ins and outs of the futures markets. Overall, they have been great, supportive, efficient, effective and helpful. Recommended.

by BeWarned, 3/2/2015



Daniels Trading is the worst. The charts have data issues and they lag, sometimes over an hour behind. In addition, the brokers only want bankroll accounts. If you don't have the money they weed you out. Daniels Trading creates "fees" to nickel and dime your account. A wire transfer took 13 days and no one had any idea why. I closed the account three months ago and I am still waiting for my money. The NFA is looking into it. There are much better brokerages. Daniels Trading is by far the worst ... be warned.

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