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Edward Jones is on of the largest full-service investment firms with with nearly 7 million clients in the United States and Canada. Edward Jones takes a personal approach to business, an approach that starts with a face-to-face meeting between a financial advisor and clients.

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Edward Jones Customer Reviews

by Todd, 3/28/2017


Cons: High fees

High fees withdrawal fees they made more money of of 110 k investment than I did

by Ron Turnbull, 3/19/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Extremely poor recommendations; EJ analyst recommendations are extremely poor

The whole business is predicated in using your money to make them money, regardless of the risk that puts your portfolio at. I had managed my whole portfolio for 20 years before I switched over to EJ. Huge fees on every transaction compared to what you could do on your own. Several of the stock recommendations that they made went completely bust, many others were dogs. I reviewed the recommendations that they made for me and the stocks that they purchased on my behalf some 9 years later. I would have had significant losses had I held these stocks; more than the huge hit I already took!. The advisor bases his recommendations on the company's analayst's recommendations which of course EJ has a vested interest in selling. They completely invested me in stocks just before the 2008 debacle.... and made me pay for it in so many ways. The best thing I ever did was telling them to go fly a kite and took my portfolio out of the reach of their greedy little hands. Funny, the people who give EJ a favorable review have never experienced a downturn. Wait until the next debacle and see how their tune changes... and think how much further ahead they would be had they taken care of business themselves.

by Pam W., 3/10/2017

Pros: *Professional/effective communicator *Excellent assessment of client's financial goals *Amazing Sr. Administrator Terri Volpe


Dave is an experienced, highly skilled investment professional. He takes the time to get to know his clients so he can help them reach their financial goals. His depth of knowledge enables him to make solid recommendations and suggestions that will best serve his clients. Terri is a remarkable Senior Administrator who provides outstanding support to Edward Jones clients.

by Sabrina Magtolinia, 3/6/2017



I was in a terrible car accident and they transfered all my money over to a relative without my knowledge.
I tried several times to get my money back. Horrible management. Edward Jones needs to run credit checks and full drug testing on all their employees. They are theives.

by S. M., 3/6/2017

Pros: NONE

Cons: Bought the wrong bonds and did not notify me of the withdrawal fees for bonds.


by Russ bloomer, 3/2/2017

Pros: Best financial planner on the planet!

Cons: None

Best planner on the planet. I could retire today because of Jay Zahran!

by James Reza, 2/3/2017

Pros: Great

Cons: None

I usually accumulate several thousand dollars in my bank account yearly and I asked my EJ account if I could invest it in some account in EJ. He told me he had an account that paid 6 percent and if I needed the money he'd send it to my bank the next day. Today, the account has grown to 50 grand and I get 278 bucks a month! Sure beats me having my money in the bank. However, I keep some in the bank to pay monthly bills!

by William Edell, 12/2/2016

Pros: It is easy to park at their office in Mc Minnville Oregon

Cons: Opaque regarding costs to customer.

I called my local office as in my area their are few brokers.
I asked for a commission schedule for their firm.(I have been an investor since 1966) The guy on the phone said "depends" I said OK how much would you charge me to by 500shares of Ford Motor Company? He said about 200 dollars. Ford was selling for 16 dollars that day.

I can't believe these guys are in business. They are truly the scum suckers of a business which already has a dubious reputation.

i bought the shares for 29 dollars at HRBlock now Ameriprise. I hope President Trump straightens these guys out. a little sunlight should drive these cockroaches back where they belong.

by The Chapmans, 11/28/2016


Cons: Customer Service, What customer service!

We required to close an account that we has with E. Jones. The process started in October, they told us that the check would take 7-10 business days. Well we waited and gave them more than 10 days for it to arrive. Nothing, so we call to find out what the status. Well, they said it was mailed out Nov. 8th. Again, we waited more than 10 days. Of course nothing, we called told them we haven't received the check. They put out a stop payment and was going to reissue another check. Then, they said if not received by Fri the 2nd of Dec. then will F-x it. Guess who E.Jones wanted to had to pay for this expense? So, we would advise, if anyone wants to do business with this company I would think twice!! What a mess to just to have a check mailed out!!

by suspicious, 10/20/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Aggressive, predatory, disingenuous

Told me my Merrill Lynch 401k was being discontinued for ex-employees, wanted me to roll it into their products (high fees), checked with Merrill Lynch. They were not discontinuing the service
Edward Jones lies
will not accept info in writing by US mail, demands face to face (to deliver sales pitch)
dishonest to the core in Burlington County NJ

by enlightened, 10/3/2016

Pros: none

Cons: inept, dishonest, predatory

Edward Jones employees are basically white-collar criminals. Run for the hills. You can buy directly from reputable firms and save the nonsense, churn and extra cost.

by James Reza, 9/29/2016

Pros: Excellent friend!

Cons: none

I took my portfolio to an investor at my wife's bank for him to review. After he looked at my Edward Jones investment portfolio he said, "James, this is just fine! I wouldn't change a thing in it if you came to me!"

by Catherine Jordan, AL, 9/14/2016

Pros: none

Cons: too long to list

Received an inheritance. They rescheduled my 1st appt. 2nd appt. the guy was 30 min. late. Said I would receive my cash in 1-2 business days. That was 4 weeks ago and I am still waiting. Each week the excuse is something different. Got corporate involved and finally at least I have a trade confirmation. Says it will still be a week before the money is in my checking. DO NOT INVEST WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!

by Big Paul, 9/2/2016

Pros: The personal broker relationship with you

Cons: Again, the personal broker relationship with you

It seems to always start out on a good note between you and your broker, especially when you both hit it off good at the beginning. E. Jones looks at this personal relationship as an advantage to the client. But, most of the time it eventually goes bad sooner or later. They can't try to be your neighborhood friend at the same time managing your life savings. It clouds your judgement on things you know may be going wrong or something that is not in your best interest. You may become complacent and not pay attention to things as you should. And you don't question it. Instead, go to a Firm that's not trying to sell you things to their benefit. Actually, I don't need to know the person on the other end of the phone, just their institutional fees, trust and historical performance. Times have changed.

by Educated investor, 8/21/2016

Pros: Hand holding for nervous and uninformed investors.

Cons: High fees for just about every move in your portfolio.

There are fees for re-investing dividends, 527 and IRA maintenance fees, withdrawal and deposit fees etc., front load fees (5%) on mutual funds and 12b fees (which EJ gets a kickback from the mutual fund company). Also, EJ broker attempts to "churn" your account yearly for no apparent reason other than more fees.

by Nicholas Marques, 8/10/2016

Pros: Office close to my house

Cons: Shady activity, ridiculous hidden fees

Was told by my financial advisor I had inherited $250,000. One week later his receptionist said it was for only $200,000. Where'd $50,000 mysterious vanish to ????

by Kurt, 7/11/2016

Pros: Very good analysis and top notch selections

Cons: None

If you have a large enough of an account, they will make a difference. The new fiduciary requirements have lowered your costs significantly. Now they do not charge any indivual commissions for trades. fees have been lowered or have vanished. They also provide excellent research and advisment, with the new program. They advise you to stay with value and quality. I have 30+ years of investing and that experience has taught me to be invested in the 1# and #2 companies within their industries, the top notch ones, with innovation, the ones reinventing themselves, and staying on top of competition. You cannot go wrong with a diverse blend and mix. Long term focus. Think of a micro cap stock as a match stick. It lights quickly, and flames out fast. It has no continuous fuel supply. That would be for a company that has only one product, one idea. Think wide moat, name brand names, innovation, and value with growth. Don't speculate with your retirement money, invest it wisely. They provide the guidance, if you stick with it, you can't go wrong. It might be boring, but you cannot make a million overnight with just $10000.00. Over 20 years, you could.

by John, 6/22/2016

Pros: They have an office with furniture and a meeting room.

Cons: They are only concerned about their bottom-line

My local Jones Broker was open and entrusting enough, but as time went on his ways and methods of doing business changed for the worse. As I became educated on how a commission based firm works helped me understand why my portfolio performance was subpar after so many years. They only want to sell you their costly American Funds, getting a kick-back with moderately high expense ratios and average performance. They take fees and charges for every move, even reinvesting dividends in existing funds. They want to sell you "stuff" to their advantage, not to your benefit. It's only a matter of time that the Vanguards out there are going to eat their lunch.

by Mike, 6/2/2016

Pros: They have most everything you might want to invest in

Cons: You need to find a good adviser (stock broker)

Their basic service is quite simple. You pay some sort of transaction fee when you buy and sometimes when you sell an investment. This pays both Edward Jones and your Adviser.

So, if you want to buy a mutual fund, you can pay front-end sales load, called "A" shares, or you can buy "C" shares with no front-end sales load. The "C" shares have higher annual fund expenses, which compensate both Jones and Adviser. "C" shares have a 1% deferred fee charged only if you sell within a year from purchase.

If you want o buy or sell an individual stock, there is a commission of 2.5% on the transaction, unless the principal amount is over about $6k, in which case the percentage starts going down.

You can buy bonds or bond UIT's as well.

That is a remarkably simple fee structure and is the only cost I'm aware of.

They have other account types, which involve charging you asset management fees. Those accounts are for complete idiots, and even if you have found a good Adviser, investment decisions are made at headquarters, and you don't want that, now do you?

So, don't be afraid of Edwards Jones. They charge about the same as any other full service broker. Some people do not want to pay for services of a good adviser or a good firm. If you are one of those, stay away from any full service broker, because you know you will hate paying any fee or commission whatsoever. Also stay away from managed accounts!

Take some time to interview your potential adviser. If you don't like one, there are more somewhere in or near your town with Edward Jones. Shop and shop to find an Adviser you like.

by anonymous, 5/9/2016

Pros: Purchasing Bonds

Cons: High Load Funds, High Commision Rates

Edward Jones is fine for easy access. I would recommend them for purchasing individual bonds.

The usually sold mutual funds, they are under par; an investor would be better off purchasing direct from any of the many investment houses. The load on the most commonly sold funds by Edward Jones is way out of proportion for modern investing. This is a big financial institution in the business of making money, your savings comes second.

If you have no ability to make finical decisions for yourself, then Edward Jones will share with you, a portion of its investments to your portfolio, again you are sharing the profits with the company for doing all the thinking for you. Edward Jones is ideal for those who refuse to think about their investments. It is also best for those who invest and leave the money in the same funds, as each time you makes changes in investment funds, you pay high fees. For those who wish to invest and never give a second thought to their investments, the company provides a good service. You do make some money, just not as much as one could if one was able to deal with their finances.

They are convenient for individual bond purchases, I would recommend them for purchasing individual bonds. For mutual funds, seek no front load investment houses, whether it be stock funds, balanced funds and bond funds, These funds are usually better quality and higher rated funds across the board.

by anonymous, 4/14/2016

Pros: You see them on TV

Cons: They suck!

"Anonymous said" I have averaged little over 8.6 percent return by using their advisory fund and that is after fees." You need to look closer. Jones Advisory accounts have been losing year after year! That's before you pay your 1.5% plus ?? What are you looking at?

by Dissappointed, 3/25/2016

Pros: Could really talk a good story

Cons: Made it real hard to remove money

After realizing I was getting charged a crazy amount of money for the services and watching my money dwindle every month I attempted to transfer my accounts. My agent sat on the request for several days under the pretense of wanting to confirm it with me(basically attempt to intimidate me) and finally sold my shares days later when the market had dropped

by Don, 3/25/2016

Pros: Nice Guy

Cons: Clueless about how to invest

Although the market has been shaky, since investing the Dow has risen over 300 points and I have lost $40k in "moderate" investments. Really? I have worked my tail off to be able to retire comfortably, which age wise I could, but now I'm afraid financially. I could easily make insurance payments (which is another sorry management issue) with just a money market fund, even a simple savings account, but here I am watching my account dwindle. The positive side is Ed Jones is about to be a learning situation in my past.

by Anonymous, 3/12/2016

Pros: Nice format for reports of your accounts

Cons: Poor decisions concerning advisors from HR department at EJ

I was a client with an EJ advisor with 15 years of experience at EJ. I was only with them for 2 months when suddenly they removed them for apparently some frivolous reason. I loved my advisor and plan to move my funds as soon as they find a new office. They have replaced the advisor with someone with 3 years experience . Sometimes HR departments of large companies do more damage than they realize by making such poor decisions. I was so upset that my advisor was not allowed to finish settling my affairs and the temporary replacement advisor was confused about my accounts. I lost money on one deal only because it took too long to finish the transaction due to the fact that my original advisor was not allowed to finish the deal in a timely fashion. I will never recommend EJ to anyone. My brother-in-law had been with this advisor for 10 years and was extremely happy with them . He will be moving his funds soon as well.

by Dustin Conner, 1/11/2016

Pros: Nice at first. Anything a chimp can do.

Cons: Not worth the fees.

They are totally not worth their fees or advice. Once they have got your money, they are comfortable in letting their stock picks linger into nothing. They prey on the old and ignorant.

by Anonymous, 12/15/2015

Pros: All commissioned

Cons: Not enough experience

As a previous broker for Edward Jones they replace experience for newly trained brokers because they can pay them less. Your forced to sell only what they want and keep upping their commission amounts for the brokers so they are forced to sell more kool-aid to meet their level of commissions to remain employed. It used to be all about the client but now it's all about their bottom line. This was not what I signed up for. As a broker for 40 years they can fire you for any reason and prevent you from doing the right thing with the clients best interest. Stay clear unless you want to be ducked dry in commissions

by anonymous, 11/5/2015

Pros: zero

Cons: these individual brokers go highly unregulated

no one can see what they are doing but corporate. If corporate finds out they are doing something
illegal they go on lockdown and protect the financial advisor in an effort to protect their own name.
I lost most of my dads inheritance, because the trustees and stockbroker embezzled and money
laundered his money the last frail year of his life. DO NOT put your money with an individual stockbroker.
you are risking everything you worked with and Edward Jones Corporate is worthless
even worse than that they will do anything they can to protect the broker who has done something illegal
by the time you find out what all they have done you won't be able to recoup the assets without a lengthy
very expensive legal battle. and it is no ones best interest health wise or financial to go after a broker
who is virtually able to hide every single thing they do.

by Benton Petersen, 3/18/2015

Pros: Very patient and open


The broker we have now was very helpful and open about the investments we made through him. We had a problem with some Canadian investments which they helped us straighten out. An earlier broker would not let my son invest in a certain company which my son invested in through another broker. It turned out that that company was bought out by another company which is doing quite well. The forced detour was a hassle. So far we are satisfied.

by anonymous, 2/25/2015


Cons: Poor customer service

Before i educated myself EDWARD JONES took me for about 10 grand in commissions. They sold me there front load mutual funds and high priced bond funds and then charged 1.5% to keep my money.The only people who make money with Jones is the company not the investors.I have since educated myself and invest with Vangard no load mutual funds and the lowest cost for management in the business.

Anyone who post on here that Jones is OK is a complete fool or an *** OR BOTH.I tell you you dont need them for your investments , they will just charge a lot of money for nothing. There is no rocket surgery involved in choosing mutual funds just a little studying . If you are contacted or go to see an EDWARD JONES *** artist end the meeting by running out the door and never return.



by anonymous, 2/16/2015

Pros: Good quality


I am a relatively new investor through Edward Jones.Conservative in nature.

I choose my financial advisor based off track record mainly people who use him or her. First of all I mad it clear to him my investment plan. Balanced in nature as to hedge between stocks and bonds. After three years I have averaged little over 8.6 percent return by using their advisory fund and that is after fees.

Overall good but again what kind of a advisor did you go with?

I chose him carefully and through their website kept track of what What was going on.I am retired and plan to remain so watching what I spend and invest.

by anonymous, 2/11/2015


Cons: Bad quality

Decided to get financial advisor and for some unknown reason decided this would be the best, was I ever wrong.

Let myself believe in hypothetical charts and moved alot of money into "A" class mutual funds. What a money losing/not gaining mistake. Edward Jones and advisor did well off of us.

Sad part is I know better than to invest in front and back loaded mutual funds.

Never pay more than 1% for investment fees. Edward Jones advisors are nothing more than snake oil salesmen/women.

My advice for any one looking for advice shop around. I stayed in my town and the old saying got robbed by my own.

After initial consultation when leaving edward jones office run out the front door and keep on running!!!

by anonymous, 12/23/2014


Cons: Poor customer service

I have had an account at a Edward Jones since 1995 but recently moved my account to another firm due to the fact that recently in the last few years I kept getting a new financial advisor.The last advisor that I had never contacted me.

I just received a letter stating who she was. I followed up with my own research and found out that she has an English degree and I also found out she is currently having an affair with the manager in her office who use to be my advisor.

Would you want her to manager your account? I certainly would not!

Leading U.S. Brokerage Review Websites About Edward Jones

"The primary selling point of Edward Jones is their broad network of local offices. In most parts of the U.S., there will be a Jones office not too far from where you live. If face-to-face interaction with your brokerage firm is important to you, Jones is hard to beat in terms of convenience... The biggest drawback to having an account at Edward Jones (and the other “full-service” brokerage firms like Merrill Lynch and Wachovia) is that your financial advisor is paid on commission. Specifically, Edward Jones financial advisors earn money when you buy or sell a stock, buy a bond, or buy a mutual fund that charges a sales load... In most cases, if you feel that you need a financial advisor, I’d suggest going with one who charges a simple hourly or annual fee rather than one who is paid via commission. By using a fee-only advisor, you’ll get unbiased advice, and you’ll likely reduce the overall costs on your investment portfolio."


"Edward Jones is a full-service broker. A full-service broker is someone who not only provides the capability to invest, but many other things like tax advice and retirement planning, as well as extensive research and knowledge. Their investing policy is pretty straightforward, so you can be sure you’re not only getting the best service, but gaining some knowledge of how to invest along the way... You’ll also have to pay a yearly account fee of $40 for all retirement accounts, which can either be withdrawn directly out of your investment account or your bank account... This makes Edward Jones an expensive option compared, but if you need the extra guidance and full-service features, then this could be a good option until you learn the investing ropes for yourself."


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