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  • Minimum to open: $2,000

Low Trades Review: Trading Commissions/Fees

Stock and ETFs $4.95
Stock and ETFs broker assisted $25
Options $4.95 + $0.60 per contract
Mutual funds $12
Bonds $15 + $1 per bond
Spreads and Straddles $4.95 + $0.60 per contract
ADRs $4.95

About Low Trades

LowTrades.com was created as a division of Success Trade Securities, Inc. in 1999 to cater to the growing number of retail investors looking to self-direct their own investment accounts. LowTrades was founded with the belief that the individual investor has access to an abundance of free information via the Internet. By simply providing quick, efficient, and reliable transactions, we are able to keep our commissions among the lowest in the industry.


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LowTrades Customer Reviews

by TT Graduate, 9/19/2014

Pros: Low Fees

Cons: Delayed and Poor Communications, No trading resources, No Virtual Trading

I find the most undesirable thing I find about Lowtrades is the unreliability of the trade timing. I have found that consistently,that lowtrades does not execute a trade at any with optimal timing. If a trade is entered well ahead of time on GTC and you're using a STOP or STOP-LIMIT, invariably and consistently they execute the trade at the highest limit or stop well below the stop point. Emails go unanswered. I'm switching brokerages.

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"LowTrades is a relatively affordable option for stock fees...When applicable, the broker will charge $12.00 for transactions involving mutual funds. This is very low compared with other brokerages and makes LowTrades a competitive option for those looking to trade in mutual funds... The advanced tools made available via LowTrades are fairly limited. The main highlights in the standard offerings are access to an online trading community and the ability to set up automated trading strategies. Nonetheless, the broker offers a fairly good range of investment options, including pink sheets and commercial paper."


"LowTrades is a brokerage firm with low commissions, average margin rates and high fees. It may be of interest to active day traders due to it pricing. But we cannot recommend LowTrades for beginners regarding lack of demo accounts and educational center."



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