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National Bank Direct Brokerage Review: Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds & Options Trading Commissions

Orders Placed via Electronic Services
Canadian and U.S. equities or ETFFixed commission: $9.95
Canadian and U.S. options$9.95 + $1.25 per contract
Orders Placed with a Representative
Canadian Equities 2%: shares of $2 or less;
$44.95 + 4¢/share: shares of $2.01 and over;
$44.95: less than $2,000
Minimum commission: $44.95
U.S. Equities 2,5%: shares of $2 or less;
$44.95 + 6¢/share: shares of $2.01 and over;
$44.95: less than $2,000
Minimum commission: $44.95
Canadian and U.S. Options $35 + $1.50/contract for options of $0 to $2.00;
$35 + $2.00/contract for options of $2.01 to $3.00;
$35 + $2.50/contract for options of $3.01 to $4.00;
$35 + $3.00/contract for options of $4.01 to $5.00;
$35 + $3.50/contract for options of $5.01 and over;
$35.00 for less than $2,000;
$28.95 assignment.
Fixed income securities $40.00 + $3.00 per $1,000.00 in nominal value in the case of exchange-traded debenture
20% discount on orders placed with the Electronic solutions
Mutual funds
National Bank Securities Mutual Funds and Meritage Portfolios
Front-end load funds and no-load funds
Back-end load funds
Funds with transaction fees

Buy $0; Sell $0; Switch $0.
Buy $0; Sell: Online $0, With a representative $44.95; Switch $0.
Buy $0; Sell $0; Switch $0.
Buy $44.95; Sell $44.95; Switch $44.95.

About National Bank Direct Brokerage

National Bank Direct Brokerage offers discount brokerage services to self-directed investors seeking to manage their assets themselves.


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National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB) Customer Reviews

by Pierre Latour, 10/6/2013



IMHO, somewhat unstable trading platform. For several weeks, they had the infamous problem not being able to cancel an order (random success actually). The site is down quite often. Very outdated. When an order is filled in several segments, they don’t provide the average share cost for you… Clearly they are not interested to lead the pack, but just want to provide the very minimum and “milk the cow” from captive clients.


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National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB) Customer reviewed by users. 1 customer reviews. Rating: 2.