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  • Minimum to open: $0. $500 is a minimum deposit to start investing.

According to the Swell's official website, "With $500, your yearly fee would be $3.75 ($500 *0.0075= $3.75). That’s less than a fancy coffee! If you want to know how much per month that comes out to, it’s about $.32 a month."

About Swell Investing

Swell Investing is a subsidiary of Pacific Life Insurance Company (“Pacific Life”), an insurance company with nearly 150 years of expertise in providing a wide variety of insurance, financial services and other investment-related businesses.

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Swell Investing Customer Reviews


Brokerage reviews from customers/users/consumers. Broker ratings, promotional codes, scam reports/complaints, pros and cons, stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds trading/invseting commissions/fees for 2017. Consumer opinions and feedback on brokerage services.

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