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Formed by the merger of two online brokers, TradeKing and Zecco, TradeKing has become one of the largest discount brokerage in the United States. When the merger was completed in December 2012, the new company had $2.6 billion in total client assets under management and over 500,000 active accounts. These numbers have been growing consistently since then. Lately TradeKing has been acquired by Ally Financial and renamed Ally Invest.

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TradeKing/Ally Invest Customer Reviews

by Andrew, 11/15/2017

Pros: None compared to others

Cons: Customer service is unreliable and gives false information

They sent me forms to authorize a sale of a stock that was going to become a foreign investment. I mailed in the forms, which they lost. I then emailed the forms and got a confirmation from them that the sale would take place at the appropriate time. I confirmed with them several times that they had everything necessary.

Several months later they failed to make the sale. When asked about it the customer service representative said there was nothing they could do and that I would be charged fees to now make the sale myself. Despite me having proof and confirmation from them they still refused to do anything to make up for their mistake and lies. What a despicable way to run a business.

by Laurie, 11/15/2017

Pros: Platform has a lot of bells and whistles and functionality.

Cons: Customer service horrendous, snide, false information, financially disorganized starting process

Opened account, attempted to fund for 2 weeks using multiple methods (ach, link account, wire transfer) according to instructions given. They could never seem to find my transfer in their clearing house to apply to my account. The agents all told conflicting information each time i called. The "manager" Jamie was rude and snide. The agents under her supervision were as well. ATTITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIP. Terrible experience and they did not seem to care a bit. Closed the account.

by Chris, 10/19/2017

Pros: Meh

Cons: Low end broker same price as Charles Schwab $4.95, No commission free ETFs, Poor format

I asked myself why stay with Ally, felt cheap and oversimplified. Charles Schwab offers the same commission and commission free ETFs.

by Alex, 10/11/2017

Pros: The API when it works...

Cons: Ever since Ally took over TradeKing under the moniker TradeKing Invest...the performance and reliability of the service has been terrible.

I've been a long time user of the TradeKing API. It was the only place for a long time where you didn't need a massive account balance in order to use the API. The API was fairly reliable, consistent, and there weren't a bunch of hoops you had to jump through in order to use it. Since Ally has taken over, my account has been fairly inconsistent. I may not be able to login one day but can login the next. My API applications were deleted without notification. The company has repeatedly contacted me about filling out a questionnaire for applications that no longer exist and in addition accused me of using their data improperly. What's funny about that is that if their IT had any sense at all, they would've noticed that I haven't used their API for months since it stopped working for me (probably because they deleted my accounts and not the metadata). As a developer and someone that was trying to responsible with my algorithmic trading platform that I was writing (meaning I wasn't actively trading with the application while it was under development), I don't appreciate being accused, for no reason, of impropriety. Additionally, other than the fact that I haven't used the API since Ally took over, there was nothing in my use (or non-use) of the service that warranted the harassment or accusations from the company. What used to be an excellent trading platform is now trash and not necessarily because the API has changed all that much...but the reliability of it and the support for it has changed. If you're looking for a company with a grading trading API, skip right over Ally Invest and look at companies such as Tradier. They give you more data, live trading, real-time data, and the fees aren't all that different. Ally Invest has become the typical consumer bank trading other words, worthless for people who are willing to trade on their own, write their own code, options trade, etc. Very disappointed.

by Wayne, 9/26/2017

Pros: Cheap transaction cost

Cons: Slow process, worst account services, put restrictions on client accounts without notifications first.

Horrible Company. They just put restrictions on customer invest account without notify client first. Ally is worse than tradeking. Worst customer service I have ever encountered and slow support process.

by Jeff, 9/10/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Horrible delays in purchases. Just clearly not up to par with any of the other trade/investment options out there.

by James Kayten, 9/1/2017

Pros: I wouldn't know

Cons: Do not inspire confidence.

This place is not reliable. I issued an account transfer on the 17th of August and nothing had happened by the first of September. Schwab says they contacted Ally or at least tried to but no response. When I call Ally they tell me there are no notes in the account - so ..... What? Is Scwab mistaken? Meanwhile I'm using my time to facilitate communication between two corporations.

by Ron C, 8/31/2017

Pros: Good online trading

Cons: Ridiculous documentation issues when trying to wire funds to another broker

Terrible customer service in getting my funds tranferred to another firm. So far it's taken 4 days and still no joy. Multiple excuses. Should be automatic and fast. Losing precious time to invest with other firm. Stay away unless you never want to move your funds out quickly.

by Flo, 8/17/2017

Pros: It works?

Cons: Refusing withdrawals

Partial transfer treated as a full transfer and then denied. When I called customer service, the representative asked me why I wanted to do a partial transfer but still keep my account at Ally open. I guess he's got a point...

by RMay, 7/26/2017

Pros: None ... virtually none.

Cons: Rude, refuse withdrawals for 60 days after deposit.

Avoid Ally at all costs. I wired money in to activate an old Tradeking account on a Monday for the purpose of autotrading various strategies offered on the Collective2 website who listed them as a compatible broker. Turns out they are not compatible, and apparently very proud of the fact that they don't support any third party applications. When I sent in a wire request form to have my money returned, I was told there is a 60 day hold (!!!) and no money would be returned until that time had elapsed. So they are somehow legally allowed to hold customer funds for as long as 60 days for no reason whatsoever ... and the rudeness of the person I spoke with about this was just unbelievable. Stay away from this company!!

by Steve, 6/30/2017

Pros: Customer service is available 24/7?

Cons: Technical issues with their website (

I'm a current customer with horror stories regarding Ally Invest. Basically couldn't access my investment account when I NEEDED. They issued me credit for their website/account outage, cost me $$. Oh, and when I tried a partial transfer, they locked my account claiming they received a request for full transfer. I had to wait days to resolve the transfer "error". In the meantime I was losing $$. As I type this I'm still waiting. They let me access my account again but they have de-linked my bank info so I can't pull out my funds, clever ha?

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