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Investrade discount securities commissions/fees structure. Brokerage account schedule of fees, IRA account rates.

Minimum to open:$500 is a minimum to open a domestic account. A minimum of $5,000 equity in any combination of U.S. Dollars and/or U.S. exchanged traded securities is required for international accounts.

Since 1997, Investrade has offered affordable and straightforward trading, access to experienced brokers and a diversified product offering for the buy-and-hold or occasional investor.


Investrade Discount Securities: Stocks, Mutual Funds & Options Trading Commissions

Market or Limit Orders (Unlimited Shares)$6.95
Broker-Assisted OrdersAdd $10.00
Foreign Stocks$39.00
Equity or Index, Market or Limit Orders$6.95 + $0.50 per contract
Broker-Assisted OrdersAdd $10.00
Option Exercise/Assignment$9.00
Extended Hours Trading
Up to 5,000 Shares$25.00
Over 5,000 Shares.003 Per Share
Listed Bonds
First 25 Bonds$5.00 Per Bond
Each Additional Bond$3.00 Per Bond
Mutual Funds
No-Load Mutual Funds$15.00
Periodic Invest - Withdraw$5.00

Investrade Discount Securities Brokerage Schedule of Fees

ACH Recall/Reversal/Return$35
Bond Maturity/Redemption Fee (excluded T-Bills)$10.00
Bond Redemption$15.00
Cancel and Re-bill$20.00
Cash Account Late Payment – Same as Margin Debit Charges, plus:$10.00
Certificate Held in Safe Keeping at FSW$100.00 per year
Certificate Processing Fee/Deposit Fee (NYSE, NASDAQ) Pink Sheet and Bulletin Board Stock not accepted$75.00 per cusip, per deposit, plus applicable fees*
Copy of Past Confirmation$5
Copy of Past Statement$5
Dividend Reinvestment ProgramNo fee
DRS Statement Withdrawal$30**
DTC Non-Transferable Fee$15 Per Month
DTC Non-Transferable Securities Held$150 annually
DWAC and DRS Process Fee$75.00 plus transfer agent fees
ESOP Trades$35.00 plus ticket charge
Estate Valuation$75
Foreign Custody Transfer Fee$100
Foreign Security HoldingNo charge
Foreign Security Transaction$50 surcharge
Inactivity Fee$50
Index Option Exchange FeesVaries
Non-ACAT Eligible Securities – Full$75
Non-ACAT Eligible Securities – Partial$35
Non-DTCC Eligible Securities$100.00 plus pass thru fees*
NSCC Illiquid Securities FeeVaries
OCC Fees - Trades with Contracts of:
0-1370$0.041 per contract
Greater than 1370$55.00 per trade
Options Regulatory Fee (ORF)$0.0427 per contract
Overnight Check Fee$25
Physical Certificate Held at DTC Delivery Fee$100
Physical Certificate Held at First Southwest Company in Street Name or Client Name$150 per year
Professional Data Fees$125 per month
Reg T Extension$20
Reorganization – MandatoryNo Fee
Reorganization – Voluntary$50.00

* - Applicable fees include wire fees, rejection fees, and shipping fees, redeposit fees, transfer agent fees, DWAC fees, and agent fees.

** - A DRS statement is sent only when a security is returned to the transfer agent to hold in book entry form.

Investrade Discount Securities IRA Accounts Schedule of Fees

Simple IRAs
Simple IRA 5304 Annual Fee$45
Simple IRA 5305 Annual Fee$100
Simple IRA Setup Fee$100
Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SEP IRAs & Coverdell ESAs
IRA Annual Fee$15
IRA Setup FeeNo charge
IRA Termination Fee$60
Returned Check$40
Right or Warrant Exercise – Voluntary$50
Right or Warrant Exercise – MandatoryNo charge
SEC Transaction FeeVaries
Short Stock Hard to Borrow FeeVaries
Statements & Confirms
Electronic Statements, Electronic Confirms, Paper StatementsFree
Paper Confirmations$1 per trade
Voluntary Per Position $50
MandatoryNo fee
Trading Activity Fee (TAF)
Stocks & ETF's$0.000119 per share (max. $5.95 per trade)
Options$0.002 per contract
Covered Debt Securities$0.00075 per bond (max. $0.75 per trade)
Transfer and Ship Request$550.00
Transfer Out - Full$60
Transfer Out - Partial$50
Wire Transfers
Wire Transfer $30
International Wire Transfer $60
Recalled or Returned Wire$50
Worthless Stock Liquidation$15

*** - Monthly fees for streaming quotes are based on your prior month's trading activity.

Fees & Commissions effective as of February 13, 2015. All fees subject to change without notice.


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