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SureTrader Brokerage Account Fee Schedule. Margin Rates.

SureTrader brokerage firm is registered in the Bahamas. Suretrader website is operated in compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the office is physically located is The Bahamas. Suretrader is not a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) or SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation).

Swiss America Securities, Ltd does not solicit U.S. residents directly or indirectly as clients.


Suretrader Review: Stocks & Options Trading Commissions

Stock$0.4.95 per trade up to 1000 shares, $0.00495 after.
Options$4.95 + $1 per contract
Additional fees apply depending on exchange type:
OTC BB/Pink Sheets $0.001 per share
Listed $0.003 per share
Call-in trades are an additional $30 per ticket.
Option exercise or assignment will be charged $30 each.
For any transaction where the total value is less than $35, a commission fee of $25 will be applied.


SureTrader Brokerage Account Fees

Wire Outgoing$50 USD/BSD
Wire IncomingFree
Inactivity Fee – Quarterly (if under 15 trades)$50 USD/BSD
Margin or equity Call fee $25 USD/BSD per day
Trade fee 1 is a of $0.0000256 USD/BSD of the total dollar amount of securities sold. This fee is assessed for all SELL orders and is added to any total commissions charged.

Trade fee 2 is a fee 0.000090 per share of securities sold with a maximum of $4.50 USD/BSD per trade. This fee is assessed for all SELL orders and is added to any total commissions charged.

Trade fee 3 is a fee 0.001 – 0.003 per share. This fee is assessed for all execution for the firm smart router and is added to any total commissions charged.

Any hard to borrow short locate fees will be passed onto the client, these fees will vary.

Overnight short Fee – 1% Fee charged on short positions held overnight.

Trading non-DTC eligible securities will incur additional settlement fees.

Overnight margin call fee is charged to any account with equity below 50%.

Equity margin call fee is charged to any account that goes above 6-1 margin intra-day and is liquidated by the firm at $25 per symbol plus the trade desk fee of $30.

SureTrader Brokerage Account Fees

Trading Platform
Web-Based Trading (ActiveWeb)FREE
SureTrader Pro + Mobile Apps below included$49 USD/BSD Per Month
iSureTrader iPhone App DASTrader Android App$25 per month $25 per month
Level-1 Exchange Data
Nasdaq (Level 1)Included
NYSE, AMEX (Level 1)Included
Pink Sheet (Level 1)15.00 Per Month
OPRA Options (Level 1)15.00 Per Month
OPRA Options (Level 1) Professional30.00 Per Month
E-Mini Futures (Level 1)15.00 Per Month
Market Depth Data Access$40 + monthly fee
NYSE, AMEX (Level 2)Included
Regional Quotes (Basic Level 2)15.00
Nasdaq Total View (Book Depth)20.00
Pink Sheet (Level 2)25.00
OPRA Options (Level 2)50.00
News Body25.00
NYSE ARCA Book15.00
CME Futures58.00

Fees not prorated.


SureTrader Margin Fees

  • Leverage can only be used on accounts with equity exceeding $500.
  • Accounts with $100 will be liquidated in its entirety.
  • Stocks below $2.50 require a $2.50 per share equity requirement. ($2.50 Rule)
  • For example: If you short 1,000 shares of stock valued at $1.00 per share, you will need at least $3,500 equity in your account
  • We allow 6:1 margin on Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX stocks above $3.00. Stocks on the volatile list may not qualify for margin
  • Certain stocks may have a higher margin requirement and depending on market restrictions may not be fully marginable up to 6:1.
  • Short positions are subject to buy-ins at the discretion our Risk Team as mandated by the Clearing Firm.
  • Accounts must not exceed 2:1 margin overnight.
  • Accounts below $500 equity cannot use margin.
  • Overnight margin rate is 7.5% APR.


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