The online investing industry offers a lot of options for both new and experienced investors. There is a company now for every trading style and investing strategy. Each broker provides a selection of investment products, a suite of tools and services, and sometimes even a few pricing plans. Below you will find the list of the 20+ best online investing firms in 2022.

Brokerage Firm Rating Stock & ETF Option Mutual Fund Min To Open Review
TD Ameritrade 4.5-star brokerage firm rating $0 $49.99 $0 Review
Ally Invest Ally Invest rating $0 $0.50 $9.95 $0 Review
Fidelity Fidelity Investments rating $0 $0.65 $49.95 $2,500 Review
Schwab Charles Schwab rating $0 $0.65 $49.95 $1,000 Review
WeBull Webull Rating $0 $0 n/a $0 Review
Firstrade Firstrade rating $0 $0 $0 $0 Review
IB Interactive Brokers rating $0 $0.70 $14.95 $0 Review
Etrade Etrade brokerage firm rating $0 $0.65 $19.99 $500 Review
M1 Finance $0 n/a n/a $0 Review
TastyWorks TastyWorks rating $0 $0.50 n/a $0 Review
TradeStation TradeStation rating $0 $0.50 $14.95 $5,000 Review
4-star brokerage firm rating $0 $0 $0 $0 Review
3.5-star brokerage firm rating $0 $0.65 $19.99 $0 Review
Vanguard brokerage company rating $0 $1 $20 $1,000 Review
Public brokerage rating $0 n/a n/a $0 Review
Sofi Sofi Invest Rating $0 n/a n/a $0 Review
WellsTrade brokerage firm rating $0 $0.75 $35 $0 Review
3-star brokerage firm rating $0 $0 n/a $0 Review
Tradezero $0 $0.79 n/a $2,500 Review
StockPile $0.99 n/a n/a $0 Review

Best brokerage firms
in various categories compared over 20 online investment companies. Here are our picks in the following categories:

Best Online Investing Companies

There are many online brokerage firms on the market trying to lure investors with their pricing, promotions, investments choices, and trading tools. Below we will briefly describe some of the best investing firms in 2022.

TD Ameritrade Rating TD Ameritrade. A combination of high-tech and free professional grade tools with a long history in the brokerage industry makes TD Ameritrade a solid choice for beginner investors as well as for experienced and active traders.

The broker offers trading in futures and forex, something that almost no other online brokerage provides. A rich selection of investment research is available from thirteen independent sources. The broker has the best selection of commission-free mutual funds.

Promotion: $0 stock/ETF trades + transfer fee refund.

Review: TD Ameritrade review.

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Ally Invest is a popular discount broker, offering $0 equity trades for all customers. The investment choices are on par with the bigger names in the industry and even include forex trading. With no initial deposit to open an account at Ally Invest, anyone can start investing with the company. The brokerage does not charge a set-up fee and an annual fee for all accounts.

Ally Invest is one of the industry's leading low-cost brokers for self-directed investors with a broad array of investing and trading tools, few fees, and excellent customer service.

Promotion: Up to $3,000 cash bonus + $0 trades + transfer fee rebate.

Review: Ally Invest review.

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Firstrade Review Firstrade is an ultimate no-fee broker that beats just about everyone else on this list when it comes to pricing. The firm charges $0 for stock, option, and ETF trades. All mutual funds, amazingly, are also free to trade.

Firstrade has no account fees and makes money on optional services. This is the best online investing company for anyone looking for a bargain.

Promotion: 2 free stocks & $0 fees on all mutual fund, stock, ETF, & option trades.

Review: Firstrade review.

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Fidelity Investments Review Fidelity Investments is one of the larger brokerage companies in the U.S., and as such, provides an astounding array of services to its clients. The investment firm offers advice on wealth management as well as services of a discount broker. Fidelity provides extensive educational materials for novice and professional investors alike. The broker's branch network has over 180 local offices. Although mutual funds fees are a bit higher at Fidelity, the massive brokerage house offers investors their money's worth in options, benefits, education, research and customer service.

Promotion: Open a Fidelity account and get $0 stock trades.

Review: Fidelity review.

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Charles Schwab Review Charles Schwab. A wide selection of investment products, great research, customer support and in-person guidance are the strongest advantages of Charles Schwab. The broker requires a $1,000 initial deposit to open a brokerage or an IRA account. Mutual funds selection is on the lower side.

Advanced trading platforms are available to all customers. However, anyone new to trading might find those quite intimidating.

Promotion: Open Schwab account and get $0-fee stock trades.

Review: Charles Schwab review.

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M1 Finance offers a unique investing approach for stocks and ETFs — customers create "pies" — the basket of stocks and ETFs that can be traded as one unit. Investors can think of these baskets as their own personal mutual funds.

There are no account maintenance or inactivity fees with this broker. Investors can open a free brokerage account with $0 down and never pay any broker commissions or fees. Rates for borrowing cash at the broker are the best in the industry.

Promotion: Get $10 for making a $100 deposit.

Review: M1 review.

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Interactive Brokers Review Interactive Brokers offers the lowest margin rates that only M1 Finance can sometimes beat. With the main focus on active traders, the company provides one of the best trading platforms and unmatched access to markets around the world.

Interactive Brokers does not like dealing with beginner investors and their trading platform is difficult to learn. The best professional tools, margin and cash rates are available only to customers that choose a pricing plan where they have to pay trading commissions.

Promotion: Get up to $1,000 in IBKR stock with this referral link!

Review: Interactive Brokers review.

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tastyworks TastyWorks is trying to create a different type of investing model, although this formula does have weaknesses in some areas. If you have used TastyTrade in the past and liked it, you’ll probably be happy here. If you’re looking for mutual funds, bonds, or portfolio management, you’ll have to keep looking. But if you want to see what professional traders are trading this is your broker.

Promotion: Get $75 for each person you refer when you sign up with this referral link.

Review: TastyWorks review.

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Etrade Review E*Trade is a well-established brokerage with a wide selection of investments. It was acquired by Morgan Stanley, so it might change quite a bit after the merger is complete.

E*Trade offers futures and forex; however, you need to open separate accounts for trading any of the two. The broker has 30 branches in 17 states across the country for personalized help and one-on-one guidance. A lot of tools and educational content are available at the website at no cost.

Promotion: No commissions on stocks and ETFs.

Review: E*Trade review.

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Webull is a new company that is taking the industry by the storm. They charge $0 commission on all investment products and have no fees that a customer needs to worry about.

Webull adds new products, tools, and services at an astounding rate. It now has a trading platform, great mobile app, options trading, virtual trading, IRA accounts, and good margin rates.

Promotion: Grab your last chance to get 12 free stocks valued up to $30,600.

Review: Webull review.

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The top investment firms provide a wide array of investment options for investors and traders. Equity, options, futures, forex, and fixed income investing have become cheaper, more efficient, and in real-time.

Learning and understanding what are the most important criteria for you as an investor, can help you select the very best investment company for your personal needs.