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Arthur Chachuna
My name is Arthur Chachuna and I'm a creator of I have been an active investor and a trader for the last 19 years. I also have a background in information technology and a masters degree in applied math.

To work on this project I have opened brokerage and IRA accounts in 28 brokerage firms. I have an investment portfolio that includes a business, retirement accounts, and taxable investments.

I grew up in a low income family but learned how to teach myself new skills. From this point my life improved dramatically. Personal finance and investing became one of the biggest passions in my life. I want to share the knowledge that helps people become financialy secure and independent with readers.

Chad Morris
As an English teacher and author, I have a background in writing about a range of subjects, including a recent book on growth investing. As an investor, I have over 15 years of personal experience trading a wide variety of financial products. Beyond stocks and bonds, I have worked with insurance, annuities, ETF's, ETN's, forex, options, real estate, REIT's, and mutual funds. I currently have over 30 financial accounts open.

Chris Norbury
I'm a writer and fiction author who specializes in financial writing. I started as a financial planner more than 30 years ago and branched into private investing over the past 20+ years. I am a self-taught investor with experience in commodities futures, options, stocks, bonds, ETFs, precious metals, mutual funds, and online investing. My financial planning knowledge covers areas such as budgeting, retirement accounts, saving and investing, and money management. I have taught numerous financial planning seminars both professionally and through community education programs.

I have recently published my first book, Castle Danger, a suspense novel set in my home state of Minnesota during one of its most brutal winters. A prequel and sequel to Castle Danger are in progress. I have also published two articles in the Boundary Waters Journal about my solo canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota. My writing interests and expertise also include opinion pieces, politics, economics, food and wine, and golf.