How much Ally Invest is charging to buy, sell, trade ETFs? Broker 115 Commission-FREE ETFs list.

Ally Invest ETF Fees, Offering, How to Buy/Sell

If you recently began trading with an Ally Invest account and want to take advantage of their ETF offerings, this article is for you. We will cover everything ETF-related with your Ally Invest account, including their selection, applicable fees, and how to actually place ETF trades.

What Are ETFs?

For those who are brand new to the markets or otherwise not too familiar with what ETFs are, they are essentially pooled investments that represent proportional ownership in hundreds or thousands of underlying companies’ stocks that the ETF holds. As an investor, you trade an ETF just like you would an individual stock. Most ETFs are managed to a specific mandate, which can be as basic as passively tracking an index (like the Russell 1000 for example) or offering diversified exposure to a specific country or sector to more niche, targeted investment strategies, like Japanese Telecom stocks.

Ally Invest’s ETF Offerings

Similar to Firstrade, Ally’s platform includes access to more than 2,000 ETFs, including popular ETF brands such as Vanguard and Fidelity. Their selection includes ETFs from all major asset classes, including core equities (U.S., International Developed, and Emerging), bonds, alternatives, and diversified multi-asset class offerings, such as popular 60/40 blends of equity/fixed income. Ally Invest also makes it easier to find that specific ETF that you’re looking for with their ETF screener, which allows you to filter them by attributes such as asset class, fund family, expense ratio, beta, and Morningstar rating.

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Ally ETF Commissions and Fees

Although Ally doesn’t offer 100% commission-free ETF trading like some of its competitors, its prices are definitely reasonable. They have two different commission tiers, with the starting commission being a flat $4.95 per ETF trade, or $9.90 for a round trip (buy/sell). If you are an active trader or have a larger account, you may qualify for Ally’s discounted commission, which is a dollar less at $3.95. To qualify for the discounted commission, you must have placed at least 30 trades in the prior quarter or have an account balance of at least $100,000.

Commission-Free ETFs

In spite of Ally’s ETF commissions, one positive is that they offer a list of 100 or so commission-free ETFs that you can trade for free.

How to Buy/Sell ETFs

Now, we’ll go over how to actually place an ETF trade, which is very simple and the same process you would follow to place a trade in an individual stock on Ally’s platform. First, go to the “Trading” menu on the top of the screen, and from the drop-down, select “Stocks & ETFs”. This will bring up an order ticket where you will simply specify the ticker symbol of the ETF you want to trade, whether you want to buy or sell, the number of shares, and the limit price and duration/expiration of the order if it is a limit order.

In the below screenshot, we show an example where we created a limit order to buy 200 shares of IEMG at a price of $51 or lower with instructions to terminate the order if it isn’t filled same day.

Ally Buy ETF

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Up to $3,500 cash bonus + commission free trades for new accounts.

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