How much TD Ameritrade is charging to buy, sell, trade ETFs? Broker's commission-FREE ETFs list.

ETF Fees at TD Ameritrade

You may have heard by now that TD Ameritrade offers ALL ETFs commission-free, which include offerings from SPDR, iShares, and ProShares among others. TD Ameritrade is joining ranks with a growing number of brokers that are offering free trades on at least some ETFs, but despite the marketing, you should be aware that it’s not always 100% free. This article will start with a quick overview of how to find and buy ETFs on TD Ameritrade’s platform and then cover both the obvious and hidden costs you could incur when trading them.

TD Ameritrade Fee To Buy/Sell ETFs

For all ETFs TD Ameritrade is charging $0 for buy and sell transactions.

TD Ameritrade Cost Comparison

How to Find ETFs on TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade has a helpful ETF Screener tool (below) that allows you to filter through their few thousand ETF offerings by a variety of categories and factors, such as asset class, fund family, and expense ratio.

TD Ameritrade: How To Find ETFs

How to Buy ETFs on TD Ameritrade

Once you’ve selected a suitable ETF for your portfolio you can place a buy order just like you would for a stock - using the order ticket at the bottom of your browser. For example, I would like to add 50 shares of the iShares MSCI ACWI ETF (ACWI), which the screen results indicated is commission-free, to my Ameritrade portfolio. I’ve filled out the below ticket accordingly with a limit price of $67.05.

TD Ameritrade ETF Screener

TD Ameritrade Commissions for the ETFs That Aren’t Free

The first thing you should do is check out commission-free ETFs at TD Ameritrade using their ETF Screener.

Commission-Free ETFs: Are They Really Free?

Every ETF charges customers expenses for its maintenance. This charge is different for each ETF and it has nothing to do with TD Aneritrade. In fact, every brokerage company will automatically deduct the amount specified by an ETF. As you see, trading ETFs is now free but owning them is not.

TD Ameritrade ETF Fees Summary

To summarize, TD Ameritrade offers all ETFs commission-free, which is becoming a common feature of many brokers today.


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