How much Firstrade is charging to trade ETFs? How to buy/sell ETFs on Firstrade mobile app?

Firstrade ETF Fees, Offering, How to Buy/Sell

If you recently opened a brokerage account with Firstrade and plan to add ETFs to your portfolio, you may be wondering what ETFs Firstrade offers, how to buy them, and any fees that apply. This article will arm you with the ETF details you need before trading them in your Firstrade account.

What Are ETFs?

As a quick refresher for those who are new to the markets, ETFs are simply securities that trade just like an individual stock, but they represent ownership in hundreds or even thousands of different companies’ stocks. ETFs are managed according to a specific strategy and objective, and many of them are passive investments that track the performance of popular indices, like the S&P 500 and MSCI World. Some ETFs offer targeted exposure to more niche investment themes, such as specific sectors, countries, or investment styles.

Firstrade’s ETF Offerings

Firstrade offers more than 2,000 ETFs on their platform, including popular names such as Vanguard, SPDR, iShares, and ProShares. You can easily browse Firstrade’s ETF offerings using their screener tool, which allows you to filter by a variety of distinguishing characteristics, including historical performance and valuation metrics. For example, you can filter by ETF family, asset class, AUM, expense ratio, P/E ratio, yield, and Morningstar rating among many other attributes.

Firstrade ETF Screener
We browsed some of Firstrade’s ETF offerings using their screener, and were pleased to find a wide variety of offerings. Their platform includes a broad selection of ETFs covering U.S., global, and emerging equities, as well as bonds, commodities, alternatives, and blended asset allocation strategies. They also offer several ETFs with exposures to very specific markets, such as municipal bonds issued by California and consumer cyclical stocks. Their selection is also wide enough for you to compare and contrast similar ETFs offered by different managers, ensuring you’re aware of options with lower fees and perhaps better track records.

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Firstrade ETF Fees

Many brokers now offer a select list of commission-free ETFs, but trading ETFs on your Firstrade account is always 100% commission-free for all ETFs. You can also day trade them as much as you like as there are no short-term redemption fees or penalties for short-term trading.

How to Buy/Sell ETFs

When trading ETFs in your Firstrade account you will follow the same process as you would for trading individual stocks. From the menu bar at the top of the screen select “Trading”, and then within the submenu you want to click on “Stocks/ETFs”. This will bring up an order ticket, where you will specify the ticker of the ETF you wish to trade, whether it’s a buy or sell, the number of shares, and for limit orders, the limit price and duration.

As an example below, we created an order to buy 500 shares of SPY at a limit price of $295.50, and the order will be active only for the current day.

Firstrade Buy ETF

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$0 commissions + up to $200 in transfer fee rebates.

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