How much WeBull is charging to trade ETFs? How to buy/sell ETFs on WeBull brokerage account?

Webull ETF Fees, Offering, How to Buy/Sell ETFs

If you are considering trading ETFs on your Webull account but have some basic questions about which ETFs they offer, what the relevant fees are, and how to actually place the trades, you should find this article to be helpful. We’ll cover all of these topics and how to place ETF trades within your Webull account.

What Are ETFs?

For starters, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page in terms of what ETFs are. ETFs are pooled investment vehicles, similar to mutual funds, which allow investors to own a diversified basket of hundreds or thousands of individual stocks by purchasing a single security. They differ from mutual funds primarily in that ETFs are generally always passive investments that seek to match the performance of a specific index, sector, or even country, and importantly, you can trade ETFs intraday as you would a stock. ETFs have become increasingly popular with the success of passive investing since the financial crisis.

Webull’s ETF Offerings

Webull offers more than 5,000 ETFs and individual stocks on their platform. Similar to most brokers, like Ally Invest and Firstrade, Webull’s platform includes access to a screener where you can narrow down your search for ETFs based on major attributes such as sector, region, and P/E ratio. Webull’s ETF offerings include securities from a wide variety of popular ETF fund families, such as Vanguard, iShares, and SPDR ETFs from State Street Global Advisors, as well as ETFs that cover all the major asset class areas, including U.S., International, and Emerging Equities in addition to some bond and commodity ETFs.

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Webull Commissions and Fees

This is a big selling point of Webull’s platform because they offer 100% commission-free trading on ETFs and stocks. They are free to buy and sell, and there are no minimum purchase requirements or fees for selling ETFs too soon (some brokers charge short-term redemption fees on mutual funds and ETFs).

How to Buy/Sell ETFs

Now, we’ll go over how to actually place an ETF trade in your Webull account. It’s simple process and if you are already familiar with trading individual stocks you already know how to trade ETFs as the order ticket is the same. We’ll walk through an example of how to trade the popular iShares MSCI ACWI ETF (ACWI).

In the below order ticket you can see that we have created a limit order to buy 10 shares of ACWI at a price of $74.50 or lower, slightly below the current price. The duration for this order is selected as “day” so that it will cancel if it is not filled by the end of the current trading day. After reviewing our order to make sure we entered everything correctly, we click “Confirm” to submit it.

Webull Buy ETF

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