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Overview of Hidden Fees at WeBull

WeBull is a popular online broker, and a large part of its appeal is its recent decision to offer commission-free trading. This is in line with other brokers, such as Robinhood, that are trying to attract new customers with the offer of unlimited free trades. There are still some fees with a WeBull account that apply to investors in certain situations, and this article will go over the most common of these, but first let’s clarify what’s truly free and what’s mostly free.

Webull Hidden Fees

If you are considering opening a Webull brokerage account but are not sure what kinds of costs and fees you should expect you’ve come to the right place. This article is your one stop shop for an overview of all the features that Webull will charge you for, and the ones that are free, starting with commissions.

Webull Commissions

The nice thing about Webull is that they’ve followed in the footsteps of Robinhood and Firstrade in that they do not charge any trading commissions. Buying and selling stocks and ETFs on Webull is 100% commission-free regardless of which stock you buy, how many shares you buy, and how short of a time you hold it for.

WeBull Account Minimums and Maintenance Fees

There’s more good news in the account requirements and fees section – Webull doesn’t charge any account maintenance fees. They also don’t have any minimum balance requirements that you need to meet, except for investors that want to use margin, which we’ll cover next.


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Margin Rates and Requirements

If you are a day trader, want to use leverage, or take on short positions in your Webull portfolio you will need to apply for a margin-enabled account (this is very easy to do online and be approved quickly, but nonetheless it is something you are required to do for margin access). With a margin account you are allowed to short stocks and borrow funds in order to increase your buying power, but there is a required minimum account balance of $2,000 in order to upgrade to a margin account. Webull’s margin rates are in line with industry averages and range from 3.99% to 6.99% depending on the amount you borrow (see details in the screenshot below).

How to Open a WeBull Account

Regulatory Fees

Although Webull doesn’t charge any commissions, investors are still liable to pay certain transaction-based regulatory fees that are levied by FINRA and the SEC. These are relatively small and insignificant and are generally passed onto investors by all brokers. Currently the SEC charges a fee of $13 per $1,000,000 of sells ($0.01 minimum per sell) and FINRA charges a trading activity fee of $0.000119 per share on sells (with a $0.01 minimum and $5.95 maximum per trade).

Wire Transfer and ACH Fees

If you are looking to transfer money to your Webull account using a wire transfer you should know that these will generally incur a fee, however when you first open your account your first incepting wire transfer is free. All future incoming wire transfers under $25,000 will cost you $8 for a domestic wire and $12.50 for an international wire, while any incoming transfers for $25,000 or more are free of charge. All outgoing wire transfers, regardless of amount, will incur a fee at Webull (currently $25 for domestic and $45 for international). It’s important to note that in addition to these fees Webull charges, most banks will also charge you their own fee for any outgoing wire transfers. ACH transfers are always free at Webull; however there is a daily ACH/electronic deposit limit of $50,000 per account.

Account and Securities Transfers

If you are moving securities or an entire portfolio from an existing broker to your new Webull account, Webull doesn’t charge any transfer fees. Often times your existing broker will charge you a fee to move your portfolio elsewhere, and although the receiving broker usually offers to reimburse you for this to attract your business, Webull currently does not. If you are looking to transfer either your entire Webull account (or just a few holdings) to another broker, Webull will charge you a $75 transfer fee, which is industry standard.

Data Charges

Real-time U.S. market data is free of charge on Webull, however if you are looking to invest in foreign markets you can pay a monthly subscription fee to receive access to real-time data on international markets.

WeBull Fees Summary

In summary, Webull doesn’t have a lot of hidden fees. We like that trading is always commission-free with them, however were a bit surprised that they charge fees for some incoming wire transfers as most brokers only impose wire fees for outgoing transfers.

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