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Acorns IRA Fees For 2020

Acorns investing app Roth IRA Fees, Traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, 401K individual retirement accounts annual, opening/closing, transfer out fees charged. Acorns costs and investing commissions.

Acorns IRA Fees

Fee Amount
Acorns setup fee $0
Acorns annual IRA fee $0
Acorns IRA termination fee $0
Acorns account maintenance fee $1 or $3 per month (see image below)
Acorns account inactivity fee $0
Acorns outbound account transfer (ACAT) fee $50 per ETF

Acorns pricing plans

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Is Acorns Legitimate Firm?

Acorns Securities, LLC (“Acorns”) is a website and phone application that touts themselves as an industry leader in micro investing. Clients are able to invest contributions of any amount on their platform through multiple ways.

Acorns was launched on August 26, 2014, and has steadily increased their presence in the online investing world. Backed by well-known companies such PayPal and BainCapital, in addition to famous investors such as NBA player Kevin Durant and actor Ashton Kutcher, Acorns looks to change the way people invest. As of January 2020, Acorns has received a total of $102 million in total investments and is reporting $800 million in assets under management.

Is Acorns Robo Investing Safe?

Acorns states they offer “Security Peace of Mind” by providing the best in industry security. For general accessing of the account, Acorns offers a few pieces of security to make clients feel safe when working on their platform. They offer SSL Encryption with 256-bit encryption for the website and their mobile app to ensure top notch security to prevent account takeovers.

Additionally, they offer bank-level security with secure servers and authentication methods. This included MFA (multifactor authentication), automatic logouts, identity verification, and more to help prevent unauthorized access into client accounts. Should any activity be flagged as unusual or suspect by Acorns, they will notify a clients about the activity to protect and safeguard them against fraud. This level of security is often seen in large banks and other financial institutions to ensure adherence to identity theft prevention guidelines. By providing such a high level of security, Acorns is contributing towards client's financial security by mitigating as much risk as possible to avoid an account takeover situation.

Acorns Inactivity Fee

Acorns has no account inactivity fee.

Acorns Annual Fee

Acorns has no annual account fee.

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