Chase You Invest IRA Fees For 2019

JP Morgan Chase You Invest Roth IRA Fees, Traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, 401K individual retirement accounts annual, opening/closing, transfer out fees charged. Chase You Invest costs and investing commissions.

Chase You Invest IRA Trading Fees
Stocks and ETFs $2.95 ($100 trades at $0 commission for 1 year for anyone opening and funding a You Invest Trade account)
Options not offered
Mutual funds $0
Bonds $1 per bond with $10 minimum, $250 maximum
Treasuries commission-free

Chase You Invest IRA Fees

Most people are familiar with Chase Bank’s offering of deposit accounts, but what you may not be aware of is their investment platform. Chase You Invest is the bank’s brokerage arm and it offers most basic brokerage accounts, including the taxable account and Traditional and Roth IRAs. This article will go over their IRA accounts and the fees they charge.

Types of IRAs at Chase You Invest

Chase offers the two main types of IRA accounts – Traditional and Roth – with the main difference between them being when you realize the tax savings. With a Traditional IRA, all of your contributions have to be pre-tax, which means you won’t pay any income taxes on the income that you contribute in the current year. However, once you retire and begin taking money out of a Traditional IRA the full amount you take out will be taxed as ordinary income, both your contributions and capital gains.

If you choose to open a Roth IRA with Chase you will also realize tax benefits, but not until you retire. With a Roth IRA, all your contributions must be made with after-tax income so there are not tax savings during the years you make contributions. But once you withdraw from your account during retirement you won’t owe any taxes, not on your contributions or capital gains. The tax benefits make a Roth IRA ideal for those who are currently in a low-tax bracket and expect to be in a higher one later in life.

IRA Account Fees

While some brokers will charge you one-time fees to open a new IRA or transfer over an existing one, Chase does not. However, they do charge a $30 annual fee for maintaining an IRA account, but this can be waived fairly easily by meeting one of the following three criteria: contributing at least $1,000/yr., maintaining a balance of at least $10,000, or having a Chase checking account.

Chase IRA Advisory Fees

In addition to choosing between a Traditional or Roth IRA, regardless of which legal structure you choose you can also choose to either manage the account on your own (called “You Invest Trade”) or pay Chase a small advisory fee to manage it for you (called “You Invest Portfolios”). If you choose to go the advisory route, Chase requires you to fund you IRA with at least $2,500 and charges you a modest 0.35% advisory fee to manage and rebalance your portfolio to keep it aligned with your retirement goals. And because your managed Chase IRA consists of ETFs, they won’t make you pay commissions on any trades they place in your account.

Chase IRA Transaction Fees

If you choose to open a “You Invest Trade” IRA account with Chase, you are fully in charge of all investment decisions and actions in your account. Online stock and ETF commissions are $2.95 each and everyone gets 100 commission-free trades in their first year. If you are a Chase Premier Plus checking account client then you also qualify for 100 commission-free stock and ETF trades every year, and if you are a Premium Chase checking account you get unlimited commission-free stock and ETF trades.


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