Zackstrade IRA Cost For 2019

Zackstrade Roth IRA Fees, Traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, 401K individual retirement accounts annual, opening/closing, transfer out fees charged. Zackstrade costs and investing commissions.

Zackstrade IRA Trading Fees
Stocks and ETFs $0.01 per share with $3 minimum
Stocks and ETFs (less than $1 per share) 1% of trade value with $3 minimum
Options $3 for first contract + $0.75 per additional
Options exercise/assignment fee free
Mutual funds $27.50
Corporate and municipal bonds 0.1% * face value + $3 per bond if <= $10,000 face value; 0.025% * face value + $3 per bond if > $10,000 face value
Treasuries (bills, notes, bonds) 0.025% * face value + $3 per bond if <= $1,000,000 face value; 0.005% * face value + $3 per bond if > $1,000,000 face value

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Zackstrade IRA Fees

If you’ve heard of Zacks Investment Research, Zackstrade is their relatively new brokerage service. Zackstrade is trying to leverage their brand identity and capture some of the lucrative brokerage services market by offering both taxable and retirement accounts, among others. This article will go over the IRA fees that you will or won’t encounter at Zacks and why we think they are a good place to place your IRA. For those less familiar with IRA options, we’ll quickly summarize the two main types.

Types of IRAs at Zackstrade

Zackstrade offers the two most popular types of IRAs – Roth and Traditional. A Roth IRA is where your annual contributions (which are limited based on your income level) are made with money that you’ve already been taxed on. As you can see this doesn’t create any tax savings initially, however the benefit is realized when you enter retirement as all withdrawals you make during retirement are tax-free, both your initial contributions and any capital gains.

The other most popular type of IRA is called a Traditional IRA, and with this account type the benefits are chronologically reversed. Your contributions have to be made with pre-tax income, which has the effect of lowering your current taxable income and therefore taxes owed. On the flip side, once you retire and withdraw from your Traditional IRA you will owe income taxes on the full amount – both contributions and capital gains.

There is a third type of IRA that brokers sometimes offer called a SEP IRA, mostly for the self-employed and small businesses, but we won’t discuss this one as Zackstrade doesn’t currently offer this.

Zackstrade IRA Account Setup and Maintenance Fees

Many brokers will charge some sort of combination of account fees for having an IRA, which can include opening, maintenance, and/or closing fees. One reason we like Zackstrade is because they don’t charge any of these fees. They also won’t charge you any fees for an IRA rollover. We should note that Zackstrade does require a minimum balance of $2,500 to open an IRA account.

IRA Trading Costs

Zackstrade will charge you a fair commission for any trades you make in your IRA, the same as they would if you had a taxable account with them. For stocks and ETFs, the commission is $0.01 per share with a $3 per trade minimum. Mutual fund trades cost a flat $27.50 each. If you would like to trade bonds in your IRA, Zackstrade will charge you 0.1% of the face value of the trade plus $3 per bond for any trades equal or less than $10,000. For larger bond trades, the commission is a discounted 0.025% of face value plus $3 per bond. If you plan to trade options in your Zacks IRA, these cost $3 for the first contract plus $0.75 for each additional contract.

Zackstrade IRA Fees Summary

In short, we think Zackstrade’s IRA is one of the best IRA options out there if for nothing else than their lack of fees and attractive commission schedule.

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