Does Interactive Brokers have inactivity fee? Is TDA have a monthly charge on individual brokerage or ROTH, traditional IRA account?

Interactive Brokers Monthly Inactivity Fees

As IB caters to active professional traders and investors, they require that each account generate a minimum of commissions per month. Accounts generating commissions less than the minimum as stated below in any given month will be assessed the difference as a monthly activity fee. Please note that the monthly activity fee is based on commissions only, and does not include fees related to third-party assessments such as market data subscriptions or order modification/cancellation fees.

In addition to monthly fee minimums, we pass through market data fees from the exchanges for any real-time market data service in which a customer subscribes. Customers choosing to subscribe to US non-professional real-time market data will have the USD 10 (or non-USD equivalent) monthly market data subscription fee waived if they spend USD 30 (or USD equivalent) or more in commission for the month.

Customer Type Activity Fee Minimum
All customers not listed below $10.00
Financial Advisor Client $10.00
Indian residents2 trading with an IB India account $5.00
Age 25 or under $3.00
Customer with equity balance < $2,000 or equivalent, or customer maintaining a balance in a closed account $20.00

Interactive Brokers Market Data Fees

There are two main types of data feeds for traders and investors. The first is delayed quotes, which is usually free. These stock and option quotes are typically delayed 15 minutes. In other words, if a trader is using delayed quotes then the price shown in the trading platform is already 15-minutes old. And in the world of stock and options trading, 15-minutes is an eternity! As a result most investors will need real-time quotes.

The second type of data is real-time streaming quotes. These price quotes show what the price is live based on the last price that was traded. Unless the trader is generating commissions of at least $30US per month, then there is a fee for this real-time data.

Taking things down another layer, traders will need to determine the level of market date they require. Typical choices for retail investors include Level I and Level II. Level I is the real-time quotes as mentioned above. Traders will be able to see the real time bid/ask quote for each security. Level II provides more detailed quotes including how many shares are being traded at a certain price level and who the market maker is.

Both of these quote levels require clients to pay for access to them. For example, to get Level II access to NASDAQ stocks the fee is $10US per month. That fee is in addition to the commissions.

The cost of market data fees will vary for each customer, depending on what markets are required. If the trader wants Level II for the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX expect to pay $10US for each of those.

Even though Interactive Brokers has some of the lowest commissions available, it is important to consider the full cost of trading if these more advanced data packages are required.

Interactive Brokers Other Fees

Most brokers have other fees that are applied to accounts depending on what is required. For example, most brokers charge a fee to transfer to another broker.

Some of the other Interactive Brokers hidden fees include the following:

Withdrawal Fees: One free per month and then $1US for each additional electronic funds transfer.

Telephone Orders: $30 per order

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