How much does it cost to open a brokerage or IRA account at WeBull? Sign up minimum requirements.

How to Open a WeBull Account

WeBull is trying to capture market share in the growing low-cost brokerage space. The company offers commission-free trading in U.S. stocks, options, and ETFs. Setting up a WeBull account is a quick, easy and free process. If you use their promotion link you will get 2 FREE random stocks as a gift too.

To open a Webull account, click on their promotion link - Grab your last chance to get 12 free stocks valued up to $30,600. - and you will see the screen that looks like this (if you are using a computer):

How to Open a WeBull Account

Hit “Open an Account” or “Sign Up” button and you will be taken to account setup screen. There you will need to provide the standard personal information that any broker would ask for to open an account, including your full name, address, phone number, and social security number. After accepting WeBull’s terms and agreements your account application will be submitted for approval, which is generally granted within an hour and communicated via a confirmation email.

How Long Does Webull Take to Approve

New account applications at Webull are approved within 24 hours.

WeBull Account Opening, Maintenance, and Transfer Fees

Opening a WeBull account is entirely free. Electronic transfers (i.e. ACH transfers) between WeBull and your bank are also free. WeBull doesn’t charge any ongoing maintenance or account inactivity fees, so there is no need to worry about accruing any fees if you take a break from investing.


Open WeBull Account

WeBull Minimum Initial Deposit Requirement

WeBull doesn’t have any required account minimums in order to keep your account active, nor will a balance of $0 result in any inactivity fees. This applies to their basic cash accounts, but they also offer margin accounts for those wishing to use borrowed money to leverage their bets. It is industry standard for margin accounts to have a $2,000 minimum balance requirement, and this is also true for WeBull. Broker’s margin rate charged for borrowed funds currently ranges from 3.99% to 6.99% depending on your margin balance.

Fees for Retirement Accounts

Some brokers charge fees for certain types of accounts, like an IRA or 401K, however WeBull does not. They support individual retirement accounts and these are treated just like a standard taxable account in terms of expenses.

WeBull New Account Promotions

If you are thinking of giving WeBull a try, now is a great time to open an account. Right now they have a promotion where you can get a free share of a random stock. If you sign up for a WeBull account you will get one free share of stock from a random public company valued at least $10 billion. The free share will be worth somewhere between $3 and $1,850, and as you may have guessed, your chances of getting a $1,850 stock are pretty slim.

How to Open a WeBull Account Summary

Opening a WeBull account is very easy and quick. It’s also entirely free to open and keep active whether or not you trade frequently. If you are at all considering taking WeBull for a test drive, we’d recommend doing so now to take advantage of their current promotion for new accounts.

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Open WeBull Account


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