Actinver brokerage firm review: fees and commissions, investment products, cost of advisor services and wealth management.

Corporación Actinver is a Mexican company, which began operation as Operadora Actinver back in 1994. Corporación Actinver is a holding company, which offers its services of private and wealth banking, asset management, wealth management and investment banking through its main subsidiaries, direct or indirect: (i) Actinver Brokerage Firm, (ii) Actinver Bank, (iii) Actinver Investment Fund Manager, (iv) Actinver Holdings, and (v) Actinver Leasing. As of December 31 2013, Actinver had assets in custody for more than 287 billion pesos.

According to information published by the AMIB and the CNBV, as of December 31 2013 Actinver investment fund manager has consolidated itself as the fifth largest manager in the country and Actinver Brokerage Firm is number one in terms of number of brokerage contracts.


Is Actinver Safe? Is It Legitimate?

Actinver is regulated and supervised by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) and the enforcement of the Securities Market Law and the lLaw governing Investment Funds. Actinver's funds have been rated either AAA or AA+ by Fitch Mexico, SA de CV – one of the most prestigious rating agencies in the world. Actinver also offers access to the funds of other investment companies. These funds have been carefully selected by our investment committee to offer our customers a wide range of options in which they can invest.

What is Bursanet offered by Actinver?

It is an advanced Internet-based operating system, which allows the customer to take control of their investments through direct access to the Mexican financial market in real time. An account can be open from outside of Mexico regardless of their residence or nationality.

The minimum amount to open an account with Bursanet is $10,000.


Actinver Fees Review

Custody of securities$50 per month plus VAT for portfolios valued between $1 and $500,000. For larger portfolios a fee of 0.01050% the value of the portfolio plus $0.30 plus VAT is charged.
Direct Exchange with the BMV (Mexican Stock Exchange)$100.00 plus VAT per month
Annual administration fee$500 plus VAT


Actinver Commissions Review

$100,000 - $250,0000.35% per transaction
$250,001 - $1,000,0000.25% per transaction
$1,000,000+0.15% per transaction


Actinver Investor's/Guest's Review

When I first started visiting Mexico during the winter months, I realized that life would be easier financially if I had money in a Mexican bank. This money would allow me to purchase items in the designated currency of the country. Although stores will take US dollars, the exchange rate is not favorable with what one would find at banking institutions. I looked at a number of institutions and found that Lloyd, now known as Actinver offered me the widest variety of products for holding my funds.

Frankly, my initial experience with Actinver was surreal in a positive way. I approached the counter and stated I wanted to put money into an account. I was then met by the branch manager who escorted me to her office and for the next hour we proceeded to discuss all the option available that would meet my needs. I'd never experienced this kind of personal touch in any US bank and couldn't believe it was happening in what people like to refer to as "a third world country."

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I was amazed at the different investment accounts where I would earn interest on my money yet still have access to it within 24 hours. 11 years ago, some of these accounts were paying interest of 15%. As an investor I was shocked, but also realized it was due to a number of economic and political factors at that time. Today, the average interest rate is about 4% as Mexico has stabilized in the global world economy.

I keep money in Actinver for expenses when I am in Mexico and for when I'm not there. I now own a home in the area, and there are certain expenses that come up throughout the year. The bank here handles paying all my utility bills when I am out of the country as well as paying my gardener and maid when I'm away. This of course would be unheard of in the United States.

In recent years the bank has also allowed US dollar accounts as well as Peso accounts for their customers. For anyone interested in currencies this can be very advantageous. Whenever I want to access my money I can email the bank or simply walk in and discuss my needs with the branch manager. She then fills out all the necessary paperwork and hands it to me for my signature. Whether it's withdrawing money or depositing funds, there is always someone to do it for me. As well, all employees in the bank are fluent in English as well as Spanish. It's this kind of personal service I wish I could have in the United States.

I currently have 3 accounts with Actinver. One is for daily cash needs and pays me low interest on my balance. I have another account which is a mutual fund account, paying about 4% and requires 24 hour notice for withdrawal. The third account is an American dollar account where I deposit money while I wait for a better exchange rate. This has been a popular account with expatriates in Mexico, especially since 2008 when exchange rates moved drastically. Since then there has been no real stabilization of the two currencies so having an American account can allow you to increase your peso deposit by 2%-3% over time. The only restriction on accounts at the bank is the rule of depositing cash into an account. In Mexico there is a law that anyone depositing more that 15,000 MNP into an account will be taxed on those funds. This was put into action a few years ago as a way to discourage drug money being put into Mexican banks.

The bank has many other investment tools available although I do not use them. Stock market trading, online trading and retirement plans are a few of them. Their website is in English and Spanish and is fairly easy to navigate. At this time moving money around online is not possible and given that I prefer a more personal approach, I'm quite happy with walking into the branch and discussing my needs with the manager. If I was more fluent in Spanish I would possibly consider other investment areas that are offered but I prefer to do investment in the United States where I completely understand the system.

I'm very happy with the Actinver bank in Mexico and always look forward to using them when I am in the country. It has truly been a unique banking experience and one that feels much nicer than when I bank in the United States.

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