How to close a US Bank Bancorp investment account on mobile app or with customer service. Fee to close US Bank Brokerage brokerage account and delete app.

US Bank Brokerage Account Closing Fee

U.S. Bank does not charge account termination fee for brokerage account unless you are closing non-IRA account by transferring it to another broker (see below).

IRA accounts have a $75 termination fee at U.S. Bancorp.

US Bank Brokerage ACAT Fees

If you decide to move your US Bancorp investment account to a different firm through ACAT, US Bank Brokerage will charge you $75 fee for account transfer. If you move your account to Ally Invest, they will reimburse US Bank Brokerage's ACAT fee.

How To Close US Bank Brokerage Account

To cancel US Bank Brokerage account, you first move your cash to your bank or another broker. If you have investments you can either sell them or transfer to another broker. Then you call US Bank Brokerage customer service and ask them to cancel your account.

Top Competitors

Broker Review Stock/ETF
Mutual Fund
Annual IRA
M1 Finance $0 na $0 $0 Get up to $2,500 when you transfer account with $20K+.
Ally Invest $0 $9.95 $0 $0 Up to $3,500 cash bonus + $0 trades + transfer fee rebate.
WeBull $0 na $0 $0 Grab your last chance to get 2 free stocks up to $1,400 + acat refund.

Overview of Banks that Provide Online Investing Accounts

Many banks today have ventured out into the brokerage world by offering security trading services. The quality and price of these investment services can vary widely from broker to broker. Some brokerage firms provide discounts for banking clients. Let’s take a look at some banks that provide investing services, and see how they compare to each other.

TD Bank Brokerage Account

Toronto-Dominion Bank is the biggest shareholder of TD Ameritrade, one of America’s largest on-line discount brokers. The securities firm does not currently offer any discounts for TD Bank customers, although it has in the past.

TD Ameritrade provides some of the best trading tools in the brokerage industry, and it does so without imposing any trading requirements, fees, or account minimums. The broker offers a large selection of mutual funds (over 13,000), and it provides all exchange-traded funds with zero commissions.

There are over 450 TD Ameritrade brick-and-mortar locations throughout the U.S. These branches do not provide any services on TD Bank accounts. The broker provides phone service around the clock, and there is a helpful AI chat bot on the TD Ameritrade website.

Stock and ETF trades are $0, and option contracts are an extra 65 cents. There are over 4,200 commission-free mutual funds. They also offer the best promotion offer among banks that provide brokerage accounts.

Learn more in TD Ameritrade brokerage review.

Promotion offer: Open TD Ameritrade account and get $0 fee stock trades.

Ally Bank Investing Account

Ally Financial purchased TradeKing brokerage, an acquisition that created Ally Invest. The Ally website now hosts bank and brokerage accounts side-by-side, and logging into either account requires a single user ID. Funds can easily be transferred between two Ally financial accounts.

Neither Ally Bank nor TradeKing had any branch locations, so naturally neither does Ally Invest. The broker does provide a helpful on-line chat feature, along with 7am-10pm ET, 7 days a week phone support and a service e-mail address.

Continuing with TradeKing’s policy of low commissions, Ally Invest charges just $0 for equity transactions. Options cost 50 cents per contract.

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Promotion offer: Up to $3,500 cash bonus + $0 trades + transfer fee rebate.

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