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Acorns app customer reviews, rating, ranking, pros and cons, complaints, feedback from clients. Is Acorns Investing a good and safe firm for brokerage account or a scam?

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Acorns Investing Customer Reviews

by Noris, 11/15/2021



I love everything acorn. Friendly app and custom picked portfolios based on your profile, goals, etc. I love the investment choices I don't mind risks but was placed in moderate risk category based on questions I answered. It is simply written, clear, and not scary. Micro-investing is what blew my mind! And rounding up change from purchases made then micro-investing! Wow A+++++ i can't say enough! And the presentation is impeccable! Wait to you see the atm card arrive at home!!! A Must for all

by Chris, 11/15/2021



I love this app/service! First the app is dead simple to use and navigate, once it's all set up up there is hardly any need to revisit. Second, the service of the micro investing is fantastic, there are other ways to do it but none are as good as Acorn. I use it every year and a "Christmas Fund" and it's come in so handy at that time of year when we all need a little extra.

by Jay, 1/25/2021

Pros: app

Cons: Offshore Customer Service. When things go wrong, expect to spend hours fixing

For the second time now, Acorns has held funds for very odd reasons. The latest is a huge problem as they held a $5000 check, saying they needed "a written statement from check issuer on what it was for" (mother-in-law Xmas gift to my wife her daughter), when confronted, they told us they didn't process it, we sent it back to our bank that we share with the issuer (Mom) and then it got pulled from our account suddenly when we had no customer service response for three weeks and closed the accounts. Now they can't account for the $5000 and we are over-drafted in our other bank. What ever benefit these folks claim to provide is instantly and irrevocably negated when you have to try and resolve a customer service issue. RUN AWAY!

by 1MommyRN, 6/22/2020



As an adult, I sure wish some sort of “financial education “ had been part of my high school experience! Now, it is (and was for my son) thankfully, but for me, THIS ACORNS APP has been that kind of educational help. I’ve learned about investing and about the market, as I’ve used the app to show me what my future might look like if I invest more or less starting now, and I’ve learned about saving even small amounts with roundups. There are articles to read and always more to learn through this app, and I love it! I now have the new Spend card and account, which I love, however I am having a glitch - it’s taken over two months and they still don’t show my active checking account as “verified,” even though my first couple of months I was using it just fine. So I’m not sure what that’s about. But that’s the only issue I’ve ever had with Acorns, and overall I LOVE the app and what it has taught me about managing my money. Thank you!

by Brodard1225876, 6/4/2020

Pros: Acorns App is convenient!


Love the app and know they are improving it regularly. Gives less educated and new investors a place to start with less risk than other investment vehicles. It is super convenient and easy to use. Wish the recurring investments could be set up on specific dates as well as bi-weekly as millions of people don’t get paid every week and don’t always have funds in their accounts. Also, it can cause overdraft fees. It would be nice if for some reason there was no funds it didn’t still pull from your checking account. This happened to me as I have recurring investments set up and for example it pulls out each Friday. I have checked my tab that says “past” where you can see pending payments. It is Wednesday now and for some reason I don’t see it on there. Therefore I don’t know when it is going to hit my account. If you have lots of money which I think the target customer Acorn is shooting towards is millennials who don’t always have a bunch of money saved! With that said...I know and see the constant improvements and as the company grows. I have confidence that updates and improvements will occur. An example is they are working on “real time” investing right now and communicate that through their app. It will get a 5 star from me in the future and I will change my rating! Hope this helps the consumer and also the company improve the app!

by Nettle11, 2/17/2020

Pros: Great idea, great app


Pay no attention to any negative reviews. They come from sheer ignorance. For anyone that puts $5 in and gets mad because it takes a couple days to transfer it back to your bank..THIS IS NOT A BANKING APP. For anyone who puts $5 in and gets mad because they lose’s not the apps fault, that’s called risk that comes with investing, this is designed for the long haul and you will make money long term. For anyone that gets mad because it made you overdraft your checking account..the app didn’t do that, you did. Learn how to balance and keep up with your checking account. If a handful of bucks a week causes you to overdraft, you don’t know how to manage your money.

I started using this as a “supplementary retirement account” to go along with my 401k and I love it. I started putting a few bucks in here and there along with the roundups and now I’m addicted to putting as much money in as possible. It has that affect that inspires you to save more money for the future. Yes, the market is tanking as I write this and I’m actually losing money at the moment. But again, this is best used for long term investing. If you put $20 bucks in and need to pull it back out 2 weeks later, it’s not the app for you. If you can discipline yourself to putting in money and leaving it alone for at least 5-10 years, it great!

by Topherstrudel, 1/4/2020

Pros: Pretty good app


I will say that this is a good app and good concept. It just wasn’t for me after time. When acorn started they had the ability to have no automatic round ups and it would let you select your own from the list of transactions. I loved this feature, but sadly they removed it. The reason I loved this was because I use my debit card for literally every single purchase ever, and that means TONS of round ups that would cause me to invest more than I could afford. If I set up automatic amounts it’s no different than other apps but they charge a fee. If I turn on automatic round ups I’ll run out of money. And if I rely on the 3-5 transactions they show you that you can manually round up I’ll never get a lot invested. I miss the old way of seeing all of your transactions and picking from the list of which you want to round up. Because of that I did close my account because it just wasn’t for me; however, I do think this app is a great idea and will work for many people. When I was making small frequent investments I did notice that my account would steadily increase month to month even with the $1 fee. Never any issues and great support.

by Andrew, 3/10/2019



This app is good if you will continuously take part in using it. You have to see it like a game although with investing you can lose a lot. At first I noticed my investments making great returns then they slowed down and that coupled with it not quite being made into a daily habit just killed it for me. If it made as good returns over the long run, at least long enough for checking into it and depositing money to become a habit, I would've stuck with it for a long time.

by V., 1/23/2019



Great app. Just started using it. Already seeing results.

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Acorns Investing Overview

Many people can probably relate to having a “change jar” in their house, or know someone else who had one, where spare change from cash purchases was collected over time to eventually be deposited in the bank once it was full. Although the “change jar” is increasingly becoming a relic of the past with the rapid digitalization of our wallets, many apps today are putting a modern twist on the idea to encourage more saving and investing among millennials. Acorns is one of the leaders in this effort, automatically rounding up your daily purchases to the nearest dollar and investing the “change” for you. This article will offer an overview of how Acorns puts a modern twist on this ages old idea.

What is Acorns?

Acorns is an app-based robo-investing platform that, once you link to your credit and debit cards, will automatically round your everyday purchases up to the nearest dollar and invest your “change” into one of their diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds. When you open your Acorns account, the app will ask you some questions to get an idea of what your investment goals and risk appetite are before recommending to you one of their five portfolios, which we’ll go over next.

Acorns pricing plans

Acorn Portfolios: Five Levels of Risk/Reward

The app offers five different well-balanced portfolios to choose from, which are named according to the level of risk they take. These portfolios range from the most conservative one, which is 80% bonds, 16% large-cap stocks, and 4% small-cap and real estate stocks, to the most aggressive portfolio, which is 100% equities and even includes a 10% exposure to emerging market stocks. Acorn implements all of their portfolios using low-cost stock, bond, and real-estate ETFs from Vanguard and BlackRock.

The screenshot below shows the allocations in Acorns’ Moderate portfolio, which is targeted towards the investor that wants to take on some risk to earn higher returns but doesn’t want so much risk that they are caught riding the full ups and downs of a potentially volatile stock market. The Moderate portfolio is roughly 60% stocks and 40% bonds.

What Does Acorns Cost?

Acorn offers two different tiers of accounts (see below screenshot), which cost from $1 to $3 per month. Acorns Core is the basic and cheapest account, which just automatically invests the spare change from your daily transactions once the balance reaches $5. The next level (Acorns Later) includes the basic features from the Core account plus you get the option to open an IRA with Acorns. For the $2 monthly charge you also get the ability to setup recurring monthly contributions to your account in addition to the spare change that gets invested. The last tier (Acorns Spend) includes all the previously discussed features plus an Acorns checking account and the added benefit of your change being invested in real-time.

Whether or not Acorns fees are high relative to the competition depends on how much money you plan to invest. $1 per month (or $12 per year) on a $1,000 account would be equivalent to paying a 1.2% management fee, which is quite high for a portfolio of ETFs that most brokers would allow you to trade for free. On the other hand, if you pay $2 a month ($24 per year) to open an Acorns IRA and have an account worth $20,000 you are effectively paying a 0.12% management fee, which is a lot more reasonable. We should also point out that the $1 fee for the basic account is currently waived for college students.

Acorns Review Conclusion

In summary, Acorns is a neat concept that can make saving and investing attainable even for those that don’t have extra income each month after their expenses are met. While Acorn’s fees are relatively high considering the smaller investment balances most core accounts will have (given that it’s just spare change), it could be worth the expense for certain investors that otherwise wouldn’t be willing to fund a more standard investing account each month.

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