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Ally Invest Customer Reviews

by Kelley Anderson, 10/1/2022



Account was easy to open n Ive had a checking n savings account w/ Ally for over 2 years. The app is super easy to navigate and use. The option of having buckets in my savings makes it easier to manage my money. I know how much I have set aside for each bill n things Im saving for. Transferring between accounts is super easy n can have 6 transactions from savings/month. My only complaint is not being able to add cash directly to account. Have to pay a 3rd party to add cash. I recommend Ally!

by Jeremy, 9/15/2022



The app needs to include alerts for stocks. There's no point in having a watch list of I can't set an alert for movement in a certain direction. I want to be able to track price or percentage gains and losses. Also the chart could be more detailed when looking at values. Let me zoom in to get exact numbers or at least show what number it's at instead of just in between. I have to use another app for detailed info. I do like the ETF filter.

by Ryan Jorgensen, 8/19/2022



I've enjoyed the ally mobile app, but am a little disappointed with the last update (when monitoring investments). The holdings list has been "simplified" to just three columns (even on a large tablet) and lost the convenient sorting by clicking the column heading. Recently I've discovered the card view, which has a lot more info. So that's nice. I do wish there was a way to view more information in tabular view, especially on tablets, and I wish I could view it landscape.

by Jordan, 6/21/2022



Good overall, but push notifications to alert you when the card is used do not work. They used to work great, but now not at all. That was a useful feature so it's a bummer it's not working. The text message alerts do work, but the push notifications do not. I do like that they added the card nicknames to card controls and integrated it into the main app. That was great.

by Nicholas Jarak, 5/15/2022



Works pretty good. Occasionally, I can't log in due to some sort of issue on Ally's end but I'm not sure if that is the app's fault or something going on with Ally's servers. Regardless, the app is easy to navigate and fast to use. It also looks decent and you can do the mojority of functions that you can do on the website. Overall, good experience.

by Marc, 3/10/2022

Pros: Not Sure

Cons: Mistakes after updates. Mobile App issues

I was originally with TradeKing and they met or exceeded all my expectations. When Ally took over I've had a number of disappointments. First Ally Bank and Ally Invest are not well integrated. Moving some of my IRA investments into a CD was shockingly challenging and time consuming and not something that could be done without multiple interventions with both entities. Second, transferring my 401k to Ally was equally challenging due to a lack of clarity with their addresses and PO Boxes and misdirected assistance from phone support. Third, the mobile app has long had display format issues (on Samsung Galaxy). Columns and wrapping we're always off and confusing for dollar amount that have a comma. Decimals were not aligned and dollar amounts wrapped. As of 3/10/22 an update seems to have addressed the format issue - BUT - my PUT option positions were displayed as CALL options sending me into a brief panic. I've opened a ticket and hope it's resolved soon. Forth, I'm frequently unenrolled in fingerprint ID access in the mobile app. Frequent login problems with mobile app.
I've had other issues after system updates that reflect wrong financial details. It always gets fixed but causes me concern and unnecessary anxiety. Thinking of moving to Schwab if I can be sure they don't have these kinds of issues.

by GM, 11/15/2021



Easy to navigate and rarely ever has issues. A great tool and indespensible app.

by Jesse James, 10/19/2021



Easy to use, feels secure, quick response time, and can do just about everything on the app as the desktop. Update** 6/9/21 -- this is still my primary investment platform. After several years and coming from Tradeking to Ally I've been lucky to only have single issue in balance which was corrected quickly. I've called support for simple questions and got quick answers. I appreciate the security and convenient set up!

by David Rousseau, 9/12/2021



This app efficiently allows me to trade stocks, even without an Ally savings or checking account. It helps keep track of my earnings and losses in an easy to understand way, and allows simple transfers of money to and from the stock account from other banks. I like it!

by M L, 7/25/2021



The brokerage part is kinda janky. Funding automated withdrawals is an all day task. The bank part is awesome and I'm glad I switched over. I'm not a fan of their managed portfolios, but I tried it at least. They cut interest in savings accounts again so that was fun. The app is mediocre and could be better.

by Angela, 6/14/2021

Pros: none

Cons: mistakes on account, change of address, no customer service

I have been with Ally since it was Zecco Trading, then Trade King and finally Ally. It used to be one of the few discount brokers. Now everyone is and everyone else has better research and customer service, not to mention web interface. Things have gone steadily down hill over the past few years. I finally moved my last account and they screwed up a mutual fund purchase price (putting it at 1.18 rather than 11.33 a share.) God will have to intervene for them to fix it. There are better brokers - stay away from Ally

by Art, 5/4/2021

Pros: pros

Cons: cons


by Joseph, 4/11/2021



Been using the mobile app since inception. It keeps getting better all of the time.

by Chris, 3/23/2021

Pros: none

Cons: everything

if you want nothing but hours of being on hold, blocked trades, being lied to about what SHOULD happen vs what actually happens. by all means flush your money down the drain. here is the latest gem of a response from my 10th chat msg regarding non stop issues of them rather than selling my shares putting them into boxed illegal tax positions that were banned for tax avoidance.

christopher: so now I have to waste 5+ hours on hold due to yet another ally mistake? despite how many chats i've had telling you to have your mangement get this shit together?
christopher: tell your supervisor what.. I'm going to the SEC FINRA and filing complaints
christopher: so maybe have a fucking supervisor call me with your illegal boxed positions
Thomas W.: Do what you need to do.
Thomas W.: Thank you for contacting Ally Invest. Have a great day!

by Grant, 3/18/2021

Pros: Yeah right

Cons: Everything

First I set up a managed account through their website. after account opened appeared to be a self directed account. Called customer service, after hour on hold, rep "Brian" told me account was a managed account and to be patient with funds being invested. Brian even told me he would change investment to be more aggressive. Next week called again. 1 hour hold hung up. Next day another hour hold got through to "brian" who now told me this account was a self directed account. Asked brian about my previous call and what I was told. He said didnt know about call and claim not to have access to the account notes. Told brian to transfer funds back to other account and close account. This never happened. Next week called. On hold for another hour plus. Ally invest suuuuucksssss. Customer service sucks. "Brian" sucks. Website sucks. Banking good. Ally invest sucks.

by J. A., 3/11/2021

Pros: Had excellent service and reliability until about June 2020

Cons: They fired everyone good now and customer service is terrible.

I called them and they put me on hold with a looped recording for 1 hour until I hung up.

I signed up for their website chat and it logged me out of the website every single time while I waiting in the chat queue.

I emailed them and they say to call.

All I want to do is add money to my Roth because my bank changed. Time to look for a new brokerage.

by Craig, 3/4/2021

Pros: Decent web interface

Cons: Can't get support

I've been trying to call them for 3 weeks. I've always had to hang up before someone answers, have held up to 30 minutes. Currently at 20 min on this attempt.

Tried emailing support instead. Got an auto-response they'd contact me in 1-2 days. That was 2 weeks ago and i never got a reply.

Stay away!

by YZ, 3/3/2021


Cons: Customer support

This is THE worst in terms of customer support, just stay away, every's compaint here is correct, you are warned!

by ale, 2/17/2021

Pros: simple to use when it wroks

Cons: have not been able to make trades for 3 weeks, ZERO customer service, email responses direct you to call a number that never gets answered

Their customer service is terrible. I cannot get an answer or resolution on why my account was closed/locked out for 3 weeks, can only call or send an email. The response email says to call, if you call you are just on hold until you give up. Website is super slow and nothing is accurate, and they admit that but have not been able to fix it.

by HW, 2/15/2021

Pros: Can't think any

Cons: Very hard to get any customer service

I opened an Ally Invest account late last year. It has been very difficult to reach customer service. I called a few times. Was put on hold for 90 min one time, and I finally gave up. The on line chat function has been disabled for several weeks. The only way I can reach Ally Invest is through email. They don't have a secure messaging system on their web site. The auto reply says that they would reply the email in 1-2 business days. The reality was 2 weeks in my case.

I also discovered a couple bad mistakes on my 1099-DIV where the dividends were wrongly classified. I was told by email that it would take more than 2 months to correct which mean I won't get a corrected 1099 before the 4/15 tax filing deadline.

by John, 2/12/2021

Pros: Not worth to mention any

Cons: Too many to mention all

The worst part of Ally is that the technical glitches costed me tens of thousands dollars on a several occasions. The system stop responding at a crucial moment so you pick up the phone. But I am put on hold for hours instead of making trades on a very short and narrow opportunistic window. By the time I get to talk to the rep, it became all too late. It cost me thousands of dollars at minimum each time it happened, and last year alone it happened to me half a dozen times. Truthfully, system freeze can happen during crazy market sessions like those we've seen. However, not being able to talk to a rep right away is another matter. They used to be before the pandemic, like 5 to 10 minutes. Since then, it's been 2 to 3 hours easily. I actually had to wait over 5 hours at one time. They've been giving the pandemic excuse each time since February of last year. But after a whole year (12 full months), it is not the kind of excuse I'd use if I were them anymore.

by KT, 2/10/2021

Pros: ZERO

Cons: Complete Garbage

I lost $5000 because of All Invest. I am going to complain to SEC about this. Their platform will not let me close my position to close the margin call and hence I lost money. It is their fault. Can anyone tell me where to complain about AllIynvest ?

by Chuck, 2/3/2021

Pros: They used to be TradeKing

Cons: Everything else

I started my IRA account with TradeKing. There should be a timeframe to close your account without a fee when ownership changes. Amateur operations like Ally Invest know that they get paid even if you leave, Several of my cost basis' are incorrect, shares are rounded to 3 decimal places, but carried at 5. The trade desk people are pretty good (when you don't have to spend hours getting them to answer). In the last 2 days, I've telephoned at 5 different times, have been on hold for a total of 7 hours and 45 minutes (and counting) and am still waiting to get current information not available on the website.

by Cody, 2/3/2021

Pros: NONE

Cons: Everything

Like MANY others here, my funds have been held hostage by Ally now for a week and a half. They cancelled existing GTC orders set to protect my investments without notice and then restrict your ability to access the platform to trade. You can just watch as your investments lose value and there is nothing you can do about it, as your preset orders were cancelled, and they will not allow you to trade. Their customer service doesn't exist. Chat function doesn't work at all, doesn't even put you in a holding que...just says sorry, we are too busy to chat?! They only respond to emails with generic we are sorry replies, and I have tried for OVER A WEEK to contact them by phone and haven't spoken to a human once, sitting on hold for over 2hrs on each attempt. Not only have they lost a customer, but they will soon have a lawsuit on their hands. They are illegally holding my funds, won't allow me to transfer my investments to another firm, (I have tried two different firms and multiple transfer attempts, each rejected by Ally). Stay away, stay far away!!!!!!

by Lawrence, 2/2/2021

Pros: Non

Cons: Cannot be trusted, manipulate the account so I could not trade

Do not trust this investment firm. Bring your money elsewhere. Don't even do business with its other branches of business. This company cannot be trusted. As of 12pm on February 2nd 2021, my account is still offline. I cannot trade and is losing money as I cannot sell too. They have been saying that they have a technical issue since January 29th 2021. Called their customer service and no one answers the call. Could not place any trades and lost all opportunities. Going to be lawsuit with this firm.

by Steve Wood, 1/29/2021

Pros: 0

Cons: customer service

Site has been up but messed up all day. All positions are gone and all cash is gone. No access to trading. A lot of people lost a lot of cash today because of this. There better be some compensation. Probably will move my accounts on Monday. Tired of this.

by Chip, 1/29/2021


Cons: Just awful

Have not been able to trade 3 mornings in a row. Calls and emails go unanswered. They are only good for CDs.

by Ally Customer???, 1/28/2021

Pros: Charts are nice.

Cons: Website goes down frequently, especially on high volume days.

I made the mistake of moving my investments to Ally. The website is just too slow and unreliable. If you are an active trader or like to check your positions daily, please save yourself the trouble. They need to invest millions more in their infrastructure.

by Jon Sobieski, 1/7/2021

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

slow website, often inoperable, long call waits, horrible, Please avoid ally investment

by Charlie, 12/17/2020

Pros: None that I am aware

Cons: Client service is a joke

I have been a client for over a year and the platform is bare bones and unsophisticated. I have reached out to customer service on several occasions and it is a slow and excruciating process. Recently they made a mistake with the value assigned to a stock dividend and after 65 minutes chatting with a cust. rep the issue did not get resolved and I got disconnected. Tried to reconnect and no chance. Closing the account shortly.

by Regrets, 12/1/2020

Pros: have not found any

Cons: Ally Invest is a joke, a broker want to be

(1) I made a mistake transferring my account to Ally. I am abhorred by the "slowness" of their website. It take many many (10+) seconds to move from one screen to another. Order page and confirmation page all take 15+ seconds to come up. If one can trade with this kind of system response, good luck.
(2) Ally Invest had no secure broker-sponsored email system. One has to use open email (Yahoo, Gmail, etc) to communicate with Ally
(3) Ally screwed up my account transfer. My cost basis were wrongly assigned to my holdings and some with zero cost basis. I am surprised that they even screwed up to beginning with. It never happened with other brokerage houses before. Nonetheless, if left uncorrected, it would cost me dearly from inflated capital gains from incorrect cost basis. Secondly, the reps could not understand what my problem was. Needless to say, how to solve them. This is a very simple problem. It should trigger in investigation and correction with a few minutes conversation. On my calls with Ally, I am put on hold several times. I would get disconnected when the "hold" dragged on. I am still struggling with Ally to resolve this. It is very stressful experience.

Do not go with Ally Invest. I am on my way out as soon as I get everything in order to leave.

by Painful Mistake, 11/17/2020

Pros: None, regretted moving to Ally within the first hour of using their website

Cons: slow server, need patience to see webpage come up, lack of account/trading features

Webpages are painfully slow. Even the login page takes 6 to 8 seconds to come up. Trading order page can take up to 15 seconds to come up and another 15 seconds to confirm entry. In a fast moving market, the prices shown on Ally webpage are not relevant anymore. Ally is definitely not for people who trades on price movement.

Commission is only free if you trade stocks that are more than $2.

Customer service rep(s) are clueless of what are common account set ups: beneficiary designation, cost basis transfer from previous broker, etc. A three minute conversation with E*Trade or TDAmeriTrade rep took more than 30 minutes. Ally rep constantly answered a different question than what I asked.

This is not a broker that I can stay with. Waste of my time. Waste of my energy.

by 1postDaily, 11/9/2020

Pros: Easy to Setup

Cons: Slow Severs During Trade Hours (Day Trading out of the Question)

The site make it easy to setup things to start trading but the slow tick rate servers for trading live online during market hours really make you lose big time on any profits since most of the time it just sits there loading while the stock has either dropped significantly or went way above your buy price. Suggest going with a company that have better live servers that aren't slow giving you malaises while trying to make money...After hours, long Term Stocks buys is all I would do with this account. They need better servers for live trading because its my job to work in this field and my personal account I manage if the service is this bad go elsewhere to make profits

by JFen, 9/18/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

Ally invest is garbage. Horrible customer service. Poorly functioning app. Could not recommend less.

by Max Pain, 9/17/2020

Pros: Easy to Move Money from Ally Bank

Cons: Everything is terrible

I was wondering why some people rated this highly. It seems as though people are confusing a review for Ally Bank for a review on Ally Invest. I have been with Ally Bank since they launched and they were great at the time. Nowadays theres some pretty good competitors but I am okay with sticking with them (for now).
However this is a review on AllyInvest not Ally Bank. Ally Invest is complete and utter garbage. I liked that I was able to move money easily from my bank account to ally invest but was all that was good about it.

Website and app are buggy. Sending orders is a crapshoot. Often it will go unacknowledged and you dont know if it went through or not. The data they are showing are often wrong. The gain / loss or the position is wrong and you dont know what you own or whether you lost or made money. It's not just the apps that are terrible, their operations in general is questionable. Usually the data you see is based on what is in their back end systems and I can only imagine the disaster behind the scenes. Virtually no quality control. Im really surprised how bad it is given that this is a regulated industry. Regulators ought to have a closer look at them and their operations. How can you operate a business where so much of peoples money is at stake and operate so poorly.

The support is worlds apart from Ally Bank. When calling in takes a long time to get someone on the phone, emails are even worse where they go unacknowledged for days / weeks even after repeated emails.
With every broker essentially charging no commissions there is absolutely no reason why you would use AllyInvest.

by Michael, 9/14/2020

Pros: Marginally Cheap Options

Cons: Data is terrible.. bad data = losses

People who rated this highly clearly has not used a real broker like ThinkOrSwim or TastyWorks or are paid reviews. Ally Invest is terrible. If you like setting up your own spreadsheet to track positions and p/l manually then by all means use this broker. If you prefer a broker who can calculate very simple things like cost basis and gain/loss properly then dont use this broker. Consistently, there are missing tax lots, missing cost prices, missing current prices which essentially wont let you know or understand your risk or if you gaining or losing. I have screenshots to show how positions that are losing are being shown as gains and gaining positions are shown as losses. I mean this is very simple arithmetic and their buggy website is just unreliable. But if you enjoy using a spreadsheet and manually updating prices to understand if you made or lost money then this broker is for you. If you want a real broker with a tried and true system / processes that lets you understand your risk and gain / loss then look elsewhere. Really.. a 15 cent discount per contract on options is not worth the hassle especially when you could lose a LOT of money due to their bad data especially in the current volatile environment.

If you are an active trader.. dont let the cheap commissions fool you. You will lose money because of their terrible data.

by jsr, 8/27/2020

Pros: Great site when I first opened my accounts

Cons: Virtually no customer service

Pages wont load, trade orders hang and wont go thru. Hard to make money this way

by John Jim, 8/25/2020

Pros: Not under GM anymore but still terrible.

Cons: Amateurs even after 100 years of company history.

I had total 6 investment accounts in my life and still have some. Ally is just an absolute amateur company. Poor selection of shares, distriburion, extremely annoying trasnfer policy whihin Ally accounts (So with non-Ally account is even worse), extremely long processing time and more. If Ally is your first ever investment account, it'll do a job, but if you have experience with financial inatitutiins like JPM or Fidelity, you'll see a clear difference.

by Ken, 8/12/2020



Long, long, long, long waits for assistance by telephone and the internet. The app is not real user friendly. Perhaps if Ally stuck with basic banking (i.e., checking and savings), they would do better.

by MarMar, 6/22/2020

Pros: Great service

Cons: just a little glitch

I love ally they make everything just so much easier when I had a problem with a deposit a customer service guy named Robert helped me out a lot, my only issue was I didn’t see the conversation until 2 hours later I don’t blame it on Robert or ally necessarily, more of the fact that the app was a little weird and I didn’t give Robert the full 5 stars he deserves because I didn’t see the conversation until after I submitted my review. All their customer services people are awesome and make everything so understandable. 5 stars on everything and thanks Robert

by Matt, 6/12/2020

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Website is useless

I had a stock got split and could not trade for a day because of "PRESPLIT". Even next day, I could not trade and message was saying I had to call them to trade. I had an exactly the same stock at other bank and they let me trade the stock right away and no issues whatsoever. And also, their website is really slow and goes down often. Completely useless.

by Rod, 6/8/2020

Pros: No commissions

Cons: Slow at times

Have been with Ally since they were TradeKing. They have been good for my portfolio.

by BudgetMaster, 6/5/2020

Pros: Love them to bank and invest!


I’ve been saving online with Ally for a couple years now - using them for a savings account was a no brainer. But I DID use the ole brain to decide who to go with for my first foray into the stock market. I read up on best apps for beginners, pros and cons of several different platforms, etc, and decided to go with Ally - ultimately the fact that I already banked with them gave an extra ‘pro’ to them on the list, in addition to charging NO commission and NO trading fees, which seemed basically unheard of on most other apps I looked into. I’ve had my investment account open for most of this month and it’s been a really easy, unscary process (as Unscary as the stock market can be, anyway.) I used them to buy a handful of specific stocks I decided on after tracking those stocks for a year and researching them, and I plan to use this account to grow my money towards retirement, investing a modest amount each year (not to actively trade, and not to quickly grow funds that I then want to immediately use). So my experience based on that goal has been really great!

by mgwatt, 5/23/2020

Pros: Best Bank thus far


I’ve been with Ally for several years now. I have a checking and savings account with them. Even when I couldn’t find a bank to finance my car loan, Ally was the only one to trust me with a car loan. I paid off that car with no issues from Ally. I would recommend Ally to everyone that I know.

I realized recently how great they are. I had not used my account for over a year, probably a year and a half. So, when I called them the other day, to my surprise, my account was still open and ready to use! Amazing!!! And their live customer support is the best!

I’m seeing negative comments here, but why would you use a bank for stock investments? Maybe if you are having issues with Ally’s investment program, try using companies that focus just on that, and come back to Ally once they have mastered that option. It seems that their stock investment program may need some updating, but don’t write them off just because you’ve had issues. Ally is still a great bank option.

by Danial Jackson, 4/18/2020

Pros: Outstanding Investment and Banking Platform


I moved my money over to Ally because I liked the ability to easily create additional checking and savings custodian accounts for my kids all manageable from one place. Each with their own debit cards and free checks! + Found a really neat savings feature called buckets to help save for specific goals.

Noticed they offered an integrated investment platform and so I opened one just to test the waters. This ended up being one of my favorite features. My money is transferable from any Ally checking or savings accounts IMMEDIATELY (as in only seconds to process) great if a last minute opportunity develops.

The platform has been 100% responsive and reliable executing trades of both stocks and options. They allow you to sell short or buy long, and offer a good research platform. There are API integration features to enable other custom platforms and rich detailed market data.

Best of all great 24/7 customer support that is both responsive and provided by real humans. Have an issue and they have your back, it exceeded my expectations by far when compared to other banks and trading platforms.

Oh yeah as another big plus 9 times out of 10 they have the highest interest rates available out there on the savings accounts! While none of us are planing to get rich on interest it’s nice to have my cash value savings keep up with inflation, and get that nice compound interest as it sits safely.

A+ 5 star from me

by Morgan, 1/27/2020

Pros: Cheap, easy to use when working

Cons: A lot of serious bugs

Says I had 10x the gain that I actually did one day. Said the money in my account was worth zero the next day, despite the individual stocks listed having value.

by Sheena243, 1/15/2020

Pros: Need to see trade history


The Ally Invest portion of the app needs some improvements. I would like to be able to see a history of trades that have been made and the gain or loss on those through the app.

The app also is unable to shrink or fit font in a good way if you have text enlarged across the phone. So it looks bad with parts of the figures disappearing or overlapping. Needs a more professional and smoother look.

In short, the app is useful for a current snapshot of holdings. But if you get an alert that you just made a trade ... going to the app is highly frustrating as you realize you don’t have the ability to see what just happened.

by Jack Mac, 1/3/2020

Pros: cheap

Cons: trading platform is useless

The Ally trading platform is extremely convoluted, bloated and slow.
I stopped using Ally after I made a simple options trade. I could find no way to set a stop or limit on the options once I had bought them, and ended up having to get a live broker to close the trade at market.
Their platform is garbage and is in no way efficient for any trader, amateur or otherwise.
Ally has made no attempts to fix their platform.
I'm finished with them.

by Paul, 11/26/2019

Pros: Cheap although they are all cheap now

Cons: Website is Horrible

Slow website. Quotes take forever to load. Same response from customer service. No fix in months. Suggest their
IT staff upgrade their servers.

by ace, 9/23/2019

Pros: cheap

Cons: done

screwed up my holding screen. the price I bought is couple dollars off than what it shows. called them up and took like 10mins to place an order and the price I wanted had change 5 times in that difference. soon Im gonna pull out all my money out. if you cant do let ur customers do online orders, don't call yourself an online broker.

by Robert, 6/21/2019

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Website is slow. Tools are poor. Not for active trading.

Website is horribly slow, charting tools are poor in comparison to other brokerages. Ally is definitely not made for an active trader. Today their option information won't update and trades are not executing. I came from TradeKing and the dissatisfaction has been growing continually. I have been hesitating on moving to another broker because ally is cheap and the hassle of moving the funds, but that is no longer going to keep me here. I have been using tools from other more robust brokerages anyway, might as well use them for trading.

by Jessica, 3/4/2019

Pros: Cheap mutual funds commissions and many mutual funds to choose from


I'm a conservative investor and I only buy index mutual funds on Ally in my IRA account. The price is 10 dollars which is much less than 50 dollars at Fidelity and other companies. All funds that I wanted to buy were available. Can't fault their service so far.

by Andrew, 2/27/2019

Pros: Great pricing, best banking rates and easy to use


I've been with Ally Invest for 8 years - since they were called Zecco. Their tools are very intuitive and when they add another feature I learn it in no time. What I like the most are their TOP rates on savings and CDs. No bank pays higher interest and most banks have rates 10 times lower! It adds up to a nice amount over the years.

And when I see a stock I like at a price I like it's fast and easy to move money from Ally's savings to their investment account.

by Sam, 10/15/2018

Pros: Cost, website, ease of use

Cons: Nothing

I have been Ally Invest customer since it was Zecco and TradeKing. They always have had low commissions and beautiful website. Investing with them is easy and hassle free - and I know since I have a bunch of other brokerage accounts. There are some complaints about Ally Invest below but every broker has those and it is only a few people out of 600,000 customers or so.

by Joe P, 8/21/2018

Pros: Great trading fee

Cons: Worst trading site and services

The site hangs once the page loads, there is no trade alert system, transfer is still paper based and worst mobile experience.

by Rob K, 8/6/2018

Pros: Very easy to use free dividend reinvestment

Cons: Non

Good customer service. Low fees.

by Tim S, 7/16/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Glitchy Software, Poor Customer Service

Company was great, I had an account with both Zecco and Tradeking for years and never had many issues. But since the company was taken over by Ally it's just been all downhill...

Apparently according to ally, a trailing stop at 25 cents means SELL NOW
Boy was I pissed! And when I called customer service, the agent I spoke to said she would talk to her supervisor about how to handle the situation and call me back. Did I ever get a call back? Take a wild guess...

Further, I have on several occasions tried to withdraw funds by a certain date, only to find 4-5 days later, that my funds are still exactly where they've been. Sitting in this junk broker's bank. I check the status of the transfer request "processed" it says. Oh really? I thought "processed" meant that the order actually went through, and according to their website should only take at the most "48" hours.

Thank God I haven't needed the money immediately enough that I missed any payments when I needed a little extra funding from my investment account, but the fact of the matter is, this is a 100% real possibility! Ally -SERIOUSLY- SUCKS!!!

by Anders, 6/27/2018

Pros: inexpensive, i e do-it-yourself

Cons: often a 10 min wait to speak to a person

online is fine, but there are glitches and breakdowns (often at inconvenient times!). Those might be the times when you'd like to speak to a live person - like everyone else. So be prepared to wait. Or fugeddaboudit. And DO print out your statements. With all the numbers, username and passwords! the "cloud" might be a windblown site in Finland.

by Newbie, 5/13/2018

Pros: Cheap, easy to learn, good on the eyes

Cons: I'm looking

Opened account with Ally a couple weeks ago. Can figure out everything pretty quickly, though have not seen some advanced tools. The website is easy on the eyes. Called customer support - nice people. Will keep you updated.

by David, 5/11/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Broken since they took over tradeking.

I was a happy tradeking customer for years, trading bonds.
Since ally took over it has been nothing but headaches.. difficulty logging in, valid trades being denied and recently I couldn't even sell bonds on-line at all because of some bug and I would have to waste time calling them on the phone which goes against the whole purpose of online broker services.

Ally seems to be way over their heads in the investing realm.
I'm in the process of transferring out my account since i've had enough dealing with them.

by egreen, 5/3/2018

Pros: low cost

Cons: customer service / expensive to terminate or transfer away

Could not get paper statement fee removed online or through customer service. Be ready to shed out the cash if you ever transfer your accounts to a new brokerage

by Jake, 5/3/2018

Pros: low commissions, great promo, easy to learn

Cons: none

Pretty new with Ally - so far so good. Opened account because of promo offer and good pricing. Bought some funds and a couple of stocks. No complaints.

by Tim, 4/11/2018

Pros: Low Cost and love the comparison of stocks feature.

Cons: I really have no cons and have been with them for years Tradeking/Ally

I really like the chart platform.The comparison of stocks in stock charts I find VERY useful. I greatly prefer ALLY to Ameritrade and Scottrade. I will check and follow stocks in Ally and then sometimes trade in Ameritrade. I had my IRA with Scottrade now Ameritrade. I have made some mistakes with Ameritrade. It was my fault but it is not as intuitive to me. Seems my experiences are different but to be fair I think they do well. I have only once had a problem with the them being down.

by Artur, 2/3/2018

Pros: Low commissions and fees. Easy to use.

Cons: No advanced trading platform.

Been with them since 2008 when they were called TradeKing. Always low rates, always adding new features. Now I'm also get the highest online bank accounts rates from Ally Bank.

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$0 stock/ETF trades plus $75 transfer fee reimbursement at Ally Invest.

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Commissions and Fees

Stock, mutual fund, and option traders who want a low-cost broker to buy and sell securities and derivatives should take a look at Ally Invest. In addition to low fees, the firm offers good trading technology, research and educational tools. Ally Invest's margin account fees are also competitive. Let's make a detailed analysis of the firm and see how it compares to other companies and what makes it one of the best brokers for trading.

Between having a $0 minimum deposit to join and trades as low as $0, Ally Invest is an attractive option for newer traders looking to start an account and get their feet wet.

To trade options there is a fee of $0.50 per contract which is pretty low across the industry.

They do have the most competitive rate for mutual fund trading coming in at an industry low of $9.95. The next closest contender puts up no competition at $14.95.

One of the areas that Ally Invest fails to shine is in their penny stock trading fees. When trading any stock that’s quoted under $2, a $0.01 per share fee (up to 5% of the transaction value) is tacked on. For that reason, Ally may not be the most attractive option for penny stock traders since there are cheaper alternatives available.

Another commonly overlooked aspect of online brokerages is their maintenance or annual fees. Ally has neither for both regular brokerage accounts and IRAs.

Ally investment reviews

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Ally Invest has a wealth of content for users to access including tutorials and the beginners area. All aspects of stock research are integrated onto one page making it easy to flip between recent news, earnings, fundamentals and financials. The snapshot tab offers sections such as company highlights, options summaries, and a unique Peer Comparison chart to track how similar securities are performing compared to the selected stock.

Another standout feature is their Trader Network section where users can go to see what other traders are doing, share their trades, and even interact via groups and blogs. Some sections of the Trader Network are extremely dormant and have been for some time, but there are still a few active forum pages and blogs where traders can connect and exchange ideas.

Ally invest reviews

Ally Invest Overview

Ally Invest enables its clients to buy and sell stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, and other exchanges. Some of these stocks are included in S&P500 and Dow indexes. Of course, the clients can also invest in literally thousands of various mutual funds from most major mutual fund families including Vanguard and Fidelity. The types of mutual funds available are no-load, load, NTF (no transaction fee), index funds, bond and target retirement funds, and others. The firms also allow options trading as well as investing in ETFs and a majority of available bond securities.

Ally Invest cancelled Ally Invest's biggest downside: a $50 annual inactivity fee that only kicked in when an account balance falls below $2,500 AND no trades have been executed during the preceding 12 months. However, limited after-hours trading time period still remains.

Paper trading is not available at Ally Invest. Such a feature would allow new investors to practice buying and selling securities. Traders at Webull do get paper trading services, by contrast.

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