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AmericanFunds Customer Reviews

by Be, 6/17/2022

Pros: None

Cons: HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE - They're trying to hold my money for as long as possible

I've requested an 401k rollover from my previous employer to my IRA over a month ago, I called before it expired, they gave me the run around, said they'd call back, only to let my request expired. I called back and was berated by Nick stating that there was nothing they could do and it would be "pointless" to ask the team what happened, and advised to resubmit my request. Well that's why I called BEFORE it expired! The audacity of these reps to speak to their clients like this is truly unacceptable. These people just don't want me to take my money out - it's ridiculous!

by brad S., 5/20/2022

Pros: none

Cons: Long wait times, dishonest, bad service, liars

They continually lie to me, about sending fedex checks that never arrive. I call back and have hour hold times. They always say the same thing. The previous rep never sent my stuff fedex. They keep me on hold for an hour to tell me that. They are the worst company I have worked with. I do not recommend them. Don't open an account with them, if you do, close it immediatley. I am beyond disgusted with their poor service and bad attitudes. They are liars and scum

by Luke Stitzinger, 4/29/2022

Pros: None

Cons: Tech problems

There website is constantly giving you error messages, takes a long time to load screens, and you'll be on hold for at least 30 minutes before you can talk to someone, where they will tell you, sorry, I'll take this to our tech team.
This has been happening for weeks and it's just a non-stop nightmare.
I'm stuck with them because they're who my employer uses for our 401K :(

by kumaran, 2/28/2022

Pros: None

Cons: Big Mistake

A big mistake I made investing in this firm. I invested my money through a broker. He invested in a fund that had the highest upfront fee to benefit him. This company is hard to deal with. They keep tons of rules as hidden agendas to steal your money.

by MBD, 2/16/2022

Pros: None

Cons: Rip off

My wife has a simple IRA. We have been trying to roll it over into her new jobs account but they keep telling us various reasons why we can’t. Feels like made up fairy tale reasons. You’ll never get your money out. Sorry.

by Bill, 1/18/2022


Cons: Systematic use of customer funds through fabricated delays and lies

529 accounts are only available through specific institutions like A Funds. US Citizens are forced to use this company. I have made withdrawals / sales of assets and it has taken 20 days to receive the funds. Multiply this by the thousands of users who wait and wait to receive the funds and they are making huge money on the delay. My son can't register for classes while I wait because the payments are late to me. If you call they say they will overnight a check for $50 and cancel the check they claim was sent 19-20 days ago. They say it was sent 20 days ago and the mail from Miami to anchorage NEVER takes half that long for a simple letter. So they have their associates lie to customers every day. It is such a sham. They are a terrible company. Propped up by our laws that force people to save through 529 plans.

by DS, 12/28/2021



Tried to close a 401k that had a trailing balance of $17.18. Was told the "Administrative Fee" was $17.18, leaving a check of $0.00 to send to me. Sounds like skimming all the accounts with less than whatever the "Administrative Fee" is. Total bush league.

by M, 12/14/2021


Cons: My son’s 529 college savings accounts went to zero.

There is no explanation on the website as to where it all went. And nobody even answers the phone.

by K, 12/14/2021

Pros: Fancy Looking website

Cons: Horrible customer service

Expect excessive wait times on HOLD. My former employer used American Funds to handle their 401k plan. They must have been the low-bidder. When I rolled it over they charged $100 and never notified me. Rep was pretty much a dick on the phone too. Go with a real company like Fidelity.

by susan, 12/3/2021



I actually work for a broker who uses American Funds for the majority of his clients' investments at his firm. Long story short, Am Funds blows. Hold times are forever (and I call the special broker hotline), because, even well before Covid, they were chronically understaffed, because it's a family-owned business, and generation 4 (the great-grandkids') is too busy sucking out all profits to fund their lifestyle, for the firm to be properly run and reinvest in the actual business -- like, staffing its call centers adequately. Their up-front load, at 5% to start with, is unconscionably expensive and not justified by their funds' mediocre performance via, say, index and active no-loads or low-loads like Vanguard or Schwab. When I move on to the next job, my 401 (K) will be moved out of their fund family in a nanosecond, with no backward looks. And invested at Vanguard. Look at their funds' performance vs. the competition on Morningstar and you'll see what I mean.
One tip for the hapless call-center client: When you finally get a human (after, like, 45 minutes on hold), if they don't answer your question to your satisfaction within the first interchange, (a) write down their name and extension (which they're required to provide) and (b) note the date and time of the call, and (c) start asking for their "supervisor." Just insist on talking to the Supervisor; they're required to transfer you. The conversation is on a recorded line; if they hang up on you or don't transfer you to a supervisor, you now have grounds for a complaint against them. Call back and ask right away for a supervisor, and state the issue.

by CJ Corlis, 11/14/2021

Pros: Great Broker

Cons: Up front loaded fees aren't cheap

The funds my broker put me in many years ago have paid off handsomely. My broker has talked me off a cliff when I wanted to sell due to fears of the market crashing. I would have regretted that decision. These funds perform well enough to offset the higher fees. The majority of my money will stay in these funds until I retire.

by Pain, 11/7/2021

Pros: None

Cons: None

I've been trying for over 5 months to get what my father left me that I reinvested, thinking I was making smart decision for my families future. It's been mailed numerous times and sent to bank. They don't do same day according to them. Now with covid and having no job I'm being evicted in 2 days after fighting on phone everyday for last 5 months. Keep your money and grow it yourself. Hello Clark Howard. I've got a disabled son bound to a hospital bed, but whatever.

by Kara, 10/8/2021

Pros: Friendly, fast


Kenya, Thomas, and James were all very helpful when we had difficulties cashing the check we received. Thank you all so much for your advice and help.

by Michael Lovelady, 10/5/2021


Cons: American Funds will try to keep your money as long as possible....

Absolutely the worst customer service. My 401K plan changed and I had to roll it over to the new employer plan. American Funds sent the check made out to the new account by regular mail. The funds never showed up and of course my account balance was zeroed out. I had to wait 15 days to report the missing check. Meanwhile I turned in a change of address to my other residence. I called American Funds NON-customer service and was told that they would wait for 15 more days before stopping payment on the missing check and that it would take and additional 10 days after that at the earliest to possibly receive the check via regular mail again. I offered to pay to have the check Fed-Ex'd to circumvent the rediculous 10 additional days but the knowlegeable Customer Nonservice agent said that they had no way to do that. In addition, no one knows where my funds actually are (they just 'disappear' once a check is written) and in addition, I was informed that if the check were stolen and somehow cashed....well that would be rare and just my tough luck. Your employer starting a 401K plan with AF? RUN AWAY...

by Tom, 9/14/2021

Pros: Great Service and good funds


I've been working with American Funds for 40 years (1981-2021) as a broker and never had a client unhappy with service or performance. Very broker centric but that is because they ask us to deliver great service to our clients. Never had a problem with their back office and never witnessed any thievery (so not sure what is being written on this site). I do managed accounts where appropriate but for retail business these guys really have track record and performance on their side.

by Eric Hard, 6/6/2021

Pros: 401k

Cons: Everything else

I have a 401k plan through my old company, that I just recently quit from to start my own business. American Funds is trying every single thing they can to not let me close out the account. Saying I had a lien in 2015 that they CAN see has been assessed but they need documentation of it?! As far as I am concerned these people are holding money that is mine that I saved for ****** 18 years. But they can refuse to give me the money I worked for? This has got to be illegal

by James, 12/21/2020



I have nothing good to say about American Funds and its role in our company's 401k plan. Getting an answer to some rather simple questions was not possible, although I did get to listen to some soothing classical music while on "hold" hell.

Bottom line I am pulling the "management" of our company's 401k plan from American Funds.

by Angus McKilger, 10/11/2020

Pros: There are no pros for this company

Cons: High expenses, poor fund performance, high load fees, unethical transfer of funds

My mother invested with this fund about 20 years ago as a 401k. We didn't receive a 1099 for the 2019 tax year. Investigation revealed that they terminated the fund and turned it over to the state as vacated. This was based on a letter to my mother, not a certified letter but a letter. This has caused major tax implications since they didn't send the MRW for 2019. This caused major tax issues as well as a lot of work to get the money from the state. Finally, as the caretaker of this account, i found that they are charging 0.59% fees for subpar performance on any time scale one chooses to select against other similar funds or a index that the fund should be compared against. Since this fund is nearly $100B, what are they doing to earn their $590 million? This is flat our fiduciary failure based on customer ignorance. Martin Romo should be ashamed and his mother should refuse to allow him home for Thankgiving.

by Tim, 10/9/2020

Pros: None

Cons: None

With drew money from my account.allways had it direct deposited in to my account .this last time no mention of mailing it out just asked if bank information is correct like usual. Now a few bills will be late. Not happy piss poor service

by G Robinson, 8/6/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Wanted proof of hardship during a global pandemic

I requested a withdrawal from my account because I had to pay bills. There's a global pandemic going on. AmericanFunds waited more than 2 weeks and then sent me an email claiming I had to send them proof of my hardship. All you need to do is turn on the news to get that info. DO NOT INVEST YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY.

by Larry, 3/18/2020



They have an impossible numbers of forms and keep people from getting the money out of their account. They are good with taking money, but we will probably need to sue to get the money out of the account.

by Stacey, 1/25/2020

Pros: None

Cons: None

I have been with American Funds since 2002. I started out with a broker and do not have one anymore. I keep reading all the negative comments on here and I have never once had an issue. When I needed to communicate, they communicated well. The webpage was always easy to use and I have handled all my transactions myself. If I have ever needed move cash around or request a check, it was always processed in less than 24 hrs and I had my check. So, I am not sure why there are so many issues with everyone else and I find that extremely debatable. I have always got an excellent return on my investment. Very pleased with American Funds.

by J B., 1/19/2020



I read lots of negative comments, but they all appear to directed towards the BROKERS, not the FUNDS!
There is a huge difference between broker performance and funds performance. Don’t mix apples with oranges!
I am happy to say that my 2019 Cumulative Rate of Return of all my American Funds was 25.74%. And in my 15 years of investing in them the lowest Rate of Return was 9%.
Incidentally, I am extremely happy with my broker. Anytime I ask for distribution, the funds are in my bank within 24 hours.

by Jason, 11/13/2019


Cons: Lack of communication and missing contributions

The company hasn't deposited any contributions from my company for a whole year now. Still has not been resolved and completely frustrated with these people.

by Mark, 10/5/2019

Pros: None

Cons: They suck

These people suck communication, won't return calls, never receive statements, can't log into my account ..they suck!! Pullin my $$ out n going to be done with these fools

by Ashley, 6/28/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Poor communication. Representatives not well informed.

I left my employer over a year ago. I decided to withdrawal all of my 401k. After finding out they had some random address i never stayed at on file i had to fill out a form get it notorized and i could load it to the website or mail it to bypass the 15 day hold. Did all of this and was told i could process my withdrawal the next day which is today. Now there's a 15 day hold on my account anyway. I call back and they tell me i have another form i have to fill out, get notorized and send back to release that hold. None of this was my fault but yet I'm the one being punished. Absolutely awful customer service and they clearly don't know their own policies or correct paperwork that needs to be done. It's crazy i have to go thru all this just to get my money.

by D Smith, 4/18/2019

Pros: Decent representatives

Cons: No communication

I called to empty my 401k from a previous employer. I was told that my request was approved and that I would receive the check in the mail within five business days following processing. I called after the five business days to see if there was an update on the date I would receive the check. I was then informed that the funds were moved to an IRA account 4 days after I requested it and was not notified. I then called to remove the funds from the IRA account and requested overnight shipping. I was not notified that the overnight shipping doesn’t process until the next business day until I called again to check. Although the employees seem to be relatively pleasant there is a major lack of communication.

by L edwards, 4/16/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Thieves

They send statements and steal money!!!

by Travis, 1/7/2019

Pros: none

Cons: none

Very hard to request a Cash Distribution. John Thrower is a horrible representative. Answered my call, I told him I hadnt received the paperwork I had request and he hung up on me. Absolutely terrible.

by Sheila, 12/28/2018

Pros: Relatively easy to set up accounts

Cons: Horribly unnecessary fees and very costly to move/terminate plans

Do not open any retirement account with this company. I do not review companies unless I absolutely feel the need to. You will be sorry for the amount of “recordkeeping” fees they have to just hold your assets!!

by R McD, 12/6/2018

Pros: N/A

Cons: An ex-employer snuck 3 payments to a 401k to American funds before i noticed. I stopped this from happening bc i knew how crooked they were. When i went to close this account, i was charged fees exceeding my total available to receive, so i left the account running. Later i received a check for $4.35 and realized my tax return will see a loss of $373.

Thriving, sorry, theiving investment company. Use anyone but them. I've had 3 401k plans I've closed and one still running. None have stolen my money more deceptively than American funds.

by Rob, 10/17/2018

Pros: Companies like them b/c they're cheap for the company; but that's b/c they hit investors with huge fees

Cons: Terrible, terrible company. Hard to get your money out. Terrible website. Terrible investment options. Absolutely no reason to use them instead of schwab, fidelity, vanguard, etc.

Terrible, terrible company. Hard to get your money out. Terrible website. Terrible investment options. Absolutely no reason to use them instead of schwab, fidelity, vanguard, etc.

by Jessee, 9/26/2018


Cons: Worst at processing requests

I put in a request for a partial withdrawal on August 31st. I did a follow-up call a few days later and they informed me that it was with a third party that approves it, and then it would go to my previous employer. They told me to call back in a week and a half. I did and they said it had been sent to the third party and they had called but could not get a hold of anyone so they left a voicemail. They told me to call back a week later again. I did. This guy told me that they had sent it to a wrong/old email address two weeks earlier, so nothing had happened with it. They sent again and called the third party to make sure they got it. They also informed me if it went over 30 days, we'd have to start over, when it was TOTALLY their fault. Had I not called to check in 4 times, this would have gone no where. Worst, worst, worst at doing their basic job duties. I did half of it for them by contacting my old manager several times to let them know they'd have to sign off on the request. Almost a month later and it finally got approved, barely within days of the deadline. They never sent me any updates on the progress of my withdrawal request or anything. Ridiculous.

by Steve, 9/6/2018

Pros: 0

Cons: Roll over of 401k done but they forgot small amount. Now valued at $96 they want $60 to disburse. this amount. Spent 1/2 hour on phone with them so they could confirm they would charge $60.

Roll over of 401k done but they forgot small amount. Now valued at $96 they want $60 to disburse. this amount. Spent 1/2 hour on phone with them so they could confirm they would charge $60.

by Dan, 8/29/2018

Pros: none

Cons: ohh many the list goes on

awful, just awful. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY IT WILL TAKE A YEAR IF YOU EVER WANNA SEE IT AGAIN. and beleive me they wont help you to do it.

by Robert, 7/23/2018

Pros: Informative

Cons: The rules of my 401k are dumb

The girl that i talked to was informative. I think from listening to her that i can answer a few of other peoples issues. 1. Taking money out of my 401k if its for a rollover or redemption requires the to withhold 10% by federal law. 2. The way my company wanted the plan to be held meant i would get charged for transfers. Its not very difficult to listen which most of the people above did not. I get great returns in my 401k. Dont know what all the crying is about. My company has to charge people i give em a service. Tired of the snowflake thinking. Educate yourself or asked to be educated then be willing to be educated.

by Candace, 3/11/2018

Pros: none

Cons: everything

No customer service on the weekends. Twice now I've been locked out of my account because their short code SMS texts were not working and they offered no other means to access my account. There is no customer service on the weekends and they have lousy hours during the week - I get off work on the west coast and they are already closed! Debating removing my IRA funds even though I will lose my employer's matching contribution because they are such a hassle to deal with and their website is poor.

by Kim Cooper, 2/1/2018



He told me he didn't have time for me. And I should close my account. I was to have a check TODAY and he new all week I had to fill out forms and never called me. He new I desperately needed the money and did nothing. Now I can't pay my bills. Treated poorly and kept making excuses. Pathetic

by Mike, 2/1/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

Funds have very high expense ratios. The firm seems to invest very little in the direct customer experience making it a complete hassle as a customer to deal with them for any "back office" administration task. Majority of their processes are still paper and fax based. Dealing with them is like living in the 1990s.

by Theda, 6/12/2017


Cons: Cannot contact the Fund by email. I am out of the country and cannot get my login reset!

Unfortunately I have repeatedly tried to contact this organization by email as I am out of the US. I greatly appreciate their security measures. However, I can't get my login reset so I can change my password to log in. This has been going on for weeks. As I mention, I greatly appreciate all security measures but would like to have the possabality of logging in.

by Ruth Palmer, 3/20/2017



Tried to transfer a fund to daughter. First told to write a letter of intention and have a signature guarantee. No one said it had to be two stamps because it's a joint account with my husband. Then they call and tell me I have to fill out a form. They'll want money I'm sure to process that. I'm totally disgusted with this fund. Told her to cash it in. I can't do that on the phone she replied. Smoke and mirrors.

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Is American Funds a Safe Company?

Are you thinking about investing in American Funds mutual funds but have questions about the company’s safety and reliability? This article will tell you everything you need to know about the enterprise and then give you some advice.

History and Size

American Funds was established in 1931, and today it’s a subsidiary of Capital Group Companies, one of the largest investment firms in the United States. American Funds has over a trillion (yes, trillion with a t) dollars in client assets; so it’s definitely not a small firm.


American Funds is registered with the SEC, the major watchdog of the U.S. securities industry. Its SEC ID number is 8-17168. Because it is registered with the SEC, it is not registered with any state securities supervisory body.

American Funds is also a member of FINRA, the self-regulatory body of the U.S. investment space. Its CRD number is 6247. Its profile page on FINRA’s website shows zero disclosures, a very good sign. Its registration was approved in 1972, which is a very long history. To have no disclosures over such a long time is excellent. FINRA’s profile for American Funds shows that the company is not currently suspended with any regulator, another good sign.

American Funds is registered with FINRA as both an investment advisor and a broker-dealer. Besides mutual funds, the company also is able to work as a municipal securities dealer. It is not registered to transact business in commodities, futures, or options on futures.

American Mutual Fund (AMRMX) performance

American Funds BBB Rating

American Funds Better Business Bureau rating is A which is obviously very good.

Our Judgment

Based on our research into American Funds’ history, size, and legal registrations, it appears that it is a safe, reliable, and perfectly legal company. It is not a scam. Furthermore, it is actually older and larger than many mutual fund families in the United States. Thus, we recommend the company if you’re looking for a trustworthy and dependable firm.

Having said that, we should also point out that the company does have mutual fund fees in some cases. Let’s take a look.

Types of Funds

We found 58 Class A funds from American Funds. These are mutual funds that have front-end loads. Many of these are as high as 5.75%, although a minority of Class A funds can be as low as 2.5%.

The International Growth and Income Fund (ticker symbol IGAAX) charges 5.75% on purchases. American Funds does offer breakpoint pricing, however, so this fee begins dropping at $25,000. The load reaches 0.00% at $1,000,000 or more.

In addition to the expense ratio, IGAAX charges 0.90% annually as its management fee. On the plus side, the fund only requires $250 to start an investment, and it has $13.8 billion in assets. That’s a huge fund. It also has 4 stars from Morningstar, a good sign. Despite the good ratings, the fund has underperformed its benchmark for the last few years.

If you would rather invest in a fund without a load, American Funds does offer some products without front-end or back-end charges. These are typically offered through employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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