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BMO InvestorLine Customer Reviews

by Jason, 8/23/2022

Pros: platform very reliable; phone service has improved greatly; good interface to BMO online banking

Cons: 2.0 platform is incomplete and they are very slow to update it

BMO IL client since 2012. BMO banking client for 34 years.


-excellent integration with BMO online banking, transferring funds between your BMO banking and BMO IL accounts is easy, transferring funds between BMO IL accounts is also easy

-Easy to transfer assets in kind from IL margin account to IL TFSA

-Phone service is tremendously better than in 2020-2021

-Platform has never gone down AFAIK in the time I've been a client, and I am online every day

-They will margin a lot of stocks at 30%, even many of the smaller ones

-Trade execution is stellar, BMO executes all customer trades in-house unlike Questrade and some of the other big 5 banks

-Vast offerings of corporate bonds, U.S. Treasuries and Government of Canada T-bills and bonds, cashable and non-cashable GICs (from various banks including BMO), HISA, mutual funds

-Many free ETFs

-Statements are easy to understand


-New 2.0 platform is a big visual improvement over the legacy platform but they are very slow to add features. This has been going on since 2019.

-Increasing price of FX (spread) but in line with other brokers

-Cash positions and commission charges are updated overnight, not in real time, so if you are doing a significant amount of trading you have to track all of that manually, which is a pain although not that big a deal if you don't trade often , nonetheless this is annoying and appears to be an IT limitation.

-BMO IL should add Refinitiv data which complies all analyst ratings for any given stock; all you get for analyst ratings is CFRA and Morningstar data which is weak

BMO IL is a good choice for simple buy and hold stock and option trading (long calls and puts and covered calls in registered accounts), and buying debt instruments (bonds, GICs, etc.). The platform is stable and reliable and you get excellent executions. The fees are reasonable.

by Tim2022, 7/26/2022

Pros: Legacy software is still good.

Cons: Investorline 2.0 does not meet my expectations

Unlike other brokerages, Investorline does not have customer relationship manager even if you have a five star rating with them. The phone call goes to the call centre. In 2022, phone response time is good. Investorline 2.0 has many problems. It proves that they do not pilot test and truly validate the software before rolling out. The problems with Investorline 2: a. 5 star clients cannot access the real time trading data, now fixed. b. No real time cash data, as of Jul 26 2022, this has not been fixed. c. Loss of the technical analysis, this has not been fixed. d. Trading password now not required. Click the confirm wrong, it is a done deal. e. Can only download profilio report in Excel, cannot print the portfilio report with a printer directly because it only prints one page. f. It is a vritual brokerage that does not want to use humans if possible: no client relation manager, no high network client manager to support the clients for account transfer and other operations. g. No member of Investorline will give out their email address or phone as a contact in case there is a future problem. h. Track record of success and advancement not seen for many of the staff I dealt with a decade ago. i. The IS department fails again and again on Investorline software and also now the banking software (including mutual fund accounts, details not mention here). BMO group does not have good computer support technical staff who validate the software before roll out and demonstrate the will power to improve the business. j. Lack of competent, motivated staff to help the clients in Canada. If I were a new client, I would not open an account with them, the company has gone from the best to the worst technology platform over the past five years. It is an organization that tolerates technical incompetence and also poor business stratergy.

by Mark, 7/16/2022

Pros: App issues

Cons: App issues

Can't access my Investorline account, it tells me to upgrade my Investorline app, but there is no upgrade to be found in the Google Play Store!
Time for a new team to write BMO apps!

by Chris P, 6/29/2022



Literally the worst online brokerage ever, horrible service almost impossible to speak to a human. if I could score negative one they would get it.

DO NOT get an account you will regret form day 1.


by NCan, 5/13/2022

Pros: None

Cons: Abysmal customer service

Oh my word. BMO Investorline is an absolute joke. The wait times to speak to an agent average an hour. Not to mention they close at 2pm Pacific Standard time. Their agents are completely incompetent. Every time I call I get differing information about my accounts. They also don’t follow through. I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for Estate paperwork and still haven’t received it. Where is their management?

by Eric, 12/26/2021



Seem to have problems at times logging into their site. Doesn't recognize by US postal code and I need to call to get support. Their site doesn't support the pasting of passwords which requires manual entry of a long password. Very behind the times.

by Anoymous, 11/8/2021

Pros: None


I opened an Investor Line account online. Each time, I transferring money from my account to Investor Line, the system crashed. So I tried transferring a small amount ($1,000). I was able to click the 'Continue' button and then it took me to the trading screen. As I only wanted to transfer the money, I closed the screen. For 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), it did not showed zero balance in this account. I called Investor Line on Monday morning and asked them to close the account. I logged out of the system after speaking with the Investor Line representative. On Monday evening when I logged back in, I saw the $1,000 displayed in the entry that says OTH Inves. If I log into investor Line, it does not show the amount. Also, I cannot transfer this money back to my original account. This is a joke. I have to call them again and ask them to transfer this money back to my original account and check if they have closed the Investor Line account as requested. They do not even send a confirmation that the account is closed. Accounts that are closed show up for years after they are closed. What a horrible experience! I wish I had checked the reviews before opening the account.

by Kailash, 10/6/2021

Pros: none

Cons: Lousy execution off order

When you put limit order does not get full. Advice that Market order get filled. Looking for some other reliable order placing service which does not break down everyday. Any suggestion

by George, 9/15/2021

Pros: Old platform was slow, but it was working

Cons: Now there are 2 platforms: new and old. Log in in the new platform, but for trading you have to go for old platform. Surprise! The Trading is not working. It has a bug

Customer service, responded but after 80 min on the phone was not able to fix it. I doubt they report the problem to the manager. How ever they offer me to do the transaction manual.
I will move the money to others banks with a lot better platforms and no headache

by Graham, 8/17/2021

Pros: Linked with our bank

Cons: Terrible phone access, heavy handed

Currently they are forcing customers to switch from a UserID access to present interface to a new interface called Investorline 2.0. If you don't do it in 10 days, they say your access will be cut off. Nice attitude??
Reports and even BMOIL agents say the Investorline 2.0 is a "work in progress". Functions currently available no longer work, so users have to go back to the original version.
Each family member has to have their own access. No sharing of log-ins. But how would they know anyway?
I have told them to delay this transition until they get theor new interface 100% working. But they seem to want customers to be the guinea pigs.

by Dave, 6/29/2021

Pros: Nice on the phone

Cons: Do not follow through based on requests/agreements over the phone. Long waiting times on phone.

Requested a trade and funds to be sent via check. BMO processed the trade but left the funds sitting in the account doing nothing for over a week until I called asking why I had not received the check by the date they suggested. They had no idea. I'm also frustrated with their fees/costs, but I understand that is my fault for signing with them. Had to wait +20mins before talking to a representative each time I called.

by David West Van, 3/22/2021

Pros: When working, trading was fine. But that turned out to be the lowest use of my time.

Cons: Their own security breaches are passed on to the customers to fix. Lock out your own customers!

I used them for three years before moving everything out because of the complete inability to speak to a human about the constant log-in issues. But it is essential to speak to a human because they regularly have been locking me out of the accounts with spurious log-in issues (like having the wrong postal code!!). Their own shocking security breaches have led to the customers picking up the slack. Even the Telcos now have a call-back feature--but not this incredibly profitable bank which is pouring acid on their own credibility. They are burning their own brand! One great feature today--Riaz helped me get my tax statements from locked accounts. I hope!

Those brokerages (MoneySmartBlog) are so out of touch with their reviews that I would hope they are embarrassed with their obvious bias. Don't believe a word.
I would have used their other features like a line of credit, but am choosing to do something else than this partly because there is no way to speak to anyone!

Great strategy. Become inaccessible to save costs. What could possibly go wrong?

by Muskoka, 3/10/2021

Pros: The platform is fine. When you should be so lucky to speak with a live person ( once in a blue moon), it is fine.


The customer service phone contact is terrible. BMO 's response for the last 15 years is that it is working to improve the service. It is a frustrating brokerage and others are well-advised to look elsewhere before signing up with Investorline.

by Rob, 3/5/2021


Cons: They are thieves, the software is terrible and doesn’t allow certain trades to occur. - costing me thousands of dollars. When contacting CS, they offered me 5 free trades (less than $50). WARNING: DO NOT USE InvestorLine!!

They are thieves, the software is terrible and doesn’t allow certain trades to occur. - costing me thousands of dollars. When contacting CS, they offered me 5 free trades (less than $50). WARNING: DO NOT USE InvestorLine!!

by Unhappy Customer, 2/24/2021

Pros: When the site is operating it is fine. However, it will fail now and then and you will require human assistance.

Cons: It is almost impossible to try to get hold of a live person to get help with anything.

I have almost $4,000,000 in my Investorline accounts. I had a problem yesterday with one of my accounts - it lost its linkage to my other accounts. The remedy suggested by Investorline is "Please contact a BMO InvestorLine representative for assistance at 1-888-776-6886 during our business hours from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday." So far I have spent two hours on two separate attempts to follow that advice and I have not been able to get through. I am looking for a new reliable place for my investment portfolio.

by Bernard, 1/27/2021



Unfortunately, Investorline has become unreliable, terrible customer service. 5 weeks ago, I tried withdrawing money from my son's RESP. The order was never processed. No response to my email, impossible to get through on the phone. Time to switch the account to another bank. Very disappointed. This reflects terribly on BMO.

by Steve, 1/27/2021


Cons: telephone wait times 2 hours +

Unacceptable level of customer service, they've gone downhill steadily over the years, time to open an account elsewhere. I missed 2 key trades due to not being able to get help over the phone despite trying for days. Do not open an account with them.

by Bob, 1/26/2021

Pros: None

Cons: NO Customer Service, Mistakes, Never answer the Phone,

BMO Investorline is a terrifying experience. They don't answer the phone,,,,ever. There is currently a 2hour+ waiting time. They don't answer emails or their "secure messaging app". I've been with many online brokers and I have never seen a system this bad.

by JS, 1/25/2021

Pros: None

Cons: Horrible Customer Service

Literally 2-3 hour wait times to speak to someone! The worst customer service I have ever experienced! We have lost thousands of dollars due to delays contacting InvestorLine! I have never been so frustrated with terrible service!

by Darren, 1/25/2021

Pros: Easy to navigate app

Cons: Impossible to reach customer service

If you're in need of speaking to a customer service rep, by phone is only one way to do that and they are next to impossible to get on phone. 2-3 hour wait times are common if you can get through at all. I'll be moving to another broker.

by Sharon, 1/13/2021

Pros: BMO Investorline is really good at taking your money and never giving it back - if they are trying to be a financial cartel, they get 5 stars from me

Cons: Once they take your money, they make it impossible for you to contact them

I'm at a point where I think the only way I can communicate with BMO Investorline is to file a legal claim against them.

They provide one option for customers to contact them: by phone. Yet they almost never pick up.

I have wasted more than +30 hours over 10-15 phone calls in the last year trying to reach them. Of these calls, they picked up twice. And yes as suggested, I have called first thing in the morning and at the end of the day but it doesn't matter what time of day you call, they don't pick up.

I wonder if anyone is actually working because the two times when they did pick up, I spoke with "Arch". I think "Arch" is the only person employed in customer service (he is very nice though).

Business must be so good because it seems to operate with a sense of entitlement where Investorline thinks that customers' have no other companies to park their money with.

Where is the President of Investorline? Hiding in his basement and "working" remote while watching Keeping Up The Kardashians? This President should be FIRED.

This year, I signed up for a bonus cash-back promotion and followed every requirement. Yet, I never received the bonus cash back. I have called and emailed to follow up with this. It's been one month and I have yet to receive a response. They are very good at ignoring you. I think their tactic is to ignore you so much and make you wait on the phone for hours (only for no one to pick up) so that you eventually give up - that way they won't have to fulfill their end of their obligations from their own promotion.

I won't give up. If BMO's President won't do his job and customer service is not able to do their job, then BMO's lawyers are now on notice.

by Dennis, 1/12/2021

Pros: Nothing more than cheaper services offer

Cons: Incredible wait times

I can't believe Investorline still exists.
Last month Invsetorline blocked my training status after I changed my password.
I can log in and look at my account, but nothing more. I can't buy or sell.
To fix this you can ONLY call them.
I've called more than 6 times in the last month and NEVER got to an agent once.
These last 2 days alone, I've spent more than 7 hours waiting in queue. Yesterday, the line just went dead after 3 hours of waiting.
Today, I'm in queue for, now going on 4 hours.
Get your SH*T together.
The stock market is a fluid place, BMO is a total FAILURE.

by HR Vancouver, 1/11/2021


Cons: wait times, no mylink service

When i first called they said for faster service use their myLink messaging service When I went on line they said due to volumes myLInk was not accepting sent messages.

I just waited for an hour calling from Vancouver and they shut down due to 5 PM EST close. Why did they keep me in queue for an hour when they said it was only 45 minute wait and then shut down? Can they not at least tell callers the wait time is longer than their business hours?
Terrible, terrible service. So many people unemployed and they will not hire appropriately.

by Joe S, 1/9/2021

Pros: None

Cons: Kept sending my mail to the wrong address.

I moved and updated my address with BMO Investorline. They kept sending my mail to the wrong address. When the post office returned the mail they locked my accounts so I couldn't trade. Took a long time to get through on the phone. They said they would update my address. They did not and kept sending my mail to the wrong address and then again locked out my accounts when the mail was returned. This went on for more than two months. I threatened to take my assets to another broker and finally they fixed it. Very frustrating.

by Otanonno, 1/7/2021

Pros: ..Well, you can trade with it. Barely.

Cons: I pay 9.95 a trade for a support line that has zero capacity. Expect technical failures to ambush you.

I've created a second non-registered account to organize my portfolio and cannot access it online because "it's still being linked to my main account". Ah, yes. It'll only take 3 days to link.. WRONG. I opened this account on the 27th of December 2020 and it's JANUARY THE BLOODY FIFTH TWENTY TWENTY ONE. STILL NOT LINKED, STILL INACCESSIBLE. My ONLY means of sorting this farce is through their abysmal call centre, which will SIMPLY DECLARE THAT CALL VOLUME IS TOO HIGH TO PUT ME ON HOLD AND WILL NOW DISCONNECT ME. If that's not the case I HOPE YOU ENJOY WAITING AN HOUR AND A HALF for someone to pick up your call. I pay 9.95cad a trade for this service and THIS is the ABSOLUTE STATE OF SERVICE I am returned with. The mobile app is SLUGGISH, with a clunky UI and is FEATURE DEVOID as well. Expect no corner of this service to be anything but INADEQUATE.

by Frustrated, 1/5/2021

Pros: None anymore

Cons: Everything.

I have been a Platinum member with them for 6 of the past 30 years, I have tried to contact them for 2 days now. System will hang up on you because there are no agents. You can not even tell them to call back anymore. Useless is the only word for them, they have lost a large client.

by Choc, 1/4/2021

Pros: Very few and what they do have you can get at any shop.

Cons: Can't get through to an agent.

I have called Investorline 5 times this morning and was disconnected each time due to heavy call volume - and I am a 5 star member!! Can you imagine if there was a market meltdown. This is a complete bucket shop. The option 'specialists' are anything but - they know very little. This is a terrible organization and befits BMO's place as the worst bank/broker in Canada.

by Wen H, 12/10/2020

Pros: online news link is helpful

Cons: Terrible phone service. The worst!

Send emails. No solutions met. Phone the help line. Wait up to 2 hours. Just terrible

by Kelly Price, 11/28/2020

Pros: Absolutely None

Cons: Total bullshit company

Fire the CEO and the Exec team. They are blissfully unaware of customer issues and collecting their multi-million dollar packages. When a country has only 5 banks that's what will happen - where will the customer go? Trading password repeatedly locked and asking to call - when you call it is several hours of hold time just to get your own password unlocked. I have lost several thousand dollars due to not being able to place trades. Their licence to operate should be suspended and the entire Exec team fired.

by paul, 11/11/2020

Pros: none

Cons: all

do not use, been on hold over an hour to rest a password for a wait that was supposed to be under an hour. Need a large account to get level 2 quotes that scotia itrade has included and the fees are higher then questrade.

by John Stidwill, 10/15/2020


Cons: Sign-in is confusing.

Contact chastising for not using phone service when it did not help gaining access. Service is very poor.

by Tricia, 9/8/2020

Pros: Really hard to think of anymore

Cons: Constant issues with platform - extremely poor customer support

If your idea of fun is to wait hours on the phone for a customer service representative - who still won't pick up your call - when your trading password is inexplicably suspended, then this is the trading platform for you!!!

by Brian, 9/4/2020


Cons: Customer Service

My trading password was locked and my reset process could not get it unlocked. I could not buy and sell. I called 3 hours ago and so far I am still waiting. I missed my chance to buy this morning. I will look for other platform.

by Dee, 9/4/2020

Pros: Competitive broker fees

Cons: Customer beware! Pathetic phone answering service

Called BMO Investorline phone line. I was told I had a 50 minute wait. I am now waiting for two and one half hours and still waiting for someone to answer. So sad, totally sad.

by BMO I/Line client since 1990s, 8/7/2020


Cons: Not user friendly

(1) Had the same experience as DAVE (11/7/2019 review). I/Line suddenly froze 1 of our accounts without letting us know. When we phoned in to log-in we simply couldn't & the worst part was we couldn't find a live person to explain to us what was happening. The auto-voice kept on saying "your ID isn't valid". (It turned out the reason was because I/Line wanted us to update our customer profile and we didn't respond in time. So they just froze our a/c without any notice. As Dave put it, such intolerable arrogance!!!)
(2) Recently (July/2020) I/Line forced us to create a Client ID to link our a/cs (we've more than 1) when signing in. Spent over an hour muddling thru' the screens (no space; no period; upper/lower case; etc. etc.). Yet now we find that for the account that now has been linked to the one for which we created a new Client ID, we can STILL log-in using the old sign-in UserID and password previously set up for that account only. So what's the purpose of "linking". Actually now it's more vulnerable because 2 sets of passwords can access the same a/cs (instead of 1 set for 1 a/c as before). Totally ridiculous.
You decide whether to stay with I/Line or not.

by Jason, 7/30/2020

Pros: Vastly improved trading platform coming; good customer service; good order execution; reliable

Cons: analyst earnings estimates are a mess

BMO IL client since 2012.

-Good customer service, phone wait times have vastly improved in the last 12 months
-Platform appears to have been rock-solid during Covid-19; I logged in daily
-Can transfer in kind from margin account to TFSA and vice versa easily
-Superb order execution
-Reasonable margin rates, reasonable commissions
-Excellent integration with your BMO bank card

by GD, 7/19/2020

Pros: connected to bank account

Cons: corrupt trading platform

Unfair trading platform.. technology is rigged - go to place an order and before hit submit, miraculously see exact same bid size comes up to push your bid higher. Also pull their bids to make you sell at a lower price and they by it back (called SEC on them and they did the extra 100 share trick on me - 5000 shares and lost $500 because of their games). They get your number and play you all day. Changing brokers - they ripped me off enough over the years.

by Terrible, 7/1/2020

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Terrible customer service, horrible website UI, it is down once every week

A pile of technical garbage. I am moving to TD. CIBC was too simple, but at least reliable. BMO is an absolute piece of garbage. I've lost thousands of dollars because of not being able to access my portfolio in their useless platform. Today is the last straw. What a piece of garbage. The people that design this website for this multi-million dollar bank should be shot.

by Steve, 5/25/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Terrible customer service, frequent outages

Investorline was down on 19 May for 36 minutes. Called to make trades as I was losing money only to wait for an hour with no answer. Moving all my assets from BMO to another institution after speaking to a repreaentative who could not care less about my concerns.

by Jay, 4/8/2020

Pros: None that I can think of

Cons: Customer Service

My account is locked for reasons beyond my comprehension now forover 3 weeks and I am directed to call the 1-888 number. This number is basically useless as I have waited for 2 to 3 hours few times with no CSR ever coming on line to help. Completely frustrated.

by tt, 3/18/2020


Cons: Bad service

It's very bad customer service. It took me 2 ,3 times to try to reach them just for one simple problem, I have to wait each time around 1 hour, but I did not get yet the help. The first time, one of reprentative pick up the phone, but she was not be patient to listen my issue, she just want to understand by her way. Then I try other way to explain her, but she hang up the phone

by Starlight, 3/9/2020

Pros: ok platform

Cons: customer support ( phone service) is not trustworthy

I have had more than a decade trading with BMO. The platform is fine.
But the customer phone service is unnecessarily long - if you have sign-in problems then waiting to have password resent is unusually long (30mines). Over the years the recorded message is that BMO is trying to fix the service, It has not done fixing that service for more than a decade. If you cannot sign in then you cannot trade.
Stay away from this brokerage.

by Lisa, 1/27/2020

Pros: I have not found one pro with InvestorLine.

Cons: Too many cons to mention - Terrible customer service, no service, no knowledge, constantly getting locked out of account....

I'm honestly surprised that BMO InvestorLine is still in business! There couldn't possibly be one good review. I wish I never had signed up! So many issues and technical nightmares! Constantly getting locked out, horrible customer service, long wait times, no answers or you could talk to four different agents and get four different answers. RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.....

by BRUCE, 12/27/2019




by Dave, 11/7/2019

Pros: If you don't have a problem it is good - I was a happy client for 10 years

Cons: The worst service ever when you have a problem

Run away from BMO Investorline as fast as you can and don't look back.

I have been a client of BMO Investorline for 10 years, all was fine until they froze an account and don't tell you. The arrogance is unfathomable, I have 5 various Investorline accounts(5 is feasible with LIRA, RRSP, Spousal, Investment and TFSA). They froze one of five for what they state was lack of ID, I guess I am a different person on one of the 5 accounts.

They have you go to a branch to copy ID for confirmation and then that doesn't arrive at BMO Investorline.

Customer Support says they will call you back on x day and don't, eMails using their inbuilt system to alert them of issues go unanswered.

However, you can be assured that while they can't work with a long time customer they will happily send you offers to open more accounts and transfer additional funds to them.

Run Run Away.....

by Avery, 10/2/2019

Pros: the service is reasonably intuitive

Cons: Beware of hidden fees, regular changes in terms, and mediocre customer service

This was my first brokerage account, I stuck with it for a while because I had no point of comparison, but since switching out I have realized how awful it actually is. This service provides minimal benefits, a far greater volume of fees, slow trades, and fairly frequent changes in terms that can prove to be extremely costly. My primary take away is that even as a beginner, shopping around is key, there are far better firms offering better, cheaper services out there, I would not recommend this one.

by K. Read, 9/5/2019

Pros: I mostly like the platform, probably because I know it

Cons: Way too much down time. Can be a few seconds or recently, 24 hours

Only bank brokerage whereby you can't go directly from brokerage to personal or business accounts and back.
My account has been suspended twice now as I'm trying to trade, because I hadn't performed some account management upgrade. Took 2 days to finally get someone there to figure it out.
Ridiculous number of security questions asked.
Hard to believe the incompetent people that answer are in Canada. Luckily I eventually got someone who knew his job.
Often when submitting an order it will not advance and it won't tell you why. You just have to start over.
When designing platform, you should have people on the team that actually trade, so the techies can understand what's needed.
Oh, and when you sell a stock, it can take several days before you can actually access your money.

by HB, 6/26/2019

Pros: Professional and curtious reps who go out of their way to support customer needs

Cons: Sometime long wait times for depending on time of day

I've been an InvestorLine customer for 12 yrs. Platform is user friendly and effective for investors with rudimentary computer skills. Reading other reviews convinces me those customers don't care that InvestorLine is protecting their privacy and accounts by implementing strict security guidelines. Perhaps some customers should get with the times or keep their money in a mattress. InvestorLine's trading platform is fast and I always get the best fills from my trades. Commission fees may not be the cheapest but that is offset by superior functionality, service, and educational platforms.

by Avery Pemberton-Smith, 5/30/2019

Pros: Easy to use, fair fees, great customer service!

Cons: App/ website can take awhile to update

I have had a great experience using BMO Investorline. Their service works well and the pros at their call centre have been eager to answer any and every question that I've had. Once the Investorline app glitched out on me by showing that I had purchased 2 shares of a stock when I had in fact only purchased one. Upon seeing this I sold the stock and later had to repurchase it because this brought me down to 0 shares. I just called them up (a month after the fact) and they were more than willing to compensate me for the two unnecessary trades. Thanks again Investorline!

by , 5/25/2019



by Richard, 4/30/2019

Pros: none

Cons: poor website

Website is not easy to follow, does not display infor well. Stay away.

by Susan, 4/2/2019


Cons: Too many fees

Highway robbery with fees charged for trading. A couple days ago I got charged a yearly maintenance fee on my account for another $100.00 + $15.00 gst. Pissed. I have emailed them twice, no response yet. And I was supposed to get a credit when I moved my funds over from another credit ever happened. Their fees are way too high!!! I'm considering transferring to another financial institution!!!

by mbisso64, 4/2/2019

Pros: Wish I could give zero stars

Cons: Idiotic security rules, platform programmed by amateurs and retards

I have been using the same tablet for the last 3 years to login to my investorline account. But everytime I move away from my home router, the stupid system requires that I receive and enter a new code to "add" my device to the trusted device list, even though I have added this tablet many, many, many, many times to this so called list. The problem, is that there server is grabbing the MAC address of the router where I am, and not the tablet itself. So my list now includes hundreds of routers from places I will most probably never go again, like Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. And now that I am on vacation in the Dominican, without my phone, I can't receive their damn code so I have no access to my account. To make matters worse, their idiotic web site tells me to login to my account to send them a web weblink and inform them of this.... Hello, MacFly, anybody home? I need to login to tell you I can't login... BRILLIANT! Fire the programmers, or at least return them to the asylum.
Stay away from this so called broker.

by Jaspreet Sethi, 3/28/2019

Pros: A large Bank behind, online and mobile platform

Cons: law compliance, Complaint handling mechanism, good business ethics very hard to find.Discriminate and victimise clients.

I am unable to give them any star at this moment as they got completelly exposed to me . They have no complaint handling mechanism. After I asked Mr. Vikas Munjal on May 07,2018 that under which authority they sold equity from my REGISTERED RSP account and asked him for Ombudsman phone number.? They (which includes Mr. Steven, Sheryl Doyon , Nadia Fallavollita etc.) started doing their best to cause financial losses, mental stress etc. Though Mr.Munjal begged me for 10 days to give me the response in writing about my question . till today i.e. after more than 10 months there is no response from BMO investorline on that. They defaulted for above more than seven times which is completely unlawful on their part. The BMO investorline Vice President (Business operations ) Sheryl Doyon insists that they cannot maintain a Registered RRSP account without the unsolicited overdraft facility knowing it fully well that any Registered RSP account is a cash only account. I do have recording of her statement which can be sent on request. I have never seen such defiance of Canadian financial regulations.

by Mathew, 3/5/2019

Pros: No Additional charges

Cons: Will tell you one thing, then after the time expires, say another

Don't expect a Bonus.

Opened up an account with them about 5 months ago with their "Free $200 bonus". Went INTO the store, to insure that all the terms and conditions for the credit were explained to me. I was told that 2 direct deposits of $500 needed to be made, and that a form needed to be filled out. "So there are no minimum per month charges, anything else I need to do? Wow that's easy". I was told there was not, but you need to wait 4 months to get your credit. I'm like sure, seems like a long time but whatever.

5 months later I call them and I'm like, everything alright? "Sorry you have to make 10 card transactions within 90 days to qualify for this bonus" "I'm sorry what? I specifically asked if this was the case, and was told I had to do absolutely nothing but make those deposits and go into the branch to fill out paperwork"

So just a fair warning, banks that will employee BLATANT bait and switch techniques should not be trusted with your money.

by Ahmad, 11/26/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

Unfortunately I have a GIC with BMO. I received a letter indicating that BMO will no longer mail the annual statements. However, these statements are not available online. The ONLY way to get these statements is by mail.
I called the bank to get my statements by mail. The agent told me, I have to call them every year to request a paper statement. I could not even request my 2018 statement today, because I have to call them "in February" (after the statement is ready).

I am happy we switched banks. Once this GIC matures, I'll be very happy that I won't be dealing with this bank anymore. this bank has given us nothing but grief for many different types of things.

by J. Horrocks, 11/2/2018

Pros: NONE

Cons: Absolutely terrible customer service, long wait times, and you have to beg for their approval to access your own money

Obstructionist attitude, Slow and poor attention to customers needs. They do their best to make withdrawing or transferring money cumbersome, slow and next to impossible. They show no respect for customers. Trading fees are too high. They have a very big petty dictator approach to customer service. They rarely keep their promises.In fact they lie more often than not. If you run a business you can count on them to make every effort to tie up your money unnecessarily. Absolutely horrible organization to deal with.

by Evan, 10/16/2018

Pros: NONE!!!!!


Always an issue with these people. Transfer funds into TFSA takes forever!!!!! Now today I am dying to trade my stock and the website says I have to update personal info. Email, address etc.....Then locks me out!!!! I have been waiting for an agent at their call centre for exactly 2 HOURS 10 MINUTES!!!! STILL NO ANSWER FOR ANYONE!!! Incredible. I am moving!!!!!!

by Onewarmguy, 10/15/2018

Pros: Good website

Cons: Terrible Service!

Terrible service just TERRIBLE!. 3 Weeks to get money into or out of account, Minimum 50 minutes! on hold when calling, new offerings don't show up for 2 - 3 days after IPO. Totally unacceptable level of service from a respected financial institution. The delays have already cost me significant money. I've already set up an account with, the difference is like night and day.

by Richard Ink, 9/25/2018


Cons: Waited for an hour and 1:54 mins for the call to be answered and was told that its a known issue and I should have known better

Pathetic Customer Service. They answered call after 1 hour and 54 mins, the agent said that I should have known better ????? Was looking to place a trade on TRUL. TD and other brokerages have the symbol there and I was able to do it smoothly on TD and scotia platform, but BMO seems to not care about their clients or their customers money. Moving my accounts away from this pathtic experience

by susan, 9/21/2018


Cons: accidentally gave you 5 stars should be 0 stars so I have to review 4 more time to get you down to where you belong. frazzled 53 minutes

accidentally gave you 5 stars should be 0 stars so I have to review 4 more time to get you down to where you belong.
frazzled 53 minutes

by Will, 9/19/2018


Cons: App issues/ delays, phone wait time, investment agents not keeping their word

I've been banking with BMO for 10 years, and I was pleased with the bank until I started getting into investing. When I opened a TFSA with Investorline, i found many issues. It takes them 5-7 business days to transfer funds from an existing TFSA with direct banking to Investorline. This is simply unacceptable, other banks like TD & RBC this takes at least 24 hours. Why is there two apps for BMO when other banks only have one ( TD & RBC) I'm sure there are others banks that don't have two apps.

The online transfer will only complete a full transfer of your TFSA to TFSA, you can't make a partial transfer online, you have to print the form and fax it to them, I've communicated this to them and they don't seem eager to make the changes.

Agents advise you they will amend your transfer and only transfer the amount you request, only to find out all of your funds have been transferred over, no follow ups or phone calls from them to explain.

I was on hold for over an hour half today, and had to give up due to the app having issues and being unable to exercise the warrants I had bought, as a result I had to sell at a loss. People are investing a lot of money and the wait time is just ridiculous for a bank of this magnitude.

I'm writing this for those who plan on opening a investment account with BMO, please do your research. It's not because you have a regular account with them that you should open a investment account, please visit other institutions, as this platform has let me down too many times, i'm having all my investment holdings transferred to another institution (RBC or TD).

by BMO 20 year client, 9/8/2018

Pros: They used to be terrific 10 years ago

Cons: 3rd world at best- Mickey mouse trader like secretaries

Without going into too much detail, lets just say EVERYTHING - your reading here is BANG ON. 500% This is PRIME example of when Banks are profitable the bottom line is good...the bigwigs at the top pass you off to the small fish at the bottom. Pretending to care, pretending to be sincere and actually listen as if somehow in time your input will make a difference. In reality....they are true professionals at blowing smoke up your _______s. They'll spend hours and weeks writing back long winded emails thanking for your feedback...4 years later...same thing. NOTHING changes. But hey...they are making millions and billions of dollars and if the little guy gets what. These people are the elephant of Gorilla in the room. Their social media platform review disappeared as we read really bad reviews there and they probably did not have anyone that had enough common sense that could provide any service....who knows... They could make even more money all the have to do is move this offshore to a 3rd world call centre paying staff $12 a month instead of paying the same less skilled people here answer the phone. Call in 5 times ask the same question get 5 different answers. Even our banker acted as a liaison on our behalf and had issues communicating and of course.. you know when internal problems then becomes a political rats nest rather than stepping up and helping the customer. They'll spend all the necessary time to make you feel heard while doing nothing and the more upset you become they have a wonderful way of making you feel like:Sorry this is what we have done, we appreciate your feedback and ultimately if your not happy your free to find another brokerage. The question is how much do they want to cannibalize their banking and other products? Its like the left hand couldn't care less about the right hand. We have been banking with them for over 20 years!? So much for customer loyalty. We forgot they are doing us a favour just like the rest of the people here. So stop complaining whats wrong with all you people huh? ( ^ ^ ) must be you. That's BMO investorline.

by BMOInvestorlineClient_2012, 8/27/2018

Pros: It was a good platform

Cons: System Issues, Investment $ value disappearance - reappearance unexplained - UNACCEPTABLE

Recent glitches July, August 2018 have increased in numbers of incidents. Right after closing my cash account will show thousands of dollars less than actual, and then drift in value, so one has no idea if it is a real situation in the last few minutes in the market, or an error. Each time it is an error, as some of the US stocks are showing up with incorrect closing numbers. Drastically different. Sorry, no time for this nonsense. Recommend anyone with 7 figure, or 6 figure accounts find new platforms. Customer Service is pathetic (some years ago they were great) - they keep asking the same silly questions as if they are speaking to a newbie. BMO, you have systems issues, and also major gaps between mobile platform and computer/laptop version. Have been an Investorline client since 2012, will change in next 4 weeks. Also have been a banking client since 1975..yes.. but will change that too. Unreliable.

by Sakura, 7/26/2018



website crash very often in the middle of trading. Frustrated!

by peterbuilt, 6/29/2018

Pros: still bigger and could get better

Cons: 3 week delay on all their papermail, this is unacceptable

I was informed on june 20 that my accounts were all compromised in the huge May 27 breach. I still haven't received a new debit card ; which was supposedly in the mail. Waiting for some response to changing Investorline acct. as it is also at risk. God knows how bad this can get with their already poor grasp of customer service....Leaving People waiting when they are under pressure is just their modus operandi. they don't have it together and in a crisis are not functioning.

by anonomous, 6/26/2018

Pros: the administration staff was nice on the phone

Cons: The investor was not professional

I was told over the phone that if I did not transfer my funds from Canadian to US dollars by the next day they would call me and be charging me interest. I had enough funds in my account but it was Canadian. When I inquired about the exchange rate or other possibilities of transferring american into the account from another bank account the broker was very impatient and unprofessional towards me and unable to give me an answer about how good their rate was. later i got an automatic warning added to my account about the exchange when I did a trade. I am not pleased with the services.

by crisilton, 5/26/2018

Pros: Good cash incentives to move, good local planners

Cons: Flawed sales process, unclear advantages, higher fees, no free commission ETFs

I was a happy Investorline customer for several years up to 4 years ago at a preferred level. While I did not have a huge amount in my accounts I still had enough to be invited to preferred Calgary Investorline customer events in the form of workshops, events, and updates. As well I had a personal Calgary contact who I could call whenever I had any issues. Concierge service yeah!. Then all of sudden this disappeared. Seeking lower fees, with commission free ETFs, I switched to Virtual Brokers. Have been with them happily ever since. Recently it took me two weeks to transfer funds from VB to another provider, which I found to be unacceptable. So when a local BMO planner suggested I take a look at the Investorline platform, and receive a small cash incentive (roughly 10 bps of account value) I was willing to take a serious look at the BMO offering. Then things began to fall apart. A flawed sales process forced me to call the Calgary Toronto Sales Manager, who then said he would have to run my eligibility by yet another Manager. Come on guys, I am not travelling to the moon, I am just looking for better service! Smelling odors of the retail car industry sales practices was an instant deal killer. Never promise the customer one thing, then give them another and then yet another. Have you never taken an effective sales course? Bottom line, BMO Investorline is ok, but there are likely better platforms. Check out broker comparison tools online for more details. Money Sense and Rick Carrick of the Globe and Mail have done great comparisons and rate BMO with only a middling grade. If BMO wanted to, it could easily beat the others, in the meantime they will miss out on increased market share thru muddled sales practices, and less than optimum platform / pricing.

by Francis Chan, 4/30/2018


Cons: unprofessional

When you requested them to wire fund, they just ignored you until you
warned them with legal action after a couple of weeks.

by URSULA, 4/18/2018




by Greg F, 4/11/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Unreliable platform, bad CS

The BMO platform is unreliable. Frequently displays ‘technical issues, please call’ messages. When markets experience high volume, the time that active traders really need a stable and reliable platform, Investorline is sure to misfire. By the time you get a phone call in you are very likely to have lost your price window. Interface is very dated. Quote screen is very limited. My experiences with customer service were not pleasant. I get the feeling even the agents are not impressed with their system. Found myself being rudely talked over on more than one occasion while they made excuses for poor system performance. Frustrations so frequent I had to find another broker. I continued to trade on the lumpy BMO platform while waiting for the account to transfer. I received trade confirmations for my last 3 sell orders. When my transfer to new broker came through, these sell orders it became apoarent that the sells had not actually executed even though I received confirmations. 20% loss on that alone. Beyond that I missed many prices while system screwed up while the market ramped up or down quickly on news or market conditions. Very disappointed. Regrets galore.

by Madeline, 2/16/2018

Pros: Cannot see any advantage to having BMO manage my funds. Costly and ineffective.

Cons: Seem to be asleep. Saw no movement in my mutual funds managed by BMO after several years. Paid for management and so no returns for those fees.

Awful service. Online service never works and how are we to trade over the phone when we cannot research or see the stocks, quotes, research, etc.? Awful, awful, awful service. Online NEVER WORKS. Always having technical difficulties. Want to go to another bank. Not worth the inability to carry out transactions - VERY FRUSTRATED CLIENT!!!!!!

by Joe C, 2/5/2018

Pros: Real Time quote for Gold members, web site for trades is well done.

Cons: Phone call waiting time is unacceptable, 35-40 minutes.

Like mentioned in the broker Cons, the wait time to talk to a representative is too long. I called many times and often hung up because it was in excess of 40 minutes. Even after weeks passed, it was the same issue but I needed to transfer shares into my TFSA account so I had no choice to wait. Several weeks passed, same issue, I had to transfer shares to me RESP account, I had to call since there is no way to transfer shares with their internet site.

by long suffering customer, 1/22/2018

Pros: none, same as every other brokerage

Cons: constant problems with sign-in security, unwarranted account suspensions, long wait times on phone to resolve their software problems......

Here I am again, utterly disappointed and frustrated with BMO' online brokerage accounts service. I also see my last entry from the beginning of January 2018 plus a few other peep's complaints have disappeared from this site. After waiting on the phone the last time for over one and half hours, it appeared things were finally straightened out with access to one of my accounts. Everything certainly worked well after my last convo with the knowledgable attendant. Here we go account has been suspended from trading for "my protection"......can only view my holdings, but not trade. WTF, nothing changed, password still the same!!!! I don't have another hour to spend waiting on the phone again! Sitting here waiting ....while my phone passes the 31 minute wait mark, and I am being told that "my patience is greatly appreciated". DO NOT sign up with BMO Investorline, save yourself a lot of aggravation and frustration. Find another brokerage!


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