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JP Morgan Chase Investment Services customer reviews, complaints, ratings. Chase bank managed account pros and cons, brokerage fees. Is Chase Private Client good and safe to invest?

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Chase Investment Service, Private Client Broker Account Reviews

by Cindy, 9/18/2019

Pros: NONE

Cons: Many

Nightmare! The fees will take any and all gains! Don’t even consider investing through chase!

by , 5/31/2019

Pros: none

Cons: Money is Out of your control

I opened a CPC investment account two and half months ago and gained $4k, Then I got a call from my agent's upper management saying that my portfolio didn't give me the best benefit because the funds I had charging too much overhead due to the variety and they wanted to undo my investment to my original deposit value then put my money to a new portfolio which is all under a single company even though I said I don't care about the overhead and I was satisfied with my investment return, They just go ahead the undo process without my permission even though it is my money and I don't like the new portfolio and my $4k gain is just gone. They spent 10 weeks to do bait and switch tricks to new customers and who knows where my $4K goes. So you spent a lot of time to build your portfolio and in the end Chase just want to sell you something they want to sell.

by Patricia primrose, 3/22/2019

Pros: None that I have observed.


As a Chase Private client, I am very disappointed. The service at my branch is not the same. Since more ATMs were added it seems the floor staff know less than I do and there are less people to service customers. Just letting you know I am a Republican and am shocked that your bank is closing accounts of conservatives. Politics should have nothing to to with banking. You may be inailinating half of your customers. I await changes or at least a statement from corporate that they will become neutral regarding politics. Otherwise I move on. I realize that the amount I have with your bank doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

by Patricia primrose, 3/22/2019

Pros: None that I have observed.


As a Chase Private client, I am very disappointed. The service at my branch is not the same. Since more ATMs were added it seems the floor staff know less than I do and there are less people to service customers. Just letting you know I am a Republican and am shocked that your bank is closing accounts of conservatives. Politics should have nothing to to with banking. You may be inailinating half of your customers. I await changes or at least a statement from corporate that they will become neutral regarding politics. Otherwise I move on. I realize that the amount I have with your bank doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

by Kinneth, 3/12/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Liars, wasted my time, tried to take my money

I only had a brief, unfortunate meeting with a Chase private client investor. I was there by appointment with Chase to start an IRA. Some how they made an appointment with these fools! I changed bank after this meeting. Below is a letter of complaint I sent them.

I went into Chase Bank on Truxel Blvd 95834 2/7/19 to start an IRA.
I already know
what I want, and just had a few questions before I start the IRA
account. Michael, the
branch manager, decided I need to talk to someone who can answer my
questions about
IRA accounts. I was also interested in a loan for a business, but it
was not the main focus.
I did not want to setup an appointment to talk to anybody, but I agreed.

Please note the only questions I had:
1) How much are the monthly IRA fees?
2) Confirmation on which account is a “IRA” vs Roth “IRA”
3) How do I start a Chase IRA today?

The next day I return at 4PM 2/8/19. I was greeted by TJ Uytingban
and Jose (Loan
Officer). I was ready to start my IRA acount, and Roth was what I
wanted to start. I
started talking about a Roth VS tradition IRA, but TJ went ahead and
started demanding I
put my money in the open stock market, and forget about what I was
there to do. TJ
introduced what he believed was unknown to me “inflation rate” and how
money is/will be
worth less in the future. TJ’s inflation rate was 4%, and how my 401K
will be not worth
anything in the future because of it. We need to invest in the stock
market because “there
is no diference.” 401K, IRA, and investing in stock are all the
“same.” He went ahead
and started asking me about how much I make/year, what my assets are,
and where is my
money. I told them what I had, and TJ thought it was nothing because
a lot of people in
2008 housing crisis were in my situation, and lost their money, and
houses. I told him my
story and I am not that at all. I tried to steer the conversation
back to IRA about 6 times,
and starting of my IRA acount today. TJ went ahead and started asking
me about how
much I make. I told him how much I made, I am a high wage earner. He
talked about the
stock market, and I talked about an IRA account. TJ did not
understand what he was
there for, and what the meeting was about. I ask how much are the IRA
fees, TJ’s
responds was 1.4%. I told him it was high compared to what my 401K,
and traditional
fees for these accounts. TJ said “I do not I care, thats is what the
fees are.” I looked at
him, and just told him “NO” and started crossing out the “investing in
stocks” everytime
he wrote on paper. He wasted my time for an hour trying to take my
money, and stated
he “will not start a IRA account for me.”

Many of his numbers were off, for example the inflation rate is too
high, and the account
fees are too high. I would be better off in a regular Chase
savings/checking account.
TJ’s nonsense about how its all the same 401K, IRA, open stock market,
I tried to give him
an analogy like death.
Open stock market= driving fast on a motorcycle everywhere, and all
the time. Risky,
dying young.
401K, and IRA = living a full lifespan with healthcare, money, and wealth.
I tried to entertain TJ, but he did not want to start my IRA account.

I have a 845/850 credit score, money is my hobby, and making my money
work for me. I
do know a lot about finance, current interest rates, assets, and
wealth building. TJ
Uytingban wasted my time for an hour, and my rate is $65/hour. And it
is my money lost.
I still do not have a IRA account. It was complete nonsense that I
had to deal with. If I
was treated like this, there are many more in my situation, please
consider TJ for
termination, or redirection in his role at Chase.

by DisAppointed, 1/28/2019

Pros: none yet

Cons: Unusual notice by phone

The Private Client advisor called me on 1/25 to say the mutual fund in my account
is no longer affiliated with Chase and must be sold. I never got this in writing.
I will incur an instant capital gain of $32K which I was not expecting. Never got this in writing.

by Dmitriy, 12/27/2018



lost 15% of my imvestment in 8 month, was trying to closed account but chase broker adviced to stay, which costs less 15% of my money.
chase cant trade correctly, just look at Japan, Germany and British stock exchange in the morning to understand direction of trade, it will save a lot !!!
going to close account to prevent to lose all money and never ask chase again !!!

by S, 12/20/2018

Pros: none

Cons: unreliable and liar

I am a Chase Private Client and decided to invest with them. The advisor is poorly responsible. I trusted his advices in the beginning, anytime I went to him he said to stay to make money. I keep losing. He failed to let me know at the threshold that I wanted to sell. They only think about Chase. Horrible service. So far 6k down because of his pushing me to stay and not listening to me. It has nothing to do with the market going down. I have been frustrated with them for the whole year. I never recommend them to anyone. NEVER

by Anonymous, 12/19/2018



$3700 gone in 4 months feels like a nightmare. I trust JP Morgan as their good reputation in banking. Their private cliant services is just a disappointment they don’t wanna talk when I requested them to sell my stock and put my money back to my accounts because I don’t mind loosing $3700 but I don’t wanna loose more one thing so interesting beginning of then months the stock gives the dividend which my about $200-$250 which was about $100,000 investments. The dividend was goo but on the same day they take the money like $113/$132/$155 different amounts every months as a advisory fee????? They just don’t care how much costumer loose principle values they just rushing to take their fees which I feels like very greedy at last The private client adviser Just lie lie lie ..., their job is just to lie the costumers But no matter how much you lie you cannot lie your self reality will come soon or later

by Scott, 12/13/2018

Pros: Nice

Cons: Losing Money

Lost 13 thousand in half year of 250 thousand. I am close to ending my relationship with Chase. I cant afford to lose that much money that quick! I went into a medium risk account. I do not recommend Chase.

by PeterM, 10/29/2018

Pros: None

Cons: can't place my own CD trades

1st Transfer funds from Chase to JP M needs two days hold!
2nd I need to contact the rep to place a CD order, never available - lost interest income due to late return call plus limited access to branch plus No other rep can help with the order. what a nightmare
3rd CD matures while i'm in China, no auto transfer option available to get money back to Chase checking account - where it originagted in the 1st place. funds go to cash account at JP M and rep needs to manual tansfer funds. hope this is done in November 2018 on time!

by Jz, 10/25/2018

Pros: No pros honestly

Cons: High fees, bad returns, takes three days to sell your positions wtf

Everyone else has pretty much mentioned all the points I'm about to make. Just invest your money in index funds. Even my own stock portfolio performs way better than my managed chase account in both bad and good market conditions. I'm not sure what the hell they were doing with my money.

by bb, 10/24/2018

Pros: Lollipop, nice pen, well dressed representatives

Cons: They will just buy their own jp morgan stocks and charge you exorbitant fees

I was losing money when market was up, and I was bleeding money when market was down.
They build your portfolio and buy majority JP morgan stocks, which has been on a downward trend for months.
No transparency, poor communication, you speak with them and they will give you technical mumbo jumbo just to confuse you and keep you on board. Keep away from them, just go to Ameritrade/Etrade.

by Rick, 10/5/2018

Pros: No pros, just a nightmare

Cons: You cant trust a Chase investment advisor

I am retired and a vey conservative investor and have major money in Chase. Being a private cliant, I have been a target of numerous Chase investment advisors because Chase provides a list of clients with large bank accounts to their investment advisors over the years. In November 2017, I was planning to withdraw $500,000. To invest in Capital One CD’s paying 1.85%. One of the Chase advisors contacted me and talked me out of the Capital One CD and into a Blackrock Mutual Fund (MECMX) which was averaging 2.9%, double tax free. There was no front end load fees on min investment $250,000., I swallowed the coolaid. Ten months after the initial investment it appeared to be doing well so I invested another $200,000. In Blackrock, it has tanked, the investment has gone from $456,000 to $452,000. Unfortunately, I cant get out of it until it has been invested for 18 months unless I pay penalties. I’m sure MECMX has been a good investment for some, but a disaster for me. I am leaving Chase as soon as the 18 months is up. To add salt to the wound, Chase received 1% or $4500. For getting a sucker like me to invest in MECMX, I kick myself for trusting Chase.

by Theodore J Money, 10/3/2018

Pros: Private Client has fancy status at branches, ATM fee refunds, lollipops for kids.

Cons: These guys should be working in Radio Shack

Have a unmanaged portfolio and my money manager is clueless on simple concepts like high NAV priced mutual funds being split into lower priced then getting more shares. Had to teach him that.

Have to google and then explain simple concepts to these guys, basically they are there trying to sell their expensive JPM managed accounts. Scary. Their 800 number also clueless then sends you back to your broker. Wind up asking 800 number at my other brokerage firms for meaningful answer.

Saw a friends statement and in shock what is being charged monthly for professional management.

I basically parked my brokerage assets there acquired elsewhere. Heard there are painfull fees to transfer each individual item out of an account to another broker. Hopefully refunded by target broker.

Still unable to buy muni bonds. I now use another firm for these transactions then ACAT to JPM.

Their self invest account is clumsy, need to learn how it works.

by Terry, 9/30/2018

Pros: There are NONE


These people are like dealing with a used car salesman. They lie and tell you great things will happen but it never happens. They brag how great their performance has been in the past and was told they DON'T charge fees for their service. I barely made any money as they took all of my gains in fees.

by Anon, 9/14/2018

Pros: They are pleasant to talk with on the phone (like a snake oil salesman)

Cons: They either lie or are incompetent

I have an IRA from one of my first jobs almost 30 years ago. It was opened with a different institution and through a series a failures, mergers, and take overs it ended up with JP Morgan Chase. I never thought much about it and the returns were reasonable. Now that I'm nearing retirement I need to make a distribution to cover expenses related to getting my house ready to put on the market. I want the distribution to go to my primary banking institution which is not Chase. I've been trying for weeks to set up a telephone transfer authorization. The JP Morgan Chase representatives keep coming up with all kinds of excuses as to why it has not been completed. They either tell me it will be ready tomorrow or transfer me around to multiple people who are supposed to be able to fix it immediately but can't. I'm beginning to think they get bonuses based on how long they can delay you accessing your funds.

by Anon, 9/12/2018

Pros: They respond to messages promptly

Cons: The response they give to messages indicates customers do not come first or second or third or..well you get the idea.

I have brokerage accounts at various brokers for various reasons. Chase is one of them and they are by far the worst in terms of overall customer service and satisfaction. If you are reading these reviews to help you decide where to open an account, I do not recommend Chase. There are much better places (Vanguard or Schwab for example) to consider. I haven't had problems with Chase when using them as a bank, they have ATMs everywhere it seems, but they really miss the mark when it comes to investment/brokerage services.

by Max Sheffield, 9/8/2018

Pros: Set up pledged line of credit against portfolio ACAT over to Chase in non managed account.

Cons: I too have issues getting anyone at Chase to change QAJDS cash sweep to higher yield fund listed on web cash sweep options

Opened Chase You Invest and very hard to use compared to Fidelity’s highly sophisticated self trading platform. Will keep trying to use Chase You Invest to see if there are any advantages over Fidelity.

Staff is totally clueless at multiple branches asking multiple advisors and multiple calls to 800 support, including calls to You Invest Support in setting my cash sweep option to a higher 1.xx % yield fund listed on their Cash Sweep web page tab for Private Client, other than a crappy .03 % yield QAJDS.

Intended to park money from called bonds in cash sweep prior to purchasing stocks bonds and other investments.

Advisor constantly wants me to upgrade to their JPM managed account that has a very high monthly fee. Seems annoyed I only ACAT stuff to Chase acquired at other firms.

Gave up trying to buy muni bonds at JPM, so much easier on Fidelity, plus Fidelity site lets you automatically setup high yield Bank CD Ladders.

by K, 8/30/2018

Pros: Trading is fairly easy, transferring money to and from my checking account is really easy just one business day.

Cons: They can't seem to figure out how to calculate cost basis and want you to provide information

They have screwed up two of my self-directed IRA investment's cost basis and when I contacted them they said they didn't have the information so I had to go online and provide it. The information was on my last statement and with one of the funds nothing changed ( trades). The other the fund did a share split (no change in cost basis) and then I purchased some additional shares so, prior month cost basis plus amount purchased is new cost basis. The math is so simple a 10 year old could do it! SMH Looks like I might be looking for a new bank...I hate doing that.

by Cleopatra R, 8/6/2018

Pros: Very nice and available when they are courting you to get your money

Cons: Steering into bad, expensive investments

They pursue retail clients relentlessly to get their money into their private bank by promising them preferential services for being a private client. However, all they do is steer you into high fee, low return and losing investments and then leave you hanging when you complain about losses. The advisor who was calling and emailing you every day before you signed up is conveniently "very busy", "sick and not feeling well" and will "try to fit you in" after they have gotten your money and their fees for selling bad investments.

by Robert, 8/2/2018



I'm surprised to see so many bad review. I've always had a great experience with my advisor at Chase.

by Patrick, 4/21/2018

Pros: Always had reliable service from Chase and JP Morgan investments. I guess it all depends on the financial adviser, mine is great and never stirred me in the wrong direction. Also, I have always great communication with my chase private account person.

Cons: None

Excellent, no problems for me to speak of.

by Ricky ricardo, 4/18/2018

Pros: Enjoy private client status and rewards, use other hi yield savings banks by ACH.

Cons: Can’t figure how to change cash sweep QAJDS to hi yield listed in web, now going on 9 months!

First rep tried to help me buy muni bonds could not find ALT F12 key, so used two other firms to purchase piles of munis, then ACAT to JPM Brokerage, got Brokerage secured line of credit, not in any managed account can’t see what value it offers ... Fidelity very easily lets me shop and buy high performing funds at little or ZERO cost than if bought under JPM. Really! No excess of SIPC coverage, only has 500k SIPC insurance. No one can figure out how to change cash sweep QAJDS to hi yield 1.5% paying sweep accounts listed on their web pages, going on for 9 months already. Use JPM to park stuff purchased elsewhere wish to keep and no plans to sell. Secured line of credit Brokerage feature requires some kind of manual review each time to pull out new earned monthly dividends, so they added “transfer to bank” feature to APP. Always pushing expensive fee managed account on me.

by Hse, 2/26/2018

Pros: Not good

Cons: Not good

Market going up but I losing $ bye JPM

by MikeS, 2/20/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Many

Chase is only looking out for Chase...High "management" fees on top of the funds investment fees and very low returns, would be much better off buying ETFs and investing anywhere else.

by Julie Grantham, 2/7/2018

Pros: None. Absolutely none.

Cons: Which one of the list? If I could give less than one star, I would.

I would say I sit here speechless, but I have to give a voice to those of us that have been held hostage by JPM brokerage services. They hijack brokerage funds and are evasive, lie and withhold disbursements of properly owed funds with abandon. Their actions should be criminalized. Oh wait, they are!! Shame on you, JPM.

by Earl, 2/4/2018

Pros: Low fees, high returns

Cons: None

$1.5M at JP, up $100K since Dec 1
A Share front load fees waived over $1M
No worries

by Chris H, 10/18/2017

Pros: They are Ok

Cons: none

You will run into trouble when you want to take the money out of Chase... They'll do everything possible to make that impossible!

by Ruth Lee, 8/31/2017


Cons: No stocks just mutual funds. Spread too thin. Do not like bank stocks no contoll to get rid of LOSERS

I thinking of canceling my account. JUST NEED TO KNOW THE COST

by BKK, 7/29/2017

Pros: None that are unique

Cons: You will only end up padding their bottom line

High hidden fees, lack of transparency, lack of responsibility towards customer's interest and their financial advisors only exist to chat you up into parting with your hard earned money. Very low returns. There at much better options out there to lower fees, better customer service and investor education.

by Terry Burnside, 5/22/2017

Pros: Not Many

Cons: Site is down or portions of the site not accessible. This morning I can't trade again.

I've used them for years - trading inside my IRA. It's a pitiful site user unfriendly and not reliable. Several times this year I was not able to trade when I wanted. This morning is another of those times.

by Ricky Nielsen, 5/17/2017

Pros: None

Cons: No personal or phone help available. No online help available.

I was promised yearly or more reviews of my accounts and charged a large fee for these services. I only had one review the first year and nothing since 2012. This most I can get from Chase is a prospectus of their funds to make my own decisions, which decision they just took away from me. So for a review. No help for the elderly, will promise anything to get their fee and then forget about you. I expected investment advise for the 4% upfront fee and receive nothing.
I have waited 1 week for a reply from my "personal advisor" and he refuses to call me. I can get his assistant but he don't know anything about investing. Loosing daily since my call.

by Bob perkns, 4/5/2017

Pros: Easy to just watch it

Cons: Does not even keep up with inflation

Not happy moving to a firm that is making me money

by Robert, 4/2/2017

Pros: NONE



by Ken, 3/9/2017

Pros: None

Cons: High fees, advisors have no real knowledge and are incented to get more fees out if you

Horrible experience. I had two advisors and the last one complained about the first one. Basically she blamed my poor returns on the old one. Then, when I decided to leave, it took weeks to get someone to get me out of the "managed account." In two years...invested 535k. Account now worth 537k and market is at high. Paid over 30k in fees. Paid taxes on 20k worth of dividends. Run away from chase/jp Morgan. They are worthless.

by Kelin, 3/9/2017

Pros: None

Cons: F

I invested about $1,200,000 in the so-called managed brokerage account last December. The advisor did nothing but making conversations with you. You have no control over your account. The idot trader buyed 50% of bonds for me. Even a fool knows that the bonds will go down because of the interest hikes. The gains earned from the bonds are barely enough to cover the fees they are charging. The face values of the bonds decreased by an average 5% in just 3 months!. In a bull market, I am losing money. They are dishonest, deceptive.

by Ck, 1/30/2017

Pros: NONE!!!!!!!


Like everybody else, I got selected by chase private client (they probably thought I had a lot more money). They even tried to get me to roll over my vanguard, but I didn't follow through with paperwork. What a foolish thing to have opened this brokerage account. I wish I had read the reviews. Account performed dismally for the entire 6 months it has been open, all while my vanguard IRA is doing nicely.
Stay away, you're probably better off doing it yourself.
Also the website and interface is abysmal, I can't even understand what's going on.

by mimi818, 1/21/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Lie, cheat, ignore you. Won't make a dime.

They act legit but they lie to you. I have been through 3 advisers and one ignored me when the IRS came after me for money I did not make. One adviser ignored me for 2 hours for my appointment, so they switched me to a different one. The new adviser said I will make 7-10% and be in the millionaire club when I put in waaay less than that; well I closed a few days ago and my money is the same as I put in!!!
He claimed I made 7% and I made 6K alone this year. I've been getting 1099s for years saying I made 1.5-2.5K. Well where is it??? My money is the same as I put in. It all went to paying the IRS and accountants to do taxes when I didn't need one before I joined their services of investments. It goes to their fees and the commissions.
They claim the portfolio is doing well. All that happens is u lose and you gain, u lose u gain.... I'm lucky if I get my money out. But If I left in a CD for 5 years I would have made 10k, so I just lost all that and walked away making nothing from them.
Run away for Chase Client Services. Their paper work and computer records are deceptive. Know how much you put in and how much u have now. It's either down or the same. I was with these clowns for 5 years. They said it take 5 years to see gains and I still saw nothing.
When u want to get out they will say "It's not for You, Do it..." Then spend 20 minutes getting u to stay. Then they say if u take it out u can't come back. Well goood! I'm waiting for my money to show up in my account.

by Ali. C, 1/16/2017

Pros: -

Cons: -

Basically the same story with everyone. I put my whole life saving into this managed account almost 3 years ago and I am still -2.6k (negative)
the last 30 days or so, the performance is a little bit batter.
I will wait another couple weeks then I will take my money out.

by Anonymous, 1/5/2017

Pros: None - Stay Away!

Cons: Only Chase Makes Money, Poor Investment Concept Based Upon Risk Tolerance, Offers Zero Investor Benefits

Chase Private Client deserves no stars as it offers no investment advantages and leaves its clients losing money in total darkness. All investing is done by unknowns with no understandable strategy other than to charge high fees. Two years experience in a bull market left my investments in negative territory the entire time. All two years spent was attempting to get my original investment back without success. I agree completely with every negative review comment shown on this site This entire investment service is deceptive because a person is led to believe Chase offers an investment advantage due to its name in the banking business. Not at all! The investor ends up paying Chase high fees to lose money. All investing is remote and in a dark hole somewhere. The entire investment commitment is based upon a single word choice involving risk tolerance, i. e. conservative vs. aggressive, etc. The investor is left with no advice or say in how the money is invested. In addition, everything is in a delay mode so there is no control over buying or selling at advantageous times. It definitely deserves its ranking as last in the 2016 J. D. Power Satsfaction Study.

by Martin V, 12/20/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Fees are obfuscated, reports change every cycle, worst returns possible

So this year should have been solid returns if you look at Jan 2016 - Dec 2016. Not so much with Chase. My managed IRA had 2% losses over the year.

Their reports no longer clearly list the fees, they're obscured. I'm also becoming more and more suspect of the selected funds, with such losses, ~someone~ must be making a profit burning my money, *wink* *wink*,

Chase private client lured me into believing they could provide 5%-7% returns on my IRA for marginal fees, I had the head honcho and the fund manager convince me in rolling the IRA from my previous job to Chase. NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT! I should have simply left it where it was in hindsight.

Over the last 3 years, even conservatively comparing to Russel indexes, I should have had at least compounded roi of 10% (incompetence) to 30% (well managed). Instead, over this period I am maybe 1% in the black....

At the same time my personally managed brokerage account I have had a gain of 40% (some solid jblue, LM, nxpi, etc). And I am not the greatest investor ever, even with half of that down to plain old luck, ANYTHING will give you better returns than Chase.

Taking into account inflation, they have burned about a good 10% of my money so far. Enough. Will roll into Vanguard.

by disappointed, 12/7/2016


Cons: Poor service, poor results

Was solicited by Chase Private Client, needed to move some money over to get to the $250K mark, once I did they said they would contact me in a week or so to go over investment goals and strategies. Never received a call. All they wanted was my money and once they had it, that was the end of me. Will be moving somewhere else soon.

by Peter, 11/21/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

Horrible experience. High fees with advisor making money for doing nothing but losing me money!!! Don't waste your time!

by Jay, 11/1/2016


Cons: Invest to loose $

They really have no clue about investing, I'm with them for 2 weeks and I lost almost $5k.

Stay away!!!

by Nolan Miller, 10/19/2016



I have a "Premier" Client investment status because I have over $250,000 with them. This is a managed account. The BEST they have to offer. BULL SH$$. Investment value is down 3% when Market is up 3%. Do NOT put money with JPMorgan Chase Put it in a bag under your mattress and it will do better.

by Mark, 10/4/2016

Pros: Nice guy

Cons: Nice guy

Invested 200K 2 years past.Currently still 7k below water and I have paid 6000 in management fees!!
Why am I still 7k below water when the market is at an all time high??
As Monty Python would say "Run Away,Run Away" from Chase.
High fees,caustic investments and very poor return,but wait I still paid 1.5% per year for the pleasure of no investment attention and lost funds!!

by Kimberly ng, 9/26/2016



If I have a choice to give no star, I will do. I invested a large amount of money into this account. Over 2.5, I still can't get the money out because I lost too much money. When I called to close the account, they told me that the money will be deposited to my checking account the next day. However, after 4 weeks, just only partial of my money amount was transfered to my checking. This is rediculous.

by One more customer, 8/10/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Poor Service

High Fees, poor investment performance and they do not follow the rule "buy low and sell high"

by rogermoore, 3/13/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Deception and Incompetence

The market has done very well since my last post. However, my portfolio is still sliding. The imbecilic kids’ approaches are mostly to buy high and sell low. One position they love the most is a controversial or fraudulent company, VRX. They bought for me from $260 to $102 while most Wall Street analysts raised the red flags. When the stock hit the bottom on 3/1 at $59.87. They started to trim the position and I lost 67%. They bought another fraudulent company, ZFGN, at low $50s or high $40 then liquidated at $6 and I lost 85%. They did buy a few blue chips to mask their insatiable appetites for garbage stocks. The problem is that the good stocks typically move up slowly but these kids have no patience. They don’t care because my money is not their money. The more I lose, the more they gain. Stay away from Chase.

by pscprof, 3/5/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Poor service, deception, negligence

I accepted an invitation to participate in this program because my sister works for the bank and the private client banker was so personable that it seemed worth a try. The investment advisor deliberately avoided any questions about specific fee amounts, saying only "of course there are fees... but the investments are targeted to make 5-7% net of fees." He tried to get me to sell my only other taxable investment arguing that Chase would give me much better service. Meanwhile, the other account charges a $175 annual flat fee and the advisor calls me monthly to tailor the account to my needs, asking whether I would like to reinvest or cash in my dividends, for example. The Chase representative sees me only when I contact him about once a year, he admits that he is just a "middleman" and that all decisions are made by the investment gurus. He has given me bad advice all the way. They are also not fiduciaries, but are not clear about that and will often pretend to be. They also did not send me one of my 1099s that went with a one-time sale of bonds. If you add up the excess money I have paid in taxes, the cost of my time to prepare amended tax returns, the loss of tax deductions for deductible expenses, the stratospheric 1.6% fees and the costs you absorb with their policies of automatic reinvestment of dividends and the constant churning in their accounts, I have lost about $10,000 of a $120,000 investment. Reading the other horror stories available on-line I am clearly not the exception. Furthermore, I have not had opportunity to take advantage of any of the perks-- I have always had enough money to bank without fees in any bank, without having to pay thousands of dollars a year in fees for the privilege. The investment bankers are nothing but salesmen, with little real expertise (at least the one I have). The tax nightmare they created for me alone has resulted in so much stress that I still do not know how to resolve it. I wonder if all of us are at fault for allowing ourselves to be duped by them or whether there is any way of holding them accountable for deception, subterfuge, and negligence.

by waiting to pull out, 2/19/2016



put to chase private account $200K, the adviser has been changed three times and we don't even know. lost $20K as of now... can not wait to pull money out from the Chase Account. Worst performance ever!

by rogermoore, 2/13/2016

Pros: Nothing

Cons: High fees and dreadful performance

Like the previous poster, I gave them some of my hard-earned money to join their private client group even I have been a very successful investor myself in the past. That was a huge mistake that I ever made.

They are the worse financial mangers or should I say the best financial crooks in the Wall Street. They took my money and lost incessantly. Worse, they keep charging me .4% fees and my money has been depleted more than 35%. Apparently they employ a bunch of kids to fleece customers with high fees. When the market was up, my account barely moved. When the market was down, my account went for a free-fall.


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