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Citi Wealth Management Investment Account Reviews

by dissatisfied customer, 1/9/2023

Pros: absolutely nothing at all

Cons: - cannot even get through on the phone to the right department - invest website reporting incorrect numbers - search results shows funds that the platform cannot support buying - cannot find correct information on sales and load expenses on funds -

STAY AWAY from the "Wealth Management" division of Citi at all costs!!!

by Daley, 1/6/2023

Pros: No idea

Cons: Processing procedures

My mother died and I have been, as her trustee, working for well over 6 months to get constructive receipt of the funds to distribute to all of her children. There is a firewall between those people answering the phone (mostly lovely) and the actual processing department (no reaching out to me, no timely completion of forms I keep having to send. I am completely shut down). They are the opposite of service. Don't do business with them. They are people/service adverse. It's ugly.

by anonymous, citigold member, 3/17/2022

Pros: none

Cons: never return calls, when asked to speak to a supervisor, they said they can not do that. Worst place to put your money. It takes two months to open an account, forget about closing. Always coming up with an excuse. Ask them to file a complaint, they completely ignored it.

Would not let them invest my money.

by Shekhar, 2/16/2022

Pros: None

Cons: Many

- Absolutely junk investment options, does not even cover top 5 mutual funds companies famous funds.
- It took me 15 min and 1 phone call to move cash out of "my" investment account to "my" citi checking account - no option on web/app to do it on your own.
- the web/app interface for investment account seems to be built in 1988 - you don't see any details other than current price and qty. Million Miles away from Schwab/ML/TD.
- I can go on....

by GVD, 12/10/2021

Pros: Absolutely no redeeming quality

Cons: Absolutely everything you can imagine

My elderly mother has had a IRA account. Her representative Matthew Park, Saratoga, CA never once contacted or returned a phone call. She successfully went with another firm on 2016.

Unfortunately she was not aware that she had 2 accounts at Citi. I tried assist her with her current brokers to liquidate her account.

We sent in the necessary paperwork and a signed letter requesting her money. Their response was that they needed to speak with her personally. That was a laugh!! Its nearly impossible to get anyone to talk to or return calls.

With some sleuthing, I manage to get the current broker managing her account, Celine Chen, Saratoga California. Initially there seemed to be help, but she too became basically rude to my mother and told her to send the release forms to corporate and stop calling her!!!
Which she did in the first place!!! They have the forms they just play games!

Citibandits are rude crooks!!

by Jojo, 2/19/2021



Now they bounced checks from by 20 year old checking account.

by Jo, 2/18/2021

Pros: None

Cons: Too many to list

Why has no one filed complaints with security commission. It about time. Looks like class action suit.

by Judy, 2/11/2021

Pros: The worse

Cons: Terrible

Like the reviews I read, having same problem. Can’t get my money transferred out. Every excuse in the book. Spent 3 weeks so far,

by A, 1/26/2021

Pros: Courteous staff

Cons: I think this is a scam. I've spent years trying to get my money out and they won't allow me to. They refuse to put anything in writing and make ridiculous excuses as to why they can't process my paperwork. I went through every question on every form with a staff member to ensure the forms wouldn't be rejected and they were rejected again for no good reason. It's exhausting and it can't be legal.

Run the other way. Terrible firm. They have no intention to return money invested by clients. It's a scam. I would never touch citi again.

by Foos, 1/20/2021

Pros: None

Cons: Cumbersome, paper oriented company, poor communication

- Former employee, account rollover to money market IRA and locked
- Had to fill out a lengthy application to just "activate" my account (all paper)
- Had to wait 3 weeks for that paper to be onboarded and my account activated
- Moving to another IRA provider
- They would cut a check to me "free option" - didn't trust them so i had to
- From my host IRA provider, print out and sign a TOA.
- Process Required a statement, never used an online access, so inquired about that
- Confirmed there is no online portal for me to access, instead, for me to get a statement, they would have to EMAIL me, and it could take 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS.

Stay away from Citi, given the gobs of money they have, the utterly hopeless customer experience should stop you from using them.

by Private, 11/18/2020

Pros: Polite staff

Cons: I've spent hours trying to get my money out. They make excuses and refuse to put anything in writing /communicate via email. I can't believe this scam is allowed to operate.

This feels like a scam. The returns are terrible and they don't let you take your money out without a real fight

by Stacey Tsang, 7/21/2020

Pros: Polite

Cons: Lose double while on Bull market that S & P making 35% gain.

I have been with Citi Wealth management since 2015 with the LA, CA branch. Adverser/Broker from Citi has worst knowledge to control my investment money compare three other firms financial adverser. Citi have Mr T. Y. lose more than 30% of my investment while in the bull market during 2016-2018. It is very hard to believed! I was forced to terminate that Adverser who lose more than 30% of my investment. Now I want to draw the money out of the account. Wait for 6 month and 3 times promised a check sending my way. Never received. I ask to wire the money. Now I have to fill out many forms and still cannot success to have my money back. I am extremely frustrating.

This organization is the most inept I have ever dealt with, STAY AWAY FROM CITI PERSONAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT.

The problem is with the organization itself Citi. The amount of paperwork they require is relatively burdensome, redundant and a lot of the info they ask seems to be for their internal marketing departments.
Last word; as of now I am still not able to get my investment money back doesn't matter what form I was told to do. It always has something come up that do not allow me to have my money after 6 months struggle.
If you want your blood pressure goes up, lose money, or have all the run around. Citi is where you go you will have many fun with them!

by Bill, 5/31/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Never returns calls, need to send forms multiple times, cannot get even simplest tasks done

Absolutely the worst experience I’ve ever had. The “personal manager” assigned to me has not returned my calls since late January 2020. (It is now May 31, 2020). Cali g the 800 number isn’t much better. Forms I have sent to them regarding beneficiaries, etc. seem to always get lost. Writing to them and sending requests via the mail is no better.

by Disgusted, 5/30/2020

Pros: none

Cons: Third string team, zero follow up, incredibly they do not track their recommendations and are the last to know about emerging developments

Citi Wealth Management recommends funds without competent research, uses the Investment Bank's Focus List which does not appear to be based on reasoned credit analysis. Both Wealth Management and the Investment Bank fail to monitor recommended investments, failed to react when leading bond rating firm was waiving the red flag on Pioneer's ultra short bond fund, MAFRX.

by Anonymous, 1/26/2020



Worst brokerage. 1) You can't do an online trade of the same equity which you've bought earlier during the same day. This will force you go broker-assisted on your second trade, and the fees are ridiculously high. Worst, they sometimes forget to waive the fee for assisting you. 2) You can't use all your available cash balance to buy equities; Citi retains a certain percentage for "security" reasons. 3) You can't see what are the available no-transaction-fee mutual funds for buying.

by Anonymous, 12/18/2019

Pros: In 3 plus years with them—- NEVER A CALL ABOUT PERFORMANCE ETC.No communication! They sold APPLE , ALPHABET ( google), NETFLIX, MICROSOFT Etc for stocks that went BANKRUPT! No communication! No performance advice. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER USING CITI BANK WEALTH MANAGEMENT!!!

Cons: Read above statement.

Do not use this company if you-
1) expect communication about performance, advice etc from CITI
2)expect professiolism
3) if you expect to make$

by Sathien, 5/10/2019

Pros: Polite

Cons: Lack of follow-up, insufficient product knowledge, and extremely poor performance.

Citi aggressively pursues brokerage accounts, especially high-end clients. Reps promise, promise, promise but fail to deliver; most lack product knowledge. Citi PWM performance remains pitiful compared to other financial institutions..The organization actively seeks to create 'passive' accounts--index-based securities that require little ongoing maintenance--so-called 'rocking chair' accounts. The major problem, however, is Citi's ingrained belief that 'they' control your portfolio (completely), not the client.

Additionally, Citi fees are extremely high. The website is average as is the follow-up service. There are serious structural problems in Citi's infrastructure to deliver accurate and timely tax documents. Look carefully before you leap.

by CSS, 12/17/2018

Pros: The reps seem to try...

Cons: Worst service ever. Can't keep their records straight. They ask for duplication of paperwork because they "don't have the previous submittals". Extremely frustrating.

This organization is the most inept I have ever dealt with, STAY AWAY FROM CITI PERSONAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT. I ended up with them due to a corporate merger, not by my choice.

I have dealt with these people twice over the last 5 years transferring existing decedent accounts to beneficiaries. The problem is not any individual agent, they seem to be all about the same. The problem is with the organization itself. The amount of paperwork they require is relatively burdensome, redundant and a lot of the info they ask seems to be for their internal marketing departments. So be it.

The first time in 2015, their progress was slow but we got there. This year, 2018, it has only gotten worse. I send a letter of instruction along with about 6 forms they require to be filled out. it has taken 2 months for them to ask me again to fill out a fiduciary form and resubmit a W-9 because they do not have them (even though a previous letter from them says they have it all). If I had not called to check on their progress, I would not have known that I needed to call again to progress some of my instructions. Then they tell me that the IRS given name on the W-9 and fiduciary forms does not agree with the account name, the account name they shortened on their own volition. I have blown off the entire day today dealing with this. I have redeemed and closed all my accounts with them.

by Citi Disappointed, 11/5/2018

Pros: Very Polite

Cons: Unable to resolve problem

My brokerage account is blocked. No one knows why. The know your customer profile is up to date, the process to unblock the account is normally a few hours but has since went beyond that. Interesting.

by Anonymous_CITI_Gold_Customer, 8/12/2018

Pros: Less marketing calls

Cons: Higher fees and poor customer service

Had Citi Personal Wealth a/c, didn’t realize that their fees is much higher for the poor service they provide and returns are much much less than s&p500 index fund, not worth paying any fees/commission for this account, on top when you terminate your a/c, they charge termination fees and takes more than a week to terminate a/c and another week or two to transfer it outside. Very very bad experience with CITI personal wealth management, advisors won’t return your call, reply to e-mails despite heavy commissions/fees paid to them. I will never ever goto them.

by Iman, 7/12/2018

Pros: Absolutely no pros

Cons: Worst brokerage service ever. Non caring about clients. Block accounts as they please. Never do as they promise. Rude customer service.


by MKU, 8/16/2017



They are the worst in the customer service, in addition to the fact that their website poor in features. I had to call many times to get a simple procedure completed and they said I have to check back in x days. They can't call back or send message or email me, mainly because back-office operations is not connected to the customer service reps. (as per their explanation).

by Dustin Wind, 1/14/2016



Do not worry.. your family will not be charged more than $350/yr. for having an account with them. FAIL


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