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Citi Bank Brokerage Commissions

  • Stocks & ETFs: $19.95
  • Options: $19.95 + $0.56 per contract + 0.28% of total price of contracts
  • Mutual funds: $39.95 or 3% of the principal investment, whichever is greater


Citi Investment Services: Investments Offered

Mutual Funds, Bonds, Advisory Accounts, Insurance, Securities-Backed Lending, IRAs and Rollovers, Annuities.


About Citi Investment Services

At Citi Personal Wealth Management, we've designed our investment services around your needs—whether you prefer to manage your own investments or work with one of our Financial Advisors.

If you prefer to manage your own investments, you'll get the convenience of investing over the internet at Citibank® Online, as well as the ability to invest in a broad range of investments and professional advice at the ready...whenever you need it.

Benefit from the experience of a dedicated Financial Advisor and receive professional advice, customized service and access to Citi's global resources, including Citi Clarity®, our 5-step process to creating your financial strategy.


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Citi Brokerage, Investment Services Customer Reviews

by MKU, 8/16/2017



They are the worst in the customer service, in addition to the fact that their website poor in features. I had to call many times to get a simple procedure completed and they said I have to check back in x days. They can't call back or send message or email me, mainly because back-office operations is not connected to the customer service reps. (as per their explanation).

by Dustin Wind, 1/14/2016



Do not worry.. your family will not be charged more than $350/yr. for having an account with them. FAIL

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"Even for its self-directed investors, Citi’s commissions are high, especially when it comes to options. The firm’s emphasis on personal service comes at a cost. Considering their cost, Citi’s investor resources are also somewhat basic. All members can access research reports, but there are no third-party providers, only Citi-generated material, and no analytical tools. The firm’s trading tools are, likewise, unsophisticated. Its website does offer a number of investment calculators, as well as a large selection of educational articles on financial services in general, but the subsection devoted to investing is small, and doesn’t cover any advanced content."

Nerd Wallet

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