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Dorman Trading Customer Reviews

by NotChancingIt, 4/22/2020

Pros: Experience, integrity

Cons: Poor account handling, IB irregularities not policed, smaller accounts seem to be of no concern

I would like to give this firm a higher review rating. But, sentiment is not a good reason for a decision, not in business and not in war - including, the 'war' that is trading in the futures markets, every day.

At one time, over a decade ago, Dorman took some nine days to open an account, forcing me to miss a big move in US T-Bonds in 2008. More recently, an account I opened for testing and preparation well in advance of the actual point at which live trading was intended, was poorly handled by the IB and then some two days to discover whether the account transfer would be performed, where I had to call their support line directly to make sure there wouldn't be yet another week's delay, and Dan Dorman answered the phone.

Well, Mr. Dorman really should leave customer support to his own 'professionals', because I am not an employee nor a subordinate and he talked right down at me and refused to give me proper client respect, during that call. Being told that one is "yelling", when slightly raising one's voice after being cut off by a person whose company is in the wrong, is not a good look. Now, if they try to blacklist me too, then I WILL pursue legal recourse.

Two stars instead of one, in due respect that they are, essentially, an honest FCM. Somehow, others haven't had such bad experiences with them or their IB's. Unfortunately for me, it didn't work out and I cannot recommend this company. Surely, there must be some other non-criminal FCM in the futures trading industry, who knows how to pay basic attention to customer support and performance.

by Jay, 11/19/2016



I am using Dorman for 9 months for futures trading and there were no problems at all.

by BlueCollarTrader, 1/22/2015



I have used Dorman Trading for years now and I have never had a problem with their service. I was told that many professional traders use these guys not only for their low fee's but for their honesty. These guys have been around for a long time and have the experience to keep going unlike several other brokerages out there.


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"Dorman Trading is an online brokerage that gives clients access to the top commodities futures exchanges in the world. They offer online self directed, full service, and managed accounts to customers. Dorman Trading has 50 years of experience... Dorman supports a variety of trading platforms, some of which are geared towards beginners while others are used by professionals. Dorman Trading is a clearing member of the CME Group and ICE."


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About Dorman Trading

Dorman Trading was founded by Bernard Dorman, a local grain trader since 1956 at the Chicago Board of Trade, and was built on the principle of personal service. Two generations of the Dorman family remain active in the daily operations and management of the firm.

The clearinghouse was initially established to service some of the most active "local" floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Under the leadership of President and CEO Dennis Dorman, the firm has since evolved into a global operation servicing clients online and around the world, clearing millions of trades each month. Despite our expansion, we have always retained our goal of making every electronic trader at Dorman Trading feel like a "local" trader.

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