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2024 Edward Jones reviews, complaints, customer advisory solutions ratings. Is Edward Jones a good investment company and a fiduciary?

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Edward Jones Reviews

by meg,  4/3/2024

Pros:  None

Cons:  With each contact, my jaw drops lower. They keep lowering the bar, and failing to meet it.

Review:  Where to begin? They suggested I have an annual account, which cost me 1% of assets each year.
What did they do for me?
For starters, they moved all of my funds to their funds and left me with a $40,000 tax bill. Plus penalties. Plus state taxes. And my medicare payments went WAY up because of my high pretend "income".
First up, the agent was on the phone with me for about an hour of "tell me things to put into our tool". Then I had to spend several hours with his assistant and my current brokers to move my assets. That was all of the human contact I had. The rest was their algorithm "rebalancing" my funds.
A year later, there was another call going over the output from their magical tool. One hour, 1%.
A year later, another call. Except this time, he came on the call late and said he could only give me a half-hour and we'll do another half-hour weeks later.
At that call, I told them I'm changing brokers and I didn't need their "expertise" and "personal attention."
My new broker transferred everything in. Except: for some reason EJ liquidated almost all of my retirement account and transferred cash. They removed accounts (I had four) from my account and removed all historical documents so I couldn't even see what they had invested me in, or what fees they charged to transfer. I don't even know if they actually transferred all of my assets or kept some for themselves.
When I contacted them to ask about the missing accounts and the liquidation, I got an email saying there is a response. When I tried to log in, THEY HAD CLOSED MY ACCOUNT and I cannot even look at what nonsense they sent me.
Worst. Broker. Ever.

by Keith,  1/12/2024

Pros:  Steven Stepanian get zero


Review:  This place sucks.. Had CD mature and can't even get them to wire transfer the money out for days and they want me to come in to have to sign stuff.. Can BUY A HOUSE with an E signature but they won't do a GD transfer without an ink signature.. STAY AWAY or you'll be sorry too

by Ellen,  11/3/2023

Pros:  None

Cons:  Only looking out for himself.

Review:  Ryan beach doesn’t have my best interest. He wants me to buy different products some are very expensive. First one was cd’s for 5000.00. I do not have that kind or money. I am a retired teacher. He was not happy about that. Then he said to drop the rider on my policy. That rider is a beneficiary for my nephew. That way I can afford the cd’s. Ryan u bastard. All this for a new born. I am almost 70- no time for risk or for Ryan BEACH.

by Educated,  4/25/2023

Pros:  Masters of BS and projecting they are friends, care about you, and share in your beliefs

Cons:  Broker is clueless to sensible investment stratigies and only concerned about fees

Review:  First and foremost is the 1.35% EJ Broker fee. When you state you would like to see ROI or results before making that $ commitment for that fee structure, you will be told to bring the money and we will show you results and an investment strategy and reasonable returns. I brought $351 K based on that sales pitch and schmoozing.
The funds were placed in three investments 1,) a $ 51 K investment in a 1 yr. 3% Wells Fargo CD 2.) a $ 150 K in a "Credit Suisse" 18 Mth. 4% Corporate Bond and 3.) a $ 150 K "Goldman Sachs" 3 Yr. 4.3% Corporate Bond.

Being the fool I am (was), I allowed these idiotic investments to go forward. Keep in mind, interest rates have done nothing but go up since these investments were made last Aug. "22" and these investments have taken a beating should I have to liquidate them prior to maturity (I'm stuck). This in addition to suffering higher interest rates well above 5 % for the same investments if they were made today and in the short term expected to go higher.
For those following the "Credit Suisse" debacle, I did sell out of that $ 150 K position last November at a substantial loss because of my fears of default by CS on those bonds. I am reasonably sure with the latest news I would have lost my entire $ 150 K investment had I retained those bonds as I believe they have defaulted on them. "Credit Suisse" is a horrible bank and in debt to their eyeteeth.

Keep in mind the Edward Jones advisor told me these investment were SAFE and highly vetted by EJ advisers before being placed in the EDWARD JONES recommended bond inventory for their clients.
I have transferred my full account to E-Trade after these events and they have commented to me...."If you expressed SAFETY to EJ and being age (68), why didn't they put you in short term T-bills instead of these high risk interest sensitive corporate bonds in light of rising interest rates which is pounding their immediate value down should you be required to sell before maturity?

EDWARD JONES market is preying on hard working people who have no experience in investing and have accumulated wealth they don't know what to do with . They sell you their 1.35% managed account and have no way to get you a decent return on investment other than throwing darts against the wall. (ESPECIALLY IN TODAY'S SICK AND FLOUNDERING STOCK AND MUTUAL FUND MARKET) If you make money.... great !....If you lose money you will still receive their 1.35% fee on your account balance regardless of how much you lose.

Avoid these people.....the brokers are young, poorly trained, and will scam you into bringing your money to them with today's minuscule gains (If any) and potentially sizable loses.

Invest in 5%+/- 3-6 Month FDIC insured CD's and live happily until the economic picture in this country straightens out.....which may never happen again. Many are predicting a huge correction to the market especially with BRICS looming.

by Robert Young,  4/21/2023

Pros:  They are local.

Cons:  Avoid clients in hard times.

Review:  My wife and I place a ton of money with EDJ, they were friendly and attentive when the market was good. The 2022 meltdown showed their true colors. Lack of transparency for fees they don’t reveal to you unless you ask. No strategy to review portfolio when all their funds are failing. No one reached out to us to reassure of their strategy when our portfolio was down 18%. They also don’t tell you they invest some of your money in proprietary funds, that cannot be transferred in kind when you leave. I found I know more about the market than my financial advisor.

by Susan V,  1/5/2023

Pros:  Personal attention

Cons:  Fees

Review:  Sure, a full service investment firm has higher fees than robot firms. BUT I find that worth it. My agent is responsive. She meets with us as often as we want and explains the market and best investment strategies in detail. She advises us based on a personal relationship and knowing us well. I wouldn't trust a robot to tell me how to invest. If you want actual service (not just an algorithm), use a serviced investment firm with a personal advisor.

by Robert Young,  1/3/2023

Pros:  Nice guy who takes me golfing

Cons:  EDJ is just a pump and dump brokerage, not talent as a financial advisor

Review:  They talk a good story, but they are not fiduciaries and they only invest when they can charge upfront and and backend fees. They have no transparency and their platform sucks, worst in the industry. Every time I wanted to discuss my account or obtain some sort of analytics, the only reply I got was, “call my assistant and schedule an appointment to come int.” They do not review portfolios as frequent as needed in a challenging time for investment. Avoid this brokerage.

by Jerry D,  12/15/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Lots

Review:  Been with EJ for about 2.5 years now. Rolled over my 401k to them during pandemic crash. F/A told me that stock market would recover(which it did) sooner than I thought it would. Since I retired, never took a dime out of my account. He promised me I would be able to take at least a 4% withdrawal rate when I need to. Last month, I talked to this F/A(Shane Klingentstein); he told me I can only take out about a 1% withdrawal!! Told him me and my wife need more than that, I realize the market is down most of 2022, but with a balance of 800K; I think we should get more than what he wants us to receive. He told us he had another caller on hold, and apparently didn't want to hear what we had to say. EJ has already charged me more than 30K just in fees in less than 3 years I have had my account with them!!! And we haven't received a single dime out of our account!! We are very unhappy with these "crooks" and will be looking at other investment brokers after the beginning of next year. DO NOT INVEST WITH THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR OWN COMPANY'S BOTTOM LINE-NOT YOURS!!

by Mike Mert,  10/18/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Advisors?

Review:  I do not know how this people can call themselves advisors, they never advise on anything and when they do is bad.
4 or 5 months after the pres. election I requested to move my 40% equity investments to 20%, they never advised me to reduce the equity, Dow was about 35000 or so.
Dow did go to 37000 and when was back down to around 34000 they called me to "advise" that the turn down was over to invest back 40% on equity, thanks God I said NO keep my at 20%, market after that went all the way to 29000 or so.
There is no advisors there just sales people.

by Hemorrhaging money,  10/11/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Everything

Review:  Unresponsive and does not contact clients losing money. Only interested in selling front loaded products and taking out as much in fees as possible. Does not care about how well clients are doing and they have no customer service skills and rude when challenged.

by JoJo51,  10/3/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Poor investment strategy, lack of communication

Review:  One the market turned downward, the broker ignored me.

by Michael DeWees,  10/2/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Terrible at handling your money

Review:  Do not invest your money with Edward Jones, they are terrible at investing your money, they make excuses to why your loosing money, and when you decide you want out they tie up your money by requesting an acceptance form from the investment your moving you money into yet when you give them these forms they say they don’t have them. They just tie up your money and make excuses to why they won’t release it. I have been working with them for 3 months to get my money. I hate Edward Jones and lost $14000 in the last quarter

by Jeffrey Carter,  4/16/2022

Pros:  NONE.

Cons:  They rip you off

Review:  They screw our taxes every year because when my wife went in and wanted to open a retirement account, they set up a mutual fund so that each year she gets a 1099-DIV / 1099-B that shows Dividends and Capital Gain Distributions that my wife never sees and that jacks up our Federal Taxes at least $1000. Whatever the cost is, I'm dumping them next week. They suck.

by Mitchell,  4/4/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Excuses for losses

Review:  I only had 69K to invest and in 12 months time they lost 4.2K of it for me. Never again.I am done with investment companies. A simple savings account would have at least got me something.

by lost total trust,  3/2/2022

Pros:  Absolutely none

Cons:  Absolutely not full service, Don't get you your money for A very long time. Takes 3 people to get one thing done and minimum of a week usually more to do it. Apparently can toss you off to any new advisor and even send your account to A different office that is 30 minutes away with that new advisor that you still haven't met in person.

Review:  Suddenly I find my account has been turned to the new guy? Then I find out the new guy has been moved to a different town that is at least 30-40 minutes from the old one. I have never even met this person who is now handling all my retirement funds? I finally speak to him and he is nice while I am answering his questions he HAS to do for his "review". However I asked to sell a little to contribute to A wedding. First they won't just transfer it to my bank account. Then he forgot to ask me if my total needed was net or gross because yes they would take taxes out and now I am short quit a bit. So the mighty EJ has put a check in the mail (how 1990's) and it has been in the mail a very long time. Of course he suddenly isn't so nice. Blamed the mailman and then just said oh just wait A few more days. Sure what does he care! His sudden attitude made me say I was just going to pull my account and he says "fine". So I did not invest with this person or this office. Is it legal to push me and my very hard earned savings to someone I have no faith in and he obviously doesn't want my account. Can I leave with no penalties because they have done this and lost my trust and obviously the first office doesn't care about my account either anymore??? Who can answer all this?

by John,  2/2/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  High Fees, Little to no contact, bad returns.

Review:  Been with EJ for a few years. I had some money laying around and didn't know what to do with it. Parents had an advisor and figured it would make sense. Later on I started a ROTH IRA. The S&P Returned 26% in 2021 and my advisor managed to only return 10%. The fees are extremely high and my actively managed portfolio is seeing much greater returns than a trained professional. I also emailed them in October to sell my positions and my message was never returned.

by Eric H,  1/21/2022



Review:  Terrible company. High fees, 1970s -style trading platform which forces clients to talk to staff (frequently unavailable) and limited research. After 6 months, I'm ditching them to go to Charles Schwab. They believe they can justify high fees with old fashioned "glad handing" BS rather than quality. Put in several sell orders and had to tell "broker" this is my money. Would not recommend these people to ANYONE

by JUDITH,  1/2/2022



Review:  Do not under any circumstances use Edward Jones for your investments. I live in the US and my husband had previously lived in Canada and had his funds in Edward Jones. They provided me misinformation causing me to lose about $20,000 when I went to bring it over to the US. Long story short they admitted they misinformed me but do not wish to rectify the situation because they know it could cost me more to fight it. Shame on them for ripping off widows and others.

by Uhlemann (30-yr EJ customer),  11/11/2021

Pros:  none, with my current account contact

Cons:  Terrible customer service. Can't reach account contact (Roger Weismiller) even when he is in. Antiquated electronic records service

Review:  Terrible customer service. Can't reach my account "Financial Adviser" (Roger Weismiller). He is in, but I can't reach him...11 days now, and no reply to messages left with his team associates and via website. I need to move assets now, but can't get it done.

Antiquated electronic records service. Can't download data, just statements for a limited time period

by Bob Mac,  10/19/2021

Pros:  He was nice enough

Cons:  High Fees and poor recomendations

Review:  I had a 120k CD that matured at EJ . I had done my home work and want to put 60k into and ETF and he suggested a bond fund for the other 60K. I did not do any looking into the fund that he suggested and that is my fault. I didn't know that it had a 4.5% front end load on the fund plus a 12b-1 fee of .25% to sell the fund. MY up front fee was over $2700 . At the rate of return on the fund it was going to take over 3 years to get even!! I move everthing out of EJ to Fidelity which was over 1,000,000 dollars. I did even contact the EJ FA. Fidelity did everything I just had to sign some paper work

by lizacat,  9/15/2021

Pros:  Haven't done much yet as far as accounts

Cons:  His office is over 20 mi. away and he calls me almost every day to try to set up an appointment

Review:  This broker says he can set up everything we need. Right now we don't 'need everything'. I have just been in the hospital and have an outpatient procedure tomorrow, and my mother has run out of retirement money. She's in hospice care and we need a way to pay for her funeral. That's all we need, and I can't absorb TMY.

by Marion P,  9/1/2021

Pros:  None


Review:  At 91, I tried to withdraw my monies to invest elsewhere and my financial advisor felt I was going to have my money frauded from me. Edward Jones called in Elder Abuse Agency and Attorney General’s office and have refused to give me my money. For two months I have demanded my money. My health has suffered greatly over this.

by Andy Moses,  8/21/2021

Pros:  Nothing that makes them any better then all the self managed brokers

Cons:  Poor communication, Large fee's, cant manage anything yourself

Review:  This company is terrible. 

Stole my mother money and wont give it back without me spending thousands on lawyer fees and state bonds that my mother cant afford.  My story starts with me being convinced to transfer the little money my mother has left into Edward Jones without any due diligence on their part.  A little background.  I am an only child who is taking care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s and is in a facility that charges $7500 per month for memory care.  The money is going fast and we need every bit of it to last.  There is no room for error.  All was good for about a year and a half when I got the call that they wanted proof that my mother was incapacitated.  I thought no problem.  I sent the document.  After I did this, Edward Jones froze her account saying my POA is invalid.  No letter, no communication from corporate office.  Here is why these guys suck.  They want all communication to go through your Edward Jones broker.  This poor sap has to put help desk tickets in to get anyone at corporate office to communicate with him/her.  You have to wait days for responses.  I have tried calling the corporate office and they wont talk to me.  In the mean time, they froze my mothers account, they continue to charge her fee’s for manage a frozen account, they wont pay my mothers memory care bills which are over $30,000 dollars.  I want everyone to know, that all maybe good until it isn’t.  These big companies don’t care about the little guy, they only care about themselves.  I will never do business with a full service broker again.  I recommend everyone to use firms  that let you manage your own money.

by M,  6/28/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  No active online management. High fees for little service.

Review:  10 weeks to settle a 3-way POD inheritance...
Need I say more? Every single transaction with EJ has been a complete Cock-up.
All for a new customer with 7 figures to move into new investments.

Basically you surrender all of your money for an "Adviser" to ignore. No active customer online management whatsoever. I've never once been called to talk about my new investments. So how the heck am I supposed to move money around? 70 days is way too long, heck 70 minutes in most cases is too long.

I needed someone to help out with my moms finances actively, and got nothing from Edward Jones.

by Denise Foehl,  6/28/2021

Pros:  None!

Cons:  See review below.

Review:  We are finally through with Bonnie Thompson, Edward Jones financial advisor in Gilbertsville,Pa. ( Celebrated with a bottle of champagne.)
Very pushy, loud, and abrasive. Wanted to know every detail of my financial business- how much SS and pension I received monthly . Of course I gave her the wrong figures, we are very private and it is none of her business. My partner ( who managed my account) is very knowledgeable about finances— she kept telling him to invest in this account, sell others, etc. All so she could make a hefty commission. I could go in forever about this witch— but STAY AWAY from her!

by Look Elsewhere,  6/21/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  Fees, fees and more fees

Review:  All my advisor cared about was for me to transfer all my investments to EJ. Nagging door-to-door sales pitch to get friends and family members to join. And then... there are the fees... Our company had the 401k plan with John Hancock (another fee monger!!) and both of them "partners" were like leeches, constantly harassing employees for rolling over IRAs and other 401k. Moved to Vanguard. STAY AWAY.

by Sherry,  6/18/2021

Pros:  NO PROS


Review:  I invested $5,000 and it seems they have "LOST" it!!! I tried to talk to my advisor but he wouldn't talk to me and won't take my calls. I have even written a letter to EJ asking where my money is and they have yet to respond. WHERE IS MY MONEY!!!!

by Tasha,  6/18/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  They suck

Review:  Ive had money invested for a year and it hasn't done anything. The money I invested into stocks myself has done way better than anything they've done. I don't understand how I with barely any information on how to invest can do better on my own than this company with "trained" employees. DO NOT INVEST WITH THIS COMPANY!!

by TC,  4/19/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  lousy customer service

Review:  They act as if it is their money, not the client's. Customer service is non-existent. They won't even send me a 1099 form that I need to file my tax return.

by Gerald Lee Van Solkema,  3/3/2021



Review:  Bryan Melton and his staff in Grandville are very competent. They listen to our long term plans and have made excellent selections. If we have a question, they are quick to get back to us.

by Bonnie,  2/28/2021

Pros:  Personal attention by a dedicated advisor and office staff who have always had my best interest at heart.

Cons:  none

Review:  My experience with my FA (Mike Hansen, Muskegon MI) and his assistant (Tammy Vrosh) has been exceptional. My investments have done very well and Mike/Tammy are always responsive and give sound financial advice/opinions.
Accordingly, I have no qualms with giving them and EJ a little of the gain for doing such a great job of making my money work for me. I am too busy enjoying retirement to have to constantly spend time managing and worrying about my investments...I am confident that Mike and his team will make sure that I can continue to live my best retirement life with a nice little sum left over for my heirs.

by Anonymous,  2/27/2021



Review:  Edward Jones are white-collar criminals - stay away.

by ronnie m cox,  2/22/2021

Pros:  none

Cons:  these people aren't brokers

Review:  these employees are just that employees i've been with them 7 yrs and learned the disaster i got myself into. since i got no correct information from the four people that represented me and lost money on their suggestions, i left the co last year and started trading myself, now i can't even get correct tax papers

by James H. Reza,  2/14/2021

Pros:  My broker is Dale Holifield and he always is looking for me to make money/

Cons:  none.

Review:  I just recently hit close to 500,000 bucks. Not bad for starting with very little some few years ago.

by Bob,  2/8/2021

Pros:  Offices nearby

Cons:  High turnover, inexperienced advisors

Review:  I've had 3 advisors within 2 years. Each one told us that they don't know what happened to the last advisor but they are there to "partner with us for life". What a joke, it's like the teller line at the bank. Take your money somewhere else.

by North Texas,  1/28/2021

Pros:  Friendly staff

Cons:  WE were not informed on several trades.

Review:  Our money did NOT grow due to the forms of investments used. They lost us a large sum of money while the agent still made a hefty salary from our funds. STAY AWAY.

by Lloyd Bing,  12/9/2020

Pros:  Not much positive

Cons:  She is very rude, over talks me! Insults me, then lecture me!!!

Review:  I will not give this woman any more of my money! Take my money and run!
I will go to their competition.
Bye Kristi

by Brenda Henson,  10/23/2020

Pros:  NONE

Cons:  Good sales people, knows nothing about making money

Review:  DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!. I AM. My husband's account sat at the same level, gaining and losing at the same level. After I started managing it myself, it went up $5,000 in a month just by getting rid of the stupid mutual funds that was dragging down the account. The mutual funds he was making the least amount in, they had the most money invested in. His account was all mutual funds and 1 stock. Pay attention to your statements. I didn't and found out a lot of interesting things when I woke up. They put me in a lot of mutual funds with a high front load fee and high managements fees and low returns.

by Satisfied,  8/10/2020

Pros:  My EJ agent is great. She told me up front what my fees were going to be without my begging which none of the other firms I interviewed would do at all. And she tells me with every change what it's going to cost. And my return has been better than expected for the past 8 years and much better than the other 2 firms I had before.

Cons:  No cons with the broker, but the Edward Jones website was not user friendly when I started with them in 2012 and the most recent changes they made have rendered it practically useless. My agent however does a special report for me monthly!

Review:  Website sucks!

by Plurimus,  7/19/2020

Pros:  Friendly guy. About as knowledgeable as anyone else. Not aggressive.

Cons:  Fancy digs, presumably from fees

Review:  Jones model discourages trading, promotes investing. Dividend growth investing has worked well for us. Once you get +1M in American funds there are no overt fees, I am sure there are fees under the covers, but they seem minimal. We have 3 types of accounts; IRA, Roth IRA and Single. All are doing +7% average compounded annually over the long haul (>15 years). Single account throws off +50K in long term dividends. So we cannot complain. Perhaps we could have done better, but we slept well at night.

by Damien,  7/16/2020

Pros:  Very responsive and friendly

Cons:  extremely expensive fee structure

Review:  My wife and tried putting a portion of our IRA with them and after 9 months I had to get it out. Although we are young and signed up for the most aggressive and high risk growth strategy, our monies were put into very safe, low growth equities and bond funds. But at the same time they charge several hundred dollars a month regardless of your returns. So we ended up losing a couple of thousand dollars to their fees, while seeing very anemic growth. I'm not really sure why anyone would put their money with them. Unless you are just ignorant and don't really know any better, like I was. You could rent or buy a mattress for a lot less and stuff it under there. Lol.
It was a life lesson learned. Fortunately, once I came to my senses and got my funds back into Fidelity, I was able to make a few basic trades and regain much of what I lost with them due to their enormous fees. Lesson learned.

by Corey,  6/23/2020

Pros:  They steal your money, so they get rich.

Cons:  Everything. criminals. Steal all your money

Review:  Horrible. Never tell you before they steal your money too.

by Robert,  4/20/2020

Pros:  There a parking lot for money

Cons:  There a parking lot for money.

Review:  You can not expect any adviser to know the future. If your a risk taker tell them to put your money at risk, if your not tell them to but your money at low risk. Trust no one unless they prove your trust, and then still be carefull.

by mandy,  3/26/2020

Pros:  growing investment long term

Cons:  way better alternatives that are not as expensive

Review:  These "financial advisors" have their own interest in mind (aka how they profit off of your account). Yes, you will make money long term, but you will make a lot more with another company.
There are better options than Edward Jones (Edward Jones charges expensive fees and profits a lot). I would recommend alternatives such as TDAmeritrade or Ally Invest. I regret having my money in this company, who is currently holding my funds hostage when I try to withdrawl them.

by Stephen Brown,  3/7/2020


Cons:  Broke rules split my family

Review:  They handed out my RESP with photocopied permission forms. Emptied it without my concent
If I charge them my son would be prosecuted as well. What parent would do that but it put a wound between us. The trust for E Jones gone and they still charged me a ton to remove the rest of my investments. BEWARE. NOT AS ADVERTISED

by karin,  2/21/2020

Pros:  I just had my first visit. The advisor very friendly but struck me as a pushy salesman, wants ALL my accounts

Cons:  I do not personally know anyone who invests with EJ. I left EJ office feeling very unsure. After reading all these reviews i am now flat out scared.

Review:  My gut is telling me to get my check back and run like hell. Should I?

by Kim S,  1/26/2020

Pros:  Great service,get to know you personally, in for the long haul


Review:  My experience of over 20 years with same advisor and location at Edward Jones: My wife and I were able to retire much earlier than we had planned because of our investments with Edward Jones. We have worked with the same advisor and staff the entire time. We consider them our friends and hope the feeling is mutual. We have invested mainly in high quality (American Funds) mutual funds. American has a large diversified family of funds (equities vs bonds) that allow you to adjust your asset allocation without charge. And once you reach one million in invested funds, there is no load fee-only fund management fees that are low. We also own other mutual funds and some individual stocks. This is not a firm to use if you want to do a lot of trading. Our advisor actually turns down clients if he feels they will be doing a lot of buy/selling individual stocks because he knows they will not be happy. It is best for those investors who want to buy and hold quality investment vehicles. My advisor presents options for us at our meetings. He encourages us to make choices based on our risk tolerance and that which allows us to sleep well at night. I know he would prefer us to be more risk tolerant and more heavily invested in equities, but he respects our wishes to forgo large returns for preservation of capital. Our portfolio has gained over 250k in the last year, with 70% bonds, 30% equities, a gain of 8-9% with very little downside risk. If you are a patient investor who doesn't mind the buy and hold philosophy, Edward Jones is your company.

by Doug Texter,  12/25/2019

Pros:  Reachable, willing to talk about alternatives, personable

Cons:  A tad too behavioral finance oriented, a bit expensive

Review:  I've had part of my money with Edward Jones for about 7 years. Honestly, I've made a fair chunk of change. But we've been in a bull market and I consistently invest every month. I've found my advisor to be willing to talk about the full range of investing possibilities. In general, I've found him pretty good. Yes, EJ is a bit expensive, but so far the cost has been worth it. Let's face it. The financial services industry is out to make a lot of money. And they do. But I've worked with people at TIAA (my employer sponsored plan) and Northwestern Mutual. I also invest at Vanguard. Vanguard is the cheapest. But I just use index funds there. TIAA products are ok, but their WMAs are predatory. Northwestern Mutual is a glorified insurance company. In comparison to NW and TIAA, the person I work with at Jones is pretty good. Yes, they're all after AUM in the final analysis, but I haven't found EJ to be terrible in any way.

by Nick,  12/20/2019

Pros:  They make themselves a lot of money

Cons:  High fees, hidden fees, closing account fees, yearly fees, annual fees, high expense ratio funds. The advisors get wined and dined every week by different fund managers to get the advisors to sell their fees.

Review:  So many fees. It’s an old company in a new world.

by G. Laing,  12/13/2019

Pros:  Professional, Accessible, Open to Suggestions


Review:  Before you read a negative review and think wow, I'm not going there, remember that all advisors are independent. Just because someone had a bad experience with their guy doesn't mean they're all bad. I've been investing with Edward Jones for just over a year now and I have found my guy to be everything stated in the Pros. He will call me with recommendations and I can follow them or not - my choice. I can call him with recommendations and he'll give me his honest advice. At the present, he's considering several stocks I've shown to him LOL!!! Don't be swayed by a negative report. Find a local office and then find people who have dealt there personally. Don't paint all Edward Jones advisors with the same paint brush.

by FFB, AR,  11/17/2019

Pros:  Easy access

Cons:  Not willing to work with you unless you INSIST.

Review:  Moved cross country and moved my EJ account to new area. Previous advisor was good. This one told us right off the bat "I tell ALL my new investors to go with American mutual funds". Really? Everyone? I said ok but I don't want to invest in overseas companies. He acknowledged my request and, wouldn't you know it, 24% of these mutuals were foreign stocks! Tells me you don't have the knowledge or the work ethic to do your job to the best for your clients. Was not making what I thought I should and with an election coming up, I wanted to get out of stocks. He said "if you want to go against your FA's advise". I said MOVE IT! I put it into CDs and now when they mature I refuse to reinvest and am putting it into cash while looking for a good FA. DRIVING HIM NUTS! (I hope).

by Chuckster,  9/30/2019

Pros:  Nice fancy office!!

Cons:  Fees, fees and lots and lots of hidden fees

Review:  My wife talked me into trusting Edward Jones. Silly me did not do my research as I should have.
I told my wife our "advisor" is nothing more than a glorified salesman. She didn't see it that way, but you can't B.S. and old B.S.'r.

I was promised by the salesman that our account would be an incredible amount within 10 years. I was in total disbelief from the wild statement and I became immediately on guard.

Year one passed, markets thru the roof and we are not making money. Confront the advisor at a meeting and he gets really mad. Now I know what's going on, but I don't trust anyone else nor know what the heck to do.

I spent the next 18 months and find a great advisor. Edward Jones turns nasty when accounts are transferred! Fees are spiking and they hit $95 withdrawal fee on every account.

DO NOT INVEST WITH EDWARD JONES!!!! They take your money with LOTS of daily tradings to up their commissions and they are making a TON of money that is YOURS. I'm glad I'm done with this company.

by Clete the Boyer,  9/28/2019

Pros:  Knowledgeable about certain aspects of investing

Cons:  Wanted to put me into an annuity

Review:  I have been very pleased with the advice and service offered by the agent I have with Edward Jones. Appointments are easy to get and confirmed by E-mail and phone the day before the appointment date. I have been with them only about a year and based on their advice by investments have grown by a little less than thirty percent. My father who has been with them more than twenty years has seen his investments grow from one hundred twenty thousand to over a million and that is with no dividend reinvestment. The only advice that I did not follow was to invest in an annuity. I already have one and do not need another.

by J.R.,  9/22/2019

Pros:  Professional and very helpful

Cons:  None yet

Review:  I retired and left fidelity as the arrogant advisor lost me money every month.
Since I had just retired, my instructions to the EJ representative was to make me more than the 3 percent cost of living increase and their comissions. In the past 8 months I have been with them they have returned almost twice that to me on my investments!
How could you possibly complain about that?
Amy Patton in Overland Park is terrific!!!

by cw,  9/21/2019

Pros:  only offered possibilities of buy and / or sells. never any pressure

Cons:  none

Review:  i started with an advisor that was just starting with ed jones about 40 yrs ago...all decisions were made with mutual agreement. with an exception or two, everything has been a positive advance..have retired very comfortable with my account. it’s your money, so just don’t settle for being directed somewhere you don’t want to go..

by Thomas,  9/10/2019

Pros:  NONE

Cons:  Money Grabbers!

Review:  F.A. didn't know a dam thing except how to take my money! Stay away from E.J.

by suckered,  5/30/2019

Pros:  NONE

Cons:  everything has been a CON with them. Was told the Franklin Funds I have our volatile and I need to move my money into

Review:  Was told the Franklin Funds I have our volatile and I need to move my money into more stable funds which I believed them. In a matter of a few months now I have lost 10% while the Franklin funds I had my money in have gone up over 10%. You would be better just going to Vegas and betting on red or black rather than taking advice from an Edward Jones financial advisor.

by Maxrates,  5/26/2019

Pros:  Knowledgeable, very helpful, full service

Cons:  none

Review:  Great company to manage retirement accounts

by Bill,  4/11/2019



Review:  I am ok I guess been with 3 yrs started out with about 225 have spent 50 and still have 215

by Carl R,  4/1/2019

Pros:  None

Cons:  All cons. It's a con game

Review:  I had a broker who wanted me to invest my portfolio with him, and he sold me a few plans but I wanted to back out. I had one remaining fund with him, and he ordered me to pull the fund out and invest it elsewhere, because he wasn't "making enough money from it." These are simply sales people, nothing more. They make no bones about the fact that it's all about them making money, nothing for your own benefit. They have nothing of value to offer. They will meet with you and talk but that's not worth the money you lose. This business model should be against the law. People can invest on their own without paying loading fees and commissions to middlemen.

by Jake,  12/23/2018

Pros:  My adviser is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He has been available any time I need to talk. Since I've been with EJ for the past seven years, I have never felt that I was being steered into an investment for the sole purpose of EJ making more money from me.

Cons:  I don't have any complaints.

Review:  I've read a lot of reviews online about EJ. Their overall ratings are low. Many complaints are about the individual adviser and how he/she is not reachable or knowledgeable. My personal experience has been the opposite. Maybe I got lucky and have one of their better advisers.

Another major complaint from others is about the fees. It sounds like many reviewers don't like paying fees and therefore should not be with a full-service brokerage firm like EJ. I'm an absolute idiot with finances and have made nothing but wrong decisions for the past 25 years which has cost me dearly. So I don't mind paying someone to manage my money. Although I pay fees that might be a bit higher than their competitors, in the long run, I will be way better off than if I manage the money myself. I have not sought services from any of EJ's competitors because I really like and trust the EJ adviser who I currently have.

Any full-service broker is in business to make money. And financial advisers don't work for free. Therefore, I don't think it's fair to vilify them - unless they are actually scamming you against your own interest.

by trusting,  11/8/2018

Pros:  good at taking your money

Cons:  poor attitude

Review:  I just read all of these reviews and everything just clicks, these guys are trained to take your money! Anything you make or have they get close to 2% my average over the last 10 years is less then 3% Hmmm.. I get 1% . I told him I was going with someone else. He got so upset and rude, I offered a hand shake and he said he would not shake my hand! Then he said I was going to get charged 5% for withdrawing my money.......Don't trust these people like I did!

by Ron,  11/4/2018

Pros:  None

Cons:  Poorly Run

Review:  Recently, my father passed away and most of his investments were with Edward Jones. He had told me his wishes regarding how he wanted his estate settled including his monies at EJ. After his passing, I discovered that EJ did not have the correct beneficiaries on one account and another account had no beneficiary at all. The second account will be going to probate court.

Additionally, I have filled out paperwork on four different occasions with one document asking for consent to jurisdiction. Seems like an odd request for an inheritance, of course, unless EJ mismanaged two accounts. I just received my fifth set of documents in the mail a few days ago.

It's now been over two months since my father's passing and the completion of the first set of documents. We are still waiting for the first disbursement of any of the funds.

by Jerry Town,  10/13/2018

Pros:  Nice guy

Cons:  It’s all about monthly commissions. Not a lot of talent in selecting funds to make you money. No wonder a chimp can pick better stocks randomly then a we’ll seasoned broker.

Review:  Way to high commissions!

by Terry Stone,  10/12/2018

Pros:  Knowledgeable, competent

Cons:  Stresses funds emphasized by Edward Jones agency, Advisor for Advisory Solutions churns too much

Review:  Advisory Solutions' advertised return range has been much less than advertised although respectable. Nothing was said about index funds and I had to find out about them rather late and by trial and error. They seem to be best for me.

by Priya,  10/10/2018

Pros:  Bigger cheaters

Cons:  loot money

Review:  Hi, It is a big cheater company and they will do loot your money behind you.


by Sri,  10/10/2018

Pros:  Nothing

Cons:  Wasted my time and cheated tons of my hard earned money

Review:  Hi, Please don't invest in Edward Jones and never trust them. I purchased the municipal bonds then they told me there is 2% mark up price then I said ok.

Now Every day there are showing loss of huge amount, when I asked them about the breakdown of the loss then they told me that they can't disclose it.

I told him to sell the muni bonds then they had given 5% mark down price.


by Steve,  9/14/2018

Pros:  Local Rep

Cons:  Edward Jones practices, Guided Solutions

Review:  I have (Soon will be moved) and a Guided Solutions account, haven't really like the way Edward Jones urges you to invest a certain way, or else you get out of alignment. Wanted to make a trade today, 9/14/18 and since my rep was out I called the 1-800 number. After being on and off hold for over 30 minutes they told me I couldn't, they couldn't do the trade. The reason was a couple of weeks ago I asked to get out of my Guided Solutions account and since I'm not out of that account yet, don't know why it takes so long, they wouldn't let me make the trade. My money, my account and I can't trade. The whole Guided Solutions things is kind of a ripoff anyway, they charge a high amount of money so supposedly you can trade more and not pay a commission. Might as well move everything to Charles Schwab, what I have moved had done remarkabley better than anything I left at Edward Jones.

by anonymous,  8/15/2018

Pros:  None

Cons:  Everything

Review:  I recently had my meeting with my Edward Jones representative in Halifax NS and was very disappointed with his demeanor towards the amount of money I was willing to invest, referring to it as a 'small' amount. As a young woman, I did not appreciate him speaking to me about the $10,000 I was willing to invest like it was just enough to buy a coffee with. Saving that amount of money in a growing economy today is not easy and his reaction was very degrading to how much effort I put in. I will never be dealing with Edward Jones again.

by DJ,  6/19/2018

Pros:  None

Cons:  Everything

Review:  Inherited account from death in the family. FA talked with us but explained only a small part of how their investments work. Worked with them to sell and buy a few stocks. Was told each transaction fee was $50. Come to find out, the $50 is only a minimum. The fee is actually 2% every time you sell or buy. These fees are never shown in your portfolio and are always hidden, no itemization of them at all. You can't tell what they actually charged you without having to do a whole lot of math. We closed the account being charged a whole lot of money in fees just to do that as well. Will NEVER EVER do business with EJ ever again. Major rip off.

by Liz,  5/18/2018

Pros:  Congenial advisor with great customer service

Cons:  Holy cow - the commissions!

Review:  I inherited an account from my grandma that was with Edward Jones. Her advisor was very friendly and responsive and even gave me his cell phone number so I could call him directly on the weekends - great guy! I needed to sell the stocks and move them to another account, so I asked him to liquidate everything. He told me there would be trading fees and commissions, and I approved that since I needed to move the money. The commissions and fees were over $1000! Here's an example fee: on $750 of principal, I was charged a $4.95 transaction fee and $50 commission. This was a simple request to sell everything - no advice was given to me by the advisor - so I'm not sure how they justify over $1000 of commissions. If the money had been at Vanguard, it would have cost less than $100 ($7.95 per trade) to sell the stocks. Thirty years ago, having a financial advisor that gave you stock advice may have been a good deal for my grandma, but now that we can look up the performance of any stock online and trade commission free at other brokerages, I wouldn't recommend the Edward Jones model.

by James H. Reza,  5/5/2018

Pros:  Looks for ways for me to make money and tells me when he made a mistake in my investments.

Cons:  None

Review:  I had 10 grand in cash at home and asked my EJ if he could put it to work for me instead of me taking it to my bank where the 10 grand would make nothing. He said he had a fund that paid me 4 percent or a little over and if I needed some cash he would send it to my bank the next day. I now get about 400 bucks a month and the fund has grown to 65 thousand. Not bad.

by sue,  4/7/2018

Pros:  There's a branch office in every strip mall

Cons:  Someone has to pay for all those branches (mostly the customer)

Review:  I think that If you have a good F.A. who is looking out for you and knows how to invest, you can do reasonably well. Your returns won't necessarily be pegged to the S&P, but you will get reasonable returns in an up market.

There are reasons why institutional investors don't use E.J.. They are too expensive.

Their robo-advisor is not a bad product, but, because of all of the fees associated with it, I got much better returns from my Fidelity Go account.

Fidelity has more explicit statements, and it's easy to obtain the information that I had been asking my E.J. advisors for years: what are my expenses? what are my market returns? what are my personal returns?

Market returns are all detailed on my Fidelity statements, so, in a down market like what we've had in the last two months, it's easy to see where my money is going. E.J. never responded to my inquiries on this subject. They never did give me any accounting for why, in an up market, I lost 30% of my portfolio. In fact, one advisor simply issued the 48-hour notice that if I didn't find another F.A., he was going to sell my assets. (You do not want E.J. to sell your assets, because they will charge for the sale. One lawyer told me that I would probably end up with about 20% in sales fees.) They will use the fact that they are capable of selling your assets to intimidate you into buying products.

E.J. F.As also dislike it if you don't return their phone calls to buy products. If you have a sizeable sum of money, they will hound you, sometimes calling you several times a day. Feeling intimidated by the fact that they could apparently sell my assets without warning, I returned their phone calls. One of my brokers told me I was incapable of managing my money when I wouldn't buy an annuity from him.

The brokers at E.J. are bullies and con artists.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a good solution to how to manage a large sum of money--now significantly reduced by terrible investments.

by sue,  3/31/2018

Pros:  Easy to work with; full service broker

Cons:  Too expensive; your F.A. is only motivated to generate income for E.J.; commission-driven; branch offices can pass you on to another branch without explanation.

Review:  I have written several negative reviews of E.J.. However, after dealing with other firms, I'm not sure that E.J. was as problematic as I thought. The problem is that your F.A. is driven to produce commissions and to sell you products.

In four years, in spite of a very strong market, I lost about 30% of my portfolio to really bad investments. (Oil and gas pipelines.) My money, invested in index funds, would have tripled in that time.

After working with my fifth E.J. broker, a trainee, I finally moved everything over to Fidelity. I moved it "in kind."

I've been with Fidelity for just three months now, and I finally have some peace in my life. I was very concerned about going the self-managed route, but, for now, it appears to be a workable solution. The stock market has been mostly down since my move to Fidelity, but my investments have hardly been affected. Had I been with E.J. at this point, I probably would have done much worse.

E.J. is not unlike an MLM scheme. I'm surprised that the SEC allows this company to get away with apparent fraud. They try to sell you products that will make them money; that's how I got put into oil and gas pipelines that melted down. I'm thinking of hiring a lawyer to try and recover some of the money.

As far as finding a great advisor who is honest, smart, and is willing to act in a fiduciary role...I have no advice to offer at this point. I have studied the problem for the past three years. I interviewed more than 30 fee-based, fee-only, and commissioned advisors, only to feel more confused than ever. I got referrals from friends, through neighbors, and through my business connections. I always left the meetings with the advisors feeling as if I was being conned.

It's extremely discouraging. I even thought about turning everything over to my TSP manager, who was doing well with a much smaller amount of money.

So, for now, I am managing my money on my own, which I would not advise the average person to do.

Fidelity is a great company for do it yourself investors. They have all of the resources, but, in the end, you are on your own. So far, the investments I had at E.J. are performing reasonably well.

by Tom JOnes,  3/25/2018

Pros:  Very honest worked well with my portfolio

Cons:  Didn't always return phone calls and emails

Review:  I have been working with them since 2009 and have had great returns. Everyone should work with edward jones!!!!

by K. Anderson,  2/28/2018

Pros:  none what so ever

Cons:  clueless

Review:  They try to have lots of letters behind their name but that means nothing. The E. Jones rep I just ran into is a CFP and cannot do the paperwork nor does he understand the way to handle the case. Sad that this company works the way they do. Clueless in Brenham Texas.

by Joseph Boucher,  2/11/2018

Pros:  They have nice offices.

Cons:  They are money hungry thieves that will resort to Harassment and violence if you cancel your accounts with them!

Review:  My mother in law had and account with Edward Jones but had to close out her account with them to pay for her husbands funeral services. Her adviser, Ulana Berenda Emerson who works out of her Port Jervis, N.Y. office became very nasty and started harassing my 66 year old Disabled mother in law over the phone and via Facebook. The 41 year old Ulana Emersom actually physically and verbally attack my mother in law at a school play for her granddaughter in front of the children and their parents and relatives! My mother in law actually had to file for, and was granted a restraining order against Ulana Berenda Emerson in family Court in Orange County, N.Y. We contacted Edward Jones about her conduct but never heard back from them about the issue! The court case is still on going! She also took and used personal information from other family members to make bogus accounts to boost her quota's! We are still trying to get Edward Jones to investigate this issue but they don't seem to interested in helping us since we are "No longer account holders with their company"!

by Jack,  1/31/2018

Pros:  Large company

Cons:  Self serving agents

Review:  You can make much better money and investing choices than sticking with Edward Jones. They are ultra conservative investors and have mismanaged my funds for years. I lost a small fortune doing business with them.

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Edward Jones IRA Accounts Offered
  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional IRA
  • Rollover IRA
  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • 457(b)
  • Roth 401(k)
  • Roth 403(b)

Edward Jones IRA Review

If you reside within 100 miles of any moderately populated small town, it's highly probable you've encountered the Edward Jones brokerage. With in excess of 12,000 branches catering to nearly 7 million patrons in the U.S. and Canada, Edward Jones stands among the country's largest full service brokers. Their multiple J.D. Power & Associates awards for "Highest Investor Satisfaction" and their fourth place on Fortune magazine's "Best Companies to Work for in America" rankings in the past 15 years are a testament to their performance.

This piece will juxtapose Edward Jones against the leading online discount brokers in the U.S.

Full Service Features

Edward Jones delivers services such as wealth management, retirement and college savings, investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, insurance, annuities, business owner financial services, and banking services like check writing, money market funds, credit cards and loans, and savings accounts.

A personal financial advisor offers these services, working closely with clients to formulate a financial plan aligned with their needs and objectives. The advisor's remuneration comprises commissions on stocks and bonds, sales loads on mutual funds, annuities, insurance products, and unit investment trusts. Advisory programs or certain accounts generate fees based on assets under management. The advisor may also receive bonuses from the company based on the volume of new business and other internal incentive schemes.

The company also profits from revenue sharing and 12b-1 fees with specific mutual funds and insurance companies, margin interest, administration fees, and numerous other sources.

Considering the fees paid to both the personal advisor and the company, an investor should anticipate high-quality personal service and advice. The company's J.D. Power Investor Satisfaction awards vouch for superior service, but as with all personal financial advisors, the individual's competence is the determining factor. Thus, investors need to meticulously screen potential financial advisors to ensure compatibility with their personality, goals, and needs.

Edward Jones Reviews 2024

Edward Jones IRA Fees and Commissions

The Edward Jones website doesn't provide clear commission rates for straightforward investments such as stock trades. However, the rates are indirectly suggested by the fact that establishing a monthly Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) program for a particular stock or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) will cost 2% of the investment amount for each transaction, similar to setting up a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP). It's inferred that stock and ETF trading commissions exceed 2%. There's no evidence to suggest that Edward Jones offers no-load mutual funds. Consequently, mutual fund investors will bear a sales load for any mutual fund they buy. U.S. Treasuries and corporate bonds' commissions may reach 2% when purchasing and up to 0.75% when selling.

Another considerable uncertainty is the revenue sharing and bonus prospects available to Edward Jones advisors. Although these may not be explicit fees charged directly to the investor, any revenue sharing or bonus features introduce a potential conflict of interest between client and advisor and must be factored into any investment decision.

Edward Jones applies numerous fees for non-trading transactions such as account maintenance fees for IRAs, penalty for frequent check writing, ATM fees, and online bill payment. Nonetheless, many of these fees are waived if specific minimum balance requirements are met.

edward jones investments reviews

Edward Jones Schedule IRA Cost

Annual Account Fee*
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)$40 per calendar year, not prorate
Additional IRAs of the same individual$20 per calendar year, not prorated
Account Services
Estates service fee (charged for the re-registration of assets)$100
Total transfer or termination of an account$95
Money Market Accounts and Adviser Services*
Cash interestNo charge
Edward Jones Money Market Fund Investment Share$3 per month if average monthly balance falls below $2,500
Edward Jones Money Market Fund Retirement Share$3 per month if average monthly balance falls below $1,500
Edward Jones Tax-Free Money Market Fun$3 per month if average monthly balance falls below $2,500
Additional Services and Fees
Returned check$25
Returned ACH payment$25
Wire transfer fee (domestic only)$25
Annual private investment fee*Minimum $50 per calendar year per position held in the account. Additional fees and expenses may apply
Dividend Reinvestment
Reinvestment into stock*2% of reinvestment amount
Reinvestment into mutual fundsNormal transaction fee
Dollar Cost Averaging
Systematic purchase of stocks2% of investment amount ($5 minimum)
Systematic purchase/sale/exchange of mutual fundNormal transaction fees

The Good

  • Individual, personalized service from a financial advisor qualified to sell a full spectrum of investments
  • More than 12,000 local offices
  • A long-term investment strategy that emphasizes slow, steady growth over hot stocks or new technology
  • Easy to use website and account features like portfolio monitoring, financial calculators, and asset transfers
  • Many fees are waived if total assets under management exceed $250,000
  • Other financial services like savings accounts, credit cards and loans, and online bill-paying, which can be integrated with investment accounts

The Bad

  • High commissions and fees when compared to discount brokers
  • No access to online trading
  • Certain fees, commissions, and revenue sharing payments may create a conflict of interest between the financial advisor and the client

Edward Jones IRA Review Conclusion

We end Edward Jones IRA review with this thought: like all full-service brokers, investment services from Edward Jones don't come cheap. However, their strong reputation for customer service and large network of local offices and advisors provides personal service and advice for clients who may not be sophisticated investors or don't wish to become active traders. While commissions and fees are steep, the most important factor is overall investment performance.

Active investors, or those who are cost-conscious, will save money by going with low cost brokers and relying on financial advice from independent sources.

Edward Jones Reviews

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