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eOption reviews, customers complaints, rating, brokerage pros and cons. Is eOption safe and good options trading company to open an account?

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eOption Customer Reviews

by Alan, 3/21/2019

Pros: low commission fee

Cons: unreliable big delay in quotes

I've been with TDAmeritrade for 5 years with no problem. But decided to find a low cost broker and just opened an account with Eoptions but their quotes are not reliable. A big big delay. It's not good for day trading at all. it may work for long term investment but definitely not for day trading. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO DAY TRADERS. You get what you pay for!

by Doug, 1/7/2019

Pros: Excellent Customer Service. Low rates.

Cons: None.

I have been with e-option for years. No issues with them. They are a low cost broker. They do not have tons of videos and things on their platform, but that is fine with me. I know how to trade and their platforms works, period. Customer service always has picked up very quickly. Very helpful men on the line who know their stuff and are willing to help.

by Timmy LeDoux, 11/15/2018

Pros: Low cost trades

Cons: Web based platform. Unreliable!!! Apple app is hard to use. No charts on options on aap. Extremely difficult to fund account Thur ach, a week!! Almost impossible to wire money in. When I did, Hill Top rejected wire because FFC to was on the wrong line! Can you emagine? Every thing happens for a reason and good thing. I sent the money to TD Ameritrade, thinkorswim!!! Great

Save your money and your sanity. Stay Far away from this company. I give them a year or two and They will be bankrupt😡.

by Gary T, 7/12/2018

Pros: Low cost commissions; some friendly staff

Cons: Unreliable, unpredictable, errors in end of year tax form, some staff are totally disinterested and provide wrong information

This broker may work for you if you are buy and hold, but not good for trading as system is often down and sometimes you get messages that you can't trade a given stock and have to call in for them to fix the error. Some staff are very nice, but in general, their customer service staff do not care whether they provide you with accurate information or not. Overall, this is the worst customer service I have experienced.

In general the money lost due to system glitches, etc, is greater than the money saved on lower commissions. You are better off with paying a little more and going with a more capable brokerage firm.

by LRAB, 4/26/2018

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Horrible Customer Service

Extremely frustrating to open up an account. I trade options for a living and make well over 6 figures a year; however, when I requested to upgrade my account in order to be able to purchase calls/puts, I was denied. Since when are these guys supposed to care if I lose my money or not? I'm well informed of the risks I'm taking WITH MY OWN MONEY. I offered to supply my broker statements to provide proof that I indeed do this for a living, and I received no response. I pay on average upwards of $7,000 commission a month and sought to reduce my costs, yet I can't get approved to buy calls and puts (a defined risk trade)? They definitely lost my potential business. If your incompetent enough to not be able to approve a customer for limited risk options trading in a timely manner, god only knows what would happen if you relied on these brokers for trade execution, or something along those lines. Unbelievable.

by Virtual Account, 1/31/2018

Pros: Low Fees

Cons: Slow, Not Dependable, Terrible App, Hard to Use

Terrible app and horrible up time. Good thing I only tried the virtual account before committing real cash.

Will stick to a real broker with a quality platform.

Total fail!

by jp, 9/15/2017


Cons: Lot of issue with the trading platform

Its cheap but sometime you will loose more money by halting the trading .. I am not suggesting eOption to anyone at all. I have very bad experience in trading my Puts. they had a issue with their trading platform and meanwhile I call them to place an order , My put price got half (Obviously i waited for half an Hour in call line since whole eoption was down) and nowadays it happens frequently.

by Optionmax77, 9/14/2017

Pros: Low cost trades, easy to use, great customer service

Cons: Can take a few days for a ach transaction to post depending on the amounts

We have four accounts (including two IRAs) with them and have been very happy. Not a lot of fancy options like ThinkorSwim but a very good simple trading platform with really low fees.

by CR, 5/9/2017

Pros: $3 trades

Cons: BID/ASK spread is no where near what it really is so you're really not getting $3 trades.

This brokers bid/ask spread is outrageous. It's no where real time and way off. You're better off with a more honest broker.

by itchibahn, 2/3/2017

Pros: Low commissions and fees.

Cons: Poor platform and support.

Yes, their platform is very basic, but their low commissions and fees are great, and I can live with it as I have 4 accounts with TDAmeritrade for long and swing trades, and for analysis.

I opened eOption account to trade options about 2 weeks ago. It's been great with low commissions and fees, until today.

Today, I was trying to take profit but for some reason my Sell to Close order got rejected, and missed the opportunity to bank $1300 and had to settle for couple of hundred at next opportunity. I sent emails but was taking too long for a response, so called in. Their support guy said there were some internal reset going on causing the rejection of the order. He also said to use different brokerage firm to daytrade. Basically saying "move on buddy".

I'm keeping screenshots of the logs on rejected orders. Today, I got lucky and didn't take a loss. But if this happens again, I'll keep taking screenshots for record, close my account, and possibly take a legal action.

I would of gave 1 star due to that huge bug and response by their support, but the 2nd star is for their low commissions and fees.

by T, 12/21/2016

Pros: Lowest fees available

Cons: Everything else. Extremely poor platform, often showing $0.00 for quotes, $0.00 for purchase price, completely incorrect P/L. Account value only updates once per day (sometime overnight between sessions). Quotes are not accurate

e.g. I had an open Condor spread order, limit sell at $0.27. The Bid consistently reached $0.28 and $0.29, yet my order was not executed. When I contacted the trading desk, their response was that multi-leg quotes come from different exchanges, and don't represent the actual bid/ask spread.

This is the epitome of a poorly performing platform, it is completely unprofessional. I would avoid them at all costs, even if trading here were free!

by Alan, 7/9/2016

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Everything Else

I was set up on Auto Trade through a stock advisory options membership group. The first month was okay but then the group who was doing the trades were providing members feedback on a few successful trades and I realized my account balance didn't change. I found out EOption cancelled my auto trade option without notifying me. Per SEC regulation brokerage firms must provide you adequate notice to increase funds or remedy any situation in your account to meet guidelines etc. I never received any notification. And get this the advisory group who were doing the trades for me were not doing risky naked option trading so I required very little funding. When I talked to them they told me "we don't have to do that because we are a small company." It got worse from there. They froze my account for no reason so I couldn't even do any manual trades and they charged me $50 for inactivity! Moreover, the trading platform is so old and antiquated. I lost over $2k bucks due to their botch up. Just remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.

by Bob, 7/2/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Con job

Sent them completed application and 50k check twice and was sent back application and check twice by regular mail. Would' not speak to me on the phone, Since my application showed 50 years of brokerage experience and 7 figure liquid assets, my only conclusion is that they were Afraid I would learn too much and go to regulators.BEWARE ! ! !

by Doug, 4/20/2016

Pros: Good platform, low fees.

Cons: none

I am really wondering if all these negatives are "planted". I have been using them for some time. My orders get filled at the limit I set. There are no surprise fees. Notice - All these grips are about customer service. Sure, if you are a complete idiot and need someone to hold your hand as you trade - then sure - this might not be for you. But if you know what you are doing and can speak ENGLISH - then I recommend Eoption for sure.

by Don, 4/19/2016

Pros: Cheap Fee

Cons: A Lot

Of course, NO GOOD!!!.

Cheap site so slower than other site.

Also support services are very sucks!!!. NO ANSWER OTHERWISE LATE RESPONSE.

In additional, account is suddenly blocked and can not trade without any problem.

I do not recommand Eoption!!!

by eldorado, 2/18/2016

Pros: bad

Cons: bad

this place is bad bad its not even a company

by Horrified, 1/29/2016

Pros: commission


Remember Yugo car? You can look it up if you don't, and please trust me on this: A brand new Mercedes 600S to Yugo would be any broker out there to Eoption. Try them, tell me if I am wrong please. It is exactly what all the single stars tell you here. There should be no star or negative 6 star to properly convey the outrageous place eoption is. What experience!

by Horrified, 1/26/2016

Pros: commission

Cons: all else and more and more even when you make lots of profit

Imagine MF Global all over again.
Imagine wanting to die, waiting and waiting for their new ATARI platform to respond, or their phone answering, or your email getting a response, just so that you can die. But no, you will have to stay alive and wish it again the next day and the day after, and ...
This place is designed not for trading but to get you ready for insane asylum, unf...g believable experience!!!
Just go back home to your family and try to die from natural causes my friend, this will be too painful a manner., cruel and unusual

by Mike, 1/5/2016

Pros: fee

Cons: all else

You will become speechless, angry, sad, hopeless, ...wishing you had never wanted to save money in the first place.


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"Exceptional Pricing on Stock Trades. Great for active traders. Fairly Good Range of Investment Instruments. Fantastic Online Trading PlatformSolid Option for Discount Trading and Options."


eOption Account

Minimum to open: There is no ($0) minimum deposit for U.S. accounts. A minimum deposit of $5,000 is required for international accounts.

  • Stocks/ETFs: $3
  • Options: $3 + $0.10 per contract
  • Mutual Funds: $14.95

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About eOption Brokerage. How Safe is eOption?

In 2007, eOption was created with a clear purpose in mind – low-cost trades combined with fast, efficient execution. Our ultra low commission rates provide a unique value that will immediately enhance a successful trade with a higher investment yield.

eOption is a division of Regal Securities, Inc., a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Your account assets are covered by the SIPC, which protects customers of its members up to $500,000, with a limitation of $250,000 on claims for cash balances. Additionally, our clearing firm, FirstSouthwest Company maintains an aggregate policy limit of $150,000,000 in “Excess SIPC” insurance through a syndicate with Lloyd’s of London to protect client accounts up to their net equity for loss of securities and cash.

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