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Euro Pacific Capital customer reviews, pros and cons, wealth management account complaints, performance, Peter Schiff bank rating. Is Euro Pacific Capital safe and good company?

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Euro Pacific Capital Customer Reviews

by Nate, 5/20/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Extremely terrible service and even worse investment advice.

Just terrible all around broker.

by Tommy, 4/24/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Magic tricks. Can make your net worth disappear.

My brother the gold bug turned me onto Peter Schiff. He had chugged the PS doom and gloom koolaid and was totally convinced of impending doom. Luckily I got out before much damage was inflicted. I mean...look at the record of this outfit. Schiff can't even make money when metals are hitting new highs, much less when the markets are returning normal amounts. PS has no business managing other people's money...PERIOD. He's a millionaire at the expense of his clients...a total conjob. Almost forgot...his fees are ridiculous given the horrendous performance. (sigh)

by Bob, 3/20/2020

Pros: zero

Cons: Peter is either a fast talking con man,. or a fast talking idiot. My broker out of the Scottsdale office was the same. I lost HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. Frankly , I think they are fast talking con men. and I wish I had never gotten sucked in.


by Peter, 1/8/2020

Pros: none

Cons: questionable honesty and ethics

worst performer in my portfolio over 10 years. a number of practices make me question their ethics and honesty. tend to recommend highly risky businesses prone to bankruptcy and default.

by Alan Hartley, 11/26/2019

Pros: Brandon is a great broker with the wrong company

Cons: The only gains made is in the Europac broker account

I invested half my money with Europac. I kept the other half in the bank. After 5 years Europac could not even get me back to a break even point and the money in the measly bank account made interest. The stock market went from 6000 - 20000+ during this time and Europac lost money for me, well, they gained, I lost. The final straw was when Iooked at my statement in 2018 and they where purchasing Bayer, just as all the Monsanto lawsuits where coming out. Well that stock has gone from 30+ to 19 now . I called the investment manager and he stood by his position, saying the Monsanto lawsuits where a drop in the bucket for a company like Bayer. Bottom line, I would be ready to retire, If I had gone with another broker who knows how to make proper investments.

by Annie, 10/29/2019

Pros: Don’t know of any

Cons: Everything

My sister-in-law was a big fan of Peter Schiff and wanted me to sell my house and put the money in gold and invest in this company.
This was many years ago and she has since passed. I was not stupid enough to listen to her since she had many crackpot ideas — this being one of them!!!
I wish she was still here so that she could see what a con this was.

by Craig Casper, 8/31/2019

Pros: If his theory of U.S. economic demise occurs, he might show some gains in precious metals, but how long?

Cons: Way too much salesmanship and seemingly no understanding of where the U.S. cycle is and how to act upon it.

After the great recession was in progress, Peter Schiff's ideas seemed to provide an explanation of what happened and a direction towards safety. It seemed he got it right when all other financial institutions were blind to the 09' crisis. I invested a portion under his financial management team sharing his concerns about consequences of bailing out institutions and reinflating another economic bubble. My decision to close the account is that I do not believe Peter is capable of having the research and analysis team necessary to understand where economic opportunities lie within various parts of the economic cycles. He completely missed the last 10 years of recovery here in the U.S. His strategy is based on a limited view of economic disaster which could occur but hasn't yet. As an economic strategy this is a very narrow view. Basically a sliver. He's been proven wrong on most points of his strategy and one can buy one's own precious metals rather than pay his managers to do this. His views and planning on interest rate prediction has been spectacularly wrong. Better to listen to him as entertainment rather than to invest with. I now read David Rosenberg.

by Adam, 4/15/2019

Pros: none

Cons: In first year he doubled my money, then lost all gains, then almost flat performance for last 10 years. I moved all money to him, believing in his theory of Dollar collapse. I lost opportunity of making 200% in american stocks. Peter Schiff should loose broker- licence..

In first year Peter Schiff doubled my money, then lost all gains, then almost flat performance for last 10 years. I moved all money to him, believing in his theory of Dollar collapse. I lost opportunity of making 200% in american stocks. Peter Schiff should loose broker- licence. He knows only, how to sell his product.

by Anon, 11/13/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Shaky investing strategy

We opened a managed account with EuroPacific in 2011. Having been through 2 severe recessions in a relatively short period of time, I felt like something was really wrong with the US economy and Peter's books made a lot of sense. As a hedge against the US market, we decided to try investing with EuroPacific's Managed Account program, which basically advocates investing in foreign stocks that pay dividends. The investment strategy is predicated that when the US economy 'finally' tanks for good, it will decouple from world markets, whose currencies will then soar in comparison to the US.

The paper work advised having an investing time horizon of at least 7 years and I had mentally committed for that period of time to see things out. Over the 7 years, our account went up some 30%, down 50%, back up, and finally down.

After 7+ years, I decided that this investment strategy was not working and we closed the account. We lost about 17% of our portfolio. Not horrendous considering some other horror stories, but considering how well the US markets did in that time span, our 'losses' exceeded 200%. That is, with that same money invested in the US, we would have seen returns around 150% vs. -17%.

As I mentioned, this was a hedge. Beyond investing in foreign markets, this investment was advertised to work when the US market collapses ... we were advisted to continue to be patient. I had a harder and harder time 'rooting' for the collapse and misery of millions of Americans.

Suffice it to say, the only decoupling we saw was the US markets gaining strength while the rest of the world stagnated (at least based on our investments).

So, we tried, and we failed. But we got out. I cannot recommend this investing strategy to anyone, unfortunately.

by James, 11/13/2018

Pros: ????

Cons: I lost 30% of my portfolio in 2 years; missed the biggest stock market rally ever.

RUN! Seriously! If my above mentioned "cons" haven't convinced you, (it certainly is a CON) read on: I would give zero stars if it were an option. As it stands, this firm seems most interested in churning capital for horrendous management fees: Just take a brief look at the Morningstar assessment of their mutual funds and you will have an idea that this outfit is being captained by charlatans. It's a real turd. They prey upon people's irrational fears about the markets. Their SMA (Separately Managed Accounts) option affords their "first-class" victims a front-row sear to watch in horror, as their retirement vanishes like snow in June. The same thing will happen if you buy the mutual funds, either separately or in a wrap, (like I did); but you don't get the blue-chip treatment into poverty, with those options. REAL fund managers understand the principle of MARKET TIMING. Peter SCHIFF and his legion of cult members have demonstrated that they either don't know or don't care about this principle. Not only did their mismanagement cost me 30% of a large sum, I missed THE BIGGEST STOCK MARKET RALLY in probably 200 years.

by Jason, 8/10/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Peter Schiff knows NOTHING about investing

Atrocious, retire in poverty and eat cat food.

Same story as the others, EVERYTHING advised has been wrong. EVERYTHING. Total disaster.

Peter Schiff is an economist, who knows almost nothing about investing. His investment track record is beyond awful.

What does someone who doesn’t know investing advise? Buy at the top for massive losses:
Buy gold at $1,900 - it went as low as $1,000
Buy silver at $49 - it went to $14
Buy Besra - it went to zero
Buy gold mining at top - GDX went from $62 to $13

Don’t buy at bottom for massive gains:
2009 was the chance of a lifetime to make a FORTUNE in US stocks. His advice was don’t buy because some day there will be another bear market and he has no concept of selling.

S&P 500 in 2009 was 730 - in 2018 it’s 2,600
Real Estate in 2009/2010 - same story

He has been predicting a dollar collapse, high inflation, high interest rates for 20 years!!!

I don't know if he's a con artist or delusional and believes his own garbage. So sad to hear the stories of ruined lives.

by Gerald, 7/6/2018

Pros: I lost everything due to his doom and gloom

Cons: They got rich I lost everything

I joined Europac and Peter Schiff in 2008 due to his popular book and saw him at the SF Money Show. Everything I touched his Gold stocks have tanked and all the Funds they pushed me into. Peter Schiff is nothing more than a complete con artist in my opinion. I would be up 2-3x had I invested in the S&P now instead I lost 80% of my money. I am 75 years old and I have to work two Jobs as a Wal-Mart greeter and mow lawns on a riding mower on the weekends. Peter cost me about $400k and yet he lives large in Puerto Rico conning more and more clients. What amazes me is that people like this are not in jail!!! $500k x2 would be about $1 million so instead of having near a million dollars to retire on I was conned and have less than a $100k and am forced to work at Wal-Mart as my doctor says I will likely live into my 90's. I lost 80% of my retirement but Peter Schiff and his brokers get paid!! I signed all their forms saying my investments were "speculative" so I guess they cover their ass.

by Cliff Ward, 5/23/2018

Pros: Did me good...enough to gain my confidence, then took his cut.

Cons: Professional con-man. I think P. Shiff n crew are blow driven.

Got in w/EuroPac 10/08. Initially did really well in a collection of mostly Chinese stocks...Doubled my position within 2 yrs. Then, was promoted Nutrifruit, Wowjoint, and a limited partnership deal in US/China Mining...a $50K position in the latter which I wasn't able to extract from during it's collapse...1/2 way thru my broker was 'promoted and transferred to Dubai'...or somewhere outa touch. Anyone else get burned by these specific positions? Seemed pretty BAD PRACTICES to promote such fraudulent 'instruments'...and luckily I pulled out ahead and never looked back. House of marked cards.

by Eve, 9/24/2017

Pros: Polite and responsive

Cons: No

My representative was helpful and responsive. Present performance has been very good

by Vassilio, 9/23/2017

Pros: customer service - easy communication _ pros

Cons: None

Great way to buy us stocks and buy foreign securities in their denomination

by MP, 9/13/2017

Pros: Full Service Funcitionality

Cons: Need to be self motivated

Full service shop with capabilities

by William, 7/29/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Everything, lost a fortune over the past 6 years, high fees, poorly managed funds, passed from one broker to another

Euro Pacific Capital really is a mess. Most of the Mutual Funds I was placed in by my broker had extraordinarily high fees and a large commission. Most of which went away because of poor performance. Even during the largest bull market in US Equities the Euro Pacific Capital US Fund lost a great deal and closed. The Hard Asset Fund closed, the China Fund, the Latin America Fund. While the losses racked up my speculation is that Peter Schiff asked them to close the funds because the track record for those securities was public. When I joined they recommended several Deep Sea Oil Drilling stocks that went down 90%. Most the Gold stocks even after dollar cost averaging down are still down 60-70% from the purchase price. All the commodity currency shares that I was told would go up Australia, Norway, Canada, etc all went down because commodities got crushed. I was reluctant to make a post because I have been so frustrated with this firm. But looking at so many Peter Schiff followers who leave fake reviews with no real outlook on what the clients actually own and the performance its quite disgusting. I feel compelled to do so given my longer term position with the firm. The only time I get calls about my portfolio is move some stuff around to generate them a few fees even though nearly everything has been in the tank for years on end.

by William, 7/26/2017

Pros: Performace is up 17 percent


The funds have been up 17 percent and last year over 30 percent. It is some volatility but if you can deal with it you would of made back from the prior years where the indexes went dos

by Poor performance since 2010, 5/7/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

All their mutual funds blew up or are down significantly since inception. Many of the Peter Schiff apologists try to cherry pick dates. Fact of the matter is he has lost his clients including myself a fortune with his horrible picks. USD went up and Gold and Silver crashed and his funds did the same. I mean seriously I use to listen to this guys Radio show before his clients rioted from losses and he said Bitcoin was a bubble at $20 and his guest host Thomas Woods would come on and talk about how awesome it was. If you want to lose your ass and pay a fortune in fees to do so invest with Schiff. The guy is a clown and even people in his sector like Marin Katusa who have killed it call him that. Good luck EuroPac investors I lost years of investing life I will never get back. Keep in mind even with his mortgage bankers speech in 08 he put his clients in Gold and Foregin stocks which got killed more than US equities. Good talking points but zero idea how to invest.

by John Smithson, 4/6/2017

Pros: Fast comms, good advice, great service

Cons: non that i can think of

I see a lot of bad reviews and so had to leave my positive experience I have been with europac for more than 3 years now and have been very pleased with the results and returns. Clearly you need to consider the companies vested interest in Gold, but as an educated investor you would know that. Do your homework and you will avoid results like all these other investors leaving reviews. The banking and investment side is rock solid and we love using the bank.

by Curtis, 3/6/2017

Pros: Same story , same rip off

Cons: Everything. They churn advisors, no communication, improper investments

I can't add much to the already bad reviews. I lost $40k based on their advice. I told them I only wanted large well established companies. Some how I ended up in Bersa Gold and some other small companies. They don't listen to you and put you off. It was the delay getting out that cost me $40k. My initial instinct telling me to get out was correct and my account was about even. Their delay tactics is what cost me. I have 3 advisors with no communication that I would be switched and suddenly I was with Andrew Schiff ( this signal death spiral), who gave me about a 45 minute spiel on why I shouldn't leave. They should feature this brokerage firm on American Greed. The fact that they had a big interest in Bersa Gold and then pushed that onto clients should be investigated. Looking at the Bersa Gold proceedings it looks like Eurpac is going to get some of "THEIR" money back. Leaving the rest of us with worthless shares. Anyone want to purchase 8k shares of Bersa cheap. Seems to be a theme here, people ripped off by the BIG Bersa Gold Scam.

by Joe, 10/9/2016

Pros: "Super friendly"

Cons: Same story different day

Here are more details on why you should not invest with europac.

I too got burned by Besra Gold, which is still yet to be relisted. I think Europac felt the pressure for highly recommending them as they are one of the primary lenders that have allowed besra to reopen their big mine in Vietnam. Besra still has not met the criteria for relisting on the asx(Australian exchange).

Europac intentionally makes it difficult for people to transfer out of their brokerage because they deal with international exchanges. Their excuse of course is "we are protecting you from the us dollar". Really when you think about it there is not much different from owning cnook on the asx vs owning ceo on the us exchange once its a stock. The local currency denomination has some impact, but it is not overwhelming as you will eventually will come back to us dollars to pay taxes, plus all of the extra fees paying for the foreign exchanges undermines any net benefit.

To continue along the same line. Because europac deals with international exchanges there is no way to put a stop on these positions. Yes, there may be a way if you have a schwab account, but not through europac. So if you have $10k position denominated in Norwegian Kroners, you cannot have a stop. If this stock were to drop hard, you could not protect yourself ahead of time. Lets say then you want to sell to stop inflicting more damage to yourself, you then have to wait until that exchange opens in that local country. It may take 2-4 days to even make the sell if you are unfortunate enough to try and sell at the beginning of their weekend and you catch that market after they have closed.

For commissions they charge you $100 for any buy/sell brokerage execution, if they recommended the stock to you which is almost always true they charge a $20/50 commission. If you are lucky enough to even have made a profit, they then take a 1-2.5% commission on top of that. No wonder Peter's rich, huh?

One would think that peter and his team would be an expert on recommendations. That's not the case. Many of the companies that are recommended are value traps that never seem to be strong enough to ride out the rough times contrary to what they tell you. The brokers don't care where the stock is in its chart cycle. They will take your money anytime regardless if the stock or market place is topping out. Do they know or care is questionable. I don't think they care and truly believe if you have cash in that account it must be spent immediately and will pressure you to do so. As energy and gold crashed the last few years, and I sat on my cash. They told me how dangerous it was to do so. I would've lost 90% of my money had I listened to them.

Long story short: They constantly recommend energy, commodity, and gold based companies even when downward trends would dictate otherwise.
With europac, the costs of "protecting" you from the US dollar far exceeds any currency loss you incur while being in the US dollar.

by Marshall Feder, 9/27/2016

Pros: Nice Suites and car, wife isent flowers to my wife's funeral

Cons: No communication, high fees, lost everything, unreliable staff

After reading his book and independent research I agreed believed he was accurate in the government being bankrupt.

As I thought this was a sound foundation to capitalize on I invested everything I and my wife had saved from 57 years as a Fire Marshall and teacher for the mentally disabled.

With our 843k we meet with peter bridled before being quickly passed to a "broker". Although salesman/ con artist may be more apt.
He pushed us to invest in a South-East gold mine- in just 3 weeks we lost a 347k. Although we had plenty of worthless shares..

Our original "broker" quickly fell out of the picture and after no communication for 3 months- short of occasional email with links to his pod cast- we went to the office in person.

After many frustrating conversations we were provided a new "broker". Although we were charged for this transfer of accounts.

For the next few years we continued to lose time and time again. In total we had 4 different brokers.

In 2015 my dear wife of 52 years passed.

The only money I had left was still wrapped up in our accounts.

After much effort I was able to speak with Peter. I told him about Mar's passing and that I needed to close the accounts so I could pay for the funeral.

I was also hoping to bring our mentally disabled granddaughter to Disneyland.
A sort of distraction from the grief we all felt.

After reviewing our accounts I have as told that ; of the initial 750k we were down just 4K , plus the many many hundreds of shares in company's that we're essentially worthless.

And although he was aware that I needed to draw down and close our accounts so I could give my wife the best funeral she deserved and take our mentally disabled granddaughter to Disneyland he said I would have to pay a 2% closing fee.

Ultimately I had to cremate my wife as I didn't have funeral costs.
And I could not afford to take our grieving disabled granddaughter to Disneyland.

Please do not invest with Peter.

I have since lost my home and live in a nursing home. I'm on a fixed income with my military and fireman pension.

I really let my dear wife, granddaughter Ella and my children down.

Please be mindful.

God bless you all.

by Another Unhappy Long Term Customer, 7/9/2016

Pros: None

Cons: High Fee Funds, High Commission, Lack of Transparency, Poor Performance

I started in 09 and the firm has really changed over the years. I had for the most part agreed with Schiff overall thesis about the Economy. Somewhere around 2011 they changed their structure and began pushing Extremely High Fee mutual funds. Not only were they high fee but the performance had been completely horrible for years on end.

Secondly, as mentioned by others on here the brokers turned into sales people not advisors. Putting you into high risk poorly vetted stocks like Bersa Gold which is worth nothing now. Babcock and Brown infrastructure that went to Zero. A stock would go down 80% and they would say well it’s still on our buy list. Then my broker quit and it was over two years before I was assigned a new one!!!! Worst of all I was passed off to some guy who is indoctrinated in Austrian Economics and tells me about all the value creation even though a stock is down 50-60%. It’s a joke.

Now that the broker I had with a bit of a conscience is gone, it’s like a boiler room just trying to extract fees. Since the metal’s price has come back some I have almost broke AFTER 8 YEARS!! Getting prepared to pay them there 2% commission to close my account. Unreal!!!!

As others have mentioned on here YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! There is nothing that EuroPac provides that you theoretically could not do yourself with an Interactive Brokers or Fidelity account with regards to buying foreign stocks on their respective exchanges, which was a complete lie Schiff use to spew. Investing with EuroPac was the worst financial mistake of my life.

by Burned by EPC, 7/2/2016

Pros: Nice Guy

Cons: High Fees, Horrible Performance, NO COMMUNICATION

We too lost a fair amount of money with EPC, all the while paying huge fees. No communication poor results.

We also lost money on ALL of the private placements. Again, NO COMMUNICATION. We are considering starting a class action suit against EPC. But we need more folks to get involved. Anyone else want to take on the beast?

by Dave, 3/1/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Many

I'm a former client, just closed my account. This brokerage firm is just horrible with no communication. I call the broker one day only to find out I was passed off to someone else as the broker left the firm. Never given the chance to interview the new broker. Then not having heard from the broker again for awhile, I call and that broker is gone too. I was then passed off to Andrew Schiff, Peter's brother. Seems that the brokerage was getting desperate as Andrew gave this huge spiel on why I should close my account, blah, blah, blah. Took a while because all of sudden he wasn't returning my calls and suddenly became on vacation. One nasty email and my concerns I was being ripped off got them to process my closing of the account. Still awaiting my last 50k and then I'm done. Down 15k over the 6 years I was there. They are not good at picking investments, had a number of their "investigated and recommended" stocks go belly up. Still have Bersa Gold which is worth exactly, ZERO. But I have 8,000 shares.

by Not good, 2/17/2016


Cons: Do not know how to pick stocks.

Lost 50% of portfolio. Do not invest money with them or you will be sorry.

by Lexis, 8/26/2015

Pros: I did have a good broker, but he left suddenly

Cons: The brokers I have had since pay little attention to me, although I have a large account

I believe in Peter's philosophy, but would like to feel I am important enough to call and connect with every so often. It is causing me a lot of stress when I see my portfolio decline and being told to listen to Peter's podcast for an explanation. After I went to a managed account, on the advise of my previous broker, I don't hear from anyone unless I make the call. My rating is low because of the lack of attention I feel.

by Jake, 8/20/2015

Pros: None

Cons: Knows enough to get you in trouble

Similar to the stories of other users I was a big fan of Peter and I didn't care too much for the large banks in my area. My Broker was slick and sold me on the opportunities I had being so young and investing at the "perfect time". Needless to say the small but substantial $25,000 I invested at the time quickly went to around $20,000 and then $17,000. At this time in order to transfer funds out of the company would leave me with almost a $10,000 loss in a relatively short period of time. When I asked for an in person interview to discuss if I was just a victim of the market, they declined to meet with me. I would assume because they already have my money what do they need with me now. If you are interested in investing with this company you should buy a boat, sports car, get involved in horse racing, or go buy the most expensive bottle of wine your local restaurant. At least then you can enjoy losing your money.

by Marc, 6/28/2015

Pros: Nice Guy

Cons: Hopelessly Helpless

I've lost MANY thousands of dollars with them--well over 100K--and if I liquidate I'll be stuck with high fees and on the hook for private placements that have become total busts. If I quit them then I've lost somewhere over 200K!!!

I believe that Peter knows the problems with our economy and our country but he has been unable to translate that into making money for this client. Unfortunately, as of 6/28/15 my Euro Pac. accounts continue to fall.

You are warned!


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Euro Pacific Capital Account Types

Individuals, families, trusts, and corporations can open a variety of investment and retirement accounts with Euro Pacific, including IRAs, and Roth IRAs. Those with $50,000 or more to invest can choose Euro Pacific’s signature managed account portfolios that rely on active management to achieve specific investment goals. These accounts offer varied asset class allocations and all seek exposure to those nations, currencies and sectors that are favored by Euro Pacific’s global economic outlook.

The minimum investment for a Portfolio Wrap Account is $50,000 and the minimum investment for a separately managed account with Euro Pacific Capital is $250,000.

Euro Pacific Capital requires an account minimum of $100,000 for a traditional brokerage account.

Investors who do not qualify for the account minimums needed for broker's managed account platforms can purchase Euro Pacific Capital Mutual Funds. For account minimum of $25,000, Euro Pacific brokers will structure portfolios of mutual funds that are weighted to match a client’s individual investment profile. Investors with less than $25,000 can purchase these mutual funds directly via the Funds’ websites. Minimum investment per fund is $2,500.


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