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Fisher Investments Financial Services customer reviews and complaints, investment account rating and performance, advisors pros and cons. Is Fisher Investments safe and good company?

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Fisher Investments Customer Reviews

by Skip, 5/9/2020

Pros: No complaints and just sit back and trust Fisher


Got involved about 5 years ago. Pooled all my investment funds from friends (I was not getting positive returns). First year with Fisher - NOTHING and my broker called and asked how I like investing with Fisher. The second year and since we have had positive returns that both my wife and I like.

We have attended a couple of regional seminars and those have been good.

With the most recent coronavirus meltdown, we were worried as the market crashed. But today we received our statement and we are back on track thanks to Fisher. Of course we are not where we were prior to the crash but we are in better shape than we thought we would be in and the market is still 4K below where it was prior to the crash.

So in summary, we have enjoyed not worrying and have allowed Fisher to do their thing. Now that is the way to retire.

by John, 8/17/2019


Cons: employee turnover and poor performance with high fees

I have had a very small portfolio with Fisher over the past 20 years. He did ok early on but has been performing poorly relative to the market for some time. I never know who I am going to get when I call in. It seems like I have a new “Advisor” every few months so I am calling it quits. I want an advisor who will stick with me long term and have my best interests at heart. I have used another advisor at one of the larger firms and I like the idea of them evaluating the world’s top portfolio managers and having the flexibility to fire one if they underperform. At Fisher, Fisher is the portfolio manager. It’s either all or none when it comes to keeping them. If someone underperforms the index as long as them it has to stop. I’m not sure how he gets these fake reviews all over the place. Well I do, Fisher pays for it. He took down the posted performance of his Purisima funds that mirrored his stock portfolio performance. Their website claims they would be a 5 star fund, when in reality they were rated a 1 star fund prior to closing the funds. Don’t get drawn in to their scripted pitches, buyer beware.

by Max, 8/17/2019



Fisher portfolios have vastly underperformed over the past 10 years. They give you this pitch that they can accurately time the market but it’s a bunch of crap. Look at the end of 2018. Look at 08 and look at the tech crash in the early 2000’s. Fisher portfolios were in a free fall with the market. A balanced portfolio with a disciplined approach bests fisher any day.

by Martin, 3/13/2019



I retired recently, and Fisher Investments wanted to provide me their proposal. So, I provided them the information to prepare. I currently have a 60/40 bond / equity retirement savings that even Fisher Investments Rep admitted was very sound and more than adequate.

Basically, Fishers's sales gimmick is they will tell you they want to move all your savings into equities which historically out performed bonds. And, they believe they can adequately time the market moving in and out to take advantage. In addition there fee was quoted as over 1% of my portfolio per year; not to mention the brokerage fees & capital gains taxes that will be triggered. They claim to be a fiduciary, but their plan did not sound like in my best interest. I believe most average investors are better off in a balanced portfolio managing risk and return

by R J, 10/31/2018



I have worked with many investment advisors over many years and Fisher is the best by far. No one else comes close.

by Jeffery, 8/18/2018



I hovered over the 3 star rating - which stated "A-OK" and I hovered over the 4 Star rating - which states "Yay! I'm a fan." I went back and forth a bit, and finally opted to give them a 4 star rating. Here are some of the facts of my situation: Invested with Fisher in 2012. I just did some analytics and from June 2013 to July 2018 - and I am up 164% (avg 32% per year over 5 years). Market has been pretty good over these 5 years, and when I pulled the S&P chart for the same time period, the S&P is also up 164% (avg 32% per year) for the same 5 year period. I have some funds that I manage myself - my average was 25% return over the 5 year. So they are better than me, but I recall in the first Motley Fool book, there was a recommendation, unless you were going to spend X hours per week researching stocks and truly finding stocks that outperform the S&P significantly, than you should just invest in a low-cost fund that mirrors the S&P. Motley Fool appears to be pretty accurate, and all of the expertise of Fisher has not provided me with any extra return on my investment. My experience at Fisher has been excellent from a customer service stand point and a financial advisor standpoint, but I would be willing to put up with poor customer service if I received 3-4% more return every year. So some of the reviews definitely surprise - not sure how anyone could have suffered the losses that are being stated because I would expect most portfolios to have similar holdings to mine. Perhaps they just started their relationship and timed one of the corrections. I did this same assessment a couple years ago, and I read some others reviews and came to the same conclusion. And I couple of years ago, my personally managed funds were outperforming Fisher, but I still concluded that they are not over-priced and appear to provide pretty sound investment guidance. Probably worth it for me to be diversified and have them watching out for part of my savings. Since starting to invest with them, I will say that I see and hear a lot more advertising and the excessive advertising has me doing some comparison shopping at the moment. I think I will be sticking with them though.

I have yet to attend any of their seminars and meet any other clients. I am not much for that kind of thing, but I think I will attend one of the upcoming seminars and see what it is all about. Frankly, I am of the personal opinion that few client seminars and lower fees would work for me.


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Fisher Investments Overview

If you are looking to have your portfolio professionally managed but don’t like the lack of personal approach of robo advisors, you should consider opening an account with Fisher Investments. Founded by famous investor, Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments has more than $100billion in assets under management, coming from a combination of institutional clients as well as tens of thousands of individuals. And you don’t need to have a million dollar portfolio either. This article will offer a brief overview of investing with Fisher Investments.

What is Fisher Investments?

Fisher Investments is an investment advisor that deals with institutional clients and individuals with moderate to high net worth (generally $500K and up). They get to know your unique financial situation and goals and then create and manage a custom portfolio to help you get there.

Who is the Ideal Fisher Client?

The ideal Fisher client is someone who has a sizeable portfolio and doesn’t have or want to spend the time to research the markets and be constantly managing their portfolio. Fisher is also geared toward the investor who is not satisfied with a robo advisor and wants the ability to pick up the phone and talk to the people managing their money. Your Fisher personal investment counselor will communicate with you as often as you like to keep you up to date on the market and your portfolio, and to make sure they are aware of any financially-significant events in your life and are adjusting your portfolio accordingly.

Fisher’s Investment Process

Fisher has a robust asset management and research team that monitor sectors, regions, economic cycles, and investment styles. They maintain a flexible investment strategy that enables them to move in and out of asset classes as value areas and market opportunities shift from one segment of the global markets to others. They also research ETFs, mutual funds, and individual securities to provide your portfolio with a strong selection of actively managed funds and strong stock picks, reflective of your investment goals. This sets Fisher apart from most robo advisors that stick to “cookie-cutter models” built from passive, index-tracking ETFs. Your personal investment counselor will take the investment recommendations of Fisher’s research teams, combined with your personal financial details, such as risk tolerance, investment timeline and objectives, income, tax considerations, and future cash flow needs, and build you a tailored, diversified portfolio.

What Does Fisher Cost?

One thing Fisher Investments prides itself on is its simple, transparent fee structure that puts its clients’ interests first. The only fee you pay to Fisher is an annual management fee of 1.5% of your account value for accounts under $500,000 (this fee scales down to 1% for larger accounts). You will also be responsible for paying any trading commissions generated in your account, but these will be billed to you separately by the independent custodian Fisher pays to hold your assets. This is a positive because it means that there’s no incentive for Fisher to do lots of trading in your account since they don’t benefit from the commissions you pay.

Fisher Client Education Offerings

Fisher also goes above and beyond most robo advisors in communicating their outlook on the markets to their clients and generally keeping them informed and empowered to understand their portfolio. They publish a comprehensive quarterly letter, post capital markets update videos, and hold live events in more than 50 cities across the U.S. to keep their clients informed. And of course, your Fisher personal investment counselor is also always just a phone call away. Their website also includes a lot of self-help financials tools, like 401K and annuity calculators.


If you are a busy professional with a sizeable portfolio ($200K+) and you don’t have the time or desire to actively manage your portfolio, Fisher Investments may be a good fit for you. Their fees are a bit higher than most robo advisors, however the saying “you get what you pay for” rings true here. With Fisher, you will get an actively managed portfolio (whereas robo advisors use passive ETFs) and a real person monitoring your portfolio with your personal financial situation in mind.

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