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Fisher Investments wealth management reviews, customer complaints, financial advisor ratings. Is Fisher Investments a good company to invest with, or is it in trouble?

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Fisher Investments Reviews

by UnListed,  2/28/2024

Pros:  Agents were pleasant

Cons:  Nothing but a self-glorified stock brokerage

Review:  My wife and I joined Fisher with a substantial portfolio in 2018/2019 after leaving yet another large brokerage firm where were listed as "preferred clients"only to be put into a standard portfolio that did nothing but follow the stock markets ups and downs. We were coming into retirement and tired of the typical stock market roller coaster and needed something we could depend on for retirement. We were promised professional advice, tax planning and long term retirement planning, none of which ever materialized. They told us they had in-house tax professionals and our portfolio would be routinely reviewed which I eventually found out was totally untrue. Towards the end I asked to speak to their retirement planner I was was told it would be a month before I could speak to anyone.

In the end, 4 years later and pathetic results their initial sales pitches was their only asset. Their original advice was a typical moderate 60/40 equity / fixed income portfolio which we were happy to follow especially since we thought "Ken Fisher" was making the calls. The equity (stock) portion was also to be the only portion that would be charged their 1.25% annual fees. They invested us straight into a 100% high risk/large cap equity portfolio and left us there for the duration and until we finally left charging us for every penny we had with them. I began asking about the lack of fixed income and the risk that was being taken and they just continued to tell me they knew what they were doing and this was the best strategy at the time. Over the next 3 years or so the account crawled back to where it was when we first joined with zero net gains which should have amounted to $1 Mil or more. Then of course 2022 came along and we lost 30% of out portfolio without hearing a word form our advisor unless a placed the call.

This is nothing but stock brokerage with a phony sales pitch. Do not trust.

by Jackson V,  1/30/2024

Pros:  So far so good

Cons:  Only been with them 1 we'll see

Review:  Started just over a year ago and so far, I can't say enough good things about the process, returns, and communication. My wife and I are very happy with our service person who was newer to Fisher and I think maybe they only have a few people to deal with, but hey more attention on us. Ken and people managing our money have done way better than our initial estimate and we are excited to see how this all plays out. I'll tell you I haven't lost sleep thing about retirement since starting. Now, I know it's only been a year... so. I read these reviews and it seems most with poor experiences were expecting unrealistic results or thinking Ken has a crystal ball, but let's be real no one can. and they really is they have done better then the place we were before and if we find something better down the road maybe we switch then but so far this is the best investment management services we've ever seen. If read my review trust this is real and that most of these negative reviews are probably competitive companies. I have a small business and I get fake reviews all the time, it's a mess every company deals with. just use your own judgment.

by Mike,  1/29/2024

Pros:  Do what they say and very attentive

Cons:  not much at this point

Review:  Been with them for about 2 years now. Started conversations with Christopher over the phone. Very informative and took time to listen to my concerns. Connected me with my team and they have been great to work with. I get a call about every 3 months and get updates. Just checked my values and about 13% better than my 401K. Hopefully I can retire 2 year early!

by Andrew,  1/21/2024

Pros:  None.

Cons:  Oblivious to reality

Review:  I decided to go with Fisher at the start of Q4 2021. Fisher had my retirement account in 100% stocks. Despite my voicing concerns to my account rep **every single month** that I wasn't happy with their strategy, they stubbornly held on with only minor adjustments while I lost 30+%. All I heard was, "indications are that the last half of the year (2022) the market will recover", and finally in the last quarter of 2022: "Sorry... Ken knows he read the market wrong". How nice of him to realize that! I fired them, and am glad I did. Of course, they're showing good returns for 2023... everyone is... including me after firing Fisher. Undoubtedly their 2023 numbers will make for good advertising.

by Antonio,  12/29/2023

Pros:  Great reasoning of the strategy. Looks to me as a very honest company.

Cons:  Fees. Ken seems right most of the time, can the firm perform as well without him?

Review:  Fisher answered most of my questions, with numbers based on research. I like the frequency of the communications, and they are always open to respond when I ask questions. I have been with them 2 years, and the result is good after a bad 2022, and a better 2023. They were better than my other funds in both years.

by MB,  12/5/2023

Pros:  Anyone who is complaining about broker fees in this list ... and it's many of you ... does not understand the issue. The brokerage fees a from the broker you are using. If, like me, you use Schwab as your broker, there are no commissions for trading.

Cons:  Not clear I'm getting the returns implied in the advertisements. I have another advisor who's doing as well as Fisher.

Review:  Not clear whether I'll stick with Fisher long term.

by Joe,  11/4/2023

Pros:  Zero, zilch, nil, nothing

Cons:  All marketing, no execution

Review:  Fisher has a great marketing plan. They tell you anything to get your money, then subsequently disappear as quickly as your savings will once you've entrusted them to Fisher.
When my wife and I were in the discovery phase with Fisher, we asked them how they were going to protect us against the train wreck that would certainly occur with Biden having been elected. We were assured they had a solid plan to protect our life savings. By the end of 2022, Fisher had lost 25% of our investments.
Repeated questions about how they could have performed so poorly, were met with arrogance and condescension. They think they are the only smart people in the relationship, and who are you to question Saint Ken's brilliance.
Their go-to move is to reference Ken's latest happy-talk reviews. Ken loves to provide history lessons designed to dispel the negative thoughts of other investors whose money he's lost. "You know, this is just like 1943." "The market responded to the World Series, the invention of the Mars Bar and Irish Spring soap hitting the shelves." "We're in the same position right now." "All is well.' Don't believe what your eyes are telling you.
2023 hasn't been much better. Our savings is clawing its way back, but we've got a long way to go just to be even with our initial investment. Fisher, meanwhile, continues to collect their fees.
When I asked my Fisher representative how he thought my investment in Fisher has gone so far, he said I needed to ignore their abysmal performance in 2022 and instead focus on how well they've done in 2023. 2023 has been almost flat by the way.
I asked him how his assessment of my return on investment could exclude 2022, and he curtly responded with "we've talked enough about 2022."
I told him, his assessment sounded like Bidenomics. That is, jack the inflation rate up to 9%, the brag when it drops to 8%. In Fisher's case, lose 25% of someone's savings, then tell them they should be grateful when they get 10% of that loss back.
No response.
Stay away from Fisher. The only people Fisher makes money for is Fisher.

by greg,  10/26/2023

Pros:  lots of people involved in support

Cons:  not much more than a mutual fund

Review:  They talk a good game, imply a lot, but when it comes down to it, they are just a mutual fund charging 1%. I echo the experience expressed in the other one star reviews. If the market goes up, they obviously make you money. But it's just arrogance and indifference if you have an issue. Obviously they can't control the market but like a mutual fund, there is very little strategy or explanation. Anyone can make money if the markets are going up. How do they do in a down market? Customer support are more likely to talk about personal subjects than investing. Ask a question and get boilerplate answers. I would advise against using Fisher. Fisher got in trouble with his misogyny and I ignored that unfortunately. I'd say that it explains a lot about the company's customer attitudes.

by T Tucker,  10/26/2023

Pros:  Personable and talked the talk. Always referring to Ken this and Ken that.

Cons:  More a salesman and way less of an analyst.

Review:  I got involved early 2021. Invested in a “customized” portfolio with moderate to low risks and anticipated
10-12% returns. Piece of cake. Lost well over 10% in 2.5 years. Fidelity S&P 500 beat them soundly and I would be positive. Ken this, Ken that. Ken is a highly overrated analyst. The real window into the Fisher mindset is after I terminated their services they immediately deducted fees to the day of my call. I had a couple of questions and my “advisor”
did not return my calls or text messages. Cheesy.

by Chris J,  10/25/2023

Pros:  Communication, no mutual funds, research


Review:  I’ve been a Fisher client for the last 10 years and I’m not sure where some of these reviews come from, or if they are even valid, but I’ve been extremely happy. Of course, there’s still market volatility. But my accounts have increased drastically higher and more consistently than when I was with the local broker I was at before. Most importantly, they have been excellent with communication and helped with ways to reduce taxes in retirement

I’ve recommended several friends and family members to them.

by SmartAss-et Client,  10/24/2023

Pros:  Relentless

Cons:  Arrogant, condescending

Review:  Got multiple calls after canceling a first meeting that was set up by SmartAsset website. I was the subject of relentless followup phone calls with no caller ID after I left a voice message telling them I was no longer interested. In a moment of weakness, I picked up a call not knowing it was from Fisher. I told the agent that I was satisfied with my current broker and that at the current time I was not interested in making any change to my advisor. He didn't seem to care and continued to tell me how my current advisor was incentivized differently and not a fiduciary to me. When I tried to explain how I did not believe he was accurately portraying my relationship with my current FA, he rudely kept saying "you're not listening to me"...So, after about 4 times of the Fisher guy saying that I wasnt listening to him, I decided I'd had enough. Yes, Fisher, you're right, I'm no longer listening to you. I'm done. I don't respond well to high pressure tactics.

Ultimately, when someone is more interested in just telling you how great their service has no interest in trying to understand my interests, perspectives, preferences or concerns, its probably a bad omen and a setup for failure. Good luck if you choose to use them, but this is definitely not the financial advisor for me.

by JP,  10/22/2023

Pros:  Good sales pitch

Cons:  did not listen to me

Review:  I schooled in optinal portfolio theory. They destroyed about 300k of my retirement. I asked them to sidestep the bear they did not. Cashed out huge losses. In optimal portfolio theory you account fot the variances in stocks - they did not tame the holding down on the run up instead i was placed in stocks with the highest variances - when i indicated I wanted an average return. I run from ignorace - in CDs now

by Kansunman,  10/12/2023

Pros:  Slick talkers

Cons:  Liars

Review:  I came to Fisher expecting them to care like they promise in the ads on TV. I ask to be invested in low risk options. They put me in a bear market with close to 100 stocks and several of them being OTC stocks. The fall started slowly and when I questioned them they kept quoting the same BS ride it out. Less than 30 days in and 5% of my life savings gone with absolutely no answers other than the market is currently down. In my opinion this company should be out of business.

by Jay,  10/9/2023


Cons:  This is what they did to me...

Review:  Fisher is dishonest and full of s%#* when it comes to customized investing or listening to you !! Just like this review, i wanted to show you a screen shot of crap stocks fisher found but no, it will not allow me to control v... just say it is excess of 50K in doun side stocks that should have been $0.0. Can you say S&P 500 results would have be excellent. Fisher you suck !!

by Kris Williams,  10/4/2023

Pros:  Nada

Cons:  Stop fricking calling!!!

Review:  I've asked nicely. I've asked not so nicely but they won't stop. Total high pressure sales. Now I have to file a complaint with their regulators. RUN

by Mike,  10/3/2023

Pros:  None

Cons:  Everything

Review:  No Strategy, they just dump you in about 80 equities and can't even keep up with the S&P 500 in 2022. There were so many lies; they just want you keep your money with them so they can collect their expensive fees. After losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, they will send you a bill for their poor performance. They are a Great Marketing Company if that is what your looking for.

by Todd,  9/19/2023

Pros:  Fancy sales talk

Cons:  Lied, mislead and didn't listen

Review:  You have seen the commercials where Ken Fisher talks about once you retire you want to focus on the things that are important to you like fishing or grandkids. Well my experience with Ken Fisher and the people at Fisher investments I gave them my nest egg and I was down after the first week and after 14 months and them losing 342k I have to go back to work to try to rebuild my nest egg. Ken and his entire team should be ashamed of how they make there living.

by Glen,  9/19/2023

Pros:  Slick sales force

Cons:  Don't listen - arrogant - put you where it fits for them - No interest in your well being

Review:  Retiring in a year - portfolio was 100% stock designed by fisher. Lost 1/2 million in first quarter with them. Took 1 1/2 years to get close to even, then I quit them. Bastards have the nerve to bill me after account was closed. They don't listen buy junk stocks that will never produce - must be getting kickbacks. The only person that will make money with Fisher is Fisher. They could care less about you and your plans.

by Peter,  9/18/2023



Review:  Followed Ken Fisher on fox business. He seems to have a good pulse on things.

My investment counselor Greg is a great guy, returns have been good overall in the last few years, lost money last year like everyone else did but recovery trades this year have been good.

Onboarding process is pretty straightforward, kept my accounts at fidelity where my 401k was.

by NoNeck Joe,  8/30/2023

Pros:  You can transfer any securities out in kind if you leave .

Cons:  They advertise that they don't sell commisuin products . But any stock trade in out costs you $13.00

Review:  So my first beef .The TV ad says they don't sell commision products . They are not a broker , the trades are done through UBS . Every trade is costing $13.00 . So Fisher technically , doesn't get it . BUT it still comes out of your pocket .It is up to their diescretion . Now , my wife had a 401K which we converted to an IRA with their help .We gave them about $850,000 , That I had been buying funds through the 401 plan my wife had for years . I have much smaller taxable accounts that I have run for years . Total speculation . Some winners and some dogs . But mostly stocks in the 8 to 30 dollar range . I have some ability , I understand limit orders , some simple option trades . The amount involved needed to be far more diversified . And $200 + shares are too serious for me to try and make picks .We gave them the funds in June 2020 . Market was near a multi month low . The timming was fortunate . They built the portfolio over 10 or so days . Oil stocks ,utilitities , financials , pharma , miners , .Some Msft , Apple , Goog . FB , a good many dividend stocks .Market turned after maybe 3 months and we were up about 35%. Nice . But the fees were eating about half the dividends . The site was good as you could see what the 32 or so issues were doing in I , think real time . But not a lot of trading . What I did notice was a Visa postion was trading up to a 52 week high over 251.00 , but they waited until it went down to 212.00 before they cut it loose .And then it traded up and down around there for months . We also , early on had a nice profit in TenCent (chinese) . It went down into a loss and they did nothing . THEN they bought Docusign , it went down something like 40 % in a matter of two weeks ? They did sell Disney before it tanked . There were some other trades that seemed ill planned . I thought I was hirring a hot shot management firm .Their plan was pitched that we were to stay in 5 or 6 years, and have a pot O gold at the end . Now they did make us substantuall gains but that looked to be due to the time we got in . not their trading expertise . They did not keep much cash at all . So , I pulled out after 14 months . You take it out all in kind . I rounded some positions to hundred share lots . I write covered clall options on the hot market days . Sometimes buy when there is blood in the streets .But we keep all the divdends and trade commiision free . And if I get a short term pop , I have the freedom to sell . I've got myself conned out of some good stocks . So I'll never really know if I would have been better off if I stayed . I've been called on positions I wiish I hadn't , but I can only blame my damn self . I spend a lot of hours every day but enjoy my independance . They will immediatly put your money in , regardless of market level . " don't worry , be happy , we got you" . I'm happy to take the time to run it myselff , but I don't have to leave the house to a job .

by NJ,  8/25/2023

Pros:  None

Cons:  Expensive, arrogant scammers

Review:  I did my due diligence on this company and am SHOCKED anyone uses them. You are literally throwing money away. Hey Fisher! You didn't want me as a client when I had "under $500,000." Now that I have over $3.5 MIL you think I'm going to let you touch it? LOL. Not a chance.

by JE,  8/25/2023



Review:  Wanted to look around and see if there was a better option than my current financial advisor, been hearing their ads on the radio and thought I would give them a chance. Got a call from an "Advisor" who said he would have a VP give me a call the next day.
Got in the zoom call and the VP was late, about 10 minutes late and then he couldn't get the zoom call volume to work so he had to call me on my phone. Spent about an hour on the call and he kept beating around the bush about how they invest and what their fees were, I started off the meeting telling him my primary reason for looking for another advisor was to lower my fees, he asked about 3 times if I were to die would my wife take their advice, touted that they had a full-service firm with planners and accountants etc., told him I've been with my accountant longer than he has been alive and my wife would use with my accountant and lawyers if the need arose. Then after providing zero information on what they could do for me he wanted to set another meeting, I told him what your fees are and what do you invest in after some more hemming and hawing, "oh mostly major stocks, like Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. and the first million is 1.25% and then 1.125 % for $2-$5 million, which is more than my current advisor and was one of the reasons I was looking at other options.
Strike 1 - Late to a meeting
Strike 2 - Zoom meeting that does not work.
Strike 3 - Avoiding the questions and wasting my time.
After the meeting I read the reviews here not even a chance that Fisher will get any of my business.

by Todd,  8/18/2023

Pros:  They do respond to all communication

Cons:  They flat out lie to the customer

Review:  We had 1.5 million to invest. We made it clear we wanted to start with the minimum 500k and see how it goes, then ladder in the rest over 6-8 months. The account rep stated they can't do that, which now we know is a lie. That should of been my sign to not deal with them. We had 3 phone calls over a week until he finally convinced me to put all 1.5 million in at the same time. We told them multiple times we wanted a very conservative account we wanted 4-6% max returns because we didn't want the risk that comes with higher returns. So when we received our first quarterly statement we were down 15%. Within 8 months down 33%. After 14 months with them we finally cashed out with a loss of $342,250.00. As bad as all of this is, the worst is when you sign the docs originally you sign a statement that says you can't sue them, it has to go to a arbitration. We have talked to 2 lawyers that say the arbitration we agreed to, which there are several, is the hardest and most expensive way. It protects the company not the individual. So basically they set us up for failure and covered there ass before we knew what happened. This is our experience with fisher investment. Be careful.

by M&M,  8/16/2023

Pros:  My personal advisor / grief counselor is a nice guy and pretty responsive

Cons:  VERY expensive; poor performance; arrogant, rigid, condescending culture starting at the top

Review:  I started with Fisher 18 mos. ago with the $500k min to test drive before making a decision with the other 90% of my investments for retirement in a few years. I should have heeded the red flag that was the complete a-hole who initially recruited me. But, I've dealt with plenty of condescending a-holes in my life who can be ignored if performance exceeds expectations. It has not. Initially all I was told is "we're a little heavy in Tech". By the time I realized that heavy meant 35% of my account was dumped into Tech it was too late to correct. That's a look into their lack of transparency & vague communication- since the initial buy it's still like pulling teeth to get any rationale behind trades, even after the fact. And, I remain roughly 35% Tech- they appear to never adjust the sails, sticking with the "broken clock" philosophy. Fisher is quite simply the most expensive Tech/Growth/Mega mutual fund on the planet. Their loss harvesting strategy like others is selling losses, buying similar ETF's, then selling after 30 days. I held those ETF's for 4-5-6 months at ~0.4% + the 1.25% Fisher fee. I own Tech ETF's in another account @ 0.1% and the top stocks in my Tech ETF looked almost identical to the top weight of the entire Fisher portfolio. I believe the only reason I have any non-Mega/Growth/Tech stocks is to generate enough of a dividend to pay their fees- it's almost a 1 for 1. To add insult, I just got gigged for a fee to sell an individual U.S. stock at near it's 5-year low. Was told they used a 3rd party because of the volume. I didn't buy the explanation, and it was only ~$10, but it was a sharp poke in the ribs on a 66% loss when I pay 1.25%++ already. I expect they will start deducting postage or adding tips from my account. Finally, at 1.25%++ one might expect a full service advisor, but anything they do besides buy/sell stocks seems like an afterthought or side gig- strategies around taxes, distributions, healthcare, social security, roth conversions, etc.

So, if you like a firm that will take their portfolio mix to the grave come hell or high water... if you like being talked to like you're a 10-year old... if you like a firm with no platform or site whatsoever (they use Fidelity)... if you like 1.25% + high ETF fees + sales fees for exact same playbook they sell to everyone else... if you like not knowing any rationale for the stocks they plan to buy/sell or have bought/sold... if you're fine with simply a quarterly statement and the occasional propaganda from Ken & the davidians, then they're for you. I've been with them 18 months and as of today am up 2%. Granted, it's been a wild 18 months, but literally every other portfolio I have has done better than Fisher. To be so heavily weighted in a single sector on a single bet is just doubling down on their arrogance. But they know best. Just ask them. They won't get the rest of my $, but I plan to leave and forget about my orginal ante. Who knows, maybe I'll make a little money someday and it'll be a nice surprise.

by Wendy,  8/8/2023


Cons:  Pushy consultant ruined any possibility of working with them

Review:  I don't usually react this way, but an extremely hard and pushy sales call left a bad taste in my mouth.
I downloaded a guide to retirement, and they have phoned constantly ever since.
On this last call I mentioned that I/we will be staying with RBC as we are comfortable with them. But rather than being understanding, the rep scolded me like a child.
That's not the way or manner in which to endear yourself to someone.
10000% won't be going or ever considering this outfit.

by Benjamin Martin,  7/13/2023

Pros:  None

Cons:  Extremely Pushy; Rude; Condescending

Review:  Be extremely careful when dealing with this company. The three advisors that I spoke with over the last few months came across with a very hard sell, and when I told them that I did not want to do business with Fisher, the last advisor became insulting and condescending. All they're trying to do is to get you to transfer your money to them. When you ask them for specific information on returns, they are extremely vague. Even if their performance was much better than other companies, such as Vanguard, or Fidelity, or Schwab, I would not give them my business on principle. They are nothing more than a middleman, and if you are an educated consumer, you can do much better than Fisher Investments.

by James C,  6/13/2023

Pros:  Contact was easy

Cons:  The Company

Review:  Kept me informed when things were flying called 1/2 dozen times to talk kept saying "dont expect this to continue" I said your performance has been excellent but lets see when markets turn south. Well they turned south they did "0" went from up 280,000 to - 90,000. Well you know what I did needless to say im no longer a client

by Tony Hills,  5/8/2023


Cons:  Nothing

Review:  Moved my $3.5M account to Fisher Investments in sept 2021 from Edward Jones. I couldn’t be happier - wish I make the move a longtime ago.

by Paul Smith,  4/24/2023

Pros:  They follow up when concerns are raised and go the extra mile to correct

Cons:  Remained fully invested in some significant down markets

Review:  We had accounts with Fisher for over twenty years and while 2008 was a mess; they mostly kept us invested, well diversified, and in the black.
When we moved our accounts (not due to Fisher performance but to consolidate for estate tracking) we took a tax hit noted in my April 5,2023 review. An examination of the time line of our notification to transfer out indicated Fisher did a normal rebalance; not because we were leaving. The end of year conversation re loss harvesting might have offset those gains. Their explanation and consideration has helped to offset the extra 2022 taxable gains. My rating is four stars.

by John,  4/12/2023

Pros:  Better than any option I have seen

Cons:  Dont get it right every time but who does

Review:  I have worked with Fisher for over 5 years now. My account is over 20% higher than before the pandemic. Whats great about Fisher is they actually manage the money and they forecast markets. They are great at communicating and love the client events. Not sure who is writing these negative reviews but seem weird.

by Paul Smith,  4/5/2023

Pros:  They keep one invested

Cons:  They keep one invested and penalize when one leaves

Review:  After twenty plus years with Fisher we transferred the last two accounts out last September 2022.
Our tax preparer just called (April 5) to say we had huge capital gains in 2022; the reason is that Fisher sold shares in the two accounts right before we transferred out. These gains left us stuck paying tax on gains that should never have been harvested.
Needless to say; we are so irritated that I completed this online rating and I never bad mouth firms.
Beware when you leave Fisher to make sure you avoid letting them mess up your investments and/or tax liabilities.

by Ron Williams,  3/28/2023

Pros:  Active, good performance, good communication, easy to work with

Cons:  Don't get it right every time, some turnover, no guarantees

Review:  I have worked with Fisher a very long time. While they did not get it right in 2022, they have gotten it very right over long periods of time and I do not know of anyone who I know personally that has gotten better performance. All the people talking about sitting out 2022 or waiting to dollar cost in- inflation is running at 8%, what are you talking about? While my portfolio is up close to 20% since the end of October but I am still down since 2022 started - showing markets are very hard to time. They keep me up to date, while my advisor has changed before the next is just as good and communicates often. The fees they charge were far lower then I was before because I'm not using mutual funds anymore. All the people saying the fees are high have no idea and have not done a true comparison to competitors and also probably getting no where near the performance over time. People are talking about small portfolios using etf's. From what I know about them they only manage a minimum of 500k and I do not think I have ever had an etf so I am not sure they are talking about the same firm, same with the purisma fund as I do not believe it has been around for more then 15 years. The initial setup with the sales person I do remember was very informational and pushed for my business but they were able to quantify everything they said or I asked of them. One final comment is all the people complaining about being in stocks. If you think a huge position in bonds where over the last 30 years they have averaged around 4% returns when inflation is running at 3% and you are living off the money and taking out 3-5%. If you honestly think this is sustainable for another 20-30 years you are not very smart.

While Fisher is not perfect they hands down beat all the big names out their especially for the $500k to $2 million crowd.

by Tata,  3/13/2023

Pros:  Absolutely nothing!

Cons:  Severely underperform the market, misleading or incorrect information about transferring money out

Review:  I was pressed to use Fisher Investment service because of my employer's 401k plan. As result, I lost more money than any market measurements.
Finally, when I tried to transfer my money into my IRA, they provided misleading and incorrect information about the transfer, removed money from my account over a month ago, and have not returned it to me yet! Customer service is not able to explain plausibly why they hold my money for so long. Is this Bernie Madoff #2?

by Jay,  3/2/2023

Pros:  ? fancy brochures and a global presence

Cons:  too many to list

Review:  Similar to many reviews here, I had a bad experience with Fisher and terminated our agreement after 6 months. The first alarm bell while researching our assets they offered us a small incentive credit to liquidate an annuity. I had to create a spreadsheet to show them why this was a bad idea and I'm not sure they understood my spreadsheet. I explained multiple times during enrollment my cautious stance on investing but as soon as I gave them access to the first $300K, they immediately dumped it into the market, no dollar cost averaging, no consultation with me. This was 3 days before Powell was supposed to speak in WY and many betting on a hawkish stance. Their reply- "we don't time the market". They should have said "we don't apply common sense, and could we please get your assets so we can start charging the commission". For six months some of their ETF picks did well, others did not- but they didn't make a single adjustment to the portfolio. When I was ready to deploy another $225K I asked what they would be buying- what do your researchers think is a good buy in this current market? Based on the brochure they provided, it appears they would dump 100% into the FANGG stocks as quickly as possible. They wouldn't provide and details, and that was it- I terminated the contract. Their 1.5% commission is top of the market but the service does not justify the fee. It feels like maybe they just got too big at some point. Between this site and Glass reviews it appears there are plenty of both unsatisfied clients and employees.

by Frank C,  2/27/2023

Pros:  Proactive Strategy and Communication

Cons:  Unkown

Review:  My wife and I recently went through the process of retiring and formally interviewing 5 different Financial Advisors. Fisher's model made the most sense to us. Whereas all the other companies were taking our risk tolerance+age and just putting us in a "conservative portfolio", Fisher seemed to really understand our family's goals and has the business model and expertise to directly manage our portfolio going forward (every other company was going to outsource management to funds, which only muddied the waters, and made it difficult to understands costs and who was ultimately making the decisions). In addition to this already being more "hands-on" with the management of the portfolio, the service to consolidate all of our accounts was made easy. So far so good. We've gotten along well with our investment counselor. She's been responsive to any initial questions we've had, and my wife and I feel seen.

by Carrie Bitner,  2/27/2023

Pros:  Attention to Detail

Cons:  Won't forecast every downturn

Review:  Since joining Fisher in 2018 my IRA has beaten the benchmark each year but one. Prior to losing my husband of 31 years, we'd worked with Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, and Edward Jones. Fisher has been the only one who truly gives me and my account the attention it deserves. Despite being retired and having a difficult year in 2022, we've recovered well, and Fisher's done a tremendous job to keep me educated and calm. I also have a strategy that matches my comfort zone to produce the income I need to live comfortably. Overall, I feel Fisher pays close attention to my account, they'll never sell me anything, and they follow up regularly (I meet with my counselor at minimum once per quarter, often times more when markets are volatile). Aside from the communication from my counselor who has gotten to know me, the webinars and local events where the research team presents research and does Q&A have been very educational. Even in this uncertain world we live in currently, I attribute my lack of concern to the attention I receive, and the expertise of Fisher knowing they've managed through market cycles for 4 decades.


by Ron,  2/23/2023

Pros:  Good closers but terrible investments

Cons:  Terrible

Review:  I rolled my accounts over from Vanguard after I got 10 - 15 calls from their closers. I finally gave in and went with them a year ago. I told they last person what I was looking for as I was going to retire in 3 to 4 months. My request was to roll it over for now, if possible, my Vanguard funds for now as it. The next day she call back and said I could. Within a few days they sold my Vanguard funds off. Never even one call from the investment person. Then put me 95% in with very aggressive stocks, 88 new stocks that did nothing but lose well over $100,000.00 . I called them right away and they said that's what their notes told them to do from the last closer. Does the fact that a war was about starting, the fact I was 69 years old and retiring in a few months, or the fact I told them they can over if I can roll it over as it. DO THINK WITH THIS SAID IT TOLD THEM TO PUT ME ALL IN VERY AGGRESSIVELY? WHERE DOES COME INTO PLAY? STAY AWAY, THIS COMPANY IS NOT IN YOU BEST INTEREST FOR SURE. Then they keep referring to this note someone wrote to justify what they did. I have ask many time to play back the recording and listen to what was said on the phone the day the note was written. Never once have they offered to do so. The WORSE company I ever had dealings with by far. .

by Jonathan P. Gordon,  2/7/2023

Pros:  Lots of communication

Cons:  Terrible at understanding market conditions

Review:  Ken Fisher and his people see bull markets around every bend in the road. No matter what happens, they always see a silver lining, even and especially when it's not there. I've been with Fisher for about a year-and-a-half. They've misread the markets the entire time, costing me a third of my life savings. I'm too old to lose this kind of money. It'll be a decade before I can break even. They talk to me like I'm thirty years old. I'll be fifty-five this year. I'll never recover what they are destroying. I'm getting out ASAP!
Fisher has a powerful marketing team. It's too bad they don't place as much emphasis on their investment portfolios as they do rounding up new clients.

by Ronald,  1/25/2023

Pros:  Solid firm, good reputation, doesnt sell annuities

Cons:  Personally don’t like the ads

Review:  Solid firm, good reputation, doesnt sell annuities

by Jim Brodie,  1/7/2023

Pros:  None

Cons:  Very poor customer service

Review:  Under performed my other investments
Blew off scheduled meetings
My councilor was disconnected with the shortcomings of the rest of her firm

by Fed Up With Fisher,  1/6/2023

Pros:  May have a good strategy

Cons:  The rep I dealt with was very disrespectful

Review:  I agree with the other reviews that Fisher's sales department can be overly pushy and downright disrespectful. I had a meeting with ones of these sales people, Geoffrey Sans (he's on LinkedIn), and I can confidently say this poli sci major didn't give a shit about anything but himself. It was literally the worst interaction with any person trying to get my business over the phone. He threw around overly technical terms trying to appear smarter than he was and was completely disrespectful. He also gave me examples that were inaccurate. I will never let Fisher manage my money because of the pompous and disrespectful attitude of Geoffrey Sans. His leadership needs to take a hard look at how he treats potential customers.

by Jon,  1/5/2023


Cons:  Too Heavy on Sales

Review:  I considered Fidelity and Fisher - and most people I knew had FIdelity and were very happy there. I researched Fisher and talked to them. I noticed Fisher as you see here seemed to have mostly negative reviews - maybe the few 5 star reviewers were lucky and invested at a good time. Their projection for 2022 turned out to be overly optimistic as I thought it would be. I was interested in protecting and growing my wealth (in that order of priority) and I felt Fidelity understood what that meant better than Fisher did. I got the feeling if I used Fisher, I’d have to hand it all over to them to manage and I would not be able to manage some of it. I worked out a strategy with Fidelity in the middle of 2022 when the market was in turmoil. I diversified in terms of types of equity across 2 managed accounts including a Bot managed account and 1 managed account for fixed income - government and munis (average %5 coupons over various maturities). I was also able to keep about half of the overall wealth in my own managed account and most of that was kept in a Fidelity money market that now returns over 4% with dividends reinvested monthly. I rolled in my money gradually and am up since then, and will add more to the SMA accounts as soon as we determine the Fed is done and we aren’t in a recession, and especially if the Ukraine situation stabilizes. One major negative was Mr. Fisher’s comment at a conference about how getting a new customer was like (paraphrasing) ‘trying to get sex from a chick at a bar’. It was obvious he just wanted to get his hands on my money so he could collect fees based on assets under management. In contrast, Fidelity, I believe, has a genuine interest in doing well for their customers, putting them first, and I understand that as a company, internally, they are very strong on ethics, compliance, diversity as well which I believe comes from the top. This is all important to me! BTW Fisher won’t stop cold calling me every month or so (and persistently until I actually answer) and they don’t seem to get that I’m not interested!

by Jim H,  12/29/2022

Pros:  Scam…..absolutely no monitoring of acct.

Cons:  Increased 55, 000 in 1st week with them, they took NO profits, let it fade to a 120,000 loss in next 2 weeks.

Review:  STAY AWAY…..only a smooth talking advertising firm….absolutely no portfolio monitoring…cookie cutter. Closed account after 40 days and recovered 75% of loss …..DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER INVESTING HERE !

by Stephen S,  12/23/2022

Pros:  Nothing

Cons:  Marketing company not a true investment advisor.

Review:  Get some of your losses back and contact an attorney if you are a client.

This place held China and Docusign lol

by Jim,  12/15/2022

Pros:  Good communications and customer service

Cons:  They really failed to read the market direction. And stubbornly stuck to a failed portfolio strategy.

Review:  Failed to realize inflation and money supply would cause the Fed to hike significantly. Stayed primarily invested in tech that already had historically very high multiples - even when the Fed started to raise. Fisher was stubborn and did not reposition. Many of their picks were cut in half and they made no effort to reposition. Even now, close to a year later, while they do admit they missed the market direction, they offer a lot of historical data and market assumptions to support a premise that the market is about to turn. They are wrong. They fought the Fed and lost. The S&P multiples are still very high vs what will be declining revenue and profits in 2023.

by Bryan M.,  12/14/2022

Pros:  Retirement Planning, portfolio management


Review:  They have been a huge help in getting my retirement on the right track. Prior to working with Fisher I was doing it myself with little attention given to it. I’ve been with them a couple years and now have a clear plan of what I need to save, how I need to be invested, and when to take social security to secure the retirement I want. The planning is the best I’ve seen, I compared several firms prior to choosing Fisher. Extremely pleased thus far.

by Eric J.,  12/13/2022

Pros:  Institutional management and service


Review:  I’m very happy with Fisher investments. They have helped my account to do MUCH better than my previous money manager..and they’re doing much better than my index funds that I manage in my current 401k too. Their forecasts have been spot on in the 5 years roughly that I’ve been with them.

My counselor I work with actually seems to understand me, and they’ve helped me to feel confident about my financial plan. I’ve had no complaints at all about the firm

by Aaron Jones,  12/2/2022

Pros:  No products

Cons:  View account through Fido, would like a fisher portal

Review:  I have been with fisher since the pandemic, switched over from a Fidelity program at the time. They moved me out of all of the mutual funds I was in to purchase an individual stock portfolio. Since then I have noticed fewer tax issues with the account and overall feel more informed on what I’m invested, how long we plan to keep it, and why. Highly recommend Fisher, service and expertise has been impressive.

by Jean-Pierre Biebuyck,  11/29/2022

Pros:  nice talks with friendly representatives

Cons:  buying shares on the basis of assumptions that even I know not to be true

Review:  The Fisher Investment representatives are very good in giving the impression that they are very knowledgeable. Once they managed to convince me to entrust my portfolio, they started to sell everything. For some underperforming positions it was the right thing to do, but also well performing shares were sold without a thought and reinvested in full, mainly in stocks of US-companies and with a clear overweight on big tech. This already stunned me: as I European, I would call this the "yahahoo" cowboy way of investing, and with no regard to the downward trend that clearly started at the beginning of this year. In view of this markey downturn, they should have invested gradually while keeping enough cash in reserve in order to use it for better occasions, but they didn't.

It also was quite ununderstandable to me that they explained their investment policy with the assumtion that inflation and recession would be short-lived, while day to day life already proved the contrary. It's as if they operate in another dimension of time and space. As my frustration gradually grew since I stepped in at the beginning of this year, I also discovered that Ken Fisher is an important sponsor of an inherently fascist politician who even attempted to overtrhrow democracy (or what still remains of it?) by storming Capitol Hill. And for me, this was the straw that broke the camels back. And I blame myself for not having done my homework before entrusting my money with Fisher Investments. I would therefore also advise to stay away from this investment vehicle.

by Andrew F.,  11/28/2022

Pros:  Service, performance


Review:  Been with them since 2020, still up from my initial investment even with the turmoil this year. Paid less in taxes on my investments than I ever have with past advisors. Constant communication on what they are/are not doing and why. If things stay the way they have been plan to be with this firm for the rest of my retirement.

by Hank H.,  11/27/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Everything

Review:  Total ripoff investment management company. Lousy Returns. High Fees. They make it very hard for their clients to find out what their returns and even their account balances are. Like others have stated, their only expertise is in advertising, NOT investing. Once they have your money, you are doomed. I got conned. Don't make the same mistake. RUN--DO NOT WALK--AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

by Ed,  11/26/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Everything

Review:  Marketing company and nothing more. All clients that started here in the last three years underperformed the bench mark by a lot!

Stay away and look for a company that actually cares.

by Karen C.,  11/8/2022

Pros:  Fees, communication


Review:  I came over to Fisher a few years ago after feeling something wasn’t right with my current firm. Come to find out I was paying over 2% and in products that benefited them. My counselor worked with me on my goals and getting things set up to better benefit me and the income I needed. I have full confidence in them and have taken my income every month without issue even in this more volatile year. Recommend them to anyone about to or in retirement!

by Bush,  10/28/2022



Review:  They allegedly do well in down markets. Not true! They are doing much worse than the S&P 500 and World Index. They predicted volatility during the first half of 2022, but did little defensive trading. Almost all trades made in 2021 are in negative, some over 80% down. Their methodology is flawed. The should change their TV ad from “We do well when you (investor) do well.” To “We still do pretty well if you do poorly and lose a lot of money.”

by John,  10/27/2022

Pros:  Slick marketing

Cons:  Dismal Performance

Review:  Dreadful performance - significantly underperforming their chosen benchmark and much worse than S&P500 in our experience.
Very arrogant and frequently wrong.

by Wiser@EdwardJones,  10/25/2022

Pros:  They'll end up asking if " want fries with that burger?" someday.

Cons:  Cookie cutter portfolios, inexperienced "advisors", impossible to balance a portfolio with

Review:  First - if you want to see who they hire to be their "Investment Counselors" (and take note that they do not call themselves Investment ADVISORS), they are hiring new graduates, a degree in Finance or Investing is not required (ANY major is accepted), and get a fully paid, extensive training program (to help memorize the sales pitch). Don't take my word for it - go to their web site and review "Open Positions".

I was concerned about the precariousness of the economy in general, as we had not really experienced a Bear Market since most of the Fisher Investment Counselors were born. They cited inflation that historically performed at 3.2% annually - what they failed to note or mention - is that they are referencing back to 1938, which certainly smooths out inflation to a tolerable degree - however as someone that is retiring in 5 years - they should have been paying attention to what the next 5 years would likely bring, as opposed to what the last 84 years meant for inflation. I insisted on a 60/40 blend portfolio - they insisted that I sign a legal "waiver" going against their 80/20 portfolio blend (I am 60 years old) - they gave me a new "Investment Counselor" every month, all three of which had ZERO years of experience at Fisher, much less in the industry. Straight college hires - the first one had his degree in Hotel / Restaurant Management. They NEVER discussed with me my risk tolerance, when I wanted to retire, what I should be thinking about regarding Long Term Health Care, they never asked about my estate / my will / my desire to preserve any wealth for my heirs, etc.

I fell for the advertising and market pitch. THAT is the ONLY thing they are good at, PERIOD.

My advice - which if you have not seen it here multiple times, is to RUN not WALK away from these posers. They work for your fee and don't really care what happens to you and tour retirement nest egg.

by Did My Homework,  10/24/2022

Pros:  slick marketing, concierge communications

Cons:  High-risk, high fee, underperforming product; false representations

Review:  While in the process of moving my assets to Fisher, I stopped due to multiple "red flags." They aggressively recruit with multiple calls, overnight intro package, and video seminar. But the reality does not match the claims.

The sales rep claimed that Fisher beat the market every prior year by 2-3% net of fees. Yet multiple reviewers here have noted losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short time through Fisher's high-risk picks tone-deaf to market conditions. Financial aggregators report that Fisher's returns have lagged the market for years (Yodelar, Citywire). Fisher's funds are rates as "aggressive growth" which have performed in the bottom quartile of funds while also having among the highest risk ratings (CityWire). Fisher discontinued his Purisima line of funds in the US following chronic underperformance. In countries where they are still available, the underperformance continues (

Fisher represents that individualized investment advisors tailor specific portfolios to clients' needs, but the information I have found cites former employees noting that former employees have acknowledged that 99% of clients have the same positions, and customer complaints demonstrate poor responsiveness to customer requests for portfolio changes. Clients have complained that they are 100% invested in stock - including many risky growth names - with little or no responsiveness to market downturns and client requests to hedge or change positions. Fisher appears to be a glorified mutual fund with high fees, precisely the type of cookie-cutter investment strategy it denounces. Their investment "advisors" appear to be glorified PR liaisons explaining Fisher's picks to clients, rather than formulating prudent investment strategies based on personal circumstances and goals.

After my outside financial advisor advised that he did not recommend that I proceed with Fisher's 100% stock portfolio in the current market downturn of inflation and rising rates, the Fisher rep countered with a "different perspective." He stated that my goals of "capital preservation and income…neither one of those fit your time horizon you have for these assets to work (even before retirement)" and that I needed to seek "as much growth as reasonably possible." This is nonsense. I'm not even 50 and have plenty of time horizon, but the implication was that I needed to swing for the fences with Fisher. At least the rep finally acknowledged that Fisher is a high-risk investment geared neither towards capital preservation nor income.

How does Fisher view his clients? He said in an interview that attracting high-wealth clients was like trying to get in a girl's pants (see Bloomberg, CNBC, WaPo, etc.) and his funds saw massive withdrawals in the backlash. Unfortunately, that is my experience with their sales team. They will seemingly say anything to get a client onboard.

The few recent positive reviews for Fisher have been about communication, generally while acknowledging mediocre or lagging returns. This is what clients are paying for: the name and concierge communications. Fisher is a billionaire because of his slick marketing, not because of superior client returns. Caveat emptor.

by Very Disappointed,  10/21/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  This company is terrible and my advise is to run! And not just walk away!

Review:  This company cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars with their cookie cutter portfolio picks. Terrible looser stock picks. And then they watch your balance go down the drain and in flames. And then they do nothing to correct it. Whoever is doing the research on their stock picks, should be fired immediately. They should start a dog sitting and dog walking service... Just Like they do at Fisher!
A homeless person could pick better stocks than they did, and would have better results. Just throw a dart at a list must be their strategy
"They do better when we do better is a lie, and a joke"!
They do better when they loose all your money buy churning your account.
Their performance was Terrible and Disgraceful, and they should be ashamed of themselves and their performance! And stop advertising their TV promises that do not ever deliver!

by Betty S.,  10/11/2022

Pros:  Responsive, expertise


Review:  I’ve been with fisher a few years now and highly recommend! I’ve worked with several firms and this is the first not selling me something every time I call. My counselor is always back to me within a day on anything I need. The market has been challenging this year but that’s part of investing! I have complete faith in fisher managing my retirement!

by Maxwell B.,  10/9/2022

Pros:  Fee only fiduciary

Cons:  None

Review:  Moved my account from Morgan Stanley after they showed me how much I was paying in mutual fund expenses. It’s nice to know I am now working with a fiduciary who is not churning my account. I highly recommend Fisher Investments over the commission structure.

by James mc clure,  10/7/2022

Pros:  Non

Cons:  As things started major downturn late last year they did. 0

Review:  When asked my guy what you doing that things heading south. Was told. Hang in there in now down 30% from where I was I pulled my account

by Aneed Seamen,  10/6/2022

Pros:  Overall great experience

Cons:  Nothing

Review:  I have been working with Fisher for Several years. I draw money from the account and have never touched the principal. They have under promised and over delivered. WELL DONE!

by Maxwell G.,  9/30/2022

Pros:  Service, performance

Cons:  None

Review:  Fisher has done incredible over the last 3.5 years I have been a client. My counselor calls me frequently to keep me educated on what is happening and the changes they are making. I will be a client at Fisher for many years to come!

by Ed Surrett,  9/23/2022

Pros:  Nice Folks

Cons:  Incompetent

Review:  Monkeys could do better, in fact, I think it was Warren Buffet who said as much about investment advisors.

"Indeed, a patient and level-headed monkey, who constructs a portfolio by throwing 50 darts at a board listing all of the S&P 500 will -- over time -- enjoy dividends and capital gains, just as long as it never gets tempted to make changes in its original "selections."

I was doing great on my own. I did not need to pay these blokes to tank my investments.....such a mistake on my part, huge regrets.

by Jim duswalt,  9/4/2022


Cons:  Not responsive at all

Review:  When the market started to show signs of decline in 2022, I called and asked to be be put in more secure funds. I called again after the first quarters dismal results. I again was put off with their placating responses. Mid year after losing 25% of my account, I demanded to know where my money was. I found out it was in 100% stock. What idiot fund manager would put a recent retiree into 100% stock in the first place? Why wouldn't they move my funds after I asked to have less risk? I know better now. Moved my funds to a different company.

by Rick D.,  8/31/2022

Pros:  The pitch...

Cons:  The actual...

Review:  You've seen the commercials, which typically target the common American retire holding $500,000. They take control of your account and immediately start moving balances through different investments all the while generating fees. Tax efficiency? The only thing Fisher was able to do for me was generate a large tax bill. The performance was perpetually 20% below the S&P 500.

I start asking questions with no answers whatsoever. Loss upon loss. Then I want to understand the oversight. I ask them about internal controls and audits, but Fisher refuses to disclose that. They use a 2 person CPA firm. Not sure if Fisher is the next Madoff, but time is going to tell. Shame on the SEC for allowing this place to continue operating like they do.

by John,  8/25/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Aggressive sales

Review:  Bottom feeders. I asked for a brochure, which I received. It contained nothing that I didn't know already. Then the phone calls started. I didn't answer. After a while they gave up. Then the third party phone calls started (and never stopped since). They sold my phone number. Shame on you.

by Jeff Bodenstab,  8/16/2022

Pros:  Good talkers

Cons:  Poor performers

Review:  I was a client for several years and my portfolio underperformed the market. I pulled my money out when I found out that Ken Fisher was a Trump mega-donor. I didn’t want their income from my account going to the Trump campaign.

by Honest Joe,  8/2/2022

Pros:  On going annual review

Cons:  Not effective in market down turns

Review:  My primary reason for choosing FI in Nov 2012 was "FI will position your portfolio defensively in a bear market". Well not so in practice. Like other reviews, my work 401k in the S&P 500 out performed FI up till 2020 when I went to cash and by as much as %15 in some years. The stock picking in the last 5 years has been similar to other posters, the Sells they made outperformed the Buys. When I send these results to my "counselor" I hear nothing. With my portfolio down $700,000 I could not afford their lackluster performance any longer. I fired FI last week and am unwinding the mess they created in Jan 2022, where new Buys are showing 2x losses vs. the Sells. FI has the worst picks and timing ever. I can ride the market up and down without the fees using index funds.

by Joe,  7/25/2022

Pros:  Nice people

Cons:  boiler plate system, far from value investing, services are very mis-leading

Review:  Well, I wished I would have read reviews from this site before making a serious error in judgement. The stocks they bought were at all time highs and the stocks they sold (my picks)are much higher today. The result: 100s of thousands in losses to date. I'm way better at investing than they are so I went back to me and will never go down this road again. If you are not comfortable with buying and selling stocks.. use index funds and forget about it. Do not hire these people!

by Fred J,  7/22/2022

Pros:  persuasive TV commercials

Cons:  Pushy, obnoxious, high pressure

Review:  They were calling me before my information packet ever arrived.
They called twice after that even though I told them I hadn't gotten to the material yet.
Then they called a third time pressuring me again after I had told them - I'll call you, don't call me.
A firm that doesn't listen to its potential clients it's not a firm you should deal with.
Fisher will NEVER get my business.

by Vern,  7/19/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Very Pushy and they lied on their sales pitch

Review:  I thought about going to Fisher until I got the second call from their sales person. He got angry when I said I needed to do some Due Diligence on Fisher before I move my account. What I was told, 96% of their inverters stayed with Fisher. Then I read about Ken Fisher's comments at an inverters forum. He said, "winning clients was like 'trying to get into a girl's pants'. Then I read about how many clients pulled many millions from Fisher's funds over that. I would probably believe all the negative reviews on here and question anything positive about this investment firm. You can read it for yourself:

by Allan,  7/16/2022

Pros:  Talk a good game. All hat no cattle

Cons:  Stay away

Review:  Lost 35% in 1st qtr 22. Asked them where and how they hedge this crazy market? Answer was “time”. Wtf … I had enough and fired them.

by Todd,  7/10/2022

Pros:  Good communication and fancy mailings

Cons:  This is nothing more then a group of stocks functioning as a mutual fund with a very low turnover rate and high expense ratio.

Review:  Unfortunately they don’t make enough trades within this group of stocks I call a mutual fund. They don’t pay enough attention to market change. I feel like they just want to “hold” because it costs money to trade stocks within the fund. I had a group of stocks for 1 year, 3/21. - 3/22 and they made no changes even with a definite market shift and inflation. Your much better off and diversified with a money manager that uses a group of mutual funds and within those funds trades are constantly being made to keep up with market change. Your choice, but I’m out!

by Jack,  6/29/2022

Pros:  Not sure -

Cons:  Just started with them recently down nearly $400k

Review:  Nearly instantly down $400k after recently onboarding after managing my own 40 years. I told them I would not feel retired if they lost more than $200k. I said the market is set ip to do a “mean reversion” after all the cheap money - but they gaslighted me into another reality and now recently switched my advisor. Seriously I’m knocked out of retirment now - was fully retired for 6 years. Scrambled to get my old job back after 6 years a few weeks ago. Really really stupid move on everyones part to not see this reversion coming as many shouted about and its obvious coming catalysts. With the market forcasting 2-3% annual return for the next decade now really what sense is there in paying a 1.25% fee and riding this wild ass up and mostly down market? CDs are paying 3.2% now no fees. Very disapointed they did not believe in a mean reversion from these catalysts and sidestep this in Feb. I did in fact call the last 3 bear markets and saw this too but they were smarter right? Wow $400k. I cant afford paying for this kind of performace and any dead weight on my account. Their fee is going to have to go now in order for me to pay my bills now until I 95 which ill be short. I had it made - I was careful for 40 years and turned it over to a team that did not care as I.

by KD,  6/21/2022

Pros:  Well spoken promise makers

Cons:  they lie to your new brokerage firm so long, it was about time to hire an attorney

Review:  I think Fisher is in trouble. I was moving my money to another firm, and it seriously almost took a whole month to do. They kept telling my new firm pure garbage about why they couldn't do it... I think they are in deep and about to implode and needed to keep my money on their books as long as possible. Don't trust them - it's all about to break

by Chack,  6/11/2022

Pros:  lots of nice books to read before bed time....

Cons:  they do not manage the account ..The garbage stocks kept forever..

Review:  Run..Run…Run…from this bla..bla..bla.. investment co cause that’s all you get hours of bla.bla..bla..
This is not a place to park your money..
I gave them 500K and a week later they lost 60K by buying growth stocks that every one was dumping
There is no management of the account...stocks keep loosing money ... they do not sell the stocks because
according to them in 20 years you’ll recover your money.

by Dave,  6/10/2022

Pros:  None!

Cons:  Horrible customer service, follow up. Just a set and forget with outrageously high fees.

Review:  Fisher Investments is by far the worst investment firm I have ever dealt with to date. Do yourself a favor and stay away! They are good at promoting how "great" they are, but the proof is in the pudding. And the pudding is horrible.


by Richard,  6/8/2022

Pros:  Uses established broker platform such as TD, in Advisor client role.

Cons:  Poor personal management, grab and forget. High Fees

Review:  Basically it’s you hand them money and they buy a basket of stocks and we’re done. No regards for P/E, general trends or new ideas. No modification from original purchase, regardless of the market showing clear stress in select areas. It’s get it and forget it. No management at all. The whole thing is an engine for their high fee.

Customer for 2 months

by Chester Clark,  5/30/2022

Pros:  Pretty bulletins and charts.

Cons:  A “set it” and “forget it” scam. No strategy!

Review:  On my 100% stocks account with no constraints, Fisher sat idle for 6 months as a large % of the positions lost 50% to 80% of their value. In total, they did 8% WORSE than S&P over the same period with absolutely no countermeasures. They don’t give a damn about your portfolio performance. They buy a bunch of China junk and loser companies which I suspect they are paid to buy. But they do make pretty brochures and videos. I advise to stay away from Fisher if you are looking for expertise….a child will do better.

by Gregory,  5/29/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Don't get the words "no thanks"!

Review:  Prior to my recent retirement, I spent alot of time online looking at free "calculators"....simply to confirm that I could take care of my future needs. I made the MISTAKE of assuming the the retirement calculator on the Fisher website was also free of any obligations or sales pitches....and boy was I wrong. Their sales staff went into hyper-drive trying to commit me to their services...only ending with my blocking phone numbers every time someone called. "Pushy" does not begin to describe their sales tactics.

I learned many years ago to trust my instincts....I'm so pleased that they finally gave up making a sale with me.

by sammy boy,  5/24/2022

Pros:  slick presentations

Cons:  Foolish Investments in early 2022

Review:  I was with them for about 10 years of listening to their pitch and paying high fees regards my Fisher portfolio. I started tracking their performance against specific mutual funds, ETFs from Fidelity and Vanguard. Fisher did not do as well over the time I did the comparisons-last 5 years. Finally the Foolish Investments in early 2022 were a call to action as they were down about 25 % versus items sold down 10%. I fired them transferred the stocks "in kind" but now have to contend with their investment decision mess. I would not advise a Fisher investment.

by J. Hill,  5/24/2022

Pros:  Slick sales staff

Cons:  Absolutely nothing more than a mutual fund….. what a joke

Review:  STAY AWAY !

by William M,  5/20/2022



Review:  I'm awaiting the second sales pitch for my initial contract. I notice that the older reviews are good and the ones after Nov. 2021 are bad. So when the market does great everyone's happy, and when it tanks, we blame the advisor. But the over all good reviews are similar to my own experience that the advisor can not do anything to sway returns...its the market that determines that. So I await the price tag of the sales pitch.

by Dan S,  5/18/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Overpriced, Makes Bad Investment Decisions

Review:  On 11/12/21, 11/15/21, and 12/17/21 Fischer rebalanced about 9% of our account. On 2/15/22, the stocks they sold were down 0.9% and the stocks they bought were down 25.0%. From 9/1/2021 thru 2/15/2022, the Fischer directed investments were down 8.1% before their fee. I picked an ETF, IWL, for other investments that Fischer did not manage. IWL for this period was down 3.1%. Each month, the Fischer Investments did worse that IWL. When Fischer was up, IWL was up more. When Fischer was down, IWL was down less. If you research mutual funds and ETFs, I think you can do better than Fischer.

by |David Aucoin,  5/11/2022

Pros:  Really nothing, way oversold, not what Fisher "sold" me.

Cons:  Personal only in phone calls (sales), not investing.

Review:  There is a difference between "macro" financial ideas (general idea for everyone), and "micro" financial ideas (my money), Fisher does not understand this. I lost 15% in one month, and for all the bad talking Fisher did about Schwab, at least they made money for me. And,"when I do well, Fisher does well" and when I do very badly, Fisher does well! Oh yeah, and the "we have a tax attorney staff that will help with your investment taxes and dispersements" actually means that they will send you to a tax lawyer for a free hour of consultation - really? And I can't get an interview with a tax attorney for free that wants my business?

by Larry,  5/1/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Failure to actually manage my account. Significan loss of value of account.

Review:  I opened my account in January, 2020 and have been satisfied with Fisher until February, 2022. The investment counselors do not seem to stick around very long. I had two were very good at communicating but they mysteriously disappear and I got a third investment counselor who is terrible at communications. Anyway from February, 2022 until the present my account has shrunk horribly. In the meantime I pay over $2,000 a quarter in fees. Then I checked my account and found that in the last four months they have not sold or purchased a single issue. If they are managing my account (isn't that what the fees are for) why have they not gone defensive in view of the huge drop in the market? In the beginning of the last quarter they put out a summary stating that the upcoming war between Russia and the Ukraine would most likely not have an effect on the market as regional conflicts rarely do so. Duh, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that with oil, gas and grain so highly produced in these countries that this conflict would cause a problem in the market. How can you take fees like they do when they absolutely did nothing to manage my account?

by Alfred Kuba,  4/20/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Rip Off!

Review:  DON;T BE FOOLED BY THIS SLEEK AND MISLEADING COMPANY. F.I. claims in their advertisisng that they are a "fudiciary" and are "different" than other investment borkers, however the truth is F.I. is no different than any other brokerage firm. They claim "Our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better". Not true! F.I. charge 1.5% commission regardless of your portfolio being up or down. So they make 1.5% on your money also when you are down! DON'T BE FOOLED.

by Perry Tenbrink,  4/19/2022

Pros:  Professional, articulate, SALES PEOPLE

Cons:  Worst "investment" Co. EVER.

Review:  Down 14% (88K dollars) in 7 months, DJIA down 7%. This company can't spell "investment" and then you pay 1.5 % for losing money. Disaster, don't be fooled.
Worst investment firm EVER !

by TJ,  4/17/2022

Pros:  Good newsletter


Review:  Fisher doesn't manage any of my money but I do enjoy reading Ken's publications and their quarterly reports

by Terry Taylor,  4/11/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  They have no investment strategy and they lie!!!

Review:  They want absolute control over your money. If you want to hold more cash or don't like one of their investments they put you have to sign a paper. It their way or the highway. Their way cost me over $70,000.00 dollars in less that two weeks and it was one of the investments that I didn't want cost me a lot of money. Please stay away from these crooks. They are nothing more than a morally bankrupt used car salesman. They don't care if they lose you money period!!!

by R.Bjerke,  4/6/2022

Pros:  Advisor easy to get ahold of

Cons:  Under Preformed

Review:  DONT DO IT.. They under performed my selected three benchmarks.. this is true when the market raised and declined.... I suggest putting $ into Birkshire_B fund and you will be $ ahead without the hastle.

by Karen L,  4/2/2022

Pros:  Great Service / Sales team

Cons:  None yet

Review:  For all the negative comments about “not being able to get my money back from them” - Fisher does not hold any of their clients funds. My assets are at fidelity. If I wanted to fire fisher (which I never will) then my assets would remain in my fidelity account.

I had been dealing with the Fisher sales team for about 4 years before I joined. Each rep I spoke with respected my hesitation to change from my Ed Jones advisor, as I had been with him for about 15 years. I agreed to hold a phone meeting with the VP in Chicago and I am very glad I did. My performance has been great and I am taking 5% income annually without dipping into the account at all!

by Robert H,  3/20/2022

Pros:  NONE

Cons:  MANY They did a horrible job for me, when I told them I wanted a stop loss order they did not honor it

Review:  They did not tell me what stocks they were going to invest in before they invested. When they finally did I told them which ones I did NOT want, but they did not sell them and they lost large amount of money; They did not remove their fee from my account at the end of each quarter as they said they would. This resulted in their charging a much higher fee when I told them after a year I was dissatisfied with them and wanted to cash out and return to my previous adviser. When I told them I wanted to cash out and send my money back to the bank account from which my money originally came from, they took over a week to do so. NO ONE SHOULD EVER TRUST THEM

by Mark,  3/16/2022

Pros:  Deceptive ads

Cons:  Worst and highest customer cost model. Stock picking is poor and funds and indexes easily out perform Fisher

Review:  Their ads say they are different than other money managers because they are fiduciary. That should not be allowed as all managers are “supposed” to be fiduciaries after Obama Dept of labor issued regulation. So every other manager is breaking the rules. They should sue Fisher in a class action suit for slander.
They say they make more $ when you do and do not charge commissions. True enough but they get a percentage of your total in good , stagnant and down years. Their returns are worse than just selecting broad indexes and avoiding their high fees at the same time. Advisory fees by any manager might be justified in the first year but not at the same rate ongoing. If you can not do this yourself find a fee only planner. Managers have figured out it is easier to ask you for part of your return than for you to write a check. You are losing big because of it.

by MWH,  3/12/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Evasive and dishonest.

Review:  Never came within 10 points of meeting their own benchmark (MSCI World) in a rising market, but were exceptional at exceeding the losses of their benchmark in a declining market. The rep actually yelled at me when I asked, "as a fiduciary, would you advise yourself to accept a 3% annual return when the market is returning + 20%" (at the time). In 11 months the only active trading that occurred was when I opened and closed the account.

by bbee,  3/7/2022

Pros:  Able to talk about funds and experience

Cons:  Not surprised owner is trump contributor, VP gave only a dog-whistle about lack of diversity in the company.

Review:  Decided not to invest. Did not believe presentation and found rep disrespectful and arrogant.

by Dennis,  3/6/2022

Pros:  I’ve always gotten prompt, good service. Returns are not spectacular, and it’s hard to separate market growth from good management, but I am generally satisfied. I’m under no illusion that I have enough time, energy, or knowledge to successfully navigate the market, so I am happy to let people who specialize do the work, as long as returns are reasonable.

Cons:  Fees seem high for observed returns.

Review:  No real complaints. They were very efficient and competent in consolidating a variety of IRA’s and 401K’s into a much more manageable portfolio. I hope they restart the seminars and client conferences sometime soon. I enjoyed those and learned some things. I’m pondering a Roth conversion within Fisher, and that will tell me how they do on more complex challenges.

by Michael,  2/28/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  High fees, relentless, deceiving sales practices

Review:  Fisher cares about one thing only...Sales. They will say and do anything to get you to sign on the dotted line.

Their claims of beating the market are front end loaded where they conveniently switched benchmarks to the MSCI World in late 1996 while having domestic only portfolios prior to that time. I.e. they claimed they were global but actually all domestic when you guessed it, the S&P outperformed by 30% plus over those ~2 years giving them a big "lead" over the MSCI World.

Don't believe me, ask for a Composite, you will see lo and behold 1 account representing 1995 when they managed billions. The fact the SEC allows this bait & switch is a subject for another day.

They were down 58% peak to trough in the 2007-2009 bear, lagged the market by 10% in 2012, 3% last year (lagged S&P by 9%) and their foreign stock picking is horrendous. Try asking your "Counselor" for an attribution report to show the poor stock picking (standard and easy) and they will stone wall you. They DETRACT performance not to mention higher volatility and as the founder loves to quote on annuities "nose bleed fees."

If you need equity returns, much better off buying SPY/EFA (60/40) and re-balance yearly, you will crush them by a mile.

by Michael,  2/22/2022

Pros:  TV Commercials

Cons:  Trumpers

Review:  Did and 1.5 hour phone meeting with a knowledgeable, but deceptive, sales VP. Then I did some research and found out that the salesmen are know to be liars, and Ken F is a Trump big supporter, and financier. Never gave them another thought.

by John,  2/20/2022

Pros:  Good up-front selling with a personal portfolio analysis and retirement projection scenarios.

Cons:  Better at advertising, sales, and marketing than investment insight.

Review:  Fisher Investments turned out to be a bad choice. Feel I have to say something to help others. Still in the process of righting the capsized portfolio they bought me into to stem losses.
• First the good: The VP I opened my account with and my assigned advisor thereafter were available, responsive, and easy to work with. My rating applies only to the overall firm. But…
• They charge one of highest fees for doing close to nothing but buying you into wildly uninformed positions in the currently most popular high-flyer stocks and telling you not to worry your precious little self over it.
• They claim, without little proof, that they “beat the market” year on year. Fudging? Instead you’re unlikely to even make up for their 1.5% fee for doing almost nothing.
• They sell you on tailored portfolio management, instead they dump you into a long-outdated, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all allocation, most stocks bought blindly at often the worst timing ever. They’ll claim your current portfolio is over-diversified then buy you in across the board.
• They claim to be attuned to formative market changes, instead they came across as completely tone deaf, and dumb, and their vaunted research proved basic and antiquated.
• They made some of the worst mistakes of not doing even the most basic due diligence and research on companies, countries, and sectors that they yet risk large amounts of your money on. Over half my positions are seriously down (elementary bad timing), but of the very few rectifying trades made in the past year, 2 out of 3 are down over 40%. Wow. (Similar to other’s experience.)
• When called on it, they never admit when wildly wrong, and always fall back on “just wait 35 years and you’ll be fine”. I was actually advised “just don’t look at your portfolio”. As if.
• Besides their overall condescending attitude of “your just not smart enough”, all their market updates and articles convey the same “we know it all” macro-condescension when they really don’t have any more clue than anyone else. They are not contrarian or insightful and just buy what’s tops and hot. Then they’ll contradict their own advice by saying later “we knew all along” of some market change that just shook your portfolio.
• They’ll denigrate owning mutual funds (their nasty fees!) but then buy some index funds and ETFs.
• Their lack of active management they claim is just restraint – its actually just disregard and irresponsibility. You’ll end up with magnified losses and washed-out performance.
• Got to say… the eponymous namesake himself, one learns, is a rather repugnant, self-important, over-hyped financier (redundant of the ilk perhaps)

by Elizabeth,  2/19/2022

Pros:  They will die some day

Cons:  Total confidence scammers

Review:  What part of confidence scam do you not get? They lie to get a commission. They want 1.5 % of your portfolio in fees. Period. All you get is ripped off.

by Dogpatch,  2/18/2022


Cons:  Arrogant, aggressive attitude and pushy "confidence man" sales approach

Review:  I recently liquidated my portfolio at the end of last year, anticipating a market correction. I'd been invested in some high flying growth stocks (FANG) that had done very well over the past 18 months but I felt were poised for a serious pull back based on Fed actions (end of QE program) and planned interest rate increases to try and reign in inflation that is the highest it's ever been in the past 40 plus years. Well it turns out I was right about the market but when I talked with the Fisher rep. he's all excited to tell me that it's just a minor correction and I should let them manage my portfolio and plunge back in to 100% stock allocation focusing on growth stocks. Hmm.... seems a bit risky? What about a more balanced portfolio that includes some percentage of bonds? No.
Moreover, we need to get 100% in stocks now, and not try to dollar cost average our way back in according to the salesperson. I've been managing my own money for about 40 plus years, but I thought I would listen to his proposal.
Now that I've thought about it, I think I'll stick with my own decision making and use my own business knowledge I've acquired over a lifetime of investing experience. It's gotten me this far and I don't have to pay high fees for someone else to loose money for me. Avoid these hucksters.

by Joe pole,  2/14/2022

Pros:  Commercials

Cons:  High fees and pushy

Review:  Stay away

by Sam Smith,  2/2/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  My way or the highway approach to doing business

Review:  Fisher investments is a terrible company for individual retail investors like me. I never actually sent them any money to invest because I never got past the extensive sales pitch that lasted several hours over several phone calls. A waste of time.

If you are a person who is okay with blindly giving all your money to someone else to invest with no questions asked then Fisher is right for you.

Fisher uses a three step approach to try and win your confidence to let them invest your money for you.
Here are the steps:
1. Send you printed material by overnight delivery to try to impress you. They then set up a phone call to review this material. This material is geared toward making you think that Fisher knows the stock market better than anyone else so your investments will be safe.
2. Next they gather every detail of your net worth and ask a bunch of questions about your personal finance. Things like how much income will you need in retirement, have you taken this and that into account. Basically insult you about your ability to manage your personal finance. I have way more net worth than people with my income level. I think I know how to manage personal finance. They will then use this info against you to push their 100% investment in stocks.
3. The last step is where they present you with an investment approach that will be 100% investment in stocks. If you object then they will show you that you will not get the income that you told them you need in retirement if you do not do a 100% investment in stocks.

From here is it “my way or the highway”, with “my way” being the Fisher way. I am so glad I did not let Fisher invest my money.

by Harry,  1/22/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Slick Sales guy and then transfer you to a kid - if under $1M

Review:  I am a client now for over 2 years - Maybe I am not a big fish for them but I have an IRA a/c $300K and Investing a/c for $550K, I had to approach them to say I should be getting 1.25% in fees instead of the 1.5% they were charging, they said something like each individual account was less then the 1.5% threshold and I said that combined it qualifies as 1.25% so they finally moved me to that ranged and acted like they were doing me a huge favor. Its been two years and I get "all knowing" Ken Fisher pronouncements (spam) about how we are in the late stage of a bull market and growth stocks performance best at this stage not value stocks, how they know and have this contrarian insight - and they blindly stick with this philosophy - so no protection on downside, Here is the PAIN: They have lost 10% in the last 14 days - incredible! I know the market is tough but 10% in 14 days - it just shows their blind push to high growth tech stocks. They say their accounts are actively managed. yet I would say there were approx. 9 or 10 trades made in last 18 months (most of these in last couple of weeks - buying more tech) .. as the market crashing kept last week - still though. more spam news letters coming in from Ken talking about late stage of a bull market, no "value stocks" all high growth. Examples of trades NFLX right before it drops 23% Zoom, Docusign, SQ all before they go down more - seems kind of reckless and not very innovative. Meanwhile I hear that other firms like Merrill have done much better over the start of the year. I know I need to take a long term horizon - but what I have experienced is lots of hubris, kid and inexperienced advisors, and under performance. Time I think for Vanguard funds

by Jamie,  1/22/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Poor Service, Poor Performance, and Very Expensive

Review:  For me, working with Fisher was a nightmare. I'm retired so I was surprised when they proposed investing 100% of my money in stocks. Well, like a dummy, I took the bait and now I regret it. Whenever I called my investment counselor to ask detailed questions about my portfolio, they just gave me more of the ideological sales pitch. They spoke always spoke to me a condescending manner as if I knew nothing about the stock market even though I successfully invested my money in the stock market for over 20 years. I closed my account after a discussion with my investment counselor about why my portfolio was consistently losing money for many months due to the lack of active management during a major market rotation. My investment counselor hung up the phone during the discussion which was disrespectful which made my decision to terminate my relationship with Fisher that much easier. They left me with almost 80 positions in my account to unwind overnight. Luckily, I was able to restructure my portfolio and recover most of the loses within a short period of time.

by Olga,  1/17/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  High fees low performance

Review:  Nice ads on tv but all bs
They are fi- douches to be sure
Stay away

by DJ,  1/13/2022



Review:  Cold caller (Justin H) was rude and hung up abruptly when told we were not interested in their services. Very unprofessional approach to selling what are professional services.

by Jim S,  1/13/2022

Pros:  A lot of "attention" prior to transferring funds

Cons:  performance well below benchmarks

Review:  More sizzle than steak. Poor communications after investing with Fisher. Seems like they have more excuses than straight forward information. Everything is scripted from the company HQ when talking with reps. pointing to volatile markets, political circumstances and other things out of their control. There are many other investment options that are superior to Fisher.

by Marcus H,  12/29/2021

Pros:  Professional Mgmt

Cons:  Ads deceptive

Review:  There are minimum fees that are in assessed regardless of performance. Fees are a percentage of the assets under management and will go up or down with portfolio values.
A cookie cutter / 1 size fits all.
For previous commenter Jeff Bodenstat who pulled $$ due to a political donation - what an idiot !
How do you like the dumpster fire you put in office?
Let’s go Brandon!

by Jim,  12/28/2021

Pros:  Very professional advisor that I am working with. They educate you on the market swings, I have done reasonable well in mutual funds and stock for 35 years. Seen the highs and lows and did some selling before 1987 and 2000 and 2007 but looking back I would have done better just holding on. Tired of watching CNBC every morning would just be happy getting something average for the next 30 years

Cons:  Their fee is acceptable in an average return environment. But the next 10 years looks flat ?? Maybe they will be making more than me in fees. I hope not but it would not necessarily be their fault - they should cut their fee by a 0.25 percent if the average return is going to be 2%-4% over the next 10 years like so many are saying

Review:  So far so good - up a rate of 8% in 8 months

by Jeff Bodenstab,  12/14/2021

Pros:  Good narratives

Cons:  Weak performance

Review:  I had investment funds there for more than a decade. The narratives were good and I learned a bit from them, but overall they underperformed the market. I would have done better in an index fund. I pulled all my money out and went to a different investment manager when I found out that CEO Ken Fisher contributed $250,000 to Donald Trump.

by Richard,  12/12/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  Aggressive, wouldn’t honor my request for conservative investing

Review:  I initially got sucked into their marketing hype. I transferred funds and because of market volatility I asked my rep to dollar cost invest the funds. Nope, he ignored my request and chunked my entire account into stocks. And of course the market tanked shortly thereafter. I fired them and ceased their trading authority in my acct. The advisor that was given to me was pleasant enough but it felt that I was advising him on some of his medical conditions more than he was advising on financial matters. Avoid Fisher.

by Terry B.,  12/3/2021

Pros:  Great firm

Cons:  None

Review:  Fisher had done an outstanding job on my account. I would highly recommend them as a money manager.

They have been providing me 5% income and have never touched my principal which was the goal when I first hired them.

by Bryan 11/ 19/ 2021,  11/19/2021

Pros:  Great Service, no snags

Cons:  None

Review:  Have beena member of
Fisher Inv. for 3 years.
Very happy with my advisor
Adam Eugene. He has answered
every question I've ever asked, taken the time to ex-
plain things so I can totally
Provided all the 401K rollover and Roth moves easily.
The picks of stocks and sectors choices have performed very well.
I have no reservations
joining their client list.

by Russ,  11/15/2021

Pros:  Very open

Cons:  Lack of adequate FSCS protection

Review:  Great customer service and a very good return since I started investing with Fisher in 2017

by Steven,  11/13/2021

Pros:  Honest, steady communication, making money


Review:  It’s been working for me… and better than I can do for myself.

by Chuck,  11/4/2021

Pros:  None I can think of

Cons:  Overly aggressive sales reps, very high fees

Review:  Sales rep tried to make an appointment at my home. I would not have a person I do not know visit my home. Asked him why not meet at their office. He became belligerent with me. I cancelled the meeting at which time he told me that he hoped my portfolio would blow up.
Stay away, you can do better

by 5 yr customer,  10/29/2021

Pros:  Fancy Marketing

Cons:  Everything else

Review:  1. They can't time the market like they one can....Liars! They should be shut down for claiming they are fiduciaries and making outlandish statements.
2. Their fancy mutual fund did so badly they had to close it. If they were any good their fund should have been a top performer.
3. They can't and don't out perform the S&P because they use too much weak international exposure.
4. Once you are a client you can't get out (Hotel California). Just like TIAA Cref and Valic, they make excuse after excuse to delay and pretty much stop you from getting your money back from them.
It's a shame because there are Fiduciary fee based advisors that do it right but like all the big firms their is a greed element at work at Fischer that will swing the benefits in their direction and away from you.
If they make exciting claims tell them to send that to you clearly in'll never get it.

by linda,  10/28/2021


Cons:  sexist

Review:  currently am thinking of changing investment firms and thought another look at Fisher was warranted but it doesn't sound like they have changed there tune. About 15 years ago I sold my small business for 1 mil. and signed up to attend a group recruitment meeting with Fisher. When they found out that I was coming without my husband I was uninvited. By the sounds of the complaints it does't sound like anything has changed. Their flyiers will continue to go into the round file.

by Pat(female),  10/8/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  None

Review:  They addressed their materials to my husband.
So I threw the material where it belonged.

by tom,  9/8/2021


Cons:  very pushy timeshare sales types

Review:  I am not a customer of Fisher but they call me regularly. The young salesmen that call me remind me of timeshare salesmen. They claim that Fisher will outperform and they can accurately time the market. They pick individual stocks and they know when to buy and sell and what to buy and sell. When I ask them about Fisher's extremely mediocre Purisima Fund that was forced to close, they change the subject. If Fisher Investments had a Flagship mutual fund that had poor performance and was forced to close, that tells you all you need to know about their great MARKET BEATING claims.

by Darkwing,  9/6/2021

Pros:  Do Right for me (so far)

Cons:  Seem to want it all

Review:  Have been with Fisher for 9 years and have seen 300% growth on funds in that time. Am aware of S&P500 over same time has around 250% growth, so from the point of a novice investor I am fine. When I chose them at least I understood their fee structure (unlike Others!). So I knew what I was getting into. Keep talking to me, and wanting all my funds (not going to happen).

Will be interesting to see what happens when markets fall big time?

by Joe Low,  8/16/2021

Pros:  Lots of exposure to thier reasoning for actions. Customer service focused

Cons:  Global diversification hurts when US is dominating

Review:  I find the complaints comical. They have a massive inform the client campaign regarding what they are going to do, and how they are going to manage your money. If you're surprised, frankly it is your own fault. Are their fees high? Pretty standard for what they do actually, but 1 1/4 is steep if you are self investing, and of course deceptively seem high if you're believe the false numbers in your Mutual Fund's documentation. Their performance is what you'd expect with a company with international exposure. When The S&P soars and Europe flounders, you won't match the S&P. If you go into Fisher with your eyes open you'll get an honest firm that has a real focus on customer service IMO

by Rick,  8/15/2021

Pros:  Good Marketing

Cons:  Everything else

Review:  They lost about 40% of my investment. All the crap about a "customized portfolio" is just that - crap. And their "we don't make money till you make money" is the same. They make money either way - all they care about is that you keep invested. They will never take you to all cash even if the market is in the tank.

by Na,  8/4/2021

Pros:  Zero

Cons:  Crooked firm crooked owners

Review:  All negative comments are true. Personally I would question any positive reviews for this company and any other related companies under their umbrella.

by David,  6/1/2021

Pros:  No discernable advantage over other brokers.

Cons:  High cost for Mediocre performance.

Review:  I was with Fisher for around five years, having bought into their advertising. The fund I was in was certainly not tailored to me but a standard Purisma fund. I watched my fund follow the market down in 2008 without any sell off by Fisher, who was supposed to be able read the market. The fund gradually recovered as markets improved, but far from a good performance. The regular calls from my ‘advisor’ were pointless as I was stuck in the one fund, what could he advise me to do? Aware of the high costs with Fisher I wanted to withdraw my investment but it was a real struggle to do this, my advisor constantly telling me it was a risky thing to do. Leaving them was the best decision I made, I just select my own funds on an online investment platform and the returns have been far above any Purisma fund. I can sell instantly, and the fees are far less. Strongly advise against using them.

by TG,  5/24/2021

Pros:  Extensive Stock Knowledge

Cons:  A 3 maybe 4 star mutual fund with a high expense ratio. Nothing more nothing less.

Review:  Everytime they would put me in a stock it seemed to drop 15% to start. Relied on FANG Stocks to keep the performance up.

by Just a regular investor,  4/22/2021

Pros:  All-in-one management.

Cons:  Aggressive marketing. Magical thinking that they can outperform the SP 500 Index. High fees 1.25% on first million.

Review:  I was considering going with Fisher for my portfolio. To pay the high fees they charge, I would need to have convincing, if not compelling, evidence that they are better than index funds, and better than robo-advisors. They propose to pull all funds from mutual funds and invest in individual stocks that they will manage. They will then advise and invest as a "broker knows best" strategy. Looking at the evidence, they have only beat the SP 500 11/18 years. Personally, I need a stronger record to pay those kind of fees, and to convert everything to stocks. If I were to leave Fisher, I would be stuck with numerous stocks that I could not manage myself. With their aggressive slick advertising in the mail and TV, ,they have to do better than that. Just don't meet the threshold to say "yes."

by Mark Tupert,  4/15/2021

Pros:  The fees seem high to those who don’t know the hidden feed of the other companies. My returns are in the 18 to 20% range after all fees. I highly recommend. If you don’t like your service rep as I didn’t get another as I did and now have a good relationship with him!

Cons:  None

Review:  Excellent company with your interests in mind. Many here giving low marks are not truly aware of how many hidden fees other companies charge. Look at all fees including the fee on the funds owned by the company you use and over charge you to be in their funds! Wells Fargo hit me on this one!

by Steve W,  4/8/2021

Pros:  Not Many

Cons:  Blocking me transferring my funds

Review:  I have funds with these guys and they have done everything within their power to keep control of my funds and chip away at it with their high fees. I have repeatedly tried to transfer these funds over a period of 4 years. I have been trying to relocate my kiwisaver to my superfund, they keep quoting the very legislation that is meant to protect the customer as a reason not to release the funds. A complaints person there called Harry is a master at deliberating misinterpreting questions so the answers suit their needs. Strongly recommend avoiding fisher funds.

by DAVE SMITH,  1/26/2021


Cons:  NONE


by PISSED,  12/16/2020


Cons:  Fischer want to control not only ALL of your funds in an Institiutional Account, make trades withput tasking or telling you. They also interfere in your personal life, calling friends and family membeand generally interfering in your life which is none of their business.

Review:  Run as fast and as far as you can from these people. They are not what they seem.

by Morgan,  12/11/2020

Pros:  Nothing that other companies don't offer

Cons:  Fees are too high and the advisor reminds me of a used car salesperson. They argue with the client and actually stop short of calling the client dumb. I am leaving Fisher within the next two weeks. Again, the fees, and attitudes rub me the wrong way. Oh, my neighbor used Fisher as well but left for the same reasons I am leaving.

Review:  They have not performed well for me, especially with their high fees.

by Robert,  12/4/2020

Pros:  Interesting reading material

Cons:  Had to print the guide so I could make notes

Review:  After seeing a Fisher commerical and coming across an ad on the web, I thought I would check out the reading material they frequently advertise. The guide had some interesting thoughts and gave me a few things to think about. However, the information was sent electronically and I had to print out the entire guide as I like highlight and make notes on the information I read.

by John Doe,  11/17/2020


Cons:  crooked firm.

Review:  a crooked firm with a lying sexual deviant for a boss. No one should do business with them...thank god for Fidelity investments for dropping them. No decent Co..should do business with them

by duke,  11/9/2020


Cons:  too expensive

Review:  they stink!!!

by Dan Hunhoff,  9/22/2020

Pros:  Pleased with thier customer service. They respond quickly to requests and issues. I understand thier fees and can predict them. Not the case with other investment firms I have had in the past. If not with Fisher I would be invested in an Index 500 fund. I have found that thier performance more than makes up for thier fees as compared to a no fee Index 500 fund over the time I have been with


Review:  My experience wioth Fisher has been very good. I can understand the fee structure. Seems like a lot when the fee statement arrives, However even with the fees I earn more than the Index 500 no fee funds. I have been invested with other large investment firms durring my working years and they could never explain adequatly to me just what fees applied, but the investment growth was alway a lot more than my account growth was. I think they save me a lot because they are not investing in Mutual funds and charging those fees in addition to thiers. We have had the same Investment Counselor since opening our account in 2016.

by Kathryn,  9/16/2020


Cons:  The account owner passed away. As trustee of the account and executor of the estate, my experience has been poor.

Review:  My dad chose Fisher 7 years ago. He had been managing his own investments and at the age of 85 decided it was time for someone else to take over. He set up a contest to see if Fisher could out-perform his selections for a period of time. Satisfied that Fisher did better, he chose to work with them. Dad was satisfied with the performance on his investments.

2 years ago, dad authorized Fisher to speak with me on his behalf. When I tried to contact his counselor, I learned that person had left the organization. Dad was unaware that of the turnover and hadn't heard anything from Fisher for some time. A new counselor was assigned and Dad and I were able to resume regular updates.

Dad passed away 4 months ago. Fisher's ability to assist the beneficiaries settle this part of dad's estate has been unsatisfactory. We expected Fisher (as a giant) to efficiently move through the steps toward distribution of the assets. They MUST have experience working with the estate of clients that pass away! The accounts need to be re-registered before distribution. At this point, we were advised by the account's investment counselor that continuing to work with Fisher would be slow and we would continue to pay the fees through distribution of the assets. Our best option is to terminate the relationship with Fisher and work directly with the clearing house. Not what I expected from a very large investment firm. I would not choose to invest with Fisher.

by Tom,  6/19/2020



Review:  This company is more focused on social justice warrior commercials and elavating themselves, while accusing white males of unethical behavior (watch their commercials), than they are about performing well for their clients. A race bating company that is contributing to America's problems.

by Skip,  5/9/2020

Pros:  No complaints and just sit back and trust Fisher


Review:  Got involved about 5 years ago. Pooled all my investment funds from friends (I was not getting positive returns). First year with Fisher - NOTHING and my broker called and asked how I like investing with Fisher. The second year and since we have had positive returns that both my wife and I like.

We have attended a couple of regional seminars and those have been good.

With the most recent coronavirus meltdown, we were worried as the market crashed. But today we received our statement and we are back on track thanks to Fisher. Of course we are not where we were prior to the crash but we are in better shape than we thought we would be in and the market is still 4K below where it was prior to the crash.

So in summary, we have enjoyed not worrying and have allowed Fisher to do their thing. Now that is the way to retire.

by John,  8/17/2019


Cons:  employee turnover and poor performance with high fees

Review:  I have had a very small portfolio with Fisher over the past 20 years. He did ok early on but has been performing poorly relative to the market for some time. I never know who I am going to get when I call in. It seems like I have a new “Advisor” every few months so I am calling it quits. I want an advisor who will stick with me long term and have my best interests at heart. I have used another advisor at one of the larger firms and I like the idea of them evaluating the world’s top portfolio managers and having the flexibility to fire one if they underperform. At Fisher, Fisher is the portfolio manager. It’s either all or none when it comes to keeping them. If someone underperforms the index as long as them it has to stop. I’m not sure how he gets these fake reviews all over the place. Well I do, Fisher pays for it. He took down the posted performance of his Purisima funds that mirrored his stock portfolio performance. Their website claims they would be a 5 star fund, when in reality they were rated a 1 star fund prior to closing the funds. Don’t get drawn in to their scripted pitches, buyer beware.

by Max,  8/17/2019



Review:  Fisher portfolios have vastly underperformed over the past 10 years. They give you this pitch that they can accurately time the market but it’s a bunch of crap. Look at the end of 2018. Look at 08 and look at the tech crash in the early 2000’s. Fisher portfolios were in a free fall with the market. A balanced portfolio with a disciplined approach bests fisher any day.

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