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by Displeased, 4/16/2020


Cons: Parasites

Parasites!!! Beware! I notice them closing trades that weren’t in margin risk, they don’t like winners!

by A scammed customer, 1/18/2019

Pros: One of Only a few Forex Brokers left in the US

Cons: Don't expect to make any money. They steal and make it difficult to withdraw your money.

I have a Forex Trading business account with from which I am trying to make a cash withdrawal. The business was dissolved and business' bank account closed as a result. Therefore, making it impossible to withdraw my money in the same manner it was deposited as required. I called customer service where they told me it is possible to make the withdrawal to my personal if I provided the relevant documents showing proof of ownership. I provided all the required documents and they still refuse to withdraw my money. Every time I call them I get a different representative on the phone giving me a list of different requirement or telling me to provide documents that I've already provided. They are basically sending me in circles to keep my money and prevent the withdrawal process. Scam Scam Scam

by Brian, 9/11/2018


Cons: They steal

I filed official complaint with CFTC today after 4 weeks waiting without no solution
my complaints are:
1-Suspicious shadow pricing systems
2- manually liquidation process by London trading desk not automatic by system then they provide you a fake price.
3- liquidation of clients positions without real market prices - I failed to retrace the price at that specific moment
4- manipulation of bid-ask- spread to steal money from clients.
5- fail to compliant FIFO rule as contract

I am also suing them. if you have similar experience, you should too.

file official complaint with CFTC and sue them !

by Jw, 8/1/2018

Pros: Good platform

Cons: Stops you out without so much as a margin call

They "liquidate" trades that are down even the slightest making swing trades nearly impossible. On the same exact trades, I'm up 40 percent on oanda and down 30 percent on suing them now.

by The truth, 5/30/2018


Cons: Scam

I open up a demo account and become very profitable. Then, I open up a real account and started losing money. And went back to my demo account for a couple of months and the outcome was outstanding..

As soon as I go back to my live account, I started losing money again.. something is fishy ..

by C U Cumming, 2/11/2016

Pros: Amazing!

Cons: Boo!

Love this site, I spent £200, and made almost £3!!!!! Once I had paid the fees, I was down to £60, but it proved to me I was no idiot and could probably make some easy cash using this fool proof site! Thank you Forex! Oh, and could you open my account again so that I can withdraw my £60? I'm sure there must be a simple explanation to this silly oversight!

by Ricco, 1/25/2015



This was the first Forex Company I ever opened account at. After practicing trading for a few month, I open a live account and start losing money. I didn’t trade from the account, but rather opened a 2nd account to link with Zulutrade. This account started to lose money (FIFO limitations), so I decided pause trading on the account. Fast forwards about 8 months later, I decided to start trading again and found that 2 of my live account were now closed. If there is no actively on the live account in 2 months, non activity fees will eat at your balance. After the rep explained this to me, he then asked if I wanted to open another live account. It was at that point I realized this employee might be on drug or retarded. And, how the heck is my balance coasting this company to hold? If anything they are making money of my dormant account balances. Just blows my mind. The market for this company seems to be people new to forex trading that don’t know any better.

by Just_another_guy, 11/18/2014



First, allow me to say that I am a little skeptical of many reviews on this particular category for, due to the fact that many of the reviews seem to be left by people with limited vocabulary and grammar skills. If you cannot spell or speak correctly, I doubt your ability to make educated trades.

Second, regarding, I was at first impressed with the customer service. I also was happy to find (what seemed to me at the time) a reputable organization. I began trading with about 1500 dollars in my account as an initial deposit. As I began to learn more about the forex market, I delved into exactly how profits are made from such organizations like I was a Mathematics major in my younger days, and have a wide knowledge of legal jargon. It took a total of about 1/2 hour of reading the "account agreements" for the "ROFL" meter in my head to skyrocket into the redzone. The bottom line is this - engages in predatory business practices, that when revealed by its users to the legal authorities often result in settlements and fines. How does stay afloat when such gross misconduct is factual and aware of by the public? -Because they can afford to pay the settlements and fees, and still be making profit. They know they engage in unfair business practices...however the fines and settlements associated with these unfair practices do not outweigh the profits for It is the oldest trick in the book - "lets bend the rules a bit to make extreme profits (at the disadvantage of our customers), and when we are caught by the authorities, we pay the fines, and still have MILLIONS in profit". In other words, "who cares if we get caught, we can afford it!"

So those of you that are reporting to the BBB, FBI, etc. have an important lesson to learn. They are not going anywhere. The government of the USA loves taxes from organizations like , and will make sure they stay in business.

(I give 2 stars, because of the cleverness of to make such substantial profits off of illegal activity, and remain in business!)
Lastly, I leave you with a quote that maybe you heard of in your younger years, that has direct relevance to this issue.

"The Golden Rule - He who has the gold makes the rules"

by Constantine Kyriazis, 11/14/2014



Lousy customer service. After 2 weeks, I still have not received my withdrawal that I requested. no response from e-mails to customer service. exorbitant fees

by Alex Omarov, 11/14/2014



Open account with As soon start making profits over 40% all accounts get disabled for no reason. Also half of winning Trades are cancelled and disappears from my accounts ! But still have Statements from MT 4 and Journal from Trades from MT4 and Log files. When I asked for withdrawal, accounts get Terminated !
Don't want to spent my time to fighting but please BEWARE !

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