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Franklin Templeton Investments customer reviews, complaints, ratings, brokerage service funds pros and cons. Is it safe and good investment company to open an account?

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Franklin Templeton Investments Customer Reviews

by Kenneth Smith, 4/17/2020



Mutual Shares is below average fund. Needs to change managers

by Toy Customer, 1/25/2019

Pros: You can check on your account later in the day Mon-Fri

Cons: Don't transfer your funds to another firm

You can see your account progress Mon-Fri online. Only here you pay a YEARLY maintenance FEE! Somethings are very slow processing unless your giving them your money? That gets into your account fast! Don't transfer your Roth IRA funds from here to another firm or they'll continue to cost you money, toy with you and tell you a lot of Bull !!! They've cost me $35.00 so far, I'm waiting to see how much more it will total before it's over?? The firm I transferred my funds to WON'T take a YEARLY maintenance FEE! Now I can watch my account only increase with time!

by Todd, 5/24/2018



Franklin Templeton Investments has been very difficult to work with regarding my father's assets and adding myself as the POA to fulfill my responsibility to the family. Long response times, only fax or telephone correspondence (no email) make communication slow. They will tell you one thing over the phone and then another in written correspondence. They appear to be generally resistant to any change that may draw money out of their portfolio, even if it is for the care of their dying client. The POA and the Trust appear to explicitly allow it changes, except Franklin Templeton Investments has been generally negative and contrary during the whole process, even claiming that they receive partial faxes. It is very frustrating. I find that they are a poor company to have business with on important financial matters.

by Rob, 5/24/2018



They are a great company that has helped me make a lot of money over the years with sound financial advice. They are a stable company that make me feel like my investments are safe. It's very easy to use and they help you maximize your time and profits. Log in and check them out, you can also navigate to all of the high performing investments and really hit the ground running. I see a long future with them as partners.


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About Franklin Templeton Investments

Franklin Templeton Investments is a global financial services company serving customers in more than 150 countries, with $5 billion under management and over 600 investment professionals. The company’s debt has favorable ratings from both Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s. Franklin Templeton boasts a bountiful lineup of mutual funds, some of which are considered industry leaders by publications like U.S. News and World Report and Morningstar. Additionally, some of Franklin Templeton’s funds have been open for over 60 years.

The company goes to great lengths to give those new to mutual funds a detailed explanation about the instrument, the benefits of investing in them, the differing kinds of funds available and different investing styles. Furthermore, Franklin Templeton goes in to a fair amount of detail about the fees and expenses associated with mutual funds, explaining the difference and applicability of terms like sales charges and fund expenses, and the difference between class A and class C shares.

While Franklin Templeton is probably best known for offering open-ended mutual funds, closed-end mutual funds and exchange traded funds, the company also serves its clients by offering vehicles such as 529 plans, education savings accounts and separately managed accounts. The latter is an option for high net worth individuals or institutions, often requiring initial investments of $100,000 or $250,000, to have Franklin Templeton Portfolio Advisors create a personal portfolio.

Investor Website and Research

The company’s U.S. website,, offers a wealth of information for customers, who are immediately upon sign-in taken to an account summary page with a toolbar to the left with the heading, “I AM HERE TO.” By hovering over this toolbar, clients have fast access to review their fund(s) performance, make account changes, as well as buy and sell fund shares. By delving deeper into the account clients are able to see different transactions, including investments, withdrawals and dividends paid.

A portion of the website that will be of particular interest to many customers is the section entitled “Prices & Performance.” As mentioned before, Franklin Templeton Investments offers a large number of mutual funds. In fact, the sheer volume of availability could make it difficult for someone doing research. This section of the website, however, allows one to view all funds, or to narrow or sort those funds in a better suited way. If someone knew the name of a fund, they could enter it into a search bar. If someone was more interested in exploring fund families or fund categories, those sorting options are available. Once sorted, the funds can be reviewed or compared, tracking several different metrics including net asset value, year-to-date net asset value, as well as historical returns shown with either net asset value or sales charges included. From the same menu one can add different funds to a “watch list” for future reference and bring up the fund’s fact sheet in a new window. The fact sheet is most similar to what an advisor would provide to show additional information about the fund in question, including its managers, asset allocation and information on sales charges and expenses.

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A quick search of growth funds with class C and C1 shares resulted in six options carrying gross expense ratios ranging from 1.68% to 1.92%, compared to the A and A1 shares whose gross expense ratios ranged from .93% to 1.22%. This example brings up a good point. Many of the funds offered have different classes of shares, such as A and C shares. Class A shares generally deduct sales charges on the front end when the investment is made. Class C shares generally have a small deferred sales charge that is paid if the funds are sold within a short amount of time, oftentimes one year. In turn, Class C shares have higher annual fees and expenses than Class A shares.

Other fund categories include, but are not limited to money funds, international, value and tax-free income. For those interested in Morningstar ratings, an entire page is dedicated to the current 17 funds with four- and five-star Morningstar ratings. With the ability to sort by both category and rating, investors have the ability to easily research some of the top funds according to Morningstar.


Franklin Templeton Investments, like its competitors, would prefer investors maintain regular contact with a financial advisor. For many customers this is ideal, while others are not in need of the same amount of personal service. The service, however, is what customers are paying for in this case. The company does not present itself to be the cheapest option, but the level of service and information available holds a fair amount of value. Especially through its website, Franklin Templeton provides a great deal of information about the markets, its products and services. Customers can equip themselves well with information to make investment decisions.

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