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Kapitall Review

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Kapitall Account

  • Stocks and ETFs: $7.95
  • Stocks and ETFs broker assisted: $30

There are no minimums or impose quarterly maintenance fees.

Kapitall is the next generation investing platform where modern investors can learn about the market, research stocks and funds, share investing ideas, and build virtual and real brokerage portfolios. Interacting with company stocks is as easy as drag, drop and trade℠.


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Kapitall Customer Reviews

by Anon, 2/9/2018

Pros: None at all

Cons: No accountability. Terrible

Kapitall allows fraudulent users to take your money. They took $18,500 from my business without my knowledge. They have not returned my money after I reported of this fraud and rather ganged up on me through a conference call saying nothing they can do. Don’t trust a company that has no identity theft accountability. If you want someone to make your money disappear these are the guys. Barry and his team are terrible at handling your money and an unfortunate situation.

by Anonymous, 12/2/2013



I don't use them as a broker, but they provide a lot of information on a rather deep level via a company's publicly filed documents, earnings and balance sheet, all put into a great format. Kapitall also has a good application to track your progress vs. the indexes. I have some issues with how they work, but it's nothing that doesn't go on with other brokerages.
Their customer service has also been very nice and helpful, considering I don't even use their brokerage services.

by Dave, 9/12/2013



I use Kapitall and I really like it. I mostly buy and hold, so it really is perfect. $5 trades for life is a cool idea. Their customer service really is exceptional. The best I've ever experienced for anything.

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"Kapitall originally started out as more of a game, with a format that allowed you to build a portfolio and track your performance, but now the company has received the proper licensing to be a broker, so it’s possible to trade stocks using the company’s unique drag and drop model... Use Kapitall to test out any stock market theories with a test account, while learning to hone and simplify your investment strategy."

Investor Junkie

"Kapitall is hurt in the rankings by serving only customers who have cash accounts and by trading only stocks. Kapitall believes that people learn by trading virtually rather than with real money, so it encourages customers to explore and play, as well as to collaborate with other Kapitallists."


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