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Lightspeed Trading Review

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Lightspeed Trading Account

  • Stocks & ETFs: $4.50 per trade or $0.0045 per share ($1 minimum)
  • Options: $0.60 per contract
  • Futures: $0.60 per contract

Here there are Lightspeed's funding minimum requirements: $25,000 if using the Lightspeed Trader, RealTick or Sterling Trader platform; $10,000 if using the Web Trader platform; $175,000 for any Portfolio Margin.

Lightspeed Trading has been supporting sophisticated, active and professional traders since 1994. With high touch service and high end tools, Lightspeed has been able to stand out as an industry leading firm. Voted year-after-year as the best broker for frequent traders, you can be sure you’ll receive a perfect balance of focused and experienced service and fast, stable trading software.


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Lightspeed Trading Customer Reviews

by Richard C, 6/1/2017

Pros: Extremely Fast Executions, Very Cheap Per Share Pricing or Flat Fee if you choose, Everything I need in LSTrader Platform, Amazing Customer Service, Email Support Possible

Cons: Minimum monthly commission on LSTrader, Market Data Fees, Higher Initial Funding Minimums

I have been using Lightspeed for years now and absolutely love them. If you are a frequent and serious trader, you should find the functionality in Lightspeed perfect for your needs. LSTrader Platform is highly recommended.
Executions are lightning fast. You can choose either per trade ($4.50 per trade) or per share (highest rate is currently around 0.0045 per share and that pricing can be lower depending on how many shares you trade each month). Minimum commission per order is $1. Market fees add in about another $0.0035 per share.
Another plus to Lightspeed is the ability to receive rebates on market fees if you add liquidity rather than take liquidity.
Another thing I love about Lightspeed is the Customer Service. I have emailed my service rep Rob with almost every question imaginable and he is always very fast to respond. Their support desk is as well. Many other brokers won't allow you to email support.
As far as platform, trading, back office, customer support, and web tutorials, Lightspeed Excels.
The only drawbacks that I have found with Lightspeed is that it takes higher funding requirements, so it's not a broker for casual mom and pop traders with only a few bucks to their name. You will need at least $10k-$15k to open an account.
Another drawback is that data fees usually run about $10-$20 extra per month but with the money your saving in commissions, it kind of makes up for itself.
With LSTrader, you will also need to accumulate at least $100 in commission each month or pay the difference as a fee (say all your trades for April comes out to $50 in commission total, you would be charged the other $50 as a fee. If instead for the month of April you paid $105 in commissions, than you're ok and wouldn't be charged any extra fee).
All in all, I would highly highly recommend Lightspeed for any serious trader. Especially if you are a frequent trader. It is way better than overrated HF brokers like Interactive brokers in my opinion.

by Ken T, 4/20/2015



Incoming ACAT transfers are very slow at Lightspeed. It took them 2 weeks to complete a transfer in my IRA account. I know there was no issue with the transferring brokerage because a transfer of another account from the same originating brokerage to a 3rd brokerage was completed in just 2 days. This was the slowest account transfer I had ever experienced. Lightspeed claimed that it was due to the type of positions I had in my account. Their claim didn't make sense because the account only had stocks and call options in it.

After the transfer was completed, I found that their platform was inadequate for my needs. I was aware they did not have a mobile app, but I was hopeful that I would be able to use their Lightspeed Web Trader on my work computer and possibly on my Android phone. It turned out that the Web Trader requires Microsoft Silverlight to run. No where on the Lightspeed web site is this restriction mentioned. It turned out that the Web Trader would not run on my computer because my computer had IE 8 installed and Silverlight does not work with IE 8. So this along with the fact the Silverlight does not run on Android was a deal breaker to me.

In the end, Lightspeed was not a good match for me. I had to transfer my account out to another brokerage. Not only was this a waste of time, but it ended up costing me an extra $95 for my trouble.

by Rodrigo, 10/13/2014



I traded with this brokerage for one year. The platform web based is extremely poor. On the other hand, The lightspeed trader platform is for professionals who needs reliable data and quick entry and exit. I recommend this platform but not for charts, because there others platforms in other brokerages that has much more functionality. The lightspeed trader platform is extremely fast in execution and has a lot more functionalities to decrease the costs for the pro traders. I highlighted the level 2 screen to show how is the market in the moment you buy or sell. Finally during the time I was trading with this platform I realize that the TARGET of the company are the professional trader or the intermediate trader who wants to pursuit a real edge in the market .

by Peter Devine, 8/7/2012



I would like to clarify that Lightspeed remains focused on providing excellent client service, in addition to an incredibly fast, highly customizable trading platform. Lightspeed is gearing up to beta test a new release of the software platform in the fall. On the service side, a new e-mail management system was installed in early 2011 that ensures that incoming e-mails are tracked and followed up on. The Tech Support team has some excellent diagnostic tools that are resourcefully used to assist clients in optimizing their connectivity to Lightspeed's infrastructure.

The most recent comment before this was followed up on personally with the client. Daily stock loan fees for maintaining a locate were being posted in a manner that confused the client in computing net P & L and we discussed this with our client to clarify (after he posted his comment).

Lightspeed takes client service seriously, and we're committed to offering and supporting an infrastructure that is geared towards the active, direct access trader.

by M1llz28, 10/13/2010



Does live up to everything you expect from your broker. A lot of prop firms use Lightspeed and their speed, execution, and other tools they have is great. Charts are OK but I think they can improve on that a little more. Other than that I am sure you will be hapy with them.

by Rajat, 10/13/2010



I am a daytrader with ADD. I need a fast stock trading platform so I can get in and out of my positions. Lightspeed seems to be the platform for me.

by J Ross, 9/9/2010

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

They offer the worst customer service I have ever used in my 35 years of trading. There trading platform is an attic. There commissions are not low, as expected, nickling and diming for everything. But the worst thing is there cust. service - it is SLOW - SLOW - SLOW.

by CEO STI, 4/23/2010



fast executions!!

commissions ( ecn rebates )

all in one platform. You can customize almost everything


charting not always accurate

custumor support are not always responding on e-mails

data feed for options and news adds up the total fees

when trading larger blocks it's expensive

by Geri Richard, 3/12/2010



very fast fills butthats where it ends . the platform is buggy not nearly as reliable as it should be . my broker,tech support, and customer service are the worst. totally screwed up and delayed the opening of the acct{lost paperwork,no return phone calls} . tech problems never resolved . a few days ago i requested the use of a simulated test some strategies via email and phone. havent heard from them since then .other than that they are wonderful !lol. i plan to change brokers asap

by Mario, 2/13/2010



see all of these postings about Lightspeed being slow and not working well but I rarely ever have a quote issue.

Still the best fills around for the best price around. Great reliability. For support im low maintenance but have never had a problem.

by thurstonhowell, 1/19/2010



The Good: I like the software, you can customize the platform and it will do what you want it to. They have direct pipes to the Exchanges/ECNs and the quotes and executions are very fast. They have endless combinations of order types, pretty much anything you can ask for except for institutional orders like pegging and algos. Hot keys and hot buttons galore. Great for intra-day scalping.

The Bad: Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. The RMs couldn't care less and you can hear it in their voices. Emails will go unanswered. When they have technical problems good luck getting through on the phone. I imagine that the software might be difficult for beginners to navigate/customize and the help manuals are a mess. Built for traders who are experienced with electronic platforms. No margin on any leveraged only. Per share commish can add up when trading size, especially when taking liquidity. Monthly data fees. Charts are sorry.

The Ugly: Connectivity can be an issue, particularly during fast markets. The platform is very sensitive to any minor wiggles in your Internet connection, and it has gone down on me many times. I'm logged in every day bell to bell and I estimate that I lose connectivity 2-5 times a month. The drops can range from 10 seconds (if a minor wiggle in connection) to many hours (if they have a problem at their servers).

Bottom Line: A great scalping platform for experienced traders, but not without some serious drawbacks. I use them, but only because I also have other options running simultaneously for when (not if) they go down.

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"Lightspeed is not an online broker built with new investors in mind. Instead, it caters to the hyperactive trader, professional investors, and institutional investors alike, all looking for quality executions, competitive commissions, and a dependable platform built to serve one purpose: trading."

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"If you are an experienced or high-level trader, this company will please you with its technologically sound platforms and support... The website is poor, and the customer service is mediocre at best. If you are not an experienced trader, you will grow weary of these two deficiencies. Account minimums are very high and will scare off anyone who isn’t an experienced or super-serious trader."


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