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Loyal3 is now shut down. For a commission-free broker see Ally Invest Review »


LOYAL3 Customer Reviews

by Anonymous, 6/28/2017

Pros: Had fee free stock purchase options.

Cons: Complete hassle on closing.

Would not transfer my account to my stockbroker when they closed the company. They sent my stocks to FolioFirst without my permission. After hardcore persistence and patience of Job, got my stocks back.

by Bad bad company, 5/18/2017

Pros: none

Cons: failure to transfer assets

Loyal3 has refused to transfer my account assets to another broker of my choice. Failure to comply with instructions is a serious SEC violation.
I have filed complaints with SEC and FINRA. I encourage other Loyal3 account holders to file complaints with SEC and FINRA. There are on-line complaint forms that are easy to fill out. Just google to find. Also, recommend contacting Foliofirst and instruct them NOT to accept your account from Loyal3.

by W. Bishop, 5/11/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Plenty

They took my money and after repeated attempts to resolve still no money, sent statements they asked for,
Completed verifications,
Emails back and forth, and there final respond was.... they closed my customer service ticket without any resolve......smh...

by Unloyal3, 5/10/2017

Pros: none

Cons: worst customer service in the industry

It froze my account, no phone service. email is a joke.

by jt harris, 5/4/2017

Pros: none

Cons: Lawsuit material

Co. closing. Must make all transactions by 5/15/17. Locked out of my online account. Required phone call transferred to a full mailbox, IF I'M LUCKY! Have been disconnected twice. They're interfering with my process. Who's watching over this debacle?

by John S, 2/20/2017

Pros: Nothing!!!!

Cons: Unprofessional. No business contact.

We decided to sell out stocks over a week ago and we still haven't received our money back. WE CALLED, EMAILED, PRAYED!!!! NOTHING!!! We are planning on filing a lawsuit. If anybody has also suffered from this hack company, I encourage you to do the same.





by Maika, 2/17/2017

Pros: Nothing

Cons: No Customer Service whatsoever, Phone number is FAKE, support email is FAKE

This company is an absolute joke. I'm trying to call them multiple times to transfer out my money. No one answered the phone, could not leave any voicemail. Emailed them multiple times, still no respond back. What a total SCAM. Planning to file a law suit if I still can't transfer my money out within 10 days. If anyone has filed a law suit, please share.

by fkdiver, 2/9/2017

Pros: No fees, low minimum dollar amounts for investments, simple user interface.

Cons: Not suitable for time sensitive trades. Batch executions may be the same day or days away.

Not for the active trader. Slow steady growth through dollar cost averaging. Limited stock selection, but many solid dividend payers. Not a primary brokerage account, but a nice easy way to grow some savings on the side.

by Don, 1/13/2017



Terrible, cannot sell without risk. No fees, but they sell for less than market, must be making money themselves. Filed complaint with SEC against them already. At least they don't take phone calls and all their correspondence is timestamped and dated via email, that should help establish my complaint.

by Shane, 11/14/2016

Pros: I can't think of any!

Cons: You will lose money with this company.

You will lose money with this company. No matter hard you try and do everything they tell you to, you will lose your money working with this company. My only question is, how are they still in business????? If any one flies a suit against them please post it everywhere you can.

by Tins, 9/26/2016

Pros: Cheap.

Cons: Takes about a week to sell!

The day I finally decided to sell my shares for profit, I execute my sell when stock was at 88% profit. Took them 4 days to process that (share prices already fluctuating ofcourse), plus it took another 3-4 days to post on your "available funds" and another 3 days to transfer money your bank account. I later found out that they give you your money back when the price of share drops! They finally gave me my money when price dropped at 78% when I had sold it at 88%

by Mark, 11/19/2015



Loyal3 is not the investing tool you're looking for. They don't have their act together. I transferred in a sum of money to invest in an IPO. I was waiting for weeks for the IPO day. The window to purchase opened very late - hours after it was supposed to. No notification. I missed the window because Loyal3 can't send out a text message appropriately. Do you really want to invest with a company that can't send a simple text message? Customer service was no help either. E-mails are never returned. If you call or chat them, they make up stories they are not willing to back up and argue with you, offering no solutions. Despite being incompetent, Loyal3 will lock your money for a couple weeks before releasing it. I'm still waiting to get access to my money. This is going to result in a FINRA claim. I just thought you all should know.

by Kumare, 2/25/2015


Cons: very expensive

It’s very expensive to both buy and sell shares with LOYAL3. You get the worst lowest price on sell for the day and highest price on buy, again for the day. If the stock fluctuates $1 during the day you can lose as much as $100 – or an average of $50 per trade.

by Xavier PETIT, 2/16/2015

Pros: Great for US shares but


Great for US shares but...
and there is a but otherwise we wouldn't be here. I have an issue with the following:

- I am logged in yet the site prompts me for email regarding IPO alerts by email, they have my email!
- Better Voice of Customer input regarding companies, Wholefoods is not there for example, yet this place is in the top 3 where Loyal3 customers shop I bet you.
- Any place to suggest new companies, there is that new energy consumption darling across America that is blatantly missing, wanted to suggest as well as Wholefoods, bang!


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"LOYAL3 is an interesting way to invest, since LOYAL3 doesn’t charge a fee for stock purchases. It’s a cheap way to get started investing in the stock market. Though currently the amount of stocks available is way too limited. Additionally, if LOYAL3 is targeting beginner/casual investors."

Investor Junkie

"Loyal3 is an interesting company with an interesting idea – buying and selling stocks for free. I’m all about keeping your costs low when you’re investing, and having no fees associated with my investments is great. only 53 different stocks are currently available on the platform. You’re not going to be able to create a truly diversified portfolio using Loyal3."

Bible Money Matters

"Loyal 3 offers very little in the way of investing. With such a limited selection to choose from and with restrictions on how much you can invest, the pool of potential interested customers has to be small. And frankly, even if you are just beginning to try your hand in investing, there are many other companies that have low-cost options but with many, many more investment choices, along with research tools, educational materials and a wider pool of accounts. It’s hard to fathom why many people would choose Loyal 3, especially when you consider the company doesn’t offer mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, retirement accounts or educational savings accounts."


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