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About Marsco Brokerage

Stock and ETFs $3.95, unlimited shares
Stock and ETFs broker assisted $25
Options commission $3.95 + $1.25 per contract
Mutual funds $15 no load funds
Treasury bills, notes and bonds $35
Corporate and municipal bonds $5 per bond
All fixed income securities (principal) net yield basis

Minimum to open: $2,500

Since our inception in 1986, our business has been built around the belief that it's not enough to simply meet your expectations. Our goal is to exceed them. When you open an account with Marsco, you can expect responsive attention to your inquiries – along with leading edge technology necessary for trade executions and portfolio information.


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Marsco Customer Reviews

by Brad, 4/13/2014



Marsco is not as fancy as others but they are a little cheaper to use. You just need to know what your doing.

by Trina Glidden, 7/24/2013


Cons: Website is weak, customer service is horrible.

Website is weak – you can’t even reset password or change your address without calling someone. And the Customer Service is horrible. Anytime you speak to the staff, they are rude and act like the business is run out of someone’s basement.

by Dividendbeast, 10/16/2010



You get what you pay for

I have used Marsco for a year or so becasue of the $3.95 transaction fee. It saves me about $60 a month or so. The tools are OK but it could use a good stock screener. It’s realtime stock tool seems to require a fair amount of band width. That and the clugy user interface when updating your portfolio has lead me to use Googles’ new finance tools for tracking my stocks.

I will be leaving Marsco soon though becasue Marsco does not allow investors to short stocks. That and there inability to transfer stock to charities has me looking for a new broker.

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"Marsco is a streamlined online trading platform which offers a simpler and more concise service than many of its rivals. Whilst it could certainly do with a few added features, mainly mobile functionality, the rock-bottom prices help it stay competitive and hold its own at the very top end of the online trading market."

"Even though Marsco is probably the oldest online brokerage company I personally wouldn’t use them for my trading needs. No disrespect to Marsco, but there are brokerage companies online offering tools and resources that will enhance your knowledge making you a better investor. I simply cannot recommend a stock trading company who fails to provide its users with tools to be successful investors."

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Marsco reviewed by former and current clients. Marsco customer reviews: 3. Rating: 2.