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Mirus Futures is part of NinjaTrader Brokerage now. Mirus Futures customer reviews: complaints, feedback from clients, pros and cons. Is the broker good and safe?

About Mirus Futures/NinjaTrader

Mirus Futures is a leading brokerage focused on implementing advanced technology, service, and support to a wide range of traders and money managers. With connections to leading exchanges like CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, and Eurex, Mirus provides direct access to the most popular futures markets with competitive commissions and low day-trading margins.

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Mirus Futures/NinjaTrader Brokerage Customer Reviews

by Mwilliams, 10/31/2016

Pros: Decent Software

Cons: Robotic Service via email, Has a bot ready to liquidate positions after 3:45 and charge fees. Greedy and no service.

Hard to get a hold of support and email support is robotic. Loves to charge extra fees whenever possible.

by Roger, 1/26/2016

Pros: Ninjatrader customer support sucks. They can't solve anything

Cons: Don't use them, go somewhere else.

Took forever to set up account. They had my money for over a month. LOST my check, then tried to tell me it was my fault. They took forever to open account.

by Ryan, 12/25/2014



I just began using this platform this past year and I am happy with it. The static DOM took a while to gain familiarity but it has been a nice tool for getting in and out of trades quickly. I am looking forward to Ninja Trader 8 and a better charting solution.

by Trade2day1, 7/5/2014



This is my second go-to broker.
If Infinity Futures were to ever shut down, here is where I would go. Margins, commissions, data, and execution are all top notch. However I do have a problem with ninja trader, they just don't work for me and my trading strategy. I would have to get a subscription to sierra charts, but that wouldn't stop me from opening an account. Highly recommended after infinity futures.

by PattyTrades, 5/15/2014



Great Brokers. Hi guys! I just wanted to take time to write a review about how happy I was to been introduced to you. I am somewhat new to futures and was trading with interactive brokers and did not know about day trading margins and the lower fees until the guys at Landshark told me. I had a lot of questions, mainly about the trading platform and your customer service team took the time to help. Thank you again!

by PHOLAN, 11/29/2012


Cons: Bullies and Irresponsibles

I have worked with them for over 6 years and I have some serious troublesome experiences.

Their trade desk person is nothing but an agressive bully. They never aadmit any wrong doings and always attack you, so that to make you feel you are wrong.

They disabled my login a couple of times, due to a bug in Multicharts that sent an order through their API multiple times in a second. I'm not going to get into the technicalities as of the matter but, I had some opened positions in the account. They called me to give me hell and to tell me they disabled my account. What they failed to tell me is that I had open positions or to ask me what I wanted to do with them.

When I called to complain about not receiving a warning, they blatantly said that they didn't have to.

You have been warned...

by sandman, 11/24/2012



Been using them about 3 months.
Low commissions. Good, fast executions. Courteous prompt customer service. Emails and phone calls during business hours answered almost instantly. Solid platform & data feed. Don't know about tech support, since I've never had to use it (which is good!)

I'm quite happy with them.

Reviews by others have noted that some prop trading firm owns an interest in mirus. This might be concerning to Mirus Futures clients if Mirus actually did its own clearing! As it stands, you can clear through Dorman or Rosenthal Collins Group. I clear through the latter (established 1928 with >$1billion client assets), and my bank wire goes to a segregated RCG account. Mirus has no access to the money. The problem with MF Global and some other futures firms (e.g., Amp Futures) is that they cleared their own trades & therefore could have access to the money.

by Niko, 10/14/2012



I have been trading with mirus for 2 years now, they are very efficient and don't bombard you with spam. Their commissions are also very competitive.

by Ilya, 6/11/2011



The main platform is Ninjatrader, that sucks. No attaching\releasing feature. Needs about 45 sec. to start trading. No compatibility with older version (6.5). A lot of bugs and bad usability. The 7th version is a little better, but this is still NT based on .NET.

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"Ninja Trader with Zen-Fire data feed. The connection to the Mirus server is rock solid. Very rare to see even a slight hesitation in the data stream, and even more rare to experience a dropped connection. This is essential for day-trading any of the e-mini contracts, doubly so for ultra-fast contracts like the CL. With Ninja you have everything you need in one well designed integrated trading platform (no need for additional 3rd party app's.) Excellent real-time simulator built in. Get your workspace setup and forget it, this enables you to focus all of your energy and attention on the markets and your trading. Ninja is the only app I have running on my trading computer every day."

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Mirus Futures/NinjaTrader Brokerage reviewed by former and current clients. Mirus Futures/NinjaTrader Brokerage customer reviews: 9. Rating: 3.