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Motif Investing reviews, customer complaints, feedback from clients, pros and cons. Is Motif Investing good and safe brokerage company?

Motif Investing is now out of business. As an alternative, take a look at M1 Finance Review »

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Motif Investing Customer Reviews

by Joe, 5/31/2020

Pros: Fractional Share Investing

Cons: STOLE my Fractional Shares

Upon learning they were ceasing operations, I filled out a full transfer with my other existing broker. The cash funds & whole shares were transferred. When I called Motif customer service to inquire about the missing assets, I was advised that the remaining fractional shares would be liquidated and the cash proceeds forwarded as fractional shares could not be transferred. That did not happen. On May 20th I checked my Motif account and could see the fractional shares were still be held there and priced in my portfolio, however my account was marked closed and I could not access my money. On May 21st the Motif Investing website & Customer Service phone became non-functional.

AMZN 0.51 shares @ ~2400 = $1,224, GOOG 10.64 shares @ ~1400 = $896, SEB 1.21 shares @ ~2900 = $609. Over THREE THOUSAND dollars in just these the fractional shares of these companies that evaporated because Motif STOLE my money. The total of their theft exceeds $5,000.

I will file a complaint with FINRA.

I have tried to get into contact with Folio to see if the fractional shares are there, however after 2 stints of 30+ minutes on hold, I'm glad I didn't transfer my entire account there.

by Michelle, 5/26/2020

Pros: More than $8,000 of investments disappeared when Motif "transferred" funds to Folio

Cons: $10,000 of assets disappeared on the day Motif shut down

I used Motif for years and was fine with it. In April of 2020, in the midst of major market uncertainty and fluctuations, Motif sent out an email saying all accounts were being closed and moved to Folio investing. I transferred my money to Vanguard instead, because I trust Vanguard. Of the $7,250 I transferred from my IRA, only $4,100 made it to Vanguard. This cannot be due to fluctuations, as it was an extremely conservative IRA that had never fluctuated more than a few hundred dollars.

Of the $39,000 I transferred from a Motif brokerage account to Vanguard, only $32,000 in assets made it. On the day of the transfer, the market rebounded significantly, so it makes no sense that these relatively small investments were suddenly worth $10,000 less in a single day, the day of the transfer.

Motif shut down that day and provided no way for customers to reach them. Thinking Motif may have sent some of my investments to Folio by accident, without my consent, I tried to get in touch with Folio. Folio never sent login information and did not respond to repeated requests for help by phone and email. That's $10,000 of assets missing, and Motif is AWOL.

This seems like fraud.

by Renee, 4/29/2020

Pros: Low cost trading, receptive customer service

Cons: No access to larger otc companies like Vivendi VIVHY

I really like Motif, I find them to be much more receptive than many other companies to helping you with your account and any questions you may have. They are always polite and professional.

The low cost trading is helpful and the minimum cost every so often is reasonable. Baskets of trades are also great. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good basic broker.

The only thing that I wish was that they get access to trade larger OTC companies like Vivendi and some basic non-US markets action like the Canadian exchange and the London exchange at least, Adding dividend reinvestment on the stocks you own and not just a choice of one would also be a great addition. Still though all in all, I think that Motif does a great job!

by Fm, 10/21/2019

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Everything

The five star reviews must not use motif and keep up with their account. They are probably getting ripped off as they write. Motif is a despicable and underhanded company that will not help you with a problem and will not give you easy access to the money you invested. The fees are ridiculous and they will still your money for the government as well. Customer service is a complete Joke.

by DJO, 8/8/2019

Pros: Trade a list of 30 stocks for $10. Nobody beats that.

Cons: None. The one star reviews on here are fake. Motif doesn't even offer the services these reviews complain about. This review site needs to be scrubbed. Motif is not supported by Quicken, so that is the only shortcoming I've found in two years of using them.

There are obviously false one star reviews here. Motif works great. My investment club uses it to create lists of stocks to share with other members and the public at large. So simple. You make a list of stocks, and then you can buy or sell the whole list as a group for just $10 trading fee. You can buy fractional shares. I recently transferred my 401k to Motif. It was simple and worked perfectly. What more could you want?

by Jl, 3/1/2019

Pros: None

Cons: They will still your money and give you know recourse to get it back

Motif is a scam company meant to steal your hard earned invested money and keep it. They are not to be trusted and if you invest with them you will regret it.

by LT, 12/29/2018


Cons: not paying close enough to my account.

They make money no matter what the market does. They say anything just to keep your money . I told him to take principal out of the stock market trading and put it in something more stable. He did not and lost more. I told him i was not willing to invest anymore of my principal. I would have been better off getting CD s. But it is my fault for trusting the company.

by Total Scam. It should be procecuted for decptive trading fees, 8/22/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Hidden Decptive fees. Customer service is horrible

Motiff started charging monthly Licensing fees without adequately providing notice. Licensing fee is listed at .25% annual but actually it is charged monthly at 1.1% (annualized). WHen I asked the customer support why the actual charges are different than what is listed on fee schedule, Support analyst started arguing that my calculation is wrong, but neither he could provide me a right calculation.
Licensing fee charges are excessive and deceptive. Also, real time trading fees are overly excessive and the real time transaction is not real time, I alwasys noticed delay of approx. 30 mins.

This company should be procecuted for deceptive fees and cheting its clients

by Galen, 8/17/2018

Pros: none

Cons: horrible customer service, horrible communicators

First of all, Motif muffed my 401K transfer by not providing all the information necessary, in the end causing a taxable event. When I spoke to their representative on the phone she became very defensive, and proceeded to blame me. Horrible communicator, horrible customer service experience. Also their fees are complete bullshit. They charge you a $10 platform fee every three months for accounts holding less than 10k. For what? Nothing, that's what. Plus they charge $9.95 any time you want to execute a trade, or rebalance. Save yourself the headache and wasted money. Stay away from motif. M1 finance or Robinhood are two better options depending on your goals. If I could give negative stars, I would.

by Adam, 5/30/2018

Pros: Service

Cons: Customer Service

I enjoy the service and I still had an issue with their customer support. Extremely rude and there was no option for me to leave feedback.

by Max, 4/22/2018

Pros: Diversification lets you copy ETFs for less money in commission

Cons: poor customer support if something goes wrong, high fees

I was never paid out any dividends during my time investing with motif and the fees constantly kept rising. Eventually it got to the point that fees were eating away at all my gains. any attempts to contact customer support are ignored or over two hours waiting time on hold. when I closed my account, I was charged a $95 fee and they missed almost $500 during the ACAT transfer out. I'm still in the process of reclaiming my funds.

by Kevin, 4/5/2018

Pros: none

Cons: no customer support - constantly missing money

they charge a $10 platform fee and 19.95 per trade. I think they are intentionally trying to lose their customers as quickly as possible.

by Nona Yobis, 3/9/2017

Pros: Fun concept.

Cons: Customer Support is non-existent.

Even the most minor of issues can't get resolved in a reasonable time. Email reply states they will reply next business day, which has never happened. Just poorly run.

by jj, 11/21/2016

Pros: Easy and fun to operate

Cons: Still fighting to get my money back

Reluctant to return your moneys. It wiggles the tail and barks like a scam.

by Doris Granatowski, 10/7/2016



Finally got asset transfer out after 3 attempts and a lot of foot stomping. But - lo and behold - they charge $95 to close an account. DO NOT INVEST WITH THIS COMPANY - the motifs are mostly created by external individuals with unknown credentials) and company-created Motifs are created and forgotten - no adjusted allocations or updates. After months of not finding a worthwhile investment, I decided to opt out to a better facility. Then the drama started with trying to transfer the money out.

by Doris Granatowski, 9/22/2016

Pros: Scam Organization


Attempted to do transfer of assets out of Motif account and have been given the runaround - clearly trying to slowboat or defraud me out of my funds. Will be filing complaint with federal authorites.

by Babs Anthony, 6/15/2016



You can now place limit orders, sell-stop, or stop-limit sell orders on Motif Investing.

by Jonathan Ryan, 2/3/2015


Cons: customer service reps are totally useless

Be careful with MOTIF. Things were good until this month. Now all of a sudden, dividend payments are going missing. A lot of them - and the MOTIF customer service reps are totally useless. So if you want to pay for buying the stocks but are willing to let MOTIF keep your dividend payments - go ahead. Go for it. Good luck with that.

by Mark, 7/24/2014

Pros: Clear and upfront fees


I recently opened an account with Motif and am finding it very simple to use — an improvement over my standby Vanguard! I also like that the fees are clear and upfront.


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"I think Motif Investing is a good company that offers a number of innovative investing ideas. For those looking to purchase specific stocks and ETFs in one place, Motif Investing offers a very good, very low cost solution."

Sash Cow Couple

"Motif Investing is especially helpful for those who are looking to invest in trends, or who want to exposure to a particular sector. The pricing is very competitive, and tax efficient (if you don’t trade stocks in and out of your motif). It’s a great way to diversify with small amounts of money to invest. It’s nice that you can customize your motif, so you aren’t limited to pre-created motifs. Currently the only disadvantage of Motif’s service is the lack of automatic dividend reinvestment, so I would not recommend the service for any dividend stocks."

Investor Junkie

"Motif makes it fairly straightforward to open an account and the platform is intuitive. Having used a variety of broker platforms currently and in the past I would rate Motif as ahead of the curve when it comes to ease of use and navigation through their platform. I also believe Motif provides a great way to supplement your investing with a smaller portion of your portfolio. This is particularly the case if you’re wanting a way to invest in a certain specialized niche or market that you’re unable to find elsewhere and are comfortable with the risk associated with that."

Frugal Rules

Motif Investing Review

Motif Investing was ranked the №.1 Most Innovative Company in Personal Finance by Fast Company.

For a low flat fee, the company allows investors to choose from over 150+ professionally created motifs. A motif is a basket of up to 30 stocks or ETFs in a particular sector.


Motif Investing Commissions And Fees

It costs $9.95 to buy or sell a motif. The price of buying or selling a single stock or ETF within a motif is $4.95. Shares and ETFs outside motifs can be purchased and sold for the same cheap commission of $4.95.

Motifs are fully customizable. Before purchasing, investors can choose to modify stocks and ETFs within a motif as well as change the weighting of each individual security. Investors can also create their own motifs.

Building a motif from scratch is very easy. Step-by-step instructions on how to create and modify motifs are provided on the company's official website.

For the low cost of $9.95, the brokerage offers an optional portfolio-rebalancing feature to help investors stay true to their investment goals.

All of the brokerage's fees are clearly listed on its website. Motif Investing does not charge inactivity or maintenance fees. A variety of no-fee IRA accounts is also free of charge.

However, as with many other low-cost discount brokerages, Motif Investing gets compensated for cheap trading commissions through additional fees. Motif Investing has a very high fee of $65 for transferring an account in full to another brokerage without selling securities. However, it does not charge a fee for a partial brokerage account transfer, and it reduces its $95 IRA account termination fee to $65 for a partial IRA account transfer when a minimum of $100 remains in the Motif Investing individual retirement account.

No initial deposit is required to open an account, but a minimum investment amount of $250 is required to start investing with the company. All additional buy and sell orders can be executed with a minimum of $250 unless a customer is selling the entire motif by placing a sell-all order.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) are not available at this time.


Trading Platform And Mobile Trading

The broker's trading platform has a clean design, lots of visual information, step-by-step instructions and descriptions, and is very simple to use for investors of any level.

The Motif Investing mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Motif's app is an easy, convenient and secure way for a customer to access his account, view current postilions and the value of his portfolios, and buy and sell motifs on the go.

Customer Service, Traders Community and Royalty Program

Representatives can be reached via email and phone. On its official website, the company promises to respond promptly during normal business hours. Customer service phone support is available from Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.

The brokerage provides an opportunity for customers to connect with each other, invite friends and family members, and even create a personal Investing Circle via Motif's social network. Investors can adjust privacy settings to control what information they share with their circles within the social network. The trading community is a good opportunity to learn or get ideas from other investors, discuss the latest trends and news, share insights and experiences, and ask questions.

Another great feature of the Motif Investing is the Creator Royalty Program. This program allows investors to build motifs from scratch and share with other traders the opportunity to earn a $1 royalty whenever someone buys or rebalances one of the motifs they created. It is free to join the royalty program.


Safety And Legitimacy of Motif Investing

How safe is Motif Investing? It is perfectly safe and is a legitimate brokerage firm. Motif Investing is a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). SIPC provides insurance coverage, which is up to $500,000 of the customer's net equity balance, including up to $250,000 in cash. Moreover, to supplement SIPC protection, Motif has purchased an additional insurance policy through a group of London Underwriters that will be available to customers in the event that the SIPC limits are exhausted.

Another attractive feature of Motif Investing is the lack of a minimum funding level to open an account. The brokerage has the intentionally straightforward and clear fees. Therefore, basically anyone can start investing with this discount broker.

Motif Investing is a good choice for cost-conscious investors who are looking to invest in a particular sector. The firm is also great for people who would like to receive low-cost investment advice and are willing to manage their portfolios on their mobile devices and personal computers.

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