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Muriel Siebert reviews, customer complaints, rating, brokerage account pros and cons. Is Muriel Siebert good and safe company?

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Muriel Siebert Customer Reviews

by Anonymous, 3/20/2020

Pros: None

Cons: High commissions, awful customer service

Filled with a number of clueless people at trading desk such as Kyle (head of trading desk), Dean, Joe Polowski, followed by a miserable margin department including Rich and Matt Shalub. Incredibly rude and incapable people. Had no choice but to leave for Ameritrade because of how horrible this place is. I recommend any other brokerage. Company seems to be financially strapped so they take it out on customers. Matt shalub(head of margin department) and Kyle (head of trading desk) is the specific reason we left. Awful people and just a pure embarrassment of a brokerage firm. Diane is nice(works at trading desk). I’m so disgusted that I’ve been a client for so many years.

by Robert, 12/14/2019

Pros: Good customer service

Cons: none

I am a small time investor using the drip method. Every month I sell or buy/exchange one of my funds because of Sound Mind Investing newsletter. I have never had any problems over the last 15 years of using them. When I call for help, there is never any problems. They are very helpful. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones compared to all the others who maybe haven't had a satisfactory experience. I will be staying with them well into my retirement years.

by Jane, 11/11/2019


Cons: Too many fees!

High fees for taxes and inactivity

by Chase, 8/31/2019

Pros: None.


Horrible customer service. Do not go through this company with your investments. They do not respond promptly and with accuracy to simple investment questions. Their website makes you go through the same process to sign up for an online account you just went through to sign up for an individual account.

by vince, 1/14/2019

Pros: highly not recommend

Cons: poor customer service, expensive fee

I have been using this company for many years.
i got a charge for $50 because i didn't trade for 1 year.
It is so ridiculous.
I contact the customer service. rude. not professional.
thank god, i finally closed this account to ameritrade & schwab.
much much better company there.

by mark et, 2/19/2018


Cons: expensive, poor website experience

expensive, poor website experience

by Kevin P., 11/27/2013


Cons: new problems with a new website

The Muriel Siebert web site is lame too, using antiquated technology.

They've rolled out a "new web site" but have forced all their customers to sign up with a new PIN instead of just transferring their customer information into the new web site.

by Jesus Gonzalez, 11/27/2013




I am a foreign investor living in Mexico. I don't have US bank account neither I am a US citizen.
What are the Internet brokers that I can work with?


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"SiebertNet is a service that offers tools and features that are standard and expected from a discount broker. However, its pricing is notably higher than any other service on our brokerage comparison, making it a less-desirable service... SiebertNet is also known for its very good customer service... However its fee structure is among the highest in the industry across a wide range of asset classes and this causes it to rate well below its industry rivals. The biggest disadvantage of SiebertNet is that the commission charged for stock and ETF trades is very high... The company thus has a lot to do before it can be successful in a highly competitive industry with low margins."
"SiebertNet is a service that offers tools and features that are standard and expected from a discount broker. However, its pricing is notably higher than any other service on our brokerage comparison, making it a less-desirable service."
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