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Northwestern Mutual Investment Services customer reviews, complaints, ratings, pros and cons, fees and rates. Is NMIS brokerage good and safe?

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Northwestern Mutual Investment Services Customer Reviews

by The "WHO", 5/21/2020

Pros: Beware, some are better than others, but it only takes one bad, ONE.

Cons: Lack of financial assessment, and client care by financial representative, Poor agency supervision. compliance?

I had one terrific financial rep. and the agency he worked under with Northwestern Mutual, but he left the company. I picked a different representative. and different agency of the company out of Appleton, WI. Downhill after that in many ways!!

by Mark of Bethlehem PA, 3/26/2020

Pros: Original Agent was Knowledgeable, Friendly and had a Great Personality....but retired.

Cons: New agent should seek help from the Wizard of OZ for all three deficiencies

Attempted to surrender a whole life policy and was told the form would be sent by email by the following day. When I did not receive it, I called the day after that and was given the excuse the it had been a hectic day because of the volatility of the stock market. And??....shouldn't they still be doing their job regardless? Filled out that form and another form concerning dividend reinvestment that clearly in bold print stated that I must submit SS# and w-9 form. Did so and sent directly to office by mail. Agent's underling says she didn't see it. Did she even look? Said I didn't need to put SS# on form even though it clearly and boldly said so where SHE checked the box! IMHO the adjective incompetent would be a compliment. Now she CAN'T?? get into the office because of Coronavirus so I don't know if my SS# is there or floating around somewhere. Ended up signing up for LifeLock to protect myself. I COULD NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY after all of this. My agent seems to be absent when I need something, but I am sure she would be on my doorstep if I showed interest in one of their lackluster wares.

by Jason S, 10/30/2019

Pros: Awesome Insurance, Great Advisors and Financial Strength


I have had a fantastic experience with the Minnetonka MN office in the Carlson Towers. They are financially savvy and understand that life insurance is just a hedge to your total financial plan. I would recommend them to anyone in my family!

by Myles, 7/8/2019

Pros: Amazing staff in Kentucky. Loved the conversation very knowledgeable Agent. Makes sure to hit on the hard topics. Also provided in depth knowledge on investments and insurance.


Awesome staff!

by Max, 6/6/2018

Pros: Great service and they offer everything. Fees are only high if you don’t have much money. Fees on a 1 million dollar account is about 1%.

Cons: Try to sell a lot of insurance. Have good advisors and bad ones just like any firm

Happy with my investment performance and financial plan!

by Meredith M, 5/29/2018

Pros: Shiny expensive buildings

Cons: limited product offerings. They do not manage their own books, and have extremely limited investment products knowledge. Their fees are extremely high for the few services they can personally handle.

Although they state that they invest in a wide range of investment products, the fact is they Do Not. They primarily invest in Mutual Funds, whose underlying assets consist of various groups. They charge exorbitant 'Advisory' fees, yet all trading is done based on Business Models performance. Fees are charged in advance, based on projected performance; adjusting fees already paid in the following quarter is not reliable. They earn far more in fees than we as clients are earning.
There is no personal communication with our 'representative'. They are insurance salesmen trying to play with the big boys without the proper tools for the game.

by Tom, 4/20/2018

Pros: Friendly Agent

Cons: Terrible investment returns, bad products for most people, high fees

We invested in a whole life insurance policy in 2010. My wife and I each bought a $200k policy, with an annual premium of $6k per year total ($3k per policy). After 8 years, we have paid over $48k, but our policies are worth less than $42k. Ouch! Keep in mind, 2010 to 2018 was one of the greatest bull stock markets in the last 100 years. Everyone of our investments has soared over this time- bond funds, IRAs, real estate, stocks, precious metals- except this embarrassing mistake of an investment.

Almost nobody should buy whole life insurance. It is a bad product which has some value for business owners with 10 plus employees. For the majority of people, if you have children, a term life insurance policy is a good idea coupled with sound investments through either IRAs or brokerage accounts.

These products are targeted at young doctors, lawyers etc as an investment, and the company uses high pressure sales to convince people that this is a worthwhile product. Its not, and I don't think you will find any financial professional outside of NWM that would recommend these products.

by A deivron, 2/28/2018

Pros: Have received good returns on investments

Cons: My current agent doesn't really do much for maintaining me as a client. Can't make IRA deposits on line.

My first agent retired and I haven't received the service levels he provided me. My current agent doesn't excite me just keeps earning commissions but not really servicing me account.

by Anonymous, 7/11/2017

Pros: Trustworthy, reliable, & financially sound

Cons: Can be expensive

I absolutely adore the people at Northwestern Mutual. I've developed a long-term relationship with my advisor, and, through the years, we've become great friends. The only downside is that it can be expensive when you're first starting out,but you're getting what you paid for. My investments have earned me 11% in the past 10 years. That doesn't happen through a miracle. My advisor knows what he's talking about, and I'd recommend that you base your decision primarily on who you're talking to. Some are great, like my guy who's been doing this for 20 years, and others are sub-par. Regardless, you know you're always getting a good product.

by NWMutual Hater, 11/16/2016


Cons: Lack of attentiveness, fabricated client notes!!!

DO NOT...I repeat, DO NOT go with Northwest Mutual for investment services! We went with them to give a family member who was building their client portfolio a try. She provided great service for us but was let go because she "didn't meet her quota". We were summarily placed with another advisor who had never contacted us, we had to place multiple calls to talk to about disbursements and then learned that she was less than forthcoming with us about tax implications. When I questioned her on it, she claimed that she had it in her client records that she had the conversation with both me and my wife on separate occasions. This never happened. Now we're trying to get in touch with her supervisor so we can pull our money from this travesty of a company.

by window_lady, 3/24/2015



I would never go to Northwestern Mutual! I just had the worst experience with them(David Cutruth). In Provo Utah. He treated us like yesterday's trash. Because of failure of his actions we had a disaster of a financial manner. He can deny all he wants but the prove is on paper. And we are left hanging for $25.00 because he refused to pay it. I know it isn't much but when it isn't our fault that our mutual funds where not put in our account like he said they would be. We have to pay it and our integrity is been compromised. Just Beware!!!!!

by Anonymous, 5/23/2014

Pros: Pleasant and valuable experience


I have been a policyowner with NM for about 5 years now. I own both term and permanent insurance. My advisor has always followed up on an annual basis to offer a review and update my plan; not only my life insurance but also my disability insurance and retirement plans. My relationship with my advisor has evolved from simply life insurance to the handling of my entire financial planning portfolio. I learn something helpful everytime I meet with my advisor and he has never "sold" me but rather helped me figure out what would be best for my family and I and allowed me to decide what I was comfortable with. The life insurance has performed exactly as he told me it would. Overall, a pleasant and valuable experience thus far. I feel comfortable referring Northwestern Mutual to anyone in need of insurance or retirement planning guidance.


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"NMIS has the advantage of backing from one of the largest and highest rated financial services companies in the country with a long history of superior results. Its status as a mutual company without shareholders allows it to share its financial success to its policyholders and clients. Drawbacks to NMIS include the lack of access to client-originated online trades, and a fee schedule that will discourage the small investor. Clients need to decide how much flexibility they are willing to sacrifice and if they are willing to pay high fees in order to gain access to the security and expertise NMIS can offer."

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