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Raymond James Financial Services customer reviews and complaints, investment account rating and performance, advisors pros and cons. Is Raymond James safe and good company?

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Raymond James Customer Reviews

by Rich, 12/30/2020

Pros: Large firm resources, dedicated advisors

Cons: N/A

Raymond James is tied for 4th in The 2020 JD Power Investor Satisfaction Study of 20 firms. If anyone wants to check on a specific advisor’s history, visit their profile at Brokercheck on FINRA’s website.

by C Ann, 10/29/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Financial cons

I had an account with RJF thru stockbroker Benjamin Biggs. I asked Benjamin Biggs multiple times for a statement on fees he charged me for financial transactions. Ben Biggs refused my request every time. I suspect Ben Biggs overcharged me & hiding the theft of funds from my account. I contacted RJF who said Ben Biggs told them he did provide the information. He didn’t.

Do not do business with RJF or Ben Biggs. I suspect theft of money from my account. I have turned the matter over to a lawyer.

by Brian, 9/4/2020

Pros: Responsive to questions.

Cons: Sold all mutual funds and stocks after the crash in March 2020

When the market crashed in March of 2020, I was excited to open a stock account and dump as much cash in as I could come up with. That was an excellent move on my part as I am up 60% in 6 months. My Raymond James Broker in Arizona, managing my retirement account actually sold all my funds at the bottom of the sell off. I checked with him once I started getting the sell orders and he said he is doing the same thing with his personnel account. Then I received a buy order for one of the mutual funds he had sold earlier at a lot higher price. I immediately removed all money and am managing myself. I did call and let them know that selling low and buying high is investing 101!!!!!!. Just typing this I am getting pissed off all over again.

by Sue, 6/17/2020

Pros: Investment continued to be even and stay sound

Cons: Brokers do not understand compliance, be sure you know all aspect of accounts legally

Parents had their estates planned with Raymond James. This included, wills, trusts, pre-nups and POA's. Assured by Raymond James they opened and titled 2 POD accounts as instructed, ensure no changes could be made, which was true (accounts divided equally). Accounts were there many years. New broker comes in, father dies, 8 weeks later mother dies, 2 weeks prior to mothers death POA comes in and takes all the money changes POD to inherit monies, which is illegal. When Broker at Raymond James was informed, they did not even look at account, said the POA could, and would not even give us the courtesy of contacting anyone within the Co. about the issue, instead they stood firm in their decision. I am a compliance officer, talk about a red flag!!!!! The broker had no compassion for family who was already grieving, broker did not even read the file, or the POA and would not . These 2 seniors citizens came to Raymond James for help and believed all was left as they wanted. Raymond James may know how to sell or invest, but they sure do not know anything about compliance laws! And now on top of this we have to pay the lawyers....I cannot think of anything lower than this. The Broker is not out anything, as the POA opened a new account with them...ENSURE you understand what you are signing and if it is your estate, take it to a lawyer to double check!

by Gabriel Côté, 6/12/2020

Pros: Big firm

Cons: Dangerous counseling

Raymond James has supported the counseling of one of its members that has lead to risky investments and important losses to the estate for which I was the liquidator. The name of the counselor is Louis Després from their Quebec office in Canada. The victim was an old and vulnerable person who suffered trust abuse. The estate tried to file an official complaint to the advisory and regulations office in Quebec (AMF)but since the titles and shares had been acquired for more than six years, they could not intervene against the counselor. It was only after her death that the estate was made aware of these actions explaining why no complaint had been made to the AMF.

by gee, 4/7/2020

Pros: Absolutely like my Broker

Cons: not a "fiduciary" and confidence in RJ is declining as their fees, increase

Been with the same Broker since 2006 and really like ... However, RJ is not the company it seemingly was then... I now feel the need to keep constant watch on my account. I am not pleased with the changes that has taken place in their firm nor with their Brokers'. And like i said it doesn't seem that RJ, as a whole, is concerned with their clients as much as they are with doing well themselves. Which i do understand, profit, but there is that fine line of confidence that is eroding away with no safety net. Brokers' are just human like we ourselves and i really try to keep that in mind so as to not over-step. But this year alone with the trend of rising fees that are astronomical, Bookkeeping Discrepancies sometimes catching my eye, and other not so ethical (in my view) looming practices, I remain their faithful client though I struggle with growing TRUST ISSUES.

by Jon, 2/26/2020

Pros: Free bottle of water upon visit.

Cons: Doesn't trust client.

Last Friday (February 21, 2020) I called my Raymond James agent to completely close my IRA. I was assured by his co-agent it would be closed that day. Monday morning (February 24, 2020) I wake up to the tragic news that the stock market has had a meltdown! I look at CNBC and think to myself "Thank God I got out on Friday!" Then 1 hour after the market closes on Monday my agent calls me. I'm expecting him to tell me what luck I had in getting out. NO HE DIDN'T!! He told me instead that he didn't close my account on Friday because he was out of town and wanted to speak with me first about closing my account. I was, and still am, SHOCKED!! I couldn't believe him! I asked why he didn't try calling me during the stock market hours that day? He said he was busy!

This is CRIMINAL!! I asked to have my account closed. Raymond James didn't, and I had to endure the FULL HIT in market value. What an egotistical idiot! "I wanted to speak with you about your account first" is Raymond James talk for 'your money is now ours, and we'll let you have access to it if we feel like it'.

by Melissa Rinehart, 1/23/2020



DO NOT EVER USE Raymond James. They are crooks and will not return calls or transfer you Correct Amount if funds. Ripped me off

by Carol A Shimp, 1/20/2020



I invested my IRA retirement money. In Aug, 1 2007 Publix Super Markets, smart plan was given a check for $17,330,08
from my IRA account. My Licensed Insurance Agent was Allen M Gonzalez. Account # P94A7530557 IRA. I lost my
money. I was told there was nothing I could do about it. I'm retired, living on soc. sec. I still have a copy of my check.
recently found while going threw tax papers. My God I wish some one would have warned me.

by Monica, 12/9/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Did nothing in 9 months

Half a million dollars sat idle. Expensive fees charged every quarter. My broker was an idiot. I did better self- directed at Fidelity than with these jokers. Do not trust them with your money. You will regret it.

by Donald T, 10/16/2019

Pros: Stable, genius insights

Cons: Uses very, very, very big words

Worked hard to solve some problems. Doesn’t let the world down. Makes great deals. Isn’t a fool or a tough guy.

by Sophie Labeille, 9/20/2019

Pros: Seems friendly at first

Cons: Unethical

The advisor said he could either have sex with me or invest my money or both ...

Now you will be the judge !

Do I want such a person to take care of my finances ?

by Tinku, 9/16/2019

Pros: Great advisor! Keeps in touch regularly, every quarter.

Cons: None

Very pleased with our advisor. Known him for about 10 years. Returns have been much better than our previous life insurance company investments. Glad we switched to RJ. Hope to see the funds growing well into the future.

by Marc, 8/26/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Extraordinarily high fees (2%) and completely age-inappropriate investment decisions on behalf of an elderly client. These guys should be run out of business.

My mother-in-law's Raymond James broker in Florida has caused her account to lose half of it's value in the past several years, despite a rising market. The investment choices for a person approaching her 80s are criminally inappropriate. I'm about to move her account to a responsible financial firm and employ the services of an attorney to recover the inexcusable losses.

by Billg, 8/8/2019

Pros: Can't think of anything

Cons: Just about everything

I started with a small investment of $50K, Then I got passed to another broker who came to my house. Said I wanted to invest $1M. He was not interested unless I gave him my entire portfolio. My response was NFW. You earn my trust not demand it. Today I transferred the original investment to Schwab.

by gene, 7/9/2019

Pros: none



by Jimmy, 5/22/2019

Pros: free coffee

Cons: When they lose all your money They close your account & leave you screwed glued & tattooed

After being a client for over 10 years My account was being shimmed. My agent forwarded my problem to a Jennifer Floyd who promptly forgot to return any of my calls waited until it was too late to close my account. Only to insulate her own negligence from being a problem for her bosses. It became very obvious when I went to a ATM to check a theory, I asked for $200 which was declined because the card was shutoff but wanted to see what amount would be in their system. Ms Floyd insinuated I was doing something. I asked what amount my debit was declined at. She said $400 ahhhh haaaa I told her I had the recipient from the transaction & boom a day later my account was closed. I received an email to come to the office for a check. I know many others may be being affected by the Raymond James Chip defect. I've seen some shady stuff in my life 2 days after my account was closed They contact me over a strange $730 deposit that was made in error that they insisted on getting back asap. IM broke & now they add this? Great Place to NOT ever do business with......

by LD McGreevy, 5/17/2019


Cons: Sean Fitzpatrick

I was a client for 20+ years. I complained because I did not remember the last time my broker contacted me to review my account. I spoke to a supervisor who said they hoped I would stay with them. I had sent broker several emails regarding things happening in the economy. the supervisor actually thought that that was keeping in touch. The next call from the supervisor was to tell me they no longer wanted my business. The supervisor said "we need you to take your business elsewhere." I have never been treated more rudely by any company in my lifetime. I would never do business with this company ever again. The company blamed me instead of the broker because he is one of their top producers.

by Disappointed ex-client, 5/17/2019

Pros: None, they promised the sky when asking for the business but never delivered on anything.

Cons: My opinion is they mismanaged my account. When I caught them at this they tried to lie their way out of everything. integrity questionable! Stay away!

My experience was with the Brannam Group in Jacksonville, Fl. Stay away! They duplicated placement of many of my holdings. The holdings they duplicated made them more fees. Since they are not a "fiduciary" the client is at risk, they satisfy themselves first. My neighbor managed my account. My opinion, I never thought his integrity level was so questionable. In my opinion they are pompous and pretentious, Stay away!

by Simone Keller, 5/14/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Theives

They will not give me the money from my decreased father's account. Said they couldn't sell the stock that I had to open an account in my name and they would transfer it to me but I'm not allowed to cash it out!!!! WTF!!! Nothing but crooks!!

by Alex, 3/6/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

Stay away from this company and it’s affiliate Southwest Financial Group. Financial advisors will lie about everything, invest money in something that won’t give you a return, and charge you outrageous fees they refuse to provide information on. And don’t ask for anything. They only want the, “Fun,” part but when asked to actually do something, they make excuses why they cannot do it.

by Patty B, 2/15/2019

Pros: none

Cons: very, very expensive. The only person making money was Raymond James. Saw a loss every month

I was pretty happy with the funds we were in, my financial advisor advised we could make a little more with Raymond James. The only person making a lot more money was Raymond James. Their fees were huge, I would have loved to see one month with returns that were more then the amount they took out of my account. Lost money every month. Could not get my money out fast enough. STAY AWAY!!!!!

by Bruce, 1/10/2019



Consistent losers this year (2018). And they charge for this? YTD loses 10.7 percent.
Run, run, run.

by Brent Rock, 8/1/2018

Pros: none

Cons: everthing!~

Run away as fast as you can
This company is terrible.
Invested with the Kelowna office and could not be more upset with Craig White and his partners.
Had an investment when the market was great and would have made more money on a GIC.
invested recently with another firm and reached almost 11 percent gains.
This is a horrible company that only wants your money

by Unhappy Customer, 3/1/2018

Pros: Pleasant

Cons: Unqualified

Not a good company

by Clayton Werden, 2/12/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Lies, uninformed, unqualified, and plays the blame game

Stay away from Raymond James. My father died in Sept. 2016 and have not been able to get the money. When my father (83 at the time) the so called financial advisor never put a POD on the account even though I was there and gave her my SS#. I have called the "Leadership team" and they will not return a call. It has been over a year and the last 3 months at dispute resolution. Take your money elsewhere.

by Anonymous, 2/3/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Churn, lie, deceitful, out for themselves

My mother had an account with RJ. We begin to see excessive trading and commission. Consulted advisor Mr Werthe he stated it was within the plan. More excessive trading. Spoke to his so called manager Mr Canada. Mr Canada said the trading was within the plan established by my mother. We said what plan she losing money and market is going up. Canada stated there is nothing we can do his office is protected by RJ home office and a complaint would not even be read. He argued with me regarding the right to even talk to me as I was not on account and stated” if your mother has a complaint file it but nothing will happen as I have friends in high places and nothing happens to me”. They are arrogant and pompous!

by Paul mayer, 2/2/2018

Pros: lies

Cons: lies

My name is Paul Mayer my mother is a nice little old jewish lady who lives in Lady Lakes. This story is about my mother who had a stroke a year and a half ago at which time a woman name who is a financial planner and an acquaintance of my mother called her at her hospital room to see if she was alright then began the pitch for more medicaid money and how she was entitled to it. Even though she has no idea how much my mother has or receives from SS. In addition to the "pitch" she also felt my mom needed a will for her pennies. All totaled 8000.00. To which my mother never told her sons and this woman came to her hospital room with a lawyer and a social worker and surrounded her while she wrote the check. Once we found out about this I started a back and fourth with this Ms Cindy Richards who kept replying under the letterhead of Raymond James and Associates. She told me to close my moms bank account and give it to my brother and then give my mother money when she needs assistance. I started to wonder if my mom was entitled to this money why do we have to lie about her finances . She explained thats how its done and not to worry in 3-5 months it should be all over. She even wrote in one email that she would be with my mother throughout the process. Well, its a year and a half later and my mom was denied , lost 8000 dollars, lost benefits, her bank account (because its now in the hands of her son) and not even a call from this woman. I believe moms money is gone and I certainly don’t have the money to sue another lawyer or a company and the Jewish Family services are not returning my calls . Is this the way we take care of our elderly? I’m at a dead end and I want this woman to know what she has done. I know this isn’t a juicy story but its the only one I have. Thank you so much for your time
Paul Mayer

by John, 9/28/2017

Pros: Advisor seemed knowledgeable

Cons: Hard to get a hold of poor at returning calls

Make it cumbersome and involved to get your money out. Should only take a phone call as it does with other firms.

by Dissatisfied, 9/15/2017

Pros: Offices in many locations

Cons: Two advisors I worked with were not effective and the second handled my accounts poorly

First advisor I had for about a year was helpful to get in but made a lot of personal judgements about how I looked that made me dislike working with her. I moved so I transferred my accounts hoping a new location would be better. At first it was fine, however, they continued to try to sell me on other products while not really growing my existing accounts. In fact, I discovered the automatic payments I was making monthly were sitting in a cash account and not being invested for months at a time. Because my job required 100% travel at the time it was hard for me to meet in person. Because of this, I guess the advisor just transferred my accounts to Investment Central without letting me know that would happen. The accounts were not handled consistently that year which impacted my investing as well as my tax situation pretty significantly. I got my accounts out of there, but not before some damage was done.

by Gamba, 9/2/2017



College America 529 account closed and moved to RJ. Never received any notice until AFTER the fact. I do not want to even give them 1 star

by L p, 8/15/2017


Cons: Too high of fees, etc

Wayyy wayyy tooo high of fees

by Kristi, 7/11/2017

Pros: Easy to get into talk to them explained things well to younger people

Cons: portentous and pompous

I've met twice with the same lady. I brought my daughters to talk to them about investing. This person has no clue about us, but I feel that she prejudged at least me. I have tattoos and came in with purple hair, and I really feel that she made a judgment based on my appearance as if I had nothing to invest. She spent more time on preparing literature for my daughters than for myself. She seemed to dismiss me and not take me seriously. Whenever she gave me a plan for retirement she based it on herself, and nothing I had told her I wanted or could do. She stated several times we were the same age (although we looked nothing of the same age perhaps stress has aged her more) and how she'd love to retire like I stated I wanted to but that she'd need millions. This is what she gave me, a plan for 1.2 million. When I started to tell her that what she was giving me wasn't what my own plans were she told me she couldn't help me because I wasn't giving her enough info, but if she would have listened to me the previous time and this one she would have had all the info she needed. She was very surprised when I told her how much I could invest and how much my daughter saved. I wanted to mention that we're not the same person, she and I and that I have a very different of a minimalist and not sporting 10k diamond rings and fake tans. So, no I won't be using them. They need to learn to not be so pompous and take people seriously because my money will be going somewhere else.

by Jim, 7/4/2017

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Stay away

Was with Raymond James for years and made no money. Felt like I was mislead and lied to. A lot of hidden fees that I was not informed about. Bottom line be aware and stay away from this company or you will get robbed.

by Ann Beaty, 6/19/2017



Broker will come up with any ridiculous idea to generate commissions for himself.

by Ruth Tobias, 6/15/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Very poor advise and unwilling to listen to our needs

They were all about helping until we signed up.. Then would not listen to our wants and needs at all.

by Fluker, 6/2/2017

Pros: None


Stay away from Raymond James they are out for themselves. They pray on the retirees! Run if you see them as they are a cult. They take your money and won't give it back to you. Report them to the BBB and your states Insurance Commissioner for fraud. Document everything as they are being investigated.

by duane yoch, 5/25/2017

Pros: My broker seems like a nice enough guy;

Cons: see below

For years my advisor has poo-pooed ETFs saying that managed funds did had better results. It was only with the recent definitive study that ETFs outperformed mutual funds for the past 15 years did he finally buy some ETFs for my account. It is not clear to me if he was getting a fee from the mutual fund company that made his so reluctant to buy some ETFs.

by Rundontwalk, 5/20/2017

Pros: Easy to purchase funds

Cons: Fees, errors, misleading advice

High ongoing program fees. I have a fund directly with american funds bank and another set from retirement account with james that was set up a few years earlier. The direct account was funded at half the amt of the rjames funds for same products...differences direct a shares, james c shares. There is only 500 difference between the two accounts after 10 years.. .mostly due to fees! I have a whole nightmare of incorrectly applied amounts via james too. Ugh.

by dont use rj, 5/18/2017

Pros: make money for themselves

Cons: client loses money

raymond james are not interested in the client, only making money for themselves DO NOT USE THIS BROKER

by loser, 5/14/2017

Pros: selfish,greedy,crooked and thats there good qualities

Cons: buy this and me the broker will will make a lot of money

DONT USE THESE VERMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ken, 5/14/2017

Pros: non

Cons: a lot

if u like to lose money and make the broker a lot of money go with raymond james

by pm, 5/13/2017

Pros: good analysis team

Cons: bad advice

they make it difficult to get things done.
g mathis hands you off to someone who knows little and pushes product

by jim, 3/25/2017

Pros: Both seem to be good with numbers and advise .

Cons: My gut tells me to beware and time to shop ! They never reply to my e-mail questions !

very fed up at this point--I don't have very much invested as I am poor compared to most. I need to move my money but just don't know where ? Both advisers have a lot of fancy talk and impressive literature but that's about all they offer !

by anne beaty, 2/25/2017



many errors especially with cost basis reporting.

by Broke, AF, 1/23/2017

Pros: NONE

Cons: High fees, horrible service, scam artists, there are too many to list

Do not invest with Raymond James. You will loose money. I lost so much money. Don't invest with them, they are thieves. I would give them zero stars if the option was available.

by Wonder W., 1/19/2017

Pros: Great financial advice

Cons: Parking lot too small for my invisible jet

My RJ financial advisor provides great advice.

by Longtime client, 1/6/2017

Pros: Usually available

Cons: Closed my account without notice

Did not know they closed my account until I received a check in the mail. They did it right before the end of year so there are tax implications as well. When I asked why I was told only my financial advisor could tell me. He was not available. They sold the stock my grandfather bought when I was born. I plan on contacting an attorney to see if this is legal.

by Anonymous, 1/5/2017

Pros: None

Cons: 1) Annual charges on a very small account were = 25% of the IRS required withdrawals. 2) Stated there would be a $100 charge for transferrng out my small account then charged me $150. Greedy Theives. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.

Avoid this company. They charge ridiculous fees and are very smug when you call them and ask questions. They are out to make more from you then for you. Don't be duped, Avoid this firm as they are greedy theives.

by Anonymous,, 11/20/2016

Pros: NONE

Cons: Dishonest, unethical Advisors as well as home office

We had an account with them for about 2 years. Account was churned and we were put in upfront charge mutual funds then moved to other upfront mutual funds. When we complained the advisor told us go ahead nothing will happen because I have friends in home office. We complained closed account and they charged us 150.00 to close each account. Horrible unethical company.....STAY AWAY!! They should get NO STARS!!

by victim of thieves, 9/22/2016



My wife and I both had investments for 20 plus years to a broker we trust. All we saw was our gains being stripped away by so called professionals. Today our account balances are the same as they were 20 years ago. Plus, they started charging broker fees that depleted any gain. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Who can you trust with your money today? Nobody but yourself. If you have money invested you better watch it like a hawk.

by Leonard Koska, 8/25/2016


Cons: Robert (Bob) Ogren bought me in at a 52 week high. Managers are never available and do nothing. They charge large fees for everything.

Any first year financial manager would have known better than to buy in at a 52 week high. I then spent almost two years trying to get most of my money back. When I tried to close the account they charged me a yearly fee of $50 and a closing fee of $100 on top of all the fees they already charged me. The only winner here was Raymond James.

by Dana Ferre, 8/24/2016

Pros: Didn't so much as look at my account for 18 months

Cons: Sent me a childish letter telling me to find a new company within 30 days or he would liquidate everything after I told him we were moving the account

In 4 years with Raymond James they did nothing but lose money for me. I have less money today than what I gave them 4 years ago! They didn't care about what my money was doing. They charged me thousands every year in fees for doing nothing.
My broker was a condescending jerk. Highly unprofessional. He mailed me a childish letter telling me to find a new company within 30 days or he would liquidate everything after I told him we were moving the accounts to another company.
My 4 years with Raymond James actually cost me money.

by Widow, 8/2/2016


Cons: Excessive fees

I had 50000 in an investment that was going nowhere...cashed it in....then notice a 50 dollar maintainance fee..for a cash deposit!

by D Hardee, 6/27/2016

Pros: I can't think of any

Cons: Bad management of IRA, Fees, Service

After 1 year and 10 months, initial investment of $140,000, did not make anything. Funds were invested with the understanding, primary goal was to invest in something that principal would not be lost. Could retire at any time and did not need risky portfolio. Lost money every month. Losses were pretty significant. Watched market almost daily and the beginning of June, I was getting close to my initial investment and I asked my broker to please liquidate and transfer to an IRA in the bank. Check was issued to bank on June 10th, and as of today, June 27th, check has not been received. Called home office to check on where check is, they don't know and said a stop payment would be issued and another check sent. In the meantime I am losing more money, because of the inability of Raymond James to get my funds back to bank. My whole experience has been a nightmare.

by Olivia White, 6/20/2016

Pros: NONE

Cons: Rude, unethical

My broker, Susan Cohn, closed my account and took my money without consulting me. She was very rude on the phone and told me that the money was never mine and it was always hers.

by Jim, 6/9/2016

Pros: Very nice person, helpful when my father passed away.

Cons: Has adviced me a couple times to buy on bad buys.

Overall I am pleased with the service. I have had some bad advice. I bought energy gas/oil stocks and then the market of them flushed. I have had calls telling me of warnings in up coming stocks changes. A couple I followed proved correct.

by Anonymous,, 6/7/2016

Pros: NONE


Horrible advisor. He churned my mothers account first with her annuities then with Mutual Funds ....When we complained nothing happened and was covered up because advisor was friends with some manager in home office. They have more advisors with complaints and judgements against them by FINRA....Stay Clear

by Peter K, 5/6/2016

Pros: She has high integrity

Cons: Nothing

My advisor is not only a great financial advisor, she is also a professional basketball player and a firefighter.

by SIAJ, 5/6/2016

Pros: Service levels

Cons: not applicable

My RJ advisor is well-trained, experienced and provides great service.

by Samar K Mukherjee, 5/1/2016

Pros: It was good when I started with he company

Cons: Mismanagement, even after many Argument Raymond James does not manage my potfolio. Have loss of money

They are not very knowledgeable and demonstrate no interest in managing my account. Had tremendous argument and still loosing money. The total fund went up to 260.000 at some point noe has gone down to 193000. The market is doing very good. But they are careless and would not make any change in my portfolio. After many request and argument they refused to make changes in my Portfolio. My fund kept depleting. They do not call and review my fund allocation.
I spoke with Tom Hamilton and specifically mentioned to find better funds. There is no monitoring. No agent was assigned to me. With such a shallow knowledge on the financial sector I think my money is at risk. Overall I have a terrible experience. I CAN BET YOU THEY DON'T HAVE ANY IDEAS ABOUT ALL FUNDS UNDER OHIO NATIONAL ONCORE FUND

by Donna Lois Bice Read, 4/21/2016

Pros: NONE--if I could give a negative rating, I would do so!!


I had 4 accounts with RJ; 3 were solely in my name, & 1 account was held jointly with my now ex husband (we had created the joint account by each depositing $150,000 of separate property). I've been trying to get records pertaining to account activity and year end info on all 4 of my accounts since the fall of 2012 when RJ fired me as a client, with no explanation, even though I had been a client for many years; however, as I was fired 2 business days after I had complained of my long time broker's big mouth & lack of impartiality, I figure this was the reason. While there is much more involved, I'm providing the most obvious example of RJ deceit & incompetence.

As I had discovered some financial irregularities, caused by my husband, pertaining to our bank accounts, I was taking inventory of assets I owned wholly or partially. When I asked for the balance of the joint RJ account, I learned the balance was zero. Later the same day, my spouse was furious at me because I had asked for the balance; in turn, I was furious with my broker as he had told my spouse that I had inquired as to the balance. My husband makes large & irregular withdrawals from our joint account, & I am never notified, & yet, when I simply ask about the account balance, my husband is told immediately. Unbelievably, I have never been able to get any info from RJ on the joint account and my missing funds.

I have been adamant & consistent in my demands for records reflecting account activity and year end summary info for all 4 of my accounts for 2012 and earlier years. I have not been able to get any info on my 4 accounts except for 2012 year end summaries & 1099s for 2 of the accounts I solely owned, & I did not get this info until February, 2016. In February, 2016, I also received a form I had purportedly completed & signed; this document has either been falsified or an obvious mistake was made by my broker's secretary (over the years, it has been my experience that most routine activities/transactions are handled by my broker's secretary). I assume the secretary's work is reviewed; it should be--everyone's should be. As the mistake was obvious and extremely detrimental to me financially, it was deliberately ignored, if not overtly fabricated.

The RJ employees from their national office were extraordinarily rude when I dealt with them trying to resolve matters. An area VP fired me; my broker could not even extend me this courtesy. As my focus has been on my divorce proceedings which are now done, I had decided I would not legally pursue my issues with least I had decided this until February, 2016, when I received the freaking document which is obviously and demonstrably false. RJ employees assume that with corporate assets & bulk, they'll outlast you, but they won't do so with documents falsified either by deliberate actions or by a deliberate lack of action. The critical dates in the document were stupidly overlooked whether the document was falsified by overt action or by conscious inaction, & because they were, I have a legal case that I can take the distance, & I am going to do so!!

by Elizabeth F, 4/7/2016

Pros: Charms my mother

Cons: Major loss of capital

In two years, RayJay lost 31% of my mother's IRA due largely to making reckless bets on energy stocks, several of which have questionable ties to RayJay. And while her money was in the toilet and RayJay was downgrading these stocks, her broker plunged more money into the bowl just before everything flushed. I am mad at myself for taking my eye off the ball and believing the broker would continue to do right by my mother. Still trying to figure out how much in fees he's raked in while my mom's account value plummeted.

by Anonymous, 3/23/2016



Please run as fast as you can. If you know anyone who uses them, help them get out. Looking into my elder mother's finances wondering where all her money is. They are crooks and I am getting her out. After 15 years, her portfolio is 25% of what it used to be. Kicking myself for not having looked into this 5 years ago. Thought she was still on top of her game and now realizing she is NOT and they have soaked her! It is criminal. Even with the downturn of the market, my own investments with another firm are stable and have been Not hers, Raymond James are thieves.

by Ray Bedikian, 3/23/2016


Cons: never sell a stock that Raymond James downgrades. if you want to succeed, BUY,BUY,BUY!!!

if they downgrade a stock, don't sell, buy immediately and reap the reward.

by FED UP IN PANAMA CITY, 3/23/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Doesn't care about clients

RJ made a mistake with contributions to employee individual and company matching IRA funds. When presented with the documents showing the directed deposits they have refuse to make the changes. I am having to complete forms basically stating that I made the mistake and they are doing me a favor correcting it. I am fed up with their arrogance and lack of concern to details.

by Sue, 3/12/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Fee heavy

Had $600k plus in an RJ IRA over the past 4 years. Looking at our statements each month it seemed we never gained much ground with our investments. Finally sat down and reviewed our 4 years of monthly statements - RJ fees $80k, our increase in asset value $4k. Taking our account elsewhere. It will be $100 well spent.

by Thierry Dumay, 2/14/2016



Regarding the management of your portfolio you cannot be confident with them. Their analysts are bad, they just do what they want with your money and not what you are expected. I would not recommend them at all to a friend

by disappointed client, 2/12/2016

Pros: Very few

Cons: Illegally transfered account

This firm condones unethical and illegal behavior. Broker transferred a retirement account into the sole name of spouse I was in midst of a divorce from. Firm ethics officer was rude, condescending and arrogant to deal with.
Bottom line is broker was marginally competent to engage in ethics violations and ethics officer was a complete ass.

by Beth haddle, 1/14/2016



Despite dropping oil prices for several months RJ invested $60 thousand in the market. I have lost significant dollars. My portfolio wasn't balanced and was too risky. I lost well over a 100 thousand. I left a few weeks ago.

by Audy Haze, 12/31/2015



I was with RJ for many years! I recently "fired" them! For over-charging me and lieing about it! RJ is not to be trusted, dealt with or do any financial business with! If you complain, the deck is stacked against your complaint and always in RJ's favor regardless if your right! RJ Financial Svs smiles while emptying your account at the same time! Go to Vanguard!!!

by Mike, 12/2/2015

Pros: None

Cons: Expensive, Dishonest and not trustworthy

Before I decided to transfer all my accounts I wanted to get an upfront fee for handling my money. What was agreed upon and what what charged was a HUGE discrepancy!
I went back to dispute the charge difference and the adviser was fired.
Therefore, I went up the chain and was told there is nothing they can or will do.

by unhappy, 11/17/2015



The only people making money is Raymond James. Not necessarily their fault as the markets aren't doing well. But they come out ahead EVERY SINGLE MONTH

by Anonymous, 11/11/2015



Two days after my mother had a tracheostomy, while my mother could not talk, or even sign for that matter, intimated her so much, made her sign a living trust, appointing Raymond James Trust as Trustee over her $850,000.00. They had to put their hands on hers to make her sign. They took her home, and refused to meet with her to make changes, saying,"She can't talk."

by Melvin E. Holliday, 11/11/2015

Pros: Very helpful at helping me lose my money.

Cons: Very helpful at helping me lose my money.

My retirement $220,000 mostly lost everything on advice of financial adviser in early 70 when stock market bottomed out. After withdrawals I lost nearly $150,000 on the advice of my financial adviser at RJ when he told me to keep money in the market after repeated requests from me to take it out until market stabilized. At $50,000 I pulled the plug to save what little I had left while I'm sure that Adviser would have taken me all the way to the bottom had I not taken action. I left money in RJ savings drawing no interest to avoid penalties of withdrawal. They now treat me like dirt and I don't even have a financial Adviser taking care of my account as the other one and even his father have since quit. Invest your money at Raymond James at your own peril.

by D.G., 9/17/2015

Pros: none

Cons: Expensive, not knowledgable, lousy website

I used to think all brokers were pretty much the same, until Raymond James. My broker is unhelpful and borderline rude. The website is out of date and doesn't have the features I would expect.

I only have a Raymond James account because that's how my company disperses stock grants. Due to numerous employee complaints, upper management is looking into other options.

by Bleep in Houston, 9/10/2015

Pros: Full Service

Cons: They are expensive and will sell you anything to get your investment

I had a managed ambassador account for my IRA and my Investment account with Raymond James for five years. My account rep was not interested in building (or managing) an integrated balanced account as much as simply pitching one off investments (many of them underwritten by Raymond James. He put me is some terrible investments including an MLP in my IRA that lost 90% of its value. I finally pulled my accounts. After five years my accounts were worth almost as much as the day they were opened. Not only did I not make any return; I missed 5 years of a Bull market.
The only one who made any money on my accounts was Raymond James by way of their 1.5%/annum management fees that totaled $75,000 by the time we parted ways.

by Gail, 8/12/2015

Pros: They take buy and sell orders pretty good - Never gave me any good advice

Cons: Fee Heavy

Called to see if I could get the $30 per IRA fee waived for our $175,000 in 3 IRA investment accounts. Told her I was bringing over another $140,000. Was told she couldn't waive the $90 in fees unless I have at least $500,000 in the RJ account to waive fees.

Told her fine I would be closing the accounts. She responded OK but you'll then not only have the $90 in fees but $100 PER ACCOUNT CLOSING FEE.


by Any Private Client Group, 8/12/2015

Pros: Planning

Cons: Higher cost

Investment firms are more expensive, however if you believe lower cost will lead to better performance results you are wrong. Study after study proves this. Educate yourself then go find a good advisor who charges a reasonable fee and explains what you get for that fee. They are rare, however they exist. You have good advisors at bad firms and bad advisors at good firms. Generally speaking Raymond James is a good firm with good advisors.

by Anonymous, 6/18/2015

Pros: Not a single pro for broker or company

Cons: Yes...he is a con.


by John Foster, 6/6/2015


Cons: Neglected to invest my investment

Meet with investment adviser and we made financial plan, I trusted this bank and investment adviser and in Jan 2014 one year later I lost money!
They forgot to invest my investment and when I confronted them they admitted he forgot and I know he was running for city council so they forgot!!!!!

Sent me a four page form that I had to sign and agree to three investments and I could not seek outside council and have it back within 14 days!

If I signed I looked up stock I would have lost allot of money!

They don't care and cover their reputation with legal letters you would not understand!

I moved it to another broker and it took three weeks to get my money out of them!

The people in Florida would not return any if my calls requesting what theses legal letters meant!

Stay away! Cost me a year and a half of good growth I will never be able to recoup!

Please stay away! They don't really care when they make a mistake!!!!!!!

And it's your future they could neglect like mine!


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