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Capital One Investing (former ShareBuilder) customer reviews, complaints, ratings, pros and cons. Is it safe company, worth to invest your money?

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CapitalOne Investing/ShareBuilder Customer Reviews

by alec, 4/1/2019

Pros: none

Cons: everything else

Rude customer service, always on hold, hidden fees, incompetent employees, if i could leave minus 1 star, i would.

by Guest, 3/21/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Incompetent and rude customer service

CapitalOne issued an incorrect 1099-Div in 2017 as a result of a major mistake that showed complete incompetence on the part of CapitalOne. Mistakes happen, but it took several hours of conversions, including rude treatment, and being placed on hold several times before being disconnected, to get the mistake corrected. They made the same mistake in 2018 and I again had to deal with horrible customer service to get it corrected. A corrected form was finally received and, amazingly, the "corrected 1099-DIV" for 2018 is still incorrect. Company doesn't respond to e-mail or other communications, despite an automatic e-mail saying this will respond within 1 or 2 business days. Company only makes excuses and makes no effort to help the customer.

Company should be avoided at all cost.

by james chiappa, 1/25/2019

Pros: none

Cons: truly hope they are not a scam brkerage house!!!

First its ING, then Sharebuilder, then Capital One !! Never get a monthly statement, so when I finally go on-line to check my balances NOTHING is adding up !! I hopeI'm wrong in my calculations, but if If I'm Not .....they are NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS !!!

by Gene Melton, 9/18/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Horrible customer service...Almost impossible to get them to change anything on your account

I am attempting to move my accounts away from Capital One due to them moving accounts to E-Trade. I really have nothing against E-Trade other than their fees being many and high. On the other hand , I have had nothing but a horrible experience dealing with Capital One, while moving my accounts. They have been stonewalling me from the beginning. Asking for this paperwork, demanding Gold Medallion Notary on everything, then rejecting the paperwork for no other reason than Jr. is not listed at the end of my name in their records. While I appreciate security measures, being nasty and rude while implementing those measures are completely uncalled for. Today I called to try to get my transfer expedited. Spoke with a Senior Analyst named Angela, she refused to give her last name and refused to give a direct phone number to her. Her answer to my request for assistance with my problem was to state "You will just have to wait your turn", end of conversation. She delivered this while being rude and obnoxious. I would warn against using Capital One for anything. I will say I had contemplated leaving my savings with them but after today, I refuse to use any service they offer. I would suggest thinking real hard and read other reviews to see just how bad they are. If Angela is representative of senior staff, god help this company.

by Michael, 8/13/2018

Pros: No pros

Cons: horrible customer service, moving out brokerage accounts because they do not know how to profit off of them

I could not agree more with the poor reviews. I will never invest or use Capital One for anything. They are currently moving everything over to eTrade which to me proves you do not care about your customers. Also, the customer service has always been horrible. I am surprised they are still in business. It takes an act of congress to transfer funds. STAY AWAY

by guest, 4/10/2018

Pros: N/A

Cons: Customer service as Capital One investing - Fees to transfer out

Capital One Investing is selling to E*Trade which was the worst option on their Capital One Investing comparison sales site (recently removed of course). Now they are charging $75 per account to move to a new broker for those of us wishing to control our destiny. How sweet is that for Capital One? They get $75 dollars in fees to add to their bottom line and E*Trade gets noting. Fees to transfer to an institution of choice after a sale or merger is announced should be illegal. They knew they were selling to the worst choice and were betting on getting the fee income. The fees should come out of the CEO salary instead of Capital One Investing customer's pockets.

by Derpman, 3/21/2018

Pros: Sharebuilder program allows partial investments into stocks on select trading days.

Cons: They dont offer the sharebuilder program to new accounts. They are closing down and moving to ETrade sometime this year.

For anyone unable to login to, just an FYI that domain is now closed. They moved the login to You can access your current accounts through there.

I never got notice of this and have been trying to login for days. I only found this out by reviewing a response to another account holder on their Twitter feed.

I opened my account prior to it being acquired by Capital One. This was through ING Direct back in 2007 (Prior to that I was an ING Direct customer since approximately 2000). The Sharebuilder program was in effect way back then and allowed customers the ability to purchase partial shares over time. Great, great program that I have never found anywhere else in an online brokerage. You could add funds over time and have your Sharebuilder program purchase stocks for a "hands-off" approach to DCA investing. Great program for customers (like me at the time) who wanted to build an investment portfolio and didnt have the cash to support full stock purchases. New accounts as of January 1, 2018 are not able to enroll in the Sharebuilder program so the niche Capital One had in their brokerage service is completely gone.

In 2011, Capital One purchased ING Direct US from ING and re-branded it as Capital One 360 but kept the Sharebuilder name and program. Sometime in 2017, Capital One 360 changed to Capital One Investing. Sometime in mid to late 2018, ETrade will have finalized the purchase of Capital One Investing and will roll the brokerage accounts under the ETrade name. Pricing for current Capitalone Investing/Sharebuilder customers with the transition is uncertain but it looks like the Sharebuilder program of partial stock purchases will not be available anymore when this happens. If true, this will really hurt the small investor customers who are young or new to investing in equities.

Customer service under Capital One has always been bad. I have had to call and speak with a customer service rep five or six times since Capital One took over and each time I felt I was speaking to someone who knew absolutely nothing about investing and was just reading off of a screen in front of them after they typed in my question. Nice people but not knowledgeable and gave conflicting information each time. I learned to stay away and just do my own research or just deal with problems.

Transfers in and out usually take some time as do some of the equity/fund purchased during very heavy trading days. Transfers out (of funds to your bank account) can take days to clear. Sharebuilder program purchases happen throughout the day on Tuesdays when you are funded. You cant "time" the market if you are in the program. This is definitely "fire and forget" DCA investing.

The research available is so so. The website is slow to load most of the time. I do like the "Find Investments" tool. Its not bad.

All in all, I give it two stars because of how Capital One seems to have been putting less and less resources into the website and support over the years. Over the last year its been especially bad which I believe is due to ETrade purchasing them and Capital One not wanting to throw any more money into something they are selling. They also didn't send any notice of domain change to me at all - it appears most customers didn't get a notification they now have to go to to log in and not anymore. And information on the ETrade transfer is nonexistent.

I've been here a long time and Im sad to see it be gone this year. If you are new to online investing go somewhere else. The niche "Sharebuilder purchase pricing" is not available anymore so its pointless to open a Sharebuilder account through Capital One. You can find better and cheaper online brokerages out there. Sharebuilder/Capital One Investing will be closed at some point this year. Save yourself the hassle and go somewhere else.

by Somesh, 3/19/2018



This is just fucked-up company. I'm losing thousands of dollars.

by Gauss J, 3/8/2018

Pros: Easier to invest if you have capital one savings

Cons: Unreliable site; No real time quote; bad customer service;

Unreliable site - I have been with CapitalOne for over a year now. When markets are good, the site works but as soon as there is movement in markets, the site crashes. It happened to me atleast 3 times during this year that I wanted to do trades when there is commotion for site to be not available for extended period of times ( more than 4 hours)during the trading window. You will not get any apologies or communication from Capital One that there is issue. The login page will be there but as soon as you put in your credentials, it will say something wrong and try back latter. You waste your whole day trying to login.
No real time quote: Even thought they promise you real time quote, there are none. Quotes are 15 minute delayed.
Bad customer service : If you call them, the customer service won't admit anything wrong with their site. When site is down, you can't reach a live person.

by Dan, 3/2/2018

Pros: Used to be good when it was Sharebuilder

Cons: Fees like crazy, website stinks

These folks suck. Site is down. CapitalOne is an enormous company with plenty of money to invest in a website that doesn't crash when it's under heavy load.

They cheap out on everything and then charge you fees for everything they can.

Stay away.

by Tara Harris, 3/2/2018



Trying to log into account. 2nd time this year that the site has crashed when the market is dropping. Who is manipluating what here?????

by Jeanette, 3/2/2018



market is crashing and the fucking website does not work. second time this year the site has crashed

by Rob, 2/12/2018

Pros: None

Cons: They want $75 to transfer my account after they told me they're not offering this type of account anymore.

They want $75 to transfer my accounts after they told me they're not offering this type of account anymore.

by ROB R, 2/12/2018



Unable to access account online for second weekend and Monday in a row. Have been bounced all over customer service with no assistance offered or provided.

by Thiago, 1/19/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Prices, and unable to transfer stocks from them to other broker account

Do not use capital one (sharebuilder) account for broker services, very limited and expensive. And they dont transfer stocks to another brokerage account on line, which makes near to impossible to remove the stocks from it.

by Roger Brock, 9/25/2017

Pros: lets you buy securities

Cons: won't let you sell securities

I bought a ticker, Cap1turd investing wouldn't let me sell it. They have a million excuses why and Ive heard this same story from others. BEWARE!

by Tony, 9/24/2017

Pros: None

Cons: They ignore your requests

8 months and I still can’t get a trust account into my name.
I finally decided to cash out and I’m still being given the bum’s rush by being transferred from one account manager to another. I’m now on number 5.
My only resolution is to put a Complaint in with the SEC.

by Long Time Investor, 8/31/2017

Pros: Easy to Invest

Cons: Impossible to transfer custodial accounts

Long time investor with 2 1/2 month and counting attempts to transfer a custodial account to a relative that has reached the age of majority. It is our money, but they are making it impossible to complete the transfer.

by Laura, 8/3/2017



This is absolutely the worst banking/investing experience I have ever had. Years ago, I had an account with Sharebuilder, later purchased by ING. When I was looking for new investment opportunities and tried to open an account with Cap1Investing the problems began. My old account (originally with Sharebuilder) had been liquidated and sent to No big deal really bc I had forgotten about the account in the first place and I have already started the process to get the funds back. The real problems began when the customer 'service' rep insisted I had to use the old account. He led me through a process which actually created a second account. Apparently it blew their servers mind as well as his. While Cap 1 had absolutely no problem drafting funds out of my bank account, I could never log on to access my account. It would prompt me to create a new log-in each time. THEN the temporary code NEVER worked. Today after entering a code 10 different times, I called their 'service' number again. CSA rep one was confused and called the original rep...who also grew flustered when he was unable to 'find a workaround' for his initial screw-up. Not only have I liquidated the account, I'm also canceling both of their credit cards. Their customer support is the absolute worst, at every single level (investing or credit cards), I have dealt with in 30 years. If you stick with them, pray you never need their 'support', they're an incompetent pack of clowns from top to bottom

by DO, 7/19/2017

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: They steal out of every limit order

A limit order always executes at limit even when the market price is more favorable. They pocket the difference.

by Dan Schulz, 6/20/2017

Pros: Easy

Cons: Un-secure. They don't have two point authentication.

Imagine getting an email saying that $550 had been transferred from your bank account to your Capital One account, only you have had no hand in it. Imagine it happening on Saturday morning, when your bank is closed, and no one at Capital One is working. It'd put a damper on your day, wouldn't it? Well, this exact thing happened to me. I sent an email to customer service - no response. A week later, I see on their web page the following...
"If you recently received an unexpected email from us with the subject line "Your deposit has arrived," please note this email was sent in error and is in reference to a deposit you made in the past. No duplicate deposits have occurred and the email does not impact your account. We are researching the cause of this erroneous message and apologize for any confusion it may have caused. If you'd like to verify any recent activity in your account, sign in and navigate to the Transaction History section of the Accounts tab."
That's it. No apology. No acknowledgment of the anxiety it caused. Nothing. Avoid this company until they AT LEAST get two point authentication.

by Annon, 5/13/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Terrible security!!!

Just logged on and my account is empty!!!!

by David, 4/27/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Non responsive. Hold your money as long as possible where you can not get at it or use it

I have tried to transfer my holdings from Capital One investing to another brokerage house.
The reason I did this was due to two reason
1. Non responsive people just saying they can not do anything to help and there no other person that can help. I must mail a letter to a PO box to get help
2. Hold my money on transfers in for extensive time. Not allow me use of my money.

by Mary, 4/25/2017

Pros: none

Cons: worst customer service

This is the worst company I've dealt with.
The customer service is not there to help you or process your request.
They just want to make your life more difficult.
Request not processed, lied about reason, no notification when they failed to process your request.

Stay away from this company.

by Paul, 4/12/2017

Pros: Basic online platform, no need to call to place order.

Cons: Poor order execution on non-AON orders and some Prf's non-transferable or not possible to purchase.

Overall basic investing ability.
Hassle when purchasing a security to have to uncheck default DRIP.
Customer should opt in, not opt out!

by Hector, 3/23/2017

Pros: The buying and selling of equities is easy

Cons: The tech Department has weak individuals assisting customers and it lacks proper supervision

The tech support department likes to play games with customers who are having trouble getting on their account. They will request that a costumer fax to them a copy of the customers social security card to verify the customers ID. The contact numbers are used for follow up on problems. They give contact numbers starting with the letters BS. When you ask for a supervisor for assistance they put on an individuals who refuses to give their last name. The individual who I spoke to me was Ryan on March 23 2017. He identified himself as a supervisor.

by RP, 2/2/2017

Pros: None

Cons: Every

By far and above the very worst brokerage ever! Terrible customer service in trying to close an account, outrageous fees and the time it takes is unheard of in the 21st century, literally weeks. Avoid this company at all cost there are far better options out there. The SEC should take a look at this company.

by Maryanne, 9/22/2016

Pros: None

Cons: Worst Company ever

I work for a brokerage firm and I have a client who wants to transfer out of Capital One....OMG what a nightmare this has been.

Very difficult to get the clients account transferred, they aren't a part of normal transfer system...said it could take up to 30 days...

Horrible company, please don't invest with them!

by Thomas Riordan, 9/11/2016

Pros: Horrible

Cons: No cons

The worst company I have ever done business with I have been trying to close my account 4 5 years now they won't let me have my money I called the ACC I called everyone they all told me that capital one investment is the worst. ur money ....the worst company ever....lemonade stands r run better

by linda, 5/26/2016



I am quite shocked that they are charging me $75 per account to close my IND and IRA accounts. AND they said it could take 30 days! Really, it seems to be a pretty simple matter to transfer the accounts in total to another brokerage. None of my other accounts charged me a transfer fee.

by john m, 5/9/2016

Pros: not many

Cons: too many

don't support many funds - very limited.
closing an account is a nightmare - 40 DAYS!!!!!!!!!
Yes, this all electronic company tells you 40 DAYS!!!!!!!!

$75 to close an account and you can't pay them. You MUST sell stocks or whatever to have cash inside the account - so if you switch a ROTH - be prepared...

Terrible customer support - supportive eMails, no substance.

Would never do business with them again...

by blahhh, 4/11/2016



Penny stock fees are Outrageous! Just opened the account 4 days ago, bought a security although I didn't want to once I saw the $12 (low priced security fee) + 6.95 (trade charge) but needed to get in quickly .. Also set a future sell order that would have gains of 6k for me and nearly $400 in fees from Cap One. Just ridiculous .. once I sell my position, I will be Closing this account. I'll stick with Fidelity $7.95/Any Trade, no extra hidden fees because this was definitely not mentioned in any docs when I signed up. Even the post above says $6.95/trade online, $19.95 trade by phone and I always trade online.

by Pissed off while pissed on, 4/1/2016

Pros: When I first open (sharebuilder)

Cons: Staying with then as capital one investing now

First time I place a buy order for penny stock at .04 a share mind you this was done 8:30 that morning. Everything was a go from capital one. Stock went up to .13 a share. Now when I looked for my money SURPRISE order was not put in. When I called I was told that there wasn't enough shares to be sold. This month with last month. A stock which was offered by Capital one investing BRKO is the symbol. I got this stock from them in a two day period. Stock rose making an $1393.00 win fall. WHILE this stock was put on hold by SEC I was told on or about 3/17/2016. When I try to sell this stock Capital one investing is the one with it on hold. So I still could not sell until I called them as this stock continue to fell. So now I'm out $ 3000.00 and some dollars. HELP WHAT CAN I DO !!!

by Debbie, 3/29/2016



The good thing about Sharebuilder is you can buy partial stocks, whereas some other brokers require you to buy the whole stock. I was thinking about buying some penny stocks through Sharebuilder, but don't want to pay high fees when selling as that defeats the goal of making a profit.

I think this broker is geared more toward buy-and-hold, or long-term stocks. This is fine but not for those looking to make a buck quickly unless you watch the charts all the time and sell with stop-loss when a stock hits a favorable range.

by Larry B., 12/17/2015

Pros: OK as long as you NEVER have to interact with an actual person--server function is ok

Cons: They will throw every imaginable roadblock if you try to leave.

We have been trying to transfer our account to Scottrade for over 2 months. (Still not done) You will NEVER communicate with the same person, even if they give you a dedicated number. Each time you call or write you start from square one, hold the line while they transfer the conversation up the line to zero resolution. Weeks and maybe months later they will still be requesting just one more document. They started with the $75.00 transfer fee out of the blue--"sir you do not have funds to pay for your transfer"--my reply--Miss, I have over $300.00 in my sweep account. From there it just got worse and there is not enough room here to explain. This lets me know that in event of a death, your family would be screwed. It would probably take a lawyer and some court action for them to get your money. NEVER AGAIN! I recommend this group to NOBODY! Do not stop---walk on by! I really wish there was a zero stars.

by alex, 9/17/2015



bad execution? how fast you want it, 1 sec? I opened up one in cap and the other in td to compare. I found no such better or worse. in result, capitaloneinvesting is showing simple and easy while td higher fees showing too much complicated numbers on the main screen that I can't adjust in setting

by trajan, 12/21/2014


Cons: Bad Customer Service

They Suck.

by Customer, 9/11/2014



Very bad service. My stocks have been sold on Friday . And on the next day I requested to transfer then to my bank account. On Monday I got the message to call back. When I call back I got many security questions related to my relatives ( their names, address ??!! and other ones - not from my list of security questions). The representative asked very fast and I didn't catch one question and respond was wrong by their list of answers ( Later I have found out from the big level manager - these questions have been sold to this very complicated company). Because of this wrong answer I was requested to send my secure documents - SSN and driver license to some fax.. I tried to call many times to many levels of managers but not successfully to explain - it is not secure ... No choice .. Sent documents at 2.20 P.M. Call on the next day .. Hear - don't know .. got many documents, busy .. Ask managers .. Many calls .. Finally manager spend some time to find my documents after many words from me and PROMISSED - 'will be DONE TODAY' .. Next day - check the status of my request - NOTHING DONE !!! Call again - hear - yes, it seems we got your documents. We will process .. They DIDN"T TRUST ME, HOW I CAN TRUST TO THEM , People ?????? Verdict - they try to keep YOUR MONEY, but THEY FORGOT we are on 21ST century.. Everybody thru FACEBOOK will find out about ...

by lirpa, 3/25/2014


Cons: server always down

it is a bad service.

by Shbldruser1year, 11/29/2013


Cons: wasting client's time

I agree with the time spent aspect

by Wayne, 11/29/2013


Cons: incompetent poor customer service, unreliable to work with

Customer service is staffed by incompetent people. I placed a sell order above what ShareBuilder showed as the high of the day then after the high was 8 points above my unexecuted order, I tried to complain. First I was told that my 1 minute barchart (from was showing the ask price (when it is showing sales which only occur when ask=bid) then that it had not stayed at my price long enough and since I had a limit order it would not be executed at a better price, then that it had not stayed above my price long enough for them to fill my order (don't they place the orders with an exchange?). After further research, it seems that they are giving me delayed quotes and I am trading like they are real time. Before I opened the account I ask if they provided real time quotes and I was told yes, otherwise I would not have opened the account. I did choose ShareBuilder in preference to some others because they did not have a "we will rip you off whenever we want" agreement to put the whole account at risk. This is not the first time I had problems with them. Some alternative is needed.

by Wayne, 11/29/2013


Cons: incompetent poor customer service, unreliable to work with

Customer service is staffed by incompetent people. I placed a sell order above what ShareBuilder showed as the high of the day then after the high was 8 points above my unexecuted order, I tried to complain. First I was told that my 1 minute barchart (from was showing the ask price (when it is showing sales which only occur when ask=bid) then that it had not stayed at my price long enough and since I had a limit order it would not be executed at a better price, then that it had not stayed above my price long enough for them to fill my order (don't they place the orders with an exchange?). After further research, it seems that they are giving me delayed quotes and I am trading like they are real time. Before I opened the account I ask if they provided real time quotes and I was told yes, otherwise I would not have opened the account. I did choose ShareBuilder in preference to some others because they did not have a "we will rip you off whenever we want" agreement to put the whole account at risk. This is not the first time I had problems with them. Some alternative is needed.

by Guest-0845, 11/29/2013

Pros: automatic investments

Cons: high commissions, poor customer service,

I can attest to the reviewer's mention of "Customer service complaints." If you call the Customer Service line, simply be prepared to have the existence of your issue denied (and other less plausible causes of the problem offered). Then several days later you'll get an email confirming your original suspicions, a reimbursement if applicable, and a cheery "Have a great day!"

I checked a lot of ShareBuilder's pages for information about fees so I wasn't surprised about the final charge (after all was said and done and I was reimbursed). However, I WAS initially surprised by the glitch that resulted in me being charged the Basic Plan commissions for my automatic investments even after I purchased the Advantage Pricing Program for immediate use. Of course the fees were returned to my account, but before that Customer Service followed the dismal script I mentioned above (i.e., "There's NO way you purchased that plan - we would know if you did....[3 days later] LOL, oops you were right! Our bust - here's your money back. Sign up again, let's be BFFs!"

As others have said, if you're planning to buy-and-hold then ShareBuilder affords you some nice choices (automatic investments among them). But when it rains, it pours, and if you're looking to get down and dirty with your trading, ShareBuilder could make the whole situation a murky mess.

by Grant, 11/29/2013

Pros: automated deposit and stock purchase, low interest rate

Cons: weak software

We transferred from Scottrade a few years back. I like that the entire deposit and stock purchase can be entirely automated. They withdraw the money Monday morning, and it's ready to trade with come Tuesday with an auto-trade. I also like the fractional shares and drips. $4 auto-trades are amazing, but as noted above you can get auto-trades free fairly often, so paying $9.95 isn't that unreasonable.

Their sweep accounts are FDIC insured and currently pay a interest rate of .5%, which isn't half bad compared to other brokers.

Trading options can be a hassle, but is doable. However, I normally only sell covered calls on even lots I already own, to boost income. I could see if you were doing other options how you could get eaten up in fees, and the software is not so great for options trading. But the account works great for what we want, which is to dollar cost average multiple positions regardless of what the market is doing.

by Grant, 11/29/2013



They've since brought about an FDIC insured sweep account that pays about .5%.

by Grant, 11/29/2013



Sharebuilder rounds after the ten-thousandth (fourth over) decimal point. We have KO shares with computer share that drips to the millionth decimal point (sixth over), however they charge me 3% of the dividend for that privilege.

So Sharebuilder keeps a few pennies to do this for me, big deal. It's better than being charged a few dollars to capture those extra decimal pints.

by Marvin 69, 11/29/2013

Pros: instant money transfers

Cons: awful execution timing, bad platform, inexperienced customer service, hidden fees

If your going to pay $9.95 per trade, consider changing to ameritrade. They have the best platforms, research and execution timing is great. Sharebuilder does not come one inch close to ameritrade. The $4 per trade is only on Tuesday if you choose auto trade, which you can loose money. Sharebuilder was my first broker and as an inexperienced I noticed the execution timing was awful. Forget about trading penny stocks, they will take your money with hidden fees. I honestly think sharebuilder exist just to discourage new traders, honestly! The only good thing about sharebuilder is transferring your money from your checking account to fund account. So, they can take your money. I do not recommend sharebuilder to anybody.

by jonathan j, 11/29/2013


Cons: awful customer service

They were aa nightmare to deal with. complete nightmare. be warned

by Chris E, 11/29/2013

Pros: very quick execution


Wayne, in my use, ShareBuilder is usually quick with executions (a few minutes). I think what they mean is that the Automatic Investments happen sometime on Tuesday, and not necessarily first thing in the morning.

by Wayne, 11/29/2013



What is meant in the cons by Terrible executions? If slow, how slow? I don't mind 2 minutes but another invester using a different brokerage mentions several hours which would be rediculous.
I spent a lot of time reading the agreements of various brokers and this is the only one I have found that is reasonable.

by lee, 11/29/2013



i have a question to ask u, is sharebuilder for a first time user and also doing penny stock investment...

by Chris E, 11/29/2013

Pros: instant money transfers


One of the best parts about ShareBuilder is that if you have an ING Savings Account (which pays the highest interest I've seen at .8%) you can do instant transfers between the two.

Very helpful if you want to buy a stock right away but don't feel like waiting for money to clear.

by New Guy, 11/29/2013

Pros: great research tools

Cons: poor trade execution

For Automatic Investment is a great tool. However, if your planning to do day trading or buy and sell in a week, execution is poor. Great research tools if you pay the 12 a month membership.

by Guest, 11/29/2013



is the automatic investment truly a good idea or what?

by Guest, 11/29/2013


Cons: hidden fees, unreliable company

ING Direct is not user friendly and make online banking/investing a hassle. They will hold your account hostage (transfer of your personal bank funds to ING)where you are not able to use the funds in the ING account. I would not have a direct deposit setup with them due to all the rules and hidden fees connected to doing business with them. One way or another you will pay with your time or lost of your money.

by Guest, 11/29/2013


Cons: long-lasting cash operations

When you sell your stock and want to put the cash in your ING checking account, it takes 6 days.

by Moe, 11/29/2013


Cons: very high fees

Garbage for small caps. It was my first brokerage account so I was not aware that they are the only ones that charge these fees. 20 trades cost me $2000 in fees. The last trade (last sell to close the account) was $1200 but the fee was $170! Absolutely ridiculous! Their loss in the end- I took my 20 trades a week to Schwab.

by dude, 11/29/2013


Cons: very high charge fees

They charge crazy fees if you buy/sell sub penny stocks I was going to sell some and they were going to charge me over $200 for the trade.

by yeah, 11/29/2013

Pros: no fees, user friendly website, super cheap stocks

Cons: long period of money transfer to another bank

I've set up 4 savings accounts, 1 electric orange checking, and a few stock accounts with their Sharebuilder. All these accounts are all linked to each other and the web page is very user friendly. No fees for anything so far.

If you're transferring money from an outside bank account, the only disadvantage is there's like a 2 or 3 day period you have to wait before the funds are available to use. However a direct deposit into your ING acct will be available immediately.

Stocks are super cheap ($4 per trade) as long as you're willing to buy them on Tuesday mornings. If you want an instant trade, its about $9.95

by guest, 11/29/2013

Pros: good for traders


If you are a "trader", you can find better brokers.

If you are a "buy and hold" and want to dollar cost average into several dividend paying stocks every week and reinvest the dividends when they pay out, this is your best choice.

The cost to buy with $1 trades with their Automatic Investment Plans allows the idea of individual purchases even as low as in the $100 to $200 range for long term investors to make sense.

If you think like Warren Buffet, and believe that the best time to sell a stock is never, this is probably your least expensive option for those of us with the desire to build a portfolio over time.

by guest, 11/29/2013

Pros: convenient trading conditions


So you are saying that for every stocks that pays a dividend that I am losing an upper limit of $0.01 per quarter per equity from truncation at the penny by DRIP reinvesting and this is somehow less beneficial than either taking the dividend in cash (which also truncates at the penny) or paying a $4 transaction fee to reinvest in the equity?

I think the advantage of being able to purchase fractional shares outweighs the limits of full share only DRIP, and then all brokers truncate fractional dividends at the penny.

You can use Sharebuilder to take your dividends in cash payout (truncated to the penny naturally) and then repurchase whole shares with a commission, but even with $1 commissions you will lose against the DRIP.

by guest, 11/22/2011



If you are a "trader", you can find better brokers.

If you are a "buy and hold" and want to dollar cost average into several dividend paying stocks every week and reinvest the dividends when they pay out, this is your best choice.

The cost to buy with $1 trades with their Automatic Investment Plans allows the idea of individual purchases even as low as in the $100 to $200 range for long term investors to make sense.

If you think like Warren Buffet, and believe that the best time to sell a stock is never, this is probably your least expensive option for those of us with the desire to build a portfolio over time.


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