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UPDATE: Smith Brney is now Morgan Stanley. See Morgan Stanley reviews instead.

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Smith Barney Customer Reviews

by Bobby Webb, 11/1/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Lots of bad stock tips

I would frequently get calls advising me to buy a certain stock, "Smith Barney has such and such price target on this company". The stocks almost always tanked. I realized after several years that my own research and stock picks were doing much better than Smith Barney's. They suck at picking stocks. I left and am doing quite well on my own

by Lois Pierera, 5/22/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Fees and loss of principal

Invested 300,000. The market went up, while my portfolio went down. Awful.

by Karen, 1/17/2018


Cons: Very poor and unfair customer experience

SBMS was my firm for 15 years. When they let my broker go without notice I moved my accounts to a local broker with another firm. MSSB charged me a account transfer fees , which I understand BUT ON THE SAME DAY THEY CHARGED ACCOUNT TRANSER FEES THEY ALSO CHARGED THE FULL ANNUAL ACCOUNT MANAGMENT FEES AND WOULD NOT CONSIDER MY OFFER TO PRORATE THE ANNUAL FEE I WAS TOLD TO CEASE COMMUNICATION WITH THE FIRM This just served to affirm I made the right decision to no longer be a customer of MSSB!!

by Sharon Stafford re: Jackie D. Stafford Account, 3/2/2017

Pros: none

Cons: After death of Jackie 7 months ago, this firm is srill refusing to pay out Jackies IRA. account to his 5 heirs.

Following the death of Jackie D. Stafford 7 months ago, this firm is still refusing to pay his IRA account to Jackies heirs. PLEASE NEVER allow these people to ever have one red cent of your money. They will keep it forever. I was told they could hold it for years by their Risk management advisor, Justin Moore.

by sad customer, 7/6/2016


Cons: absolutely no help lost money and lost money and lost money

invested 27000 after years and years they just keep loosing money.They are no help and make you feel completely inadequate, its just $27,000 what is the big deal...

by Anonymous, 1/2/2015


Cons: Bad customer service experience

Awful. Obviously you have no concern for your customers satisfaction.

by jaybee, 3/16/2012

Pros: none

Cons: many, some listed in review

Do not invest with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in general. Customer service is awful.... And they do not invest wisely... I waited on the phone each time I called over 30 min..... Also, I wanted to close my account they still did not and left $5 in there so I had to call again to ask them to write a check. Another 40 min and the customer service agent was rude to me.. Stay far away from them! Unless you like to waste your time and money....

by mf, 10/10/2011

Pros: used to be ok

Cons: exorbitant $150.00 junk fee for fma account

they stuck me with this huge fee for online access without any prior advanced notice. I do not recommend this brokerage to anyone


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Smith Barney reviewed by former and current clients. Smith Barney customer reviews: 8. Rating: 1.